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Best of Office Weekly Roundup 193

Remove blackheads with Elmer’s Glue? OK! Cool office supply hack :)


Learn how to deskercize! Thanks, Greatist.


Yoobi office supplies are socially responisible! We <3 that. More on how the “Yes to” skincare man, Mr. Leffler, turned to office supplies via Forbes.

Title Sequence from Pandayoghurt on Vimeo — BEAUTIFUL!

hammacheschammer118801000x1000Apparently, there’s such a think as an elliptical office desk? Seems pretty wonky to me, buuuut, OK!

290x195_WELBESpeaking of healthy office tips, Welbe offers health improving tools for employees! Via eweek



Get your office psyched for the World Cup! Via Fast Company

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