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‘Tis the Season for Gift Wrapping

One of the best parts of Christmas morning is the shameless act of ruthlessly tearing open all of the presents laid peacefully beneath the ornamented tree. No matter how much time and effort “Santa” put into wrapping every gift all pretty and precise, that wrapping paper’s gunna get torn to shreds as soon as humanly possible.┬áMy point being that, regardless of its inevitable fate to be heaped aside in meaningless pile, gift wrapping is a key part of the Christmas experience.

I basically always gift wrap my totally awesome Christmas presents at the very last minute. Some call it a procrastination problem, and perhaps it is, but at least I have my presents wrapped and ready by Christmas morning.

This post (along with my heart!) goes out to all of the gift wrapping procrastinators in this world. Happy Christmas Eve, everyone!


A few quick and painless solutions to gift wrapping your gifts before the Christmas morning deadline:

the paper pom instruction Tis the Season for Gift Wrapping


Cute! The paper pom is a great handmade topper for any gift! Use green or red construction paper to get your pom poms in the Christmas spirit

22 Tis the Season for Gift Wrapping


Another great gift topper: DIY Paper bows! What’s more? The tutorial’s available on Shoplet’s very own blog!

polka dot gift wrapping 2 for lars Tis the Season for Gift Wrapping

Use a pencil eraser to polka dot your wrapping paper!

333334e2be3f139a8083b935c944503b8914a Tis the Season for Gift Wrapping


FOR TEACHERS: Wrap up big pink erasers like an individual piece of bubble gum, or a bag of hi-lighers with a note tag reading “You’re the Hi-Lite” of my day

mailing center1 Tis the Season for Gift Wrapping


Mailing out holiday gifts? Shoplet’s Holiday Mailing Center ensures that the spirit of Christmas doesn’t get lost in the post!

Featured above:

-Seasonal mailing tube

-Avery shipping labels

-Duck carton sealing tape

-Quality park covered envelopes- Red

-Quality park covered envelope- Green

-Duck colored Duck tape- Red

-Duck colored Duck tape- Green

-Duck Colored Duck tape- Penguin pattern

Paige Smith MG 3069 Tis the Season for Gift Wrapping

Paige Smith Designs suggests that you use old newspapers or music note sheets to wrap up your gifts. So super resourceful and smart!

7 diy christmas mouse Tis the Season for Gift Wrapping

So super cute! DIY Holiday paper mouse box, by HandmadeCharlotte :)

5 interactive wrapping car road kids 2 Tis the Season for Gift Wrapping

LinesAcross features some innovative gift wrapping ideas



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