How To Find A Chair That Makes Your Butt Happy

Did you know that the average American sits six to eight hours a day? That is because in the modern American office, most of us are unfortunately anchored to our desks. There are plenty of studies that address the impact of sitting for prolonged periods of time, and to summarize, it isn’t that good for you. And while frequently getting up and moving around is absolutely the best thing you can do for your health, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of a good office chair. A good office chair can help to improve your posture, support aching back muscles and even help to relieve your poor butt from some of that body weight pressue. Trust us, your butt will thank you.

The Boss Traditional Black Executive Chair

Boss Traditional Black Executive ChairWe get it. For most of us, this kind of chair is probably off limits, either due to lack of space, or the fact that it will make you seem higher up on the food chain than your own exec. But honestly, this chair is treat. With all of those leather-upholstered cushions, we’d probably be figuring out the best position to curl up to sleep. Now we just need my own office and door that shuts…

Office Star Space 25004 Executive High-Back Mesh Chair

Office Star Space 25004 Executive High-Back Mesh ChairThis is a perfect example of an ‘ergonomic’ chair. One sitting will also elaborate on exactly what that word is supposed to mean (as it seems like a lot of chair marketing is throwing that word around these days). This high-back chair offers a mesh back for breathability, that’s also shaped like the natural curve of your spine, so that you are comfortable while maintaining excellent posture. And for your butt – which, let’s be honest, is what this post is all about – there’s a thickly padded contoured mesh seat. Ahhh, we would just really love one of these.

HON 6550 Series Guest Arm Chair

HON 6550 Series Guest Arm ChairSo we’re upgrading, right? You’re reading this post and you’re on board. You really need to treat yourself, and your butt, to something better. It’s about time. In all of this chair excitement, it’d be remiss to forget one important but overlooked aspect: The chairs your guests sit on!

When someone comes to your house for dinner, you go out of your way to make them feel comfortable and at home. It’s the same with the office. Guests come in for interviews, are business partners, or investors. Treating them the right way isn’t difficult, but you have to think about it from their perspective. Did you offer them a drink, tea or coffee? Are you making them wait forever? One of the ways that businesses are consciously evaluated is how they treat the people who walk through their door, and giving guests a prime chair to sit on, one that’s comfortable and classy is paramount to making them feel respected. Look no farther. This classic leather hardwood chair with nailhead trim fits the bill exactly.

Alera Neratoli Series Mid-Back Swivel/Tilt Chair

Alera Neratoli Series Mid-Back Swivel Tilt ChairBesides the brilliant red, which is a wonderful exception to the unspoken rule of chairs must all be black, this chair offers a waterfall-style seat for improved circulation of the legs and butt area. This means that the cushion extends over the edge of the chair to take the pressure off of the bottom of your legs and behind your knees. Pretty cool, huh? It also comes in other colors too!

Mayline Tech Stool

Mayline Tech StoolAnd now for something completely different. You may have noticed that this chair doesn’t have the padded cushion, the arm rests, the high-back, the head rest, or anything really! It’s simply a well-made task stool. These kinds of chairs, while not the pinnacle of comfort, force you to use your leg muscles to sit, and to rely on good back posture. It’s kind of like the steamed veggies of chairs, might not be the tastiest thing out there, but in the long run it’s really good for you. One point to note however, is that you need to be extra conscious of maintaining this correct posture because the chair will not do it for you. This stool is good to have around the office so that every once in a while you can switch things up!

All of these chairs offer something a little different, depending on your budget and what you are looking for. The most important takeaway is that the place where you spend six to eight hours of your day should be comfortable and should encourage the habit of good posture. No matter how comfortable the chair is for you or your rear, moving periodically, stretching and staying active is key. If you’re interested, check out our standing desks too!