I Love Sharpie Mean Streak Markers

I tried to think of a better title but that really is the truth. Sharpie sent me a box of them while I was still in New York and I used them to death when we were moving. You can write on ANYTHING with them. I used them to label black garbage bags and all of our cardboard boxes. I’ve been passing them out to friends because they are just so fun to use. A few things to know about them –

1 – Don’t press too hard when you write with them. You don’t need to and it wears down the tip super fast. They are basically like big, smooshy wet crayons and the tip wears down really fast.

2 – Don’t go near the markings for a least a couple of minutes. They are permanent but they have to dry first. You don’t want this stuff rubbing on to your clothes.

3 – They do have a permanent marker type of smell

4 – In my experience, they are not completely permanent. I think the markers are permanent based on normal use and moving stuff around. (I never had any of the labels I wrote on the boxes rub off) But if I scratch it with my fingernail or scrub with something rough, it comes off pretty easily.

They are a blast for doodling and drawing. I doodled on my set of dollar tumblers from Ikea and the markings stayed pretty well.

I’m thinking I might jazz up these Quality Park Envelopes with my Sharpie Mean Streak Markers to use for Christmas packages. Don’t you just love those bright colors? Quality Park Red Envelopes + Blue and White Interoffice Envelopes. There must be something cool to do with these Interoffice Envelopes. Like maybe string ribbon through the holes? Let me know if you have any ideas!