my packing and moving best friends

Well, we made it! We waved goodbye to the Bronx and arrived in Boston last weekend. Thanks to my Dad who flew out to help and a few neighbors that helped us move our stuff into our new apt, we survived. We still have tons of boxes everywhere but yesterday we moved a bunch of stuff into our storage unit downstairs and today we have internet. Everyday things are getting better and better!

This is my first big time move (involving a moving truck) and I thought I’d share some things I learned and items that were essential. First, let me say that I did not buy one single box. I haunted the recycling room in our building and was able to collect enough boxes for the move. Also, I did my best to reuse packing materials that I had received from other packages and we had friends that passed on their leftovers after they moved a couple months ago. I did my best to not buy too much because it is such a waste to buy a bunch of stuff and then throw it away when you are done.

Windex Multi-Surface Cleaner – I used this to do a quick cleanup at our old place and when we got to our new place too. I hate leaving an apt dirty almost as much as I hate unpacking and putting things on dirty shelves.

Hand Truck! – Remember how I got lots of free boxes? Well some of them were really big. Thank goodness we rented a hand truck from UHaul. The book boxes were insanely heavy.

Netflix – I had to throw in a plug for them because I did watch hours of The Office, Shark Week (I’m working on my fear of sharks), and random movies to keep me entertained.

Rubbermaid Totes– We had a couple of these and they were so easy to load up and move. No taping and no ripping. I actually just bought another one because our storage unit in the basement is pretty dirty and I’m thinking these things will keep out anything scary.

Tool Box– Keep your tool box in an easy to reach location. Use ziploc bags to store screws from various furniture items that will be put back together when you get to your new location.

Paper Towels – I’m not a huge paper towel fan but when everything is packed and you need to clean something really quick, you’ll be glad you left these out.

Scissors – Well this is a DUH item. But apparently I’m dumb enough to not remember to keep these out. I’m constantly looking for a pair of scissors!

Twine– Essential to keep everything from falling all over the place when you drive the moving truck.

Packing Materials – I collected bubble wrap and tissue paper from the packages we’ve received in the mail and reused them to pack fragile items.

Cold Water Bottles – When Hurricane Irene was heading towards NYC we decided we better buy a bunch of water. So I stuck 24 water bottles in our freezer. Then we didn’t need them so I didn’t know what do with all those cold water bottles. Turns out that they were a lifesaver when we moved from hot and humid NY to hot and humid Boston.

Packaging Tape + Dispenser – Seriously, this never left my side. The dispenser makes it sooo much easier!

Sharpie Mean Streak – Another item that never left my side. It’s like a big wet crayon and you can write on ANYTHING with it. You can even write on garbage bags! The only catch is that you have to wait a few minutes for it to dry.

Utility Knife– Even though we didn’t have scissors, we did have a box cutter! Let me say something really quick that I learned about this particular box cutter. If it says self-retracting which means that it won’t lock into place. You have to hold the blade up the whole time.

What items are you favorite for moving? Any tips you can share? (I will say that our friends learned to not trust their across the street neighbors who told them they could park their UHaul truck anywhere and then it was towed. Sad.)