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shoplet 2010 holiday gift guide for cubicle chic

{We received the lovely invitation to create a gift guide for the Cubicle Chic Blog and their Work Style Week! Check it out!)

Before you jump into my recommendations, let me say something. We know that everyone is making gift guides and that there are a million options for presents out there. That’s why I look at these gift guides as a way to spark an idea. We may have picked out the perfect chair for your boss and that’s great! If not, we may have just sparked the idea that a chair would be a great present. And we’re okay with that. Our “gift to the earth” section should inspire you to buy products that will be nicer to the environment. Choose something made with recycled materials or something that will disintegrate rather than sitting in a land fill for thousands of years. Last of all, check our Shoplet Holiday Center for more gift ideas!

Gifts to the Earth: (1) Caremail Greenwrap Protective Packaging, $9.93 per roll (2) Scotch Recyclable Paper Wrap, $8.29 (3) Sealed Air Jiffylite Self-Seal Mailer, $5.89 per pack of 10 (4) Avery EcoFriendly Labels, $30.34 for 1,000 labels (5) United States Postal Service Tear-By-Hand Packaging Tape, $13.20 per pack of 2 (6) Savannah Supplies Compostable Cutlery – Forks, Knives, and Spoons, $5.75 per pack (7) Nature House Compostable Paper Cups, $7.66 per pack (8) Pentel Handy-line S Retractable Permanent Markers (8) Marcal 100% Premium Recycled Luncheon Napkins , $31.81 per carton

The Little Things: (1) Pentel EnerGel RTX Roller Ball Retractable Gel Pen, $1.97 each (2) Post-it Recycled Pop-up Notes, $4.04 (3) Energizer Handsfree Panic Alarm LED Flashlight, $8.08 each (4) Crayola Washable Crayons, $2.77 (5) Saunders Plastic Antimicrobial Clipboard, $4.52 (6) Tide To Go Stain Remover Pen, $3.49 (7) Blueline Ostrich Exec Business Notebook, $10.44 (8) Tops Designer Notebook, $6.47 (9) Staedtler Compass, $1.30 (10) Baumgartens Photo Frame Keychain, $1.34 (11) At-a-Glance Recycled Weekly Monthly Desk Appointment Book, $13.78 (12) Victor Plastic Pencil Cup w LCD Display, $15.91 (13) Stride Gum Spearmint, $13.92 (14) Chenille Kraft 60-Piece Mixed Sponge Set , $21.98

Super Nice Presents: (1) Samsung TL320 Point & Shoot Digital Camera, $308.95 (2) Logitech M505 Wireless Laser Mouse, $62.75 (3) Dewalt Cordless Drill , $198.75 (4) Kensington Pro Fit USB PS2 Washable Keyboard, $39.14 (5) LaCie Rugged XL Hard Drive 1 TB, $139.95 (6) HON Ignition Series Mid-Back Work Chair, $279.32 (7) Solo Leather Laptop Portfolio, $133.09 (8) Day-timer Leather Tote, $89.28 (9) ihome iP9 Clock Radio for iPhone & iPod, $97.95 (10) Corporate Gifting California Healthy Gift Basket, $82.57 (11) Logitech Z523 Speaker System, $97.95

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