Verbatim Clip-Its! Review

Back in February we did a giveaway for Verbatim Clip-it USBs and I finally got my hands on one to give our readers my personal review. The verdict’s in and I’m a huge fan! I can’t believe they can pack 4 GB into a tiny USB especially when I compare it to my old USB that only holds 512 MB. The biggest thing I was worried about with this little guy is that the clip wouldn’t be tight enough and it would fall off of everything. To see how tightly it could hold on, I attached it to different things like my notebook and shirt and shook them like crazy! Great news, it has a super tight grip. I was also surprised at how easy the setup was. There is literally no setup. I just plugged it into my computer and I could immediately start dragging files on to it.

My biggest debate is where to store my clip-it. I was thinking maybe inside my wallet or in my notebook. Where would you store it? And if you want to get one you can find all sorts of colors of Verbatim Clip-its on our site.