Wite-Out Vs. Correction Tape Vs. Correction Pens

How do you choose which correction fluid or tape to buy? I tested them out today and found that the Bic Wite-Out Correction Tape is = to the Tombow Mini Mono Correction Tape. Both require concentration to make a straight line and both can bubble up if you are not careful. They are the same width and the same whiteish color. Ultimately, I like the Tombow brand because the design is so cool. I love the mini gears and the clear case. It’s small and would be easy to have around.

I also tried out the Bic Wite-Out Correction Pen to compare it against the correction tape. The pen is very juicy and I think it looks less professional than the correction tape. But it does provide more coverage than the correction tape. Correction pens are better for bigger areas and correction tape is better for in-line text.

I think it also depends on what you are more comfortable using. My hands always shake and get stressed when I’m trying to squeeze and write with that correction pen. Correction tape seems a little easier to control.

One great benefit of correction tape over correction pens is that you can write over it almost immediately. I discovered you could use almost any type of pen to write over it but my Bic Round Stic Pen handled it best and it doesn’t smear like all the other pens do. Even pencil works! Writing over the correction fluid is a little lumpy.

What type of correction fluid/tape do you use? Do you have any tricks? Like how you get your correction pen tip clean? Mine used to dot perfect circles and now they are lumpy.

  • Elizabeth

    I do have to say that my standard Wite-Out Correction Tape broke the first week I used it at my house, so, that kinda sucks, but now I got this Wite-Out and I am happy! :)

  • Elizabeth

    I just got the BIC Wite-Out Exact Liner Correction Tape and two BIC Wite-Out Standard Correction Pens for school use, brand new, in the box, and I have to say, the Exact Liner is just like a pen! I love Wite-Out and think it’s very useful if you make a mistake and you need to cover it up. I am a middle school student so I tend to write in pen more. I love this Wite-Out!
    Wite-Out. With fluid, tape and pens, mistakes must beware!

  • ‘Edie’

    I got here because I bought my first correction tape and don’t know how to use the damned thing! When I first looked at it, it had tape looped on both sides of the… the…er, spreader thingy. I broke that off…I think that’s the right thing to do?

    OK. I figured as per instruction that you hold the thing at a 45 deg angle,-press slightly and draw it across the text. A bit hit and miss, but I’m sure I’ll get better…..

    Here’s the thing;-do you have to drag it across text, and then get the tape in your hands-putting the dispenser down-and rip that bit off?? Seriously?

    I suppose that’s OK, but it’s messy! I can’t find anywhere to tell me if this is what to do,-it’s all about how to drag it across-nothing else.

    It isn’t altering the course of my life,-but it IS irritating.

    Correction pen tips-NEVER store the pen point side down. It floods/glugs the tip. When you’re done-just run your fingernail around the rim-(that edge where the point comes out). That clears the fluid that gets there when you use the pen, and it allows the pen to flow freely next time. (Again-messy-ish. But keeps the pen flowing cleanly).

    Ahhhh the problems of modern life-how will we ever cope?!!