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Winners of the Smead Giveaway Bundle

Congratulations ┬áto Amy C., Gloria and Tiffany Cheung. You guys are the winners of the Smead Giveaway bundle! Stay organize and perfectly efficient with these cute and colorful folders. Now your new years resolution to get organizes has officially been completed! YAY! If you guys are still interested in getting your hands on this bundle, [keep reading…]

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Best of Weekly Round Up 203

Stumped on what to give for the holidays? In this weekly round up, we’ve gathered really unique and creative gifts that will most certainly wow the recipient. It definitely wow’d us!

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Best of Weekly Roundup 202

In light of Thanksgiving, we are rounding up some tasty food that people have made for their Thanksgiving dinner!

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Pencils are Interesting? Mindblown

Have you ever wondered if pencils had a rich and interesting history? Here at Shoplet, we have!