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Tombow Zoom Pens

Tombow Zoom pens are thin, lightweight, and classy. Perfect for checkbooks, planners, or any other tight spaces where you might want to store a pen. Check out the Tombow Europe website for more info about the Zoom 707, 717, and 727. Has anyone tried any of the Tombow Zoom Pens? I’m curious if they are [keep reading...]

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pentel drafting pencils

I have been obsessed with these Pentel Sharp Mechanical Drafting Pencils for a very long time. Using them makes you look and feel smart which is nice. I tried out one in 0.5mm and one in 0.9mm – I like the 0.5mm one better because I thought the writing flowed a little easier. The problem [keep reading...]

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Sharpie Liquid Pencil Reviews

I know that the Sharpie Liquid Pencil has been out for awhile and there are a lot of reviews out there about it. I don’t want to repeat what’s already been said because I think these reviews sum up my thoughts exactly- Office Supply Geek The Pen Addict Pencil Talk Sharpie is a great company [keep reading...]