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Verbatim Clip-Its! Review

Back in February we did a giveaway for Verbatim Clip-it USBs and I finally got my hands on one to give our readers my personal review. The verdict’s in and I’m a huge fan! I can’t believe they can pack 4 GB into a tiny USB especially when I compare it to my old USB [keep reading...]

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Corporette Readers’ Favorite Pens

I was really excited to see Corporette ask their readers about their favorite pens. I bookmarked the post and today, 2 months later, I read through all the comments. I tried to tally each time a brand was mentioned and jot down the different pens people liked. I wasn’t surprised that people were very particular [keep reading...]

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my packing and moving best friends

Well, we made it! We waved goodbye to the Bronx and arrived in Boston last weekend. Thanks to my Dad who flew out to help and a few neighbors that helped us move our stuff into our new apt, we survived. We still have tons of boxes everywhere but yesterday we moved a bunch of [keep reading...]

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Stamp Pad Test

I’m really into stamps and stamp pads these days so I thought I’d share some things I’ve learned. Always always go for stamps that are made for the Office or archival or use some sort of industrial words in the title. Never ever choose washable Kid’s stamps (unless they are for kids of course!) The [keep reading...]

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Valentine’s Day Office Supplies Packages

Don’t stress, Valentine’s Day is not for a few more weeks! But you may want to kind of start thinking about what you want to get your Valentine. Does your Valentine love office supplies? Surprise them with one of these color-coded packages! Choose Red or Pink or get a little of both. Don’t forget to [keep reading...]