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office inspired dresses for madame magazine

I’m always excited when I find something that involves both office supplies and fashion. I found these dresses through JenCo and read all about the shoot on Matthew Brodie’s Blog. Each dress is inspired by office supplies – can you guess which ones?

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wear rain boots to work

Last year I was heading to work on a rainy day and I accidentally wore flats. My feet were soaked, my socks were soaked, and I just felt sad. So, I went to Daffy’s and bought some ok looking rain boots. Actually, less than okay. Why did I think a rain boot with a wedge [keep reading…]

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funny office t-shirts

I’m kind of over the whole funny phrase on a t-shirt thing but today I was in the mood. So I looked for some. I’m also heartbroken about Michael leaving The Office and trying to work through that. It will be fun to see what happens next! I know a lot of people gave up [keep reading…]

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history of the pencil skirt

Inspired by this post, I decided to explore the history of the pencil skirt today. Maybe you already know? Maybe you don’t. Pencil skirts are slim and narrow in shape and usually at least knee length (currently). They often have a slit in the back or side so that you can walk. They come from [keep reading…]

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Respect for Office Fashion Bloggers

Everyday I read Cubicle Chic, The New Professional, and my friend Brooke’s blog Keep Fashion (along with a million other office related blogs.) I always like their outfits and think about my clothes and what I would wear to work. The thing is, I just work from home but someday I might have to get [keep reading…]

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ny fashion week

Wow, this week has been c-r-a-z-y. On Tuesday, I was lucky enough to volunteer at the Rodarte Show and today I’ll be at the Couture Fashion Show for part of the day at the Waldorf Astoria. It would take hours to go through all the designers on and see their “looks” for Fall 2011 [keep reading…]

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Facebook Contest: I’m a NERD FOR OFFICE SUPPLIES!!!

Do you geek out over new office supplies?  Well, here’s the perfect contest for you! Simply enter the “I’m a NERD FOR OFFICE SUPPLIES” Contest on our Facebook fan page for $10 off (your purchase of over $75) and a chance to win a $50 Shoplet Gift Card.  We will be selecting 5 winners! So [keep reading…]