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Hanneli: Ode to Summer Work Outfits

It’s sad to say goodbye to summer outfits! The office always seems to be a little more casual in the summer. Your co-workers are headed to the park during lunch or to a outdoor summer concert at the park after work and tend to dress for both occasions – work and leisure. Blogger and model [keep reading...]

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sutorial: inspiration for the men’s office outfit

I know it’s summertime and all of these “outfits” (or whatever men would call them) probably sound like hot death. But fall is quickly approaching and cooler temperatures allow for layering and more exciting outfits. I stumbled upon a great blog – Suitorial – which is written by Paolo & Philou. They are two European [keep reading...]

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sharpie art cars and bikes make you want to draw on your transportation

It’s Wednesday!! You made it. Doesn’t this make you want to draw all over your car? I know mine would look awesome with sharpie drawn flowers and butterflies all over it. JK. We first mentioned sharpie art cars over a year ago but it seems like we missed lots of them. Oh and if you [keep reading...]

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Come to the office with Jack Spade

It’s hard to travel light when you go to work, especially when you spend an hour + each way on the train. I’ve debated what the best way is to carry extra items on the train and I often envy the men I see with empty hands and barren shoulders (there aren’t too many of [keep reading...]