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A Raincoat for Work

This LIFE magazine image was the story of my life in New York last summer. It seemed like it rained 3 months straight! (I even wrote a post about the best umbrellas ) I’ve always wondered how women arrive to work so put together and I think the key is umbrella, rain coat, rain boots. [keep reading…]

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Keep Collected: Office Fashion

My new friend Brooke is coming to visit NYC this week (all the way from Utah!) and I’ve been addicted to reading her blog – Keep Collected. I’m not sure what the dress code is where she works, but where I work it’s business casual. Business casual as a dress code is very very vague. [keep reading…]

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Office Supplies x Fashion

I used to fantasize about wearable electronic gadgets that are fashionable enough to be on a runway show. And then I realize that, as of 2008, when Fashion meets office supplies and/or electronics, it almost only means mediocrity. Necktie with a Cooler. Starting off, we have another office-compatible tie. This tie developed by Thanko has [keep reading…]

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Keep Yourself Warm in Your Office Cubicle

Unless you are living in the West Coast or the South, you are probably experiencing Winter lurching in slowly. At the end of each winter, I feel as if I will be ready the next years cold temperatures. And each time, I am wrong – I am never prepared enough for the temperatures in North [keep reading…]