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Bic Tote Bag Prize Pack Giveaway!

  This week’s Shoplet giveaway is sponsored by Bic! Three absolutely lucky duck winners will receive a canvas tote bag filled to the brim with over $100 worth of WOW-tastic Bic supplies! Gel pens, highlighting tape, white board erase markers, permanent pens- you name it(!)- are just a few of the items found stuffed in [keep reading...]

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Best of Office Weekly Roundup #165

  Matt Baier offers us fabulous insight on the topic of organized clutter Shoplet was pretty creepy on Halloween! Check out some behind the scenes footage here   And guess what? Sanitizer is alright. Read about it here

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Shoplet UK: Win a Colourful Acco Stapler!

  We are proud to announce our first Shoplet UK giveaway!   If either you, a friend, a loved one, a pal, or whoever would like to win a colourful stapler from Acco, then all you have to do is “Like” Shoplet UK on Facebook and email to let us know which colour stapler [keep reading...]