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Etsy Artist Profile: Brian Wachs of Elegant Woodworking

I was lucky enough to get in touch with Brian Wachs, an Oregon-based woodworker who crafts the most beautiful pens. I asked him a few questions about his craft, career and love of pens. His insights on nature & writing pose as a refreshing break from our digitally drenched world.

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Letter Writing’s Cool at JAM Paper

If you haven’t already acquainted yourself with the folks over at JAM Paper, let me introduce you! JAM Paper is a family-owned, NYC-based stationary company. I was lucky enough to converse with JAM’s digital marketing rep, Steve Levine, about JAM Paper’s background & history.

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The Shamrock as a Logo

From a marketing perspective, it’s worth appreciating how an arbitrary, everyday symbol- like a bunny rabbit or a cake lit with candles- can represent something so profound to our culture- like Easter or your birthday. In a way, each holiday assumes its own logo. In the same way a swoosh immediately communicates Nike, an evergreen tree immediately communicates Christmas.