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School Supplies from Top Shop

I’ve been to the Top Shop store a few times in Soho and it’s always a loud party in there. They have some really cool school supplies (or office supplies! depending on your office style) which you can purchase online here. Sadly a lot of them are only available to ship to the UK.

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Delightful Crayon Shapes

Man I want to take a bite of those crayon popsicles. The colors look so delicious! I love crayons. I love colors. I love shapes. And so I love ZeeBree’s Recycled Crayon Shop on Etsy. My favorite non-food-like crayon that she makes is the Robot Man. Which crayon shape is your favorite?

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Rememer Pee-Chee Folders?

I think Pee-Chee folders are so cool! Sadly, they were a little before my time. I’d actually never heard of them until I was reading a blog about school supplies and saw them. My husband recognized them immediately and he said his sisters always had them. So now I’m wondering, have you heard of Pee-Chee [keep reading...]

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Teacher Resources – Get a Head Start on Back To School!

Did you know that Shoplet sells Teacher Supplies? It’s true! Shoplet carries a huge assortment of resources for teachers like planning books, stickers, art supplies, colorful borders for bulletin boards and more. I remember fun and decorative classrooms being a huge part of my childhood- and looking back on it now, my teacher’s creativity definitely [keep reading...]

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girly school supplies from modcloth

It’s okay if guys like these too! Modcloth is great website for girls with lots of nice dresses, shoes, and I just recently discovered – cool stuff for your desk! Find all the goodies below on their site – **And if you are reading this post from your email or google reader, make sure [keep reading...]