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PIN IT TO WIN IT with is hosting a special Pinterest contest for all our friends and followers — PIN IT TO WIN IT! One winner will get a FREE HP Printer, 2 winners will receive Back to School prize packs filled with school supplies from top brands and the first 50 participants to fulfill all contest requirements will win [keep reading…]

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Give Teachers Supplies, Not Presents

I received an email a few months ago about this topic and I can’t find it anymore but I do still have the link that he sent me. The article is called Chalk not Tchotchkes. I definitely should have posted it before Christmas but now that the end of the school year is approaching, I [keep reading…]

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School Supplies from Top Shop

I’ve been to the Top Shop store a few times in Soho and it’s always a loud party in there. They have some really cool school supplies (or office supplies! depending on your office style) which you can purchase online here. Sadly a lot of them are only available to ship to the UK.

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Delightful Crayon Shapes

Man I want to take a bite of those crayon popsicles. The colors look so delicious! I love crayons. I love colors. I love shapes. And so I love ZeeBree’s Recycled Crayon Shop on Etsy. My favorite non-food-like crayon that she makes is the Robot Man. Which crayon shape is your favorite?