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Our Green Initiatives

At Shoplet , we take pride in delivering quality business and office supplies for small and medium sized businesses. But we also know that the very industry we excel in is the most harmful industry to the environment ever since the first trees were cut down to make paper. Come see how we are taking strides to make our planet a little but greener.

What are you doing to go green

What Are You Doing To Go Green?

There is a lot you can do to make your office a healthier and happier place. Bringing the outdoors in is a great place to start. With all the great ways to be eco friendly what are you doing to go green?

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Don’t Crash Your Springtime Vibe by Catching an Office Cold!

The office is one of the easiest places for colds and illness to spread, because everyone is in such close proximity to each other. No one wants to be ‘that person’ who spread their germs to the entire office! Keeping these helpful aids at your desk can keep you feeling great all season long!