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Is Your Office Green?

Environmentally friendly office supplies Recycled Printer Supplies & Accessories Recycled Paper Recycled Envelopes Recycled Binders See all products You may be buying organic food products at home or tossing your milk carton into a recycling bit, but are you as environmentally conscious when you’re at the office? Probably not. It seems that there is usually [keep reading...]

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10 Easy Ways to Reduce Stress at Work

Clutter = stress. The more things you have to look at, deal with, sort through, ignore, or clean, the greater your stress levels. Experts say that most people regularly use only about 10 percent of their belongings, which means that 90 percent of what’s on your desk or in your home isn’t necessary to everyday [keep reading...]

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Tips For Creating Better Teams To Get The Job Done

The biggest mistake people make when working in teams is thinking that everyone works just like they do, according to Gloria Petersen, a corporate speaker and trainer. “The most important thing to realize when working within a team is get to know each individual personality and accept that personality. People are different and they’ll think [keep reading...]

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A Cure To The Growing Bacteria Problem

Often, when we think of workplace safety, we think about accident prevention. However, the presence of bacteria in the workplace is becoming an ever-greater problem. A recent study conducted by University of Arizona researchers revealed some rather startling facts. The average desk was found to have over 10 million germs on its surface – with [keep reading...]