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Does your office equipment work weekends?

Most energy conservation advertisements don’t really get me. Yeah, I feel bad for a second but then I move on. I’ve been thinking about these all weekend and wishing that my computer didn’t sit at work all weekend, waiting for me to come back and start working. So get motivated and conserve energy okay?? And [keep reading...]

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Kill Droids With Post-it Shooter

What should you technically be doing on a Friday morning at work? Nothing I say. You should be eating chocolate and reading blogs. Sadly, work doesn’t really work like that.  Maybe you can take a few minutes to try out this great game. The Post-it Shooter. Basically you’re playing space invaders with post-it notes. It’s [keep reading...]

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Office IM- More/Less Productive? :) :)

I grew up on MSN messenger. My parents made me do Mavis Beacon for a few hours every week to get better at typing but I’d like to think that I can type so fast because of the 3-4 hours I spent on msn after school. Sadly, my chat time has drastically declined to 15-20 [keep reading...]