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combating the never awake feeling

What is it about summer time (and fall, winter, spring) that makes you feel so tired? In the summer, it’s too hot. Hot and stuffy and sleepy feeling. In the winter time, it’s too cold which makes you feel angry and want to just crawl

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fake flowers in the office?

We talked a lot about getting plants for our office because well, they make the air cleaner and the office happier in general. But what about fake plants? I always say no to fake plants but these just looks so pretty right? Want them? Buy

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Team Building Activity – Corporate Dodgeball.

In a few weeks, many of the Shoplet employees will be walking/running in the American Heart Association Wall Street Run. I’ve discovered that company activities can be hard to plan because we all have different interests and things we like to do in our spare

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Your Office Chair is Really Killing You.

This topic is very dear to my heart. Sometimes I get really involved in what I’m doing and I don’t get up for hours. It’s only when I realize that my bottom is really sore how long I’ve actually been sitting. Business Week put out