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work diet to a better you

So, its rounding about 12:30 in the office and half of your day is done but you’re ravenous , craving a high in fat, high in carbs, high in sodium packed lunch to satisfy your emotional stress.  You’re even thinking about peeking into the office refrigerator and stealing someone’s overdue cheesecake. I for one have [keep reading...]

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Office Space of Creative People

Have you ever wondered what office space of creative people looks like? Is there something in particular that is drastically different in the work space of people of uber creative nature that lend itself to the bubbling of stream of inventiveness? Does the use of particular office furniture inspire the brain to insightful thinking? This [keep reading...]

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Essential Small Business Sources

Small business these days is abound with opportunities. Corporations are loosing its hold on America. Their staggering size is becoming disadvantageous in this lightening speed era whose mantra is act fast, act smart, or die. Our advance in information technology has proved quite disruptive culturally as it proceeded to rapidly evolve consumer taste and create [keep reading...]

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Annoying office workers, how to spot and pop the sore

Almost every office has them. They are represented by both genders, and come in all shapes and sizes. Their favorite word is “me” and “I”, and seems to be on a perpetual quest to reach the Guinness record for cramming the most numbers of first person pronouns into the longest running sentence possible. They dress [keep reading...]

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how to ask for a raise, and get promptly rejected

Dear readers, Last time I checked my bank statement, it was dismal. I am sure I am not the only one who have noticed the incessant increase in basic commodity prices, such as gummy bears and potato chips. With my favorite publications, Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, announcing on a daily basis [keep reading...]