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Matt Baier on Sentimental Garbage

“Keepsakes only become a problem, when there is excess.” Professional organizer Matt Baier discusses how he approaches clients who let their sentimental attachment to material items clutter up their lives.

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Answers to common questions about hand sanitizer

For quite some time, hand sanitizer has received some harsh criticism and speculation. Being that cold and flu season is around the corner, I decided to do a lil’ bit of investigating. Turns out, hand sanitizer’s not so bad! Here are some of your questions about hand sanitizer answered. Feel free to comment below with [keep reading...]

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Matt Baier on “Is There Such a Thing as Organized Clutter?”

A couple of weeks ago, professional organizer Matt Baier agreed to respond to a few of my questions concerning the task of organizing. Well, holy moly! Matt’s insights were so wonderfully thorough and helpful that I believe each response deserves its own post on the Shoplet blog. And so, every Tuesday for the next five [keep reading...]