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working from a bus

I would say this is a new one for me! I decided to visit my brothers in Baltimore a few weeks ago and the only days I could go this week were Mon/Tues. Normally I work those days so I thought I’d probably end up staying up late at my brother’s house, working after everyone [keep reading...]

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Q&A from Corporette

Corporette had this fun little Hoseanna Q & A a few days ago and asked their readers to answer the same questions. Done. 1. I am a [Corporate Rookie, Corporate Vet, Marathon Mom, or Uniform Diva] because‚Ķ I think I’m a corporate rookie? I don’t really know the definition of each one. I just know [keep reading...]

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pets in ur office

I’m ready to hire a pet. The Pets at Work posts at The Office Stylist convince me more and more every week that a pet is an essential employee. I’m pretty sold on cats. Not so much dogs. Fish are cool and cool looking but, boring? Rabbits could be cool. Birds, too loud? Not sure [keep reading...]

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try us on google reader

Now I’m sure all of our readers think about office supplies all day long. They just can’t wait for our blog emails and roundups which bring tears of joy to their eyes. If this is not you, then I think you should try out Google Reader. Google Reader is a place where you can keep [keep reading...]

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Financial District Favorites

Shoplet headquarters are in downtown Manhattan, did you know that? Right down from Wall Street. I don’t work at the main office anymore but when I did, I really enjoyed walking around during lunch time. All the streets are so tiny and old and you’ll never know what you’ll find. Once I got an iPhone, [keep reading...]

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confidence from the ladders

One of my friends works for the Ladders so I feel like I’ve had a little bit of an inside scoop on what the organization is like. For those of you who don’t know, The Ladders is a company that helps you improve your resume and find really good jobs. (more the 100k+ range) Sounds [keep reading...]