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professional gal favorites

Introduction ProfessionGal is the candy to your desk snack drawer, the sweetener to your coffee break and your go-to gal pal in the office on all things career-centric. It covers a variety of topics relating to the young, working-girl lifestyle from positive Monday Mantras that

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Road Warriorette Favorites

Introduction Road Warriorette is a blog all about business travel. When I started traveling for work, there were very few resources available for women. So I vowed that when I had enough good information to share, I would get it out there to my fellow

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working girl movie 9 to 5

I have not seen a lot of movies with Dolly Parton in them but I like this one a lot! I think her character is hilarious specifically because of the situation she’s in and how the whole office judges her without knowing the whole story.

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Office Scribe Favorites

{Welcome to our new series where we are asking office bloggers to tell us their favorite office supplies!} Introduction Asleep Under My Desk – A place where I can make you feel what it is like to work in an office, whether you want to

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working from a bus

I would say this is a new one for me! I decided to visit my brothers in Baltimore a few weeks ago and the only days I could go this week were Mon/Tues. Normally I work those days so I thought I’d probably end up

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Q&A from Corporette

Corporette had this fun little Hoseanna Q & A a few days ago and asked their readers to answer the same questions. Done. 1. I am a [Corporate Rookie, Corporate Vet, Marathon Mom, or Uniform Diva] because… I think I’m a corporate rookie? I don’t