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At the Shoplet blog, we’re open to any and all inquiries, discussions, concerns, whatever!

If you’d like to pitch an article or idea to us, have us feature you and/or your vocation in a blog post, or write a guest post for the Shoplet blog, we’re all ears :)

Contact us by either commenting below or emailing We promise to get back to you as soon as possible!

15 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Allison Schwartz says:

    Hi there,

    I hope this email finds you well!

    I’m reaching out to tell you a little bit about Poppin, a workstyle company that launched in September 2012. This summer, Poppin is launching a new collection and I’d love to send you some of my favorite new products ahead of time! Everyone over at Poppin is a huge fan of your blog, so we’d love to give you a sneak peek.

    Please send me a mailing address where I can send over some goodies and feel free to reach out with feedback or questions of any kind.


  2. Michelle Nee says:

    Hi Shoplet!

    Here at AH-YO! we are launching our new brand “That Guy” in a great assortment of office, personal, and home items to help you get through the day. That Guy represents That Guy (or Girl) who steals your parking spot, says the wrong thing, annoys co-workers, etc. – as in “Don’t be that guy”!

    Each item is useful, funny, and in some small way sticks it to That Guy but also gives you a hand with your work. The Use Me – Laptop Tool Kit requires you to rip of his smiling head for use, the lassos have That Guy eating the string to close, and the tape dispenser shows That Guy going round in a washing machine. Of course sometimes you still love “that guy” so he always recovers with a smile.

    View the full line at:!that-guy/c1c0r
    I’d love to send some samples for you guys to check out and get your feedback. Please let us know your mailing address and if you have any questions! Looking forward to connecting.


    1. Diana says:

      Hi Michelle,

      Great to hear from you! A Shoplet associate will contact you shortly with regards to “That [hilarious, totally awesome] Guy” :)

  3. mary kuczkir says:

    I want to order your bright red filing cabinet but can’t figure out how to do it.

    Do you have a phone number?

    And, how long does it take for delivery?


    1. Diana says:

      Hi Mary Kuczkir,

      Feel free to contact our friendly customer service team at 1-800-757-3015. Depending on the size & scope of your furniture order, the estimated time of delivery can range from a couple of days to a week or two. Hope that helps!

      The Shoplet Team

  4. Susan Fletcher says:

    I won a contest on January 27, but haven’t gotten my prize yet. I sent several e-mails about it. (replied to e-mail I got about it) Thanks.

    WINNERS of Shoplet’s Pentel Prize Pack Giveaway!

    Posted: 27 Jan 2014 03:41 PM PST

    Congratulations to the winners of our Pentel Prize Pack Giveaway:

    -Colleen F

    -Susan Fletcher

    -Cori Westphal

    A Shoplet associate will be contacting you shortly!

    Please check on this for me.
    Susan Fletcher

  5. Chris says:

    Lots of spam on the Bic contest. Will these entries be deleted before chooses the winners?

  6. Olympia Onesto says:

    I just found/read Shoplet’s tribute to Chandler’s Academic Calendar. I totally agree with everything the blogger wrote. In fact, I was just thinking about driving to Evanston to pick up a calendar before I read the blog and discovered that Chandler’s is no longer in business. The tribute is perfect!

  7. Carl Spitzer says:

    Your main site comes up 404 when I try to access it to search.

    yet this backup is working.

    this is true as of 10:12 am Pacific time on Thursday August 21

  8. Lori Marasigan says:

    All of your giveaways have the same requirements so how do we enter if we have already done said requirements? And how do we know when said giveaways expire?

  9. Coral Lizbeth says:

    I need your telephone

    1. Jessica Hodges says:

      Hi Coral, Our customer service number is 1-800-757-3315. Hope this helps!

  10. Fred A. Behr says:

    What does “your comment is awaiting moderation” mean?


    1. Jaime Zozobrado says:

      In order to prevent spam and keep our viewers and readers from malicious links, every comment is reviewed before being approved to appear on the site. This does not negatively affect anyone’s chances to win our giveaways. Hope that answered your question! :D

  11. Randa Joiner says:

    I followed on G+, pinterest, facebook. I am using a mobile phone so I can’t see much of the screen. I’m not sure all the requirements. I tried! Thank you, it’s a great giveaway!

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