Save the Animals! Top 5 Most Endangered Species

This month marks the anniversary of a movement that has begun since 1970. Earth Day was born as a reminder to focus on our planet and to raise awareness of the harm we are causing on our environment. Educating others on air pollution, water pollution, greenhouse gases, fossil fuels, and more is an important part of the process because knowing the facts can help prompt change. We all share this planet with our fellow community members and billions of animal species out there. Since we have neglected the Earth, some of these animal species (the Dodo, Saber-Toothed Tigers, Wooly Mammoths) have already become extinct. Let’s all take a vow to save the animals and avoid further species extinction. Here are the Top 5 critically endangered species today.

Protect our Animals!

Most of these animal species are also listed under the World Wildlife Fund (check out the whole list of critically endangered animals here). With your help, we can all work to make a difference and save these guys from becoming extinct!