12 Avery Tote Bags to Giveaway!

Happy President’s Day! Our weekly giveaway for this week is sponsored by Avery! Each tote bag will be filled with lots of cool stuff and we’ll be picking 12 winners! Here’s what’s inside –

Heavy Duty View Binders with One Touch EZD(TM) Ring
Binder Spine Inserts, Laser/InkJet, Fits 1-1/2″ Binders
See-Through Sticky Notes, 3″ x 3″, Yellow, Removable
NoteDots(TM) Color Coding Label Pads
Studio Collection Durable Write-On Dividers
Studio Collection Durable Write-On Dividers
Printable Tags with Strings, InkJet

Some of these items I’ve never seen and I’m really excited about them. I really want the NoteDots and Printable Tags with Strings for myself. Anyways.

Ready to win? Here’s how to enter:

Leave a comment on this post with your favorite Avery product!

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We’ll pick and announce 12 winners on Monday, February 27th! Good luck!

211 thoughts on “12 Avery Tote Bags to Giveaway!”

  1. Kim Hughes says:

    I love the binders. I am a binder queen and can never have enough!

  2. louise zirk says:

    I love your write on dividers, since I am trying to go greener. Thanks for this giveaway

  3. Leea says:

    I should own stock in Avery as much as I buy from them! I hate to pick a favorite but I ADORE their labels as I can use them at work (school) for EVERYTHING…their so easy to personalize and with so many to choose from it fits all the projects I do! Thanks for the chances!

  4. Kelly Brown says:

    I follow Shoplet on Twitter and Avery on Twitter and tweet about the giveaway.

    I could not get it to show me the link……I tried and tried!

  5. Kelly Brown says:

    I like Shoplet on Facebook and wrote about your favorite avery product on our wall.

  6. Heather Stephenson says:

    Everything in the bag would be helpful in my third grade classroom!

  7. Kelly Brown says:

    I subscribe to the Shoplet Blog via RSS or Email

  8. Lisa says:

    Address labels–I use them for EVERYTHING!! :)

  9. Gail Wiltshire says:

    I love the heavy duty binders!! Perfect to keep my school stuff organized!!

  10. Lisa says:

    I love ALL Avery products! :)

  11. Zena says:


  12. Jessica says:

    Sticker paper, naturally!

  13. Elizabeth Rodriguez says:

    I subscribed to Shoplet’s YouTube Channel under 1Love4Eternity :)

  14. Elizabeth Rodriguez says:

    I gave Shoplet a +K on Klout For Social Media Giveaways and tweeted about it here:https://twitter.com/#!/OneMomsMoxie/status/173017799659241472

  15. Elizabeth Rodriguez says:

    Following Sholet and Avery on Twitter from @OneMomsMoxie and tweeted: https://twitter.com/#!/OneMomsMoxie/status/173017296682496000

  16. Elizabeth Rodriguez says:

    “Like” Shoplet on FB :)

  17. Elizabeth Rodriguez says:

    I subscribed to Shoplet’s emails :)

  18. Elizabeth Rodriguez says:

    I love, love, love Avery binders! There is no binder out there that compares to an Avery binder!

  19. Carolyn G says:

    gave you klout – carolyn gonzalez

  20. Carolyn G says:

    subscribe on youtube – carogonza

  21. Carolyn G says:

    I love and use Avery 5160 labels all the time at work – love them

  22. Jeana K. says:

    I gave shoplet +K on Klout.
    (and tweeted as @StuffSmart)

  23. Jeana K. says:

    I wrote about my favorite Avery product on the Shoplet facebook wall.

  24. Jeana K. says:

    My favorite Avery product is their printable labels. They are such a time saver.

  25. Jewel Aston says:

    Avery 5168 labels rock!! I try to do my part to be green and reuse!!

  26. John Laramore says:


  27. Louise T says:

    Avery labels make our direct mail jobs much easier!

  28. Lisa Raymond says:

    Avery 16280 Printable Self-Adhesive Tabs make my job as a medical records administrator so much easier. Need a new section just print, stick and presto! Best Tab product ever!

  29. Patricia Henderson says:

    Avery Address Labels! Can’t live without them!

  30. Kris WIlmer says:

    Love see through sticky notes!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Cyndie Hoggatt says:

    Avery 3 ring binders are the absolute best!

  32. Kathy says:

    I love Avery labels! Use a wide variety in my business. Love accessing templates online!

  33. Jerry Fair says:

    The heavy duty view binders rock!

  34. Beth Hilleke says:

    Labels – especially clear ones, and especially bulk packages of them (3000 in a box).

  35. Carmen Torres-Smithe says:

    I love Avery labels, easy to use and printer friendly

  36. Rose says:

    Avery supplies are awsome!

  37. Ashley B. says:

    I love the colorful dividers. :)

  38. Sunny says:

    My favorite product is any Avery removable label. The smaller ones are invaluable in the kitchen when I make jam during the summer. The label can be moved from the canning lid to the plastic screw-on cap with no loss of stickiness, yet they don’t leave any residue when it’s time to wash the jam jars and lids! They’re great!

  39. JODI RUIZ says:

    I love the Avery Heavy Duty Binders!

  40. Jeremy says:

    I subscribe to your YouTube channel.

  41. Jeremy says:

    Gave you a +K in Office Supplies on Klout~

  42. Jeremy says:

    I like you on FB as Jay Cee and commented on your wall about my favorite Avery product: https://www.facebook.com/Shoplet/posts/10150811510518275

  43. Jeremy says:

    I subscribe to your blog e-mail and RSS feed.

  44. m r says:

    liked shoplet on fcbk!

  45. m r says:

    i love the dividiers and sticky notes are gr8 for me i use all the time!

  46. Janice says:

    I love Avery labels – there’s one for every need I have.

  47. Beth says:

    Avery binders are the best!

  48. Bridgett Siebenaler says:

    My favorite is the colorful dividers!

  49. Sarah S. says:

    I subscribe to your YouTube channel. ( sarahjd766 )
    Sarahjd766 at yahoo dot com

  50. Sarah S. says:

    I’m following Shoplet & Avery on Twitter and tweeted the giveaway.
    Sarahjd766 at yahoo dot com

  51. Sarah S. says:

    I Like Shoplet on facebook and I posted my favorite product on your wall.
    Sarahjd766 at yahoo dot com

  52. Sarah S. says:

    I’m a email subscriber.
    Sarahjd766 at yahoo dot com

  53. Theresa says:

    Sticky notes rock!!

  54. E. Waytowich says:

    Binder dividers with labels are useful and versatile.

  55. Maisol says:

    Sticky notes, for sure!

  56. Nicholle says:

    I love Avery labels

  57. Dawn says:

    I love their sticky notes!

  58. Lisa S. says:

    I love to make VBS signs with full sheet (8 1/2 x 11) removable labels!

  59. Kimberly R. says:

    I love the sticky notes!

  60. Kimberly R. says:

    liked shoplet on fb.

  61. funkypeanut says:

    Ooh, Avery! I’m subscribed via email.

  62. Chachie B says:

    Favorite Avery product has to be the fluorescent mailing labels in ALL colors. They stand out everywhere. Or maybe it’s Avery hanging name badges. Do you know how hard it is to get high school kids to put a name tag in an appropriate place? Have to admit though the “see through” sticky notes look and sound really cool! (I mean useful, yeah useful) ;)

  63. Kim says:

    Love your specials!

  64. Missy H says:

    Nothing else come close to Avery products. Have been using them for years.

  65. Derek Storey says:

    i love using the Avery printable address labels and sticky notes (good adhesive)

  66. Olivia Christel says:

    Your clean-cut business cards are all we use!

  67. pauline miller says:

    I love Avery products and am constantly on the site getting templates. These products would be so helpful since I just started a new job abd need new office supplies. not to mention I use sticky notes for EVERYTHING!!

  68. Jennifer Eberhart says:


  69. jeannine s says:

    subscribe to youtube (irishmellanhead)

  70. jeannine s says:

    like you on facebook (jeannine drenchek-scavo)

  71. jeannine s says:

    love the avery sticky notes. Those are my son’s favorite also

  72. Angie Bailey says:

    I love Avery Binders! They’re so durable.

  73. Marylinn Kelly says:

    My all-time favorite Avery product – the rectangular, red-bordered mailing labels. A Mail Art classic.

  74. Vera S says:

    I follow Shoplet and Avery on Twitter & I tweeted this giveaway. :)




  75. Vera S says:

    I subscribe via e-mail.


  76. Vera S says:

    I love Avery binders. :)


  77. LisaT says:

    I am a big fan of the 3-ring binder, I use them for all my paperwork instead of files.

  78. Natalie J Vandenberghe says:

    I gave you a +K (in two topics!)

  79. Natalie J Vandenberghe says:

    already a subscriber

  80. Natalie J Vandenberghe says:

    I love the NoteDots(TM) Color Coding Label Pads! Thanks for the giveaway!

  81. Ben Anderson says:

    Great assortment of products! Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  82. Sherry walker says:

    Posted on your Facebook page – sherry walker

    Sherwalk at yahoo dot com

  83. Sherry walker says:

    I subscribe via email

    Sherwalk at yahoo dot com

  84. Sherry walker says:

    I follow Shoplet and Avery on twitter and retweet the contest – sherwalk88

    Sherwalk at yahoo dot com

  85. Sherry walker says:

    I love Avery binders! I love that they come in different colors too! I love the clear sleeve on the front…I use it to stick the little notes and pics that my students give me!

    Sherwalk at yahoo dot com

  86. Schmidty says:

    I am subscribed to your youtube channel.

  87. Schmidty says:

    I follow you and Avery on twitter and tweeted https://twitter.com/#!/rusthawk/status/171798055677464576

  88. Schmidty says:

    I like your FB page and left a comment http://www.facebook.com/Shoplet/posts/10150805684278275

  89. Schmidty says:

    Email subscriber.

  90. Schmidty says:

    Their stickers – for garage sales!

  91. J says:

    I really like Avery address labels, they’re multipurpose.

  92. RC says:

    And I never knew you guys had a Youtube channel, but it is awesome! I’m now a subscriber.

  93. RC says:

    I’m an RSS subscriber

  94. RC says:

    Can’t live without the binders and dividers – I use them to organize everything!

  95. Lisa rodriguez says:

    Love the three ring binders with view thru covers.

  96. Jennifer Lofgren says:

    I love the return address labels!!! I use them for almost everything in my classroom! :)

  97. katieneu says:

    Subscribed to You Tube!

  98. katieneu says:

    Check out the giveaway on Pinterest under my GIveaways board!

  99. Estella miller says:

    Can’t live without Avery sticky notes!

  100. katieneu says:

    I tweeted the giveaway! Check it out here… https://twitter.com/#!/katieneu

  101. Penny says:

    I like Shoplet on FB

  102. katieneu says:

    I follow Avery on Twitter!

  103. katieneu says:

    You are liked on Facebook!

  104. katieneu says:

    I commented on your Facebook wall!!!

  105. katieneu says:

    I follow Shoplet on Twitter!

  106. katieneu says:

    I receive your great emails!!!!!

  107. Julie says:

    I love Avery Notebooks! They are so sturdy and long-lasting.

  108. theresa graham says:

    I LOVE Avery labels. I use them in my classroom all the time.

  109. diana White says:

    I love the plastic double pocket dividers!

  110. angela says:

    I love the see through sticky notes!!!!!

  111. Madonna says:

    Love Avery supplies! Can’t live without labels!

  112. Marsha webb says:

    Subscribe to YouTube channel

  113. Marsha webb says:

    Like on Facebook and wrote on wall

  114. Marsha webb says:

    Follow and tweeted

  115. Marsha webb says:

    Email subscriber

  116. Marsha webb says:

    I love Avery binders and labels.

  117. Kristina says:

    My favorite Avery supplies are the new Martha Stewart line of labels!! Oh, they make me drool, and want to organize everything just so I can label it!

  118. johna derosier says:

    I love the address lables

  119. Cindy Dawkins says:

    I gave Shoplet Klout!

  120. Cindy Dawkins says:

    I follow @shoplet and @avery on twitter and tweeted https://twitter.com/#!/dawkinscj/status/171726597014032385

  121. Cindy Dawkins says:

    I like Shoplet on Facebook and left my favorite Avery product (labels).

  122. Cindy Dawkins says:

    I love AVERY Labels! I couldn’t live without them!

  123. Tina Renee says:

    Following Avery & Shoplet on twitter & tweeted:

  124. Nancy Reid says:

    I gave you klout for Office Supplies! https://twitter.com/#!/eyewonit/status/171722093396901890

  125. Tina Renee says:

    I’m a Subscriber to your YouTube Channel: tinareneebarker

  126. Nancy Reid says:

    I Follow Shoplet on Twitter and Avery on Twitter and tweeted about the giveaway https://twitter.com/#!/eyewonit/status/171720250495221760

  127. Tina Renee says:

    Like Shoplet on Facebook and wrote about my favorite avery product on your wall:
    Tina Renee Barker

  128. Nancy Reid says:

    I Like Shoplet on Facebook as Nancy Reid and posted to your wall https://www.facebook.com/Shoplet/posts/10150804946358275

  129. Tina Renee says:

    Subscriber to the Shoplet Blog via email.

  130. Tina Renee says:

    I like the Avery Retractable Highlighters!

  131. Nancy Reid says:

    I subscribe as eyewonit@aol.com

  132. Nancy Reid says:

    I like Martha Stewart Home Office™ with Avery™ Secure-Top™ Sheet Protectors 2 Pockets They help me organize recipes, coupons and other things in a convenient way!

  133. Katy says:

    Subscribe to youtube kitkat234

  134. Katy says:

    Gave you K+ Katy Y

  135. Katy says:

    Email subscriber

  136. Meghan Finley says:

    Sticky notes are awesome

  137. Diane says:

    I love the clear address labels

  138. willow_kidd says:

    Sorry, I forgot to mention I check your RSS feed daily.

  139. willow_kidd says:

    I already follow both on twitter, I am already a shoplet fan on facebook and I’ve written on your wall today.

  140. Michelle says:

    I LOVE the plastic Avery dividers with pockets on both sides.

  141. willow_kidd says:

    Labels! Need more be said?

  142. Tracey Barker says:

    I use the Avery templates to create my business cards for my parents to have my information at home. The binders and dividers are also helpful in keeping my students organized, which is very important for 3rd graders.

  143. Lilian says:

    subscribed on YT.

  144. Kathy says:

    My favorite is their sticky notes

  145. Donna Mcmillan says:

    Love the labels!

  146. Kristy says:

    great prices on binders and note pads

  147. Janiece smith says:

    My favorite are the write on dividers!!

  148. Nicholle says:

    I love their labels!

  149. Lilian says:

    I’m a rss subscriber (google reader)

  150. adelia says:

    i like you on facebook!

  151. adelia says:

    i love avery binders! use one for my plan book at school!

  152. Ashley Cahill says:

    Liked on Facebook under The Colorful Classroom. Wow these would be great for my classroom. Thanks!

  153. mona c says:

    My fav is the glue sticks. I use them all the time, especially when I scrapbook.

  154. Veronica says:

    I love all office products! It’s an obsession, however, I love, love binders! I use them for everything. I have one for recipes, pictures, homework, and lesson plans!

  155. David Stambol says:

    Love the 5160 Labels I use a box every 2 weeks at work.

  156. Maureen G says:

    Avery® Big Tab® Insertable Plastic Dividers, 8-Tab are great for my recipe binders. The keep the recipes clean while I prepare the food.

  157. Kathy Pearlman says:

    My favorite is their full page labels – covers a multitude of sins!

  158. Dave W says:

    Liked on FB! (/daveweinberg)

  159. Beth says:

    All I have used are the avery labels and business cards. Loved both. I already like you on facebook and just subscribed to your youtube channel.

  160. Maureen G says:

    The 1 1/2″ binders are handy for doctor’s & dentist info.

  161. Dave W says:

    I probably love the sticky note pads the best.

  162. Allison says:

    Love the sticky notes. They are used a lot in my classroom, especially when the kiddos are doing writers workshop.

  163. Sheryl Edwards says:

    My favorite Avery product is the Avery Note Tabs and Flags in One. So handy! use them all of the time!

  164. MJ says:

    stationary products? drool! Avery products hmm i love their binders and all of their labels!

  165. Paula Kapelski says:

    Subscriber to your YouTube channel paulakap8!

  166. Diane Redcay says:

    I Subscribed to your YouTube Channel

  167. Rochel S says:

    I like the Avery See-Through Sticky Notes!!

  168. mom4everever says:

    the sticky notes and labels for work

  169. Melissa Vaught says:

    I gave you a +K on Klout on office supplies!

  170. Diane Redcay says:

    Liked on FB & posted

  171. Diane Redcay says:

    I Subscribed to the Shoplet Blog Email

  172. Paula Kapelski says:

    I follow you and twitted! @paulakap8

  173. Melissa Vaught says:

    I follow u both on twitter, and retweeted your tweet about the giveaway! @mandmvaught

  174. Linda Lovin says:

    I love the printable self-adhesive tabs and the printable file folder labels. I use all Avery labels.
    Thank you for your products. They are a life saver.

  175. Stacey A. says:

    I love the heavy duty binders with one-touch.

  176. LaVida says:

    The labels are my favorite. I use all types in my classroom.

  177. Paula Kapelski says:
  178. Lilian says:

    I love Avery’s binders especially the nomy Showcase View Binder with 2″ Round Ring 19700, Black, and they even offer customizable binder as well! That just screams “SWEEETT!”
    Perfect for organizing and putting in my loose-leaf textbooks!

  179. Melissa Vaught says:

    I love Avery products! My faves are the printable labels, because I use them for so many things! thanks for the chance to win!!

  180. Diane Redcay says:

    I love the sticky note pads I use em everyday at home & at work

  181. C R Williams says:

    I love the label makers.

  182. Paula Kapelski says:

    I’m a subscriber :)

  183. Gary Gilfix says:

    I love the dividers that accept a slip in coversheet

  184. Michael says:

    EZ view heavy duty binders for school!!!!

  185. Anne Mostella says:

    I gave @shoplet Klout :)

  186. Richard Peterson says:

    The Office Art!

  187. Paula Kapelski says:

    I love the printable tags with stings perfect for my kids book bags and gift bags!

  188. Anne Mostella says:

    I follow @Shoplet on Twitter as @anniemos

  189. Colleen Furlong says:

    Love All of Avery’s products, especially since they are durable and have BoxTops! My current favorite is the Studio Collection Durable Write-On Dividers.

  190. Anne Mostella says:

    The write on dividers are my favorite Avery product :)

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