12 Pentel Recycling Bins Full of Goodies to Giveaway!

Did I trick you into thinking that you were going to win a giant recycling bin full of human size pens? I hope so! This weekly giveaway is sponsored by our dear friends at Pentel. I saw this little mini-recycling bin on someone’s desk a few months ago and I fell in love. And now you can win it! We’re giving 12 lucky winners each one of these mini Pentel recycling bins full of Pentel pens like these:

And other ones too!

Here’s how to enter:

Leave a comment on this post telling us how you currently store your pens (coffee mug, no storage just mess, cup, organizer, etc)

BONUS entries

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So many ways to enter, so many prizes to win! Don’t forget, we’ll pick a total of 12 winners on Monday, November 8th. Good luck!

UPDATE: Winners!

Cynthia S
Shelby Lewis
Christina Z
Amanda Hall
Marcella Cook

  • Karen

    I store pens in just about anything, but my favorite is a holder that I created with my children yaars ago. I used a small terra cotta plant pot which I covered in caulk and then glued various colored rocks to the caulk. I have had it for years. It holds everything from pens, pencils highlighters, etc.

  • party bags

    In my case, I use old containers in keeping my pens. Too bad my cousins are getting them from where I keep it.

  • SavannahSeana

    OOOoooohhhhh. Awesome, hope I win!!!! :) I store my pens in several places, cup, desktop organizer, and in a drawer. THIS PRIZE MADE MY EYES GO WIDE :)

  • astorey

    In my hair behind my ear. Need somewhere to keep them I end up loosing them

  • Carol Lee

    Have some pens in a wire bin on my desk, but there are also pens in my middle desk drawer, as well as the side desk drawer. What a wonderful little thing to have on your desk!! How cute is that trash can!!

  • Megan

    I keep my pens in a cup on the counter. I still have some of my pentel pens from when I was 10 years old and am currently 33. They last forever!

  • Rochelle

    I put most of my pens in a Smiley Face mug that I once received flowers delivery in. It’s a happy memory of getting flowers and it’s nice to look over and see “someone” smiling back. I’m trying to locate this pen holder to give-aways as prizes for Lean Six Sigma waste removal exercises. How can I order?

  • That is just about the cutest holder I’ve ever seen! Thanks for sharing.

  • lana

    Just all over the houe along with Sticky Notes ever since the family own Cell Phones!!

  • Yay! Thats me! I emailed you back!

  • Jackie

    Storing my pens…….what the heck does that mean. I have pens laying everywhere, on tables, counter, desk, computer and yes, even in coffee cups. Help me!

  • Jacob R

    My pencils and pens are stored in a unique bowl I made out of clay just for my pencils. I love it and it looks great.

  • Ellen
  • Dorothy Davidson

    In a frozen orange juice can that the kids decorated, years ago.

  • Lorie

    I currently keep my pens in a pencil holder that i purchased and my overflow is in my drawer.

  • Joanne

    Hey how about Shoplet, you make these little bins available for purchase!!! some of might consider that.


  • Joanne

    ah gee, I’m sad… I missed the drawing. My pens are all over the place, @ work, in a drawer, in a cup and scattered about the desk. @ home, in at least 3 cups, and here and there on counters.

    that’s what I get for having a long weekend.


  • At the University i tried to get them bins and some have mugs but in all we have a mess this would help me out a lot.

  • Steve

    A mini USC Football Helmet

  • Krishna

    I store my pens in empty cans (canned food cans).

  • Our office uses a desktop organizer, but somehow the pens find their way throughout the office. I am lucky to find one where it should be.

  • Meghan Finley

    I stick all my pens in my favorite mug. This would be much handier though! @immortalb4

  • Barb

    My husband thinks we need them EVERYWHERE; coffee mugs, cans, and magnetic plastic dollar store boxes on the fridge that break easily. The recycle bin is by far the coolest and would deserve to be seen, and even better that it’s full of the GOOD pens by PENTEL!

  • Katherine
  • Katherine
  • ellen
  • Shannon

    Been tweeting and didn’t know if I needed/should be posting each tweet here…?? Been trying to tweet & let others know about this great giveaway! @luv_mydachshund

  • Alisa

    I have pens scattered everywhere! But never where I can find them when I need them.

  • shel

    You’re on my blogroll

  • shel

    Following @shoplet on Twitter and I tweeted:

  • shel

    Pentel Twitter follower @auntiethesis

  • shel

    Flickr friend (magoo2u2)

  • shel

    I store my pens in my desk drawer..all askew.

  • Andrea L

    First I put them in a pencil box but my pens multiplied and the pencil box was too small. Then I rubber banded all of them and left them on my drafting table. They would roll off onto the floor. So, now that they are on the floor, I can see which ones I want to use. It is a bit messy. But it’s an interesting selective process.

  • Katherine
  • Elsa

    My top right desk drawer is a MESSS! its full of pens and pencils soooo unoganized :(.

  • Tammy

    I hold all me pens in my Hog’s Breath Cocktails cup from Key West, FL
    Everytime I reach for a pen, I think of margaritas and wish I was in Key West.

  • clare

    I keep my pencils/pens/scissors in a big watering can on my desk ( I teach third grade!!).

  • Aquaria

    I use a coffee cup that was part of the swag I got at a book convention. I’ve no idea who the writer is. Never read anything by her. Hadn’t even looked at what the cup actually said in years, so I was surprised that it wasn’t from the swag I got working at the job I retired from!

  • Kirsten

    Follow @PentelofAmerica on twitter!

  • Kirsten

    You are now a Flickr friend. :)

  • Michelle

    I store my pens in a cup.

  • Marissa

    I store them all of my desk…where ever there is empty space.

  • Kirsten
  • Angel Hsiung

    lay them out neatly on the counter

  • Kirsten

    I have one of those coffee cups with pictures of your family on it. Probably from snapfish or Shutterfly. That holds my pens. My permanent markers go into a clay flower pot that my daughter painted and decorated for me years ago.

  • Jan

    Let’s see, I have pens/pencils in 3 coffee mugs, a vase, an actual mesh pencil holder(what was I thinking), a leather-like tray, desk drawers, zip bag in my purse, and lying loose everywhere. I.need.to.have…pencils, pens, my pentel erasers, scissors and gluesticks handy no matter where I am, as I’m much too lazy to cross the room in search of these much-used items. I have clocks everywhere, too. Do you see a pattern developing here?

  • Marguerite D

    Pens? What pens?

  • Donna Colucci

    I store my pens in a fancy pen holder I was given last Christmas. Unfortunately, the ornate design allows the pens to fall through the holder and drop to the floor. Very frustrating! I need this adorable recycling bin!!

  • Keith Anderson

    I have some on the desk… some in an old Emerald Nut container, some in My disk drawer… some in an old mug on a table in my office… Am I a disorganized packrat or what???

  • Joan M

    I use an old ceramic tumbler.

  • Amy

    Because I am the secretary at a church, people constantly need pens. Even thought I keep some on my desk, no one ever uses those, they get into my drawer and I lose my pens. Usually, through, they are just scattered about on my desk.

  • Sheryl Edwards

    follow @PentelofAmerica as @textiff

  • http://touchingthefuturehandnhand.blogspot.com/

    Forgot to leave a link to my blog…..

    I currently use a swivel storage container but its packed!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ghee

    I love pens, and collect them every where I go. Especially the free ones from offices. I store them in two large coffee mugs, which are often knocked over by my grandchildren. It would be nice to have a recycle bin.

  • Always on the look out for storage for supplies….never enough. Linked this post on my blog

  • GG

    I store them everywhere!! on my desk in my purse in!! I love pens.

  • Barbara

    I have a flower pot with dried beans in it on my desk to store my pens. Students keep walking away with the pens so this would be very useful.

  • Terrie Iverson

    I have my pens stored in cups, jars and drawers. I have my favorite “no glob” pens in my pocket so they are on hand for sketching!

  • Connie

    At work my pens start out in an organizer but by the end of the day they are all over the place. I have to hide my favorites in my desk drawer or they disappear!

  • I have an organizer on my desk and in my desk drawer. I’m a little bit
    of a pen fanatic. One for every event of the year.

  • LeavyBc

    I currently use a S&W 12 oz. French Roast coffee can. I also have an old/vintage pen collection which I store in an old wooden cigar box.

  • Cathy

    In 2 pen/pencil holders on my desk. The holder at home is from my old company (yuck) and I have to look at it everytime I need a pen!

  • Julie

    Current storage: cleaned out tin cans!! All lined up in a row.

  • susie

    mine are kept in a pen bag in my purse and I have a pen holder on my desk.


    My pens are in my center drw rolling around. Can never find them-need help!

  • Deb Bell

    I have a pen fettish and have since I was a kid. I have tons of pens but I have a select few that I keep hidden in my office so no one else uses them. I can’t tell you where I hide them just in case someone from my office wants to find them! LOL!!!

  • SooGarvz

    First off, I love pens – all kinds, shapes and sizes. Second, this recycling bin thing is super-cute, plus we recycle pens at work through Terracycle – check out their site for starting a recycling program through work. They donate 2 cents for each pen collected to a charity of your choice. Number three, at work I use a pen cup, because they gave me one, but at home – they’re just lying all over the place.


    I have a couple of holders on my desk. For pens and pencils I have a big mesh cup. Then I have a mug for sharpies and another one for highlighters. I have another mesh holder on a table for others to use and a cute wooden scottie terrier on my counter. People are always walking off with my pens and that’s why I have so many holders in my office. The pen that I use most often lays on my desk or is my hand when I’m away from my desk because I don’t want anybody walking off with it!

  • We store our pens in the covers of CD spindles.

  • Joy Godsey

    I have to scrounge around to find any pens in the office and, of course, no one leaves a pentel pen around. They write so much better.

  • Sharon F.

    My daughter & I have things in several spots at home… in several misc. containers. I have several fun coffee mugs at work that hold everything. They are all over-flowing too. One of my mugs says “I only work here for the free pens and rubber bands”. A recycling bin would be a fabulous addition. Something new & eye-catching!! :O)

  • Jason Brown

    No storage just a mess of pens every where.

  • mel

    I store my pens in 2 coffee mugs, since they won’t fit in just 1 any longer.

  • I am a pen frea! If you saw my desk you would know what I mean. I have 4 large containers on my desk, plus more in the drawer. BUT…don’t think that means I don’t need this prize. I DO!!!!

  • RP

    I store my pens in a drawer tray organizer, but it is usually overflowing out of the intended pen area!

  • Holli

    Mine are in a Dixie cup on my desk and scattered all around. I have some hanging on dtring from pens attached to my wall so that I can find at least one while I am on the phone. They can also usually be found in my hair, pocket, purse, behind my ear, etc.

  • My pens lay haphazardly about my desk. I have no system. I need a system!

  • Sheryl Edwards

    follow & tweet @textiff

  • My pens are in an ordinary mug and they would love to be in your trash bin.

  • Janice
  • Janice

    in a cup at work

  • Bryan F

    I have the ugliest container (desk organizer) where my pens are stored. Maybe they are embarrassed to be there, because they never seem to work when I need one.

  • Caitlin P.

    I follow @PentelofAmerica on twitter


    Good luck to all!!

  • Caitlin P.

    I follow @Shoplet on twitter


  • Caitlin P.

    I wish someone would tell me where our pens are stored…I can NEVER find one when I need it :)

  • Jean D.

    I follow Shoplet on twitter @Ida_Sessions and tweeted here:

  • Jean D.

    Most of my pens are tossed into a kitchen drawer. On my desk, the pens are helter-skelter any ol’ place. You’ve inspired me to get my pen act together.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Sheryl Edwards

    I use two coffee mugs to store my pens, pencils, scissors, etc.

  • Katherine
  • Natalie J. Vandenberghe

    Some of our pens are in a wooden box/holder that one of my kids made. and, of course, we have pens laying around on every flat surface (so they’re convenient for me to reach) and a bunch in drawers, etc.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Pen lost

    I usually keep them in a zippered pencil pouch.

  • Amy Wells

    I store my pens in a Longaberger basket right now. I get very frustrated when my fmily leaves caps off and ink gets on the basket!

  • rhonda

    I have an inexpensive copper colored pail (without handles) on top of my desk. Holds at least 50 pens, pencils, highlighters, etc…

  • JonelB

    Currently my pens are all over. Pen cases, cups, etc, but my favorite were in a striped target pen case that was constantly in my purse.
    Well, it was stolen last week along with my purse, and the idiot likely dumped them somewhere where they’ll never be found.
    I’m honestly mourning the collection of my favorites, which included several pentel energels and sliccis that I’d slowly collected over the years.
    2. Followed @shoplet and here is my tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/JonelB/status/29699781250
    3. Added as a friend on flickr!
    4. Already follow @pentelamerica on twitter.
    Good luck to everyone! Here’s hoping this is a first step in replacing my pen collection.

  • Stephanie

    I keep my pens in a tiny flower pot that my son painted for me in Kindergarden/

  • Sue

    I have a “plastic organizer” that holds various pens and I leave them on my desk to get lost under things. that I find when I get my work done.

  • I follow @PentelofAmerica on twitter (@My3Sons33)

  • Angela A
  • I follow on Twitter & tweeted: http://twitter.com/My3Sons33/status/29685018547

  • I’ll say it – just a mess.

  • Some pens are in a coffe cup in front of my computer. A basket holds more stuff over on the work table. Nothing compares to the coolness of the pentel bin… i need this.

  • Jill

    My pens are thrown, with no order, in my office desk.

  • lynsy

    I store my pens @ work in my empty tape dispenser!!

    At home, they are in an old plastic cup from college.

  • jeannine m

    I currently have them in a cup

  • Cathy O’Connor

    My pens are all over the place but of course I cannot find one fast when I need it!

  • Rita Sams

    I Follow @PentelofAmerica on twitter

  • Rita Sams

    I Follow @shoplet on twitter

  • Rita Sams

    My pens are everywhere, yet I can never find one.

  • Katherine
  • Yik-Ting Lee

    I subscribe to the blog e-mail.

  • Yik-Ting Lee

    They’re in all sorts of places; in pencil bags, pencil cases, in a mug, in a pen holder, and in drawers.

  • Peggy A

    I tweeted about this giveaway :-)

    Great giveway btw, I love pens lol :-)

  • Peggy A

    I am following @shoplet on twitter!

  • Peggy A

    I am following @PentelofAmerica on twitter!

  • Peggy A

    I keep my pens, pencils & rulers in a “I <3 NY" cup on my desk. :-)

  • Jeremy C

    I follow @PentelofAmerica on twitter!

  • Jeremy C

    I follow @shoplet and tweeted: http://twitter.com/bikeohio/status/29628084522

  • Jeremy C

    I use a pen(cil) cup.

  • Callie

    My pens are everywhere–my purse, loose in my desk drawer, in the glove compartment of my car. There really is no system.

  • Nick D.

    my pens,pencils,markers,and crayons are stored in an empty coffee can.

  • setpn

    I keep my pens in a recycled (rejected) CNC machined motor housing. It is a little too small for all those cool pens.

  • Mandy

    EVERYWHERE and I can NEVER find one ?????

  • Linda

    I have a desk tray by my monitor, but also have pens next to the monitor on the desk.

  • I added you to my blogroll

  • I added you as a friend on Flicker

  • Katrina

    I keep my pens in my purse inside pocket and inside the top drawer in my dresser. I twetted and I follow you too!!

  • I follow Pentel of America on Twitter!

  • I am following shoplet on twitter and retweeted!

  • No storage because everyone keeps stealing my pens!

  • Angela A
  • Laura

    my pens are kept in a plush ice cream cone pencil case in my backpack. the ones at home are in random plastic cups all over my desk and room.

  • Brian

    My pens get stored in my drawer along with the highlighters and markers. It can end up getting pretty disorganized!

  • I follow Shoplet on Twitter as @diysara and tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/DIYSara/status/29600025521

  • Mara

    My pens are in a drawer. and, yes, it is a mess.

  • Tessa

    I store my pens, pencils & markers in a wire pen cup. My “good” pens are stored in a desk organizer so that no one can steal them.

  • Pens and Pencils are in an empty Brine Shrimp Egg 16z can!

  • Julie L.

    Sadly mine are all shoved in a drawer…I NEVER have one handy!

  • Vicki

    I try to leave on my desk but they “disappear”! Oh well….
    it could be worse……

  • trin

    Following Pentel on twitter
    TLR33960 at hotmail dot com

  • trin

    I’m using my Gramp’s old pen holder
    to hold my pens.
    TLR33960 at hotmail dot com

  • I keep mine in a pen pot, in a box colored with sharpies, in a plastic drawer, in a zipper bag… you get the idea.

  • hminnesota

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  • hminnesota

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    emmerswee at gmail dot com

  • hminnesota
  • hminnesota

    following you on twitter @hminnesota and tweeted

  • My pens are currently scattered on my very messy desk. I need this!

    emmerswee at gmail dot com

  • hminnesota

    plastic cups

  • I store my pens at home in a repurposed “lazy susan” organizer… :D At the office, I have a custom-made pen holder made from a urethane block with differen sized holes drilled in it… A buddy in the shop made it for me one day… ^_^

  • I follow Pentel on Twitter as @diysara

  • I store my pens in a bin. I heard that storing them flat reduces the risk of the ink drying out :)

  • Susan Clemens

    I keep my pens in a flower pot.

  • Beckie Tetrault

    I keep mine in a coffee cup :)

  • Amy Brown

    I use a Charger cup…..because around here my Raider Cup would be thrown out the door with my pens. So they are safer in the Charger cup!!

  • following pentel on twitter too!

  • added as a friend on flickr

  • estella miller

    Follow Pentel on Twitter as @wins4me. Keep all my pens in a lovely pen holder my granddaughter made.

  • I currently keep my pens scattered all over :(

  • following on twitter

  • Angela

    my pens are in a free cup from chik fil a!

  • Saiyed I Ehsanullah

    Pens and pencils,etc still kept in an old ‘IBM personal system/2’ promotional cup. Reminds me of what computers were in old days.

  • Laura

    I keep my pens in a clear compartment desk organizer…well I keep them when people don’t run away with them.

  • Joanne

    Excellent service and prices! Great place from which to buy!

  • Katherine
  • ellen
  • Michelle Rosborough

    Follow @PentelofAmerica on twitter!

  • Michelle Rosborough
  • Michelle Rosborough

    LOL, I have my pens in 2 of those little green trash cans

  • Linda Brooks

    blog button on my site… http://my2crazycurls.blogspot.com

  • Linda Brooks

    follow pentelofamerica on twitter (@4evamamii)

  • Linda Brooks
  • Amy Fulcher

    I’m following @PentelofAmerica on Twitter


  • Linda Brooks

    I store my pencils in old similac can..LOL

  • Novita

    This is cute. I use a big cups to hold all my pens. But if I could win this, it would be perfect as my colleagues will not take any pens from my desk and never return them! lol With this, I can say all pens in the bin are old and cannot used anymore! lol

  • Katherine

    Follow @PentelofAmerica on twitter!

  • Katherine
  • Katherine

    Pens are stored in a cup under the telephone

  • Debbi

    I use the durable plastic containers from my favorite frozen juices: white grape peach for pens, apple raspberry for pencils, pomegranate blueberry for markers!!

  • Michelle

    I store my pens in a mesh basket. By the end of the day everything else is in that basket also.


    My pens, pencils, markers are stored scattered all around my desk and in my drawer. I work in a small place and I need great storage for my stuff. The Pental recyling storage bin will be wonderful !!!! HELP ME………THANKS

  • Sandy

    I store my extra pens in a “redneck” way. I use duct tape.

  • Kelly

    I have two pen cups. One on the counter full of pens for the kids to use which is actually a weighted toothbrush cup (so it is less likely to fall off of the counter) and a mason jar on my desk where I keep my “good” pens. :)

  • KelliD

    My boss has a desk drawer he can barely open full of pens etc. I have a neat black metal mesh cup next to my computer. I would gift it to my boss (he likes gimmicky stuff) he would love something like this!

  • C L

    I love your company.

  • Mel B

    In a desk drawer.. very unorganized!

  • Jerry Fair

    Added Shoplet as a friend on Flickr

  • Patty

    My pens and pencils are in drawers, on my desk, in a cup, in with my notepads, just everywhere!

  • I keep them in a coffee cup they always seem to walk away? Go figure.

  • CharlieB

    I corral the variety of pens, markers, pencils, and correction pens in a very nifty Shrek head mug received as a white elephant gift several years back. Not sure if it’s the ogre himself or the fact that I give stern looks to anyone even thinking about taking one of my pens.

  • Kay

    my pens are in 3 coffee cups on my desk

  • Susan

    My pens are in an old metal pen holder. My better pens like Pentel are in my drawer so they don’t walk off!! It’s always good to see you at GSA Expo every year!! Thanks for the support!

  • Joanne C

    I keep my pens and “stuff” in recycled soup cans and cat food cans I covered in a bright cheery fabric and adorned with matching bows. I’ve made other recycled holders for other coworkers but using scrapbook paper instead of fabric (and often made to match a colorful set of folders). The latest set for someone who wanted funky and natural included a can with a blue sky paper, sand paper beach edged in tiny pebbles and sea shells and dark green twine pulled apart into separate strands as seaweed. – However, there are the boring folks using mugs and prefabricated mass produced desk organizers. I don’t think they would have as much fun as me with colored pens. The recycle “bucket” is adorable and would make a great holder in our lunch room for the soda can flip tops that one of our employees collects for a charity. Feel free to send it our way ant time you want!

  • I have a huge collection of pens, pencils and markers that is stored in a crafting bag. On my desktop I have a pink storage container with four drawers with highlighters, gel pens, markers and pencils.

  • jean b

    my favorite type of pens


    I keep my pens in a pencil cup….except for my FAVORITE ones…I hide them under my keyboard so they can’t get out and walk away!

  • Jamie McD

    I have heavy duty magnets stuck to my metal overhead bin; then I let the metal clips on the pens stick to the magnets. Everything is just a grab away and not cluttering up my desk.

  • Christina D

    I keep my pens in a large cup.

  • Jaque

    I keep my pens in an organizer, but it’s not nearly as cool as this recycle bin. Plus I work for a contractor that does environmental clean up, so it would be the envy of all the office!!

  • Edward

    My pens are all over the lab counters. I tend to leave them all over the place. Always hoping to have one there when I need one. But that never happens.

  • Stephen Levy

    Pens etc spread across desk organizer, coffee mug and peanut tin.

  • Lisa S

    I keep my pens in my desk drawer. I have a few in an organizer on my desk. I put out the blue ink pens for people to use because…I don’t like to use blue ink! I know it doesn’t make much sense because I regularly use purple ink in the office.

  • Kayla

    I don’t really have a spot for pens. For the most part, I just take one if I see it laying somewhere in the house or office.

  • I put my pens, scissors and hi-lighters in a glass jar which I inherited from the previous Controller 8 years ago. I’m looking at it now and thinking not very safe!!!

  • Lee

    I am not talking trash, I LOVE PENTEL PENS! LOVE the “green” idea of keeping in a trash can!!!

  • Brad

    At work I keep them in a zip lock bag in my desk.

  • Brad

    I keep my pens in a coffee cup! This would be much cooler!!

  • Shannon

    I follow @PentelofAmerica on twitter as @luv_mydachshund

  • Shannon

    I added you as a friend on Flickr! – <3 all of your photos on there!

  • Shannon

    oh my gosh, how cute is that? I <3 it!!

    Right now my pens just float around actually….here and there and if I'm lucky they might make it into a drawer but this would really be so cute sitting on my desk!


  • Crissy Durst

    I keep my pens in an old Method ceramic candle holder.

  • LisaT

    I keep my pens in an old ceramic coffee mug. Hope I win!

  • Angela A
  • Jerry Fair

    I store mine in a similar container… a Rubbermaid (miniature) Brute trash can… would love to win this from Pentel to add to the collection!

  • Michelle S

    I follow pentelofamerica on twitter @rsj2000mrs

  • Michelle S
  • Michelle S

    My Daughter made me a desk organizer from Toilet paper rolls and that is where I keep my pens…love it, but it is worn..lol

  • Angie B.

    I currently store my pens in a little round basket I keep on my desk.

  • ellen

    tweeting to get the morning crew in!

  • Marie Leclerc

    Mine are just loose in a drawer…help!

  • Cynthia S

    I follow @PentelofAmerica @matzsmith

  • Cynthia S

    I follow @shoplet @matzsmith

  • Cynthia S
  • Cynthia S
  • Charline Williams

    I store my pens in a basket.

  • Paula Caudill
  • Paula Caudill
  • Paula Caudill

    I follow PentelofAmerica on twitter at sexyknickers68

  • Paula Caudill

    I follow Shoplet on twitter at sexyknickers68

  • Paula Caudill

    I store all my pens and pencils in a coffee can.

  • Amanda C

    My pens are in an organizer on my computer desk.

  • Ellen
  • Ellen

    tweeting- there will be folks coming !

  • Ellen

    I am @tannawings on Twitter- I follow @shoplet I have forever :)

  • Ellen

    I am @tannawings on Twitter- of course I follow @PentelofAmerica :)

  • Ellen

    I store mine in an old cup- then forget to remove them when they run out- sometimes I have a cup full of dry pens :)

  • hazyrum

    In a mason jar!

  • Anita G


    I store my pens in a pen holder I “borrowed” from work.

  • Badge is on my blog: http://prpldy15.blogspot.com/

  • Added shoplet as a friend on Flickr

  • susan smoaks
  • following @PentelofAmerica on twitter, my id: prpldy

  • susan smoaks

    i store my pins in a coffee mug

  • follow Shoplet on twitter and tweeted: http://twitter.com/prpldy/status/29423297405

  • Some are stored in my desk drawer in an empty check box, and the ones on top are in a vase that I picked up at a yard sale. I love the little recycle bin!

  • Ann A

    I follow Pentel on Twitter already

  • Ann A
  • Ann A

    I follow Staples on twitter

  • Ann A

    i STORE my pens and pencils in an old Chocolate milk powder mix can. This little recycle can pen holder is really cute!

  • Tina Renee

    following @shoplet on twitter & tweeted:

  • Amy Fulcher

    That’s the cutest thing I’ve even seen! I keep my pens rolling around in a desk drawer. :)
    lilac_the_bunny at yahoo dot com

  • Tina Renee

    Following @PentelofAmerica on twitter: @warp65

  • Tina Renee

    I have a black metal cup that I store my pens in

  • Diane B

    I have my pens in a hard plastic cup on my desk, they seem to disappear very quickly,,hmmm following @saraminda

  • Donna V

    Following Pentel on Twitter of course

  • Donna V

    I store my extras in a cup except for the one I currently use. That one is neatly placed next to my computer. I use one pen at a time until it is out of ink. Can you say OCD?

  • Jenn P

    My pens are in a messy pile on my desk. Usually. Other times they have rolled onto the floor.

  • I also follow @PentelofAmerica on twitter.

    theblackat at hotmail dot com

  • I follow shoplet on twitter (@klcmaher), and I tweeted.


    theblackat at hotmail dot com

  • Currently I have an overflowing section in my desk drawer (FULL of pens) and on top of my desk I have a little replica wooden bucket that is full of pens. Unfortunately, these are pens my kids have snagged from different places, and there are very few ‘good’ pens…like Pentel pens!

    theblackat at hotmail dot com

  • Marsha Jones

    Right now our pens are scattered in a desk drawer along with paperclips, post its, etc. I follow on Twitter and tweeted:


  • I am following @shoplet on twitter

  • I am following @PentelofAmerica on twitter!

  • My pens are scattered I try to use a big cup but kids get into them and have to hunt them down and bring em back lol