12 Pentel Recycling Bins Full of Goodies to Giveaway!

Did I trick you into thinking that you were going to win a giant recycling bin full of human size pens? I hope so! This weekly giveaway is sponsored by our dear friends at Pentel. I saw this little mini-recycling bin on someone’s desk a few months ago and I fell in love. And now you can win it! We’re giving 12 lucky winners each one of these mini Pentel recycling bins full of Pentel pens like these:

And other ones too!

Here’s how to enter:

Leave a comment on this post telling us how you currently store your pens (coffee mug, no storage just mess, cup, organizer, etc)

BONUS entries

1. Get 5 Extra entries for posting about this giveaway on your blog or website! Make sure to give us the link in the comments
2. Follow @shoplet on twitter and tweet about this giveaway! Just include #pentelrecycology
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So many ways to enter, so many prizes to win! Don’t forget, we’ll pick a total of 12 winners on Monday, November 8th. Good luck!

UPDATE: Winners!

Cynthia S
Shelby Lewis
Christina Z
Amanda Hall
Marcella Cook

275 thoughts on “12 Pentel Recycling Bins Full of Goodies to Giveaway!”

  1. Shannon says:

    Been tweeting and didn’t know if I needed/should be posting each tweet here…?? Been trying to tweet & let others know about this great giveaway! @luv_mydachshund

  2. Alisa says:

    I have pens scattered everywhere! But never where I can find them when I need them.

  3. shel says:

    You’re on my blogroll

  4. shel says:

    Following @shoplet on Twitter and I tweeted:

  5. shel says:

    Pentel Twitter follower @auntiethesis

  6. shel says:

    Flickr friend (magoo2u2)

  7. shel says:

    I store my pens in my desk drawer..all askew.

  8. Andrea L says:

    First I put them in a pencil box but my pens multiplied and the pencil box was too small. Then I rubber banded all of them and left them on my drafting table. They would roll off onto the floor. So, now that they are on the floor, I can see which ones I want to use. It is a bit messy. But it’s an interesting selective process.

  9. Elsa says:

    My top right desk drawer is a MESSS! its full of pens and pencils soooo unoganized :(.

  10. Tammy says:

    I hold all me pens in my Hog’s Breath Cocktails cup from Key West, FL
    Everytime I reach for a pen, I think of margaritas and wish I was in Key West.

  11. clare says:

    I keep my pencils/pens/scissors in a big watering can on my desk ( I teach third grade!!).

  12. Aquaria says:

    I use a coffee cup that was part of the swag I got at a book convention. I’ve no idea who the writer is. Never read anything by her. Hadn’t even looked at what the cup actually said in years, so I was surprised that it wasn’t from the swag I got working at the job I retired from!

  13. Kirsten says:

    Follow @PentelofAmerica on twitter!

  14. Kirsten says:

    You are now a Flickr friend. :)

  15. Michelle says:

    I store my pens in a cup.

  16. Marissa says:

    I store them all of my desk…where ever there is empty space.

  17. Angel Hsiung says:

    lay them out neatly on the counter

  18. Kirsten says:

    I have one of those coffee cups with pictures of your family on it. Probably from snapfish or Shutterfly. That holds my pens. My permanent markers go into a clay flower pot that my daughter painted and decorated for me years ago.

  19. Jan says:

    Let’s see, I have pens/pencils in 3 coffee mugs, a vase, an actual mesh pencil holder(what was I thinking), a leather-like tray, desk drawers, zip bag in my purse, and lying loose everywhere. I.need.to.have…pencils, pens, my pentel erasers, scissors and gluesticks handy no matter where I am, as I’m much too lazy to cross the room in search of these much-used items. I have clocks everywhere, too. Do you see a pattern developing here?

  20. Marguerite D says:

    Pens? What pens?

  21. Donna Colucci says:

    I store my pens in a fancy pen holder I was given last Christmas. Unfortunately, the ornate design allows the pens to fall through the holder and drop to the floor. Very frustrating! I need this adorable recycling bin!!

  22. Keith Anderson says:

    I have some on the desk… some in an old Emerald Nut container, some in My disk drawer… some in an old mug on a table in my office… Am I a disorganized packrat or what???

  23. Joan M says:

    I use an old ceramic tumbler.

  24. Amy says:

    Because I am the secretary at a church, people constantly need pens. Even thought I keep some on my desk, no one ever uses those, they get into my drawer and I lose my pens. Usually, through, they are just scattered about on my desk.

  25. Sheryl Edwards says:

    follow @PentelofAmerica as @textiff

  26. Melissa says:


    Forgot to leave a link to my blog…..

    I currently use a swivel storage container but its packed!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Ghee says:

    I love pens, and collect them every where I go. Especially the free ones from offices. I store them in two large coffee mugs, which are often knocked over by my grandchildren. It would be nice to have a recycle bin.

  28. Melissa says:

    Always on the look out for storage for supplies….never enough. Linked this post on my blog

  29. GG says:

    I store them everywhere!! on my desk in my purse in!! I love pens.

  30. Barbara says:

    I have a flower pot with dried beans in it on my desk to store my pens. Students keep walking away with the pens so this would be very useful.

  31. Terrie Iverson says:

    I have my pens stored in cups, jars and drawers. I have my favorite “no glob” pens in my pocket so they are on hand for sketching!

  32. Connie says:

    At work my pens start out in an organizer but by the end of the day they are all over the place. I have to hide my favorites in my desk drawer or they disappear!

  33. Susan K. says:

    I have an organizer on my desk and in my desk drawer. I’m a little bit
    of a pen fanatic. One for every event of the year.

  34. LeavyBc says:

    I currently use a S&W 12 oz. French Roast coffee can. I also have an old/vintage pen collection which I store in an old wooden cigar box.

  35. Cathy says:

    In 2 pen/pencil holders on my desk. The holder at home is from my old company (yuck) and I have to look at it everytime I need a pen!

  36. Julie says:

    Current storage: cleaned out tin cans!! All lined up in a row.

  37. susie says:

    mine are kept in a pen bag in my purse and I have a pen holder on my desk.

  38. CHARLOTTE says:

    My pens are in my center drw rolling around. Can never find them-need help!

  39. Deb Bell says:

    I have a pen fettish and have since I was a kid. I have tons of pens but I have a select few that I keep hidden in my office so no one else uses them. I can’t tell you where I hide them just in case someone from my office wants to find them! LOL!!!

  40. SooGarvz says:

    First off, I love pens – all kinds, shapes and sizes. Second, this recycling bin thing is super-cute, plus we recycle pens at work through Terracycle – check out their site for starting a recycling program through work. They donate 2 cents for each pen collected to a charity of your choice. Number three, at work I use a pen cup, because they gave me one, but at home – they’re just lying all over the place.

  41. CHERYL E. says:

    I have a couple of holders on my desk. For pens and pencils I have a big mesh cup. Then I have a mug for sharpies and another one for highlighters. I have another mesh holder on a table for others to use and a cute wooden scottie terrier on my counter. People are always walking off with my pens and that’s why I have so many holders in my office. The pen that I use most often lays on my desk or is my hand when I’m away from my desk because I don’t want anybody walking off with it!

  42. Angella says:

    We store our pens in the covers of CD spindles.

  43. Joy Godsey says:

    I have to scrounge around to find any pens in the office and, of course, no one leaves a pentel pen around. They write so much better.

  44. Sharon F. says:

    My daughter & I have things in several spots at home… in several misc. containers. I have several fun coffee mugs at work that hold everything. They are all over-flowing too. One of my mugs says “I only work here for the free pens and rubber bands”. A recycling bin would be a fabulous addition. Something new & eye-catching!! :O)

  45. Jason Brown says:

    No storage just a mess of pens every where.

  46. mel says:

    I store my pens in 2 coffee mugs, since they won’t fit in just 1 any longer.

  47. KATHIE says:

    I am a pen frea! If you saw my desk you would know what I mean. I have 4 large containers on my desk, plus more in the drawer. BUT…don’t think that means I don’t need this prize. I DO!!!!

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