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12 Recycled OfficeMate Stapler Kits to Win!

This weekly/weekend giveaway is sponsored by OfficeMate! At the beginning of July, in the middle of summer, we’re already thinking about Back to School. Really? Thinking about school and it’s the middle of summer? It’s true. We don’t want to ruin your summer but we want to giveaway a lot of goodies that make you excited about the best part of going back to school. Buying new school supplies! I always loved getting a new backpack and filling it with new binders, pens, notebooks, folders and even some sharpies.

To kick off our back to school giveaways, we’re giving away 12 OfficeMate Recycled Stapler Kits!

Inside the kit you’ll get:

-(1) Recycled Half-Strip Stapler – made with 30% post consumer recycled plastic material. 20 Sheet Capacity and uses standard staples (here’s why post consumer is better)
-(1) Staple Remover
-(1) 1,000 Standard Staples Box

Here’s how to win:

Leave a comment on this blog post and tell us your favorite school supplies that you always got growing up (or your kid’s favorite school supplies)

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We’ll be picking and contacting 12 WINNERS on Monday, July 12th! Remember you can always win again even if you have won before!

84 Responses to 12 Recycled OfficeMate Stapler Kits to Win!

  1. Ann A says:

    I love back to school shopping, something about it give me a rush! I love the new stuff and I’m an adult. LOL I love the new notebooks the most (all the colorful ones)! hehehe…

  2. Elaine Kontra says:

    My favorite school supplies would have to b those for Art, esp the india ink, I loved that part.

  3. Diane says:

    My all time favorite are those FAT round crayola crayons..I used to look forward to getting those every year:D

  4. Caitlin Perkinson says:

    My favorite school supplies were highlighters & crayons. I have 4 kids ages 8, 7, 5 & 3 and I LOVE shopping for school supplies for them!

  5. Susan says:

    I always loved the notebooks that were covered in denim so you can write on them. I always filled mine up with my favorite bands, goofy sayings and my latest “true love”.

  6. Jenna O. says:

    Crayons! And not the wimpy little box, the BIG box with 8 million colors (give or take)!

  7. Tremaya says:

    I always loved getting brand new pastel colors. They were hard to find and kinda pricey, which made them all the more special.:)

  8. Jeremy C says:

    My favorite school supplies have to be crayons and a crayon box. There’s nothing like the smell of a fresh pack of crayons.

  9. Jerry Fair says:

    I always used to love to get a new notebook, filled with paper… I always enjoyed, (and still do) sketching!

  10. Angie Bailey says:

    Growing up, my favorite school supplies to get were the folders. They always had to have a cool picture on them.