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12 Verbatim Clip-Its to WIN!

A few months ago we did a Verbatim USB drive giveaway and this week, we have another one! What’s cooler about this one? The design. Designer Armen Emami wanted to send his girlfriend a video on a USB drive but didn’t want to send it loose in an envelope. Wouldn’t it be cool if he could clip it to the birthday card he was sending? He invented the USB Clip and now we have the Verbatim USB Clip-It!

I guess you could clip it to your tie or your shirt pocket but I love the way they look clipped onto a business card or letter. You can give your client so much information without handing them a CD-R or giant folder full of info. I love these! Do you? We are giving away 12 Green Verbatim Clip-Its this week!

Here’s how to win:

Comment on this post and tell us your favorite techie item (usb drives, cellphone, etc. I particularly like the apple time capsule we have at our house)

Bonus Entries:

-Follow @shoplet on twitter and tweet about #verbatim (3 whole entries)
-Post our badge to your blog or website! (5 extra entries! WOW!)
-Write a post on your blog about a Shoplet product you’d like to buy. Choose your product from office furniture or office supplies, and you must include a link to the main category. (5 extra entries, yes 5!)
-Subscribe to our blog through by RSS or Email. (1 entry)
-Subscribe to our blog through GFC. (1 entry)
-Add our blog to your blogroll. (3 extra entries)
-Add our Twitter account to one of your lists. (1 extra entry)

We’ll announce and contact 12 winners on Tuesday, March 1st!


Congrats to our winners!
Marsha W
Sara P
Lisa T
Margaret G
Erica B

117 thoughts on “12 Verbatim Clip-Its to WIN!”

  1. Patti says:

    Love this idea. I could use these clip its a lot.

  2. R. Chip Turner says:

    Neat idea and attention-getting.

  3. Pamela says:

    I love usb blue tooths

  4. Liz says:

    Cool colors! good idea a clip!

  5. Yik-Ting Lee says:

    USB DVD player

  6. Yik-Ting Lee says:

    I’m a e-mail subscriber.

  7. Audrey Haverstock says:

    My favorite is the flash drive. If I don’t quite have my work completed for the day, I save everything to the flash drive, take it home and finish my work with the shelties beside me. (One time the large one curled up against the computer ((sitting on the floor)) blocking the airflow. She destroyed a very expensive, high tech hard drive and docs that hadn’t been backed up recently. Obviously, my second favorite device would be the external hard drive!

  8. Cindy says:

    My Evo

  9. Barb says:

    what an awesome idea the usb clips are, always at hand.

  10. Annmarie W says:

    My favorite is my RCA Small Wonder…which takes great video of my daughter swimming at swim meets!

  11. Annmarie W says:

    I follow you on twitter & tweeted!!/amweeks/status/42600386699345920

  12. Annmarie W says:

    I follow you on twitter & tweeted!!/amweeks/status/42600386699345920 -#2

  13. Annmarie W says:

    I follow you on twitter & tweeted!!/amweeks/status/42600386699345920 -#3

  14. Annmarie W says:

    I subscribe via email!

  15. Annmarie W says:

    I follow on GFC! (amweeks)

  16. Vincent Ortega says:

    My favorite it the Palm Treo phone case with the built in pocket for business cards

  17. Patti says:

    These clip-its are an awesome idea. I can’t wait to try them out.

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