Shoplet Promos: Win Solar Powered Speakers!



Sick of battery powered speakers? Don’t miss your second chance to win solar powered speakers from Shoplet Promos! Music on your Tablet, iPhone, or iPod never sounded better!
To enter:

-♥LIKE♥ Shoplet Promos’s Facebook page

-♥COMMENT♥ on Shoplet’s blog and Shoplet Promos’s Facebook page, letting us know why you want these speakers so badly!


Contest closes on Friday, November 1st and the winner will be announced Monday, November 3rd.


Good luck everyone :)


    I intend to use it with my ipad when I do speech with my daughter. She has some hearing lost and a better sound will help.

  • Joanne Reed

    These are great speakers! I could use them at school or at home; or maybe both! (I’m also a teacher…) I would love to use it to play Khan Academy videos to my students off my iPad so that everyone could hear instead of just a few selected students.

  • Kris

    These speakers rock & would be great for school(I’m a teacher).