5 Bags of Duck Tape to Win!

Our weekly giveaway for this week is sponsored by Duck Tape! We are giving away 5 bags filled with 15 rolls of duck tape! I’ve been using my hot pink duck tape to box up baby clothes and put them in our storage unit and I can’t tell you how happy it makes me every time I use it. Duck tape looks great and works great too!

Want to win a bag of duck tape?

Leave a comment on this post telling us why you love duck tape!

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We’ll pick 5 winners using random.org and announce them on Monday, March 19th! Good luck!

P.S. We sell Duck Tape on our site! You can buy the hot pink duck tape, zebra duck tape, and all the other colors!

  • Katie

    Why do I love duct tape? There are so many things you can do with it! Imake so many things, roses to dresses! It relieves stress of school and other issues. It is a great feeling when you finish something youve been working on forever and when you teach someone how to do something and they are amazed!! I make duct tape bags and put other creations inside for people and they dont believe i made it ar that i made it out of duct tape!!!Duct tape is so strong that the wallets and clothes last forever!!! It is so fun,easy, and relaxing to make this creation and everyone be in awe of if! The variety of colors and patters make each creation unique. You can be you with duct tape and thats why i LOVE it!

  • Leah

    I LOVE duck tape! everyone at school uses it to decorate anything and everything! it comes in every color, pattern and i think is the best thing ever invented! i have it all over my backpack and books! its all over my room! I REALLY WANT THIS DUCK TAPE GIVEAWAY!!!!! im running out! i decorate evrything with it and if i win this i will definetly love the duck tape store even more! i’ll tell all my friends, put it on facebook, and let everyone i know to buy duck tape!!! its super strong and fashionable!!!!!! i LOVE duck tape and really want to let everyone know how awesome it is! if i won this i could go around school showing how awesome it is and model it to show how cheap and cute duck tape is!! i especially love the mustache one! everyone in my school has a mustache drawn on their arm everyday!!!!

  • Amy

    I love to use duct tape because I can be creative with it in any way I want.

  • Mackenzie

    I LOOOOOOVE duct tape sooooo much that i would die if I didn’t win this give away. I loooove to make wallets, purses, flip flops, hair bows, hair flowers, flower pens, and much much MUCH more! If i won this give away I would be the happiest duct tape fan in the world. ;)

  • Ashley

    I love to make wallets, bookmarks, bracelets, purses, braided bracelets, and anything you can think of! i would be sooooooooo happy if i won the duct tape. :)

  • Lauren

    Dang it! I don’t have a twitter. That’s not fair.

  • Lauren

    I think I deserve the bags of duck tape because I love them. And me and my friends love decorating our backpacks and making pencil accessories with them. If I won the duck tape I would be so happy!

  • Rachael Campbell

    I really love duct tape because how you can make and decorate anything with duct tape. Also how you can buy them for a great price for so much , with so much you can do with it. Then how it comes in so many different prints I love it .

  • Trinity

    I just love duct tape because me and my friend made a great and successful business out of it and donated some of the money to pet care for needy dogs and cats> and i’m just saying i hope i win because i need more duct tape to keep my business going. please pick me, i aslo need it to fix things around my house also like no lie>

  • Amanda Rush

    The reason i love duct tape, is because … its there anytime you need it. i have 30 roles and i make things for family, friends… others. I tried to make a donation to breast cancer by making ribbons and selling them but then i ran out, and we didn’t have money to get more. but i just love duct tape. :)

  • Charlee Matthews

    The reason why I love duct tape is it is a way of expressing your individuallity and it helps me express myself I find it a way to make me and my friends smile it also is just a way to have a blast with making crafts

  • Anna Cormack


  • Josephine Tanner

    I LOVE duck tape because you can make ANYTHING out of it its so awesome!!!!! I really want this bag of duck tape because i want to make so many things out of it!!! i could even make most of my room duck tape!!!! it would be SOOOOO cool!!!!

  • mikayla

    i love duct tape soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me and my freinds make stuff with it and in so much detail if i win we’ll be so happy we can make new stuff out of duct tape

  • I love duct tape because: 1. i can make creative things out of it :) 2. I love all the fun colors :) and 3. Its fun to make stuff :) i always ask my parents for more lol. My fave tape color is tranquil teal , and my fave print is the cupcake tape. i love duct tape for over a million reasons :D :)

  • i use duck tape to make things like wallets, bags ect…. duck take is like a very strong water proof fabric that i just love. they have so verry many colors and i am mesmerised by how many stores have an entire section of duck tape with thousands of beautiful colors. i also use the colored duck tape to fix many things as you know duck tape ….. FIXES …..EVERYTHING.

  • that duct tape is the best thing ever invented and it is helping me earn money for the humane society of pinellas so if i get this i can help some lovable animals i have made loads of things with duct tape and i just love it so much i do not know what i would do this summer with out it it is like my life and for everyone who is reading this check out my facebook page type ALL DUCT OUT it is such a fun thing to do i highly recommend it to all of my friends!!!! by the way im 11 years old

  • Amy

    Hey I love duct tape brand duct tape! I cant live without it! I make flower pins/rings/etc. I also make coin purses and other things out of it!

  • chris

    duct tape is the all time greatest invention in the history of man even better then fire i could live without fire but i could not ever imagine life without duct tape it is the one object i would take with me to a deserted island cus you can do and make any and everything out of it and that is why i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove duct tap and the multitude of colors and paterns on top of it is just bonus:-)

  • Megan DeArmon

    Hello. I Love Duck Tape so much! its my favirot thing ever! i love it so much, but my family cant afford to buy it so i have to raise my own money to get it! i started my own bussinus to help get money for my family and fo more duck tape… i reall love it! i like making al kinds of thingns like wallets shoes fllowers binders phone cases hats glasses skirts pants shirts boots bows and a belltt

  • Sophie

    I love duct tape because it represents my personality, is useful, I love bright colors and all of the patterns, and have used it to create so many projects. It is the best decoration and tape. I am also a high jumper and like to mark out my steps with a different pattern of duct tape at every meet!

  • KK

    I LOVE DUCKTAPE because its amazing and fixes everything!!!!!

  • Erica

    i looooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee duck tape i cant live without it and i love duck tape because its sticky and pretty and i lave duck tape because i made a bracelet with my green duck tape. i want duck tape!

  • Jenny

    I LOVEEEEEE DUCK TAPE SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the designs they are soo colorful their great for EVERYTHING and I use it all the time

  • Samantha

    I love duct tape because you can make so many things out of it like roses purses and so i can be myself and when people see the things i have made out of duct tape they sometimes wonder how i do it and they want one!

  • I love duct tape the kids in the odyssey of mind team I help coach get so creative they make the props for their skits. They made a checker board duct tape coat it was so cool.

  • julia

    i love duct tape!!!! i started a buisness with it and my little brother is thinking it is awesome how much stuff you can make out of it.i cant wait till they make new colors and designs duct tape rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amariah

    i love duck tape because u can make the best crafts ever with it. its so great i have a business with it. we sell flower pens wallets bags cases everything!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats why i like duck i luv love luv duck tape

  • Mason Campbell

    I love Duck Tape, because I have used just about every design and make wallets to sell to my friends!! They always love to see my different designs and what I can do with them!

  • Poorna

    My kids love to make decorative hair clips using duck tape for their friends to surprise them. They also make unique and creative items using them, I never even thought we could make such items using duct tape. Great job Duck tape people!! for inspiring little minds.

  • Stormi

    I love the way Duck Tape smells! I the way it feels in my hands when I am making roses or purses. And I love the look of shock on people’s faces when they realize that something is made from duck tape!

  • I LOVE Duck tape! I tried to talk my daughter into letting me make her formal out of Duck tape – have you seen some of those? 0-0

    I used to threaten my kids that if they did not behave I would duck tape them to the wall and put on Barney. I never had to do it. ;-)

    And I am thrilled to pieces that they are coming out with all these cool colors and fabulous designs! I neeeeed them.

  • Kimberlyn wallace

    I love duct tape because there is a huge variety of colors and patterns. Also, because duct tape never ceases to amaze me at what I can create! Plus, I’m a crafty chic and I love being able to make things that are cute and can be used everyday! Lastly, I think duct tape has given me an endless amount of possibilities as to making incredible, smile-bringing things to my friends and families faces :)

  • megyn

    i really love duck tape because you can be as creative as u want and make crazy designs!! <3

  • Sophia

    I love duck tape because their are so many designs to chose from and you never know what u can make out of it so u make random things and it turns out so cool and then you just keep making things not knowing what you will make next!

  • I love it because my daughter uses it to create such beautiful things!

  • Amelia Correll

    Me and my friends make duck tape pens,pencils, and anythin u could imagine!!!!
    So thank u duck tape factory’s and workers!!!
    We appreciate u guys!!

  • Sydney N. Bowers

    I love Duct tape because it is just my way of expressing myself, so that I can be myself! Most people pick on me because im weird or annoying or immature, but when they see me with all my duct tape things they know im just creative!(:

  • I love Duck Tape because it has given me a new outlet for my art that my kids cant destroy ;) it’s durable, pretty and versatile! I can use it for everything from wallets and purses, to awesome cases for my Kindle, phone and can ‘cozies’ I have 40 rolls and use them to make custom items for myself and friends and family. :)

  • GG

    To me, duct tape is an endless world of creativity. You can really make just about anything if you put your mind to it and use your imagination. All my friends use duct tape and we love showing each other our new creations and for parties we give each other duct tape and cover the bag with duct tape. Duct tape is endless with the possibilities and you can make anything you want with it

  • Kori Hooyman

    I love Duct Tape because it’s used for so many things. You can make anything and fix anything with it. It’s definitely the one thing that I’d want if I was ever stranded on an island (Mythbusters Duct Tape Island anyone?).

  • Mary

    My daughter absolutely LOVES Duck Tape!! Her and her friend even made Spring Dance dresses out of it and plan on wearing it to the dance!!! We can’t wait to see all the different types/colors/designs of Duck Tape on the website. She thinks Duck Tape is the best thing in the world!! I would LOVE to surprise her with a bag full of Dick Tape!!!

  • Bria

    I love Duck Tape it keeps me entertained. Its my hobby out of all the crafts i do this one is by FAR my favorite. I love all the different patterns and colors. Its a great way to spend free time.
    I can’t wait to see what The Duck Brand has in store for us in the future. Duck Tape lets you do things that no other tape could let you do. I Love Duck Tape and i hope i could win. :)

  • Justin Saxon

    I love duck tape because when my muffler fell off i used it to put it back together and it is still getting rerfreshed every day on my truck, 4-wheeler, dirt bike, and even my tractor. And it is great to fix anything and everything!!!!!!

  • Kimberly

    I love Duck Tape because it has opened a creative mind in me! I just found out about all the things you can make with Duck Tape about two weeks ago! Since, I’ve bought over 30 rolls of Duck Tape! I want more! I can’t get enough!

    I can’t wait to see all the designs you come out with! Super Mario Duck Tape was genius! :)

    Please consider me for the win! I’ll use it to make the most awesome things and make you proud! <3

  • Ariana Lopez

    Mad, sad, having a bad day, bored? Duct tape solves all those problems. Everytime I pick up duct tape my creative outlet and emotions are released into the tape and my ideas are born and sometimes they come out ugly and sometimes they come out phenomenal. Duct tape is fun and easy and a cheap form of therapy.

  • Taylor

    I love love love duct tape!!! I can use it for so many things wether it’s repairs or projects of for anything it works!!! I love every color and design of duct tape that there is. I have more than 12 rolls and every time one runs out i get a new one. with my birthday money i am getting 15 rolls of duct tape. I love duct tape so much, and I love how they are always making so many new designs!!!

  • I love duct tape because it keeps my daughter busy and creative. It keeps her off the computer, phone, and tv! She loves making things and using her curative edge to make new and exciting things :)

  • Rhiannon

    I love duct tape because i always have the best disguises, and i love duck tape because they are gonna give me 5 bags of their flashy-flashy tape :D

  • Kate S

    i like duct tape because you can really be creative and jut make whatever you want and you can make it as colorful or even as dull as you want it to be. also i love it because you can customize things however you would like it.


    I love duck tape because it fixes everything. it can fix broken things and make it look cool too. i make wallets storage compartments for my kayak i make hats, shoes, ive even made a shirt with the stuff. duck tape is the best thing ever!!!!!!!

  • ashton

    i love duct tape bcuz it lets me put my emotions where i want them (:
    in Obed words it poets me express my feelings (:

  • lindsy holder

    i love duck tape cuz it fixes ANYTHING!!!!

  • Evelyn Zigzag

    I love Duck Tape becuase you can make what ever you want and helps you share your inovations!

  • I love duck tape. I have been using it for over a year now!
    I have a duck tape page on facebook called Duck Tape Things. I have a lot of fans on that page. I sell my items so i can just buy more tape to keep the cycle going. Lately I cant find much duck tape! it drives me crazy! I make wallets, bracelets, bags, hats, purses, and MORE! Duck tape is a great product and just about anyone can use it!

  • amanda

    i love duct tape because you can do anything you want with it

  • Maddie Onesti

    I LOVE duct tape because me and all my friends use it to make the BEST locker decorations, pencil roses, hats,ties, anything we want! Its a TON of fun and can come in handy for locker repairs, horse saddle, and so many other out-of-the ordinary things we do! It also keeps me occupied at horse shows where i will decorate the trailer and make horse jewelry. Duck tape is the most AMAZING thing in the WORLD!!!!!!!.

  • Duct tape lets me express myself in SO many ways than any one can imagine. i made a mural on my wall with it, duct tape my phone cause i didn’t wanna spend money on a case and even made a duct tape bag, that I have away for money:) duct tape is always there when I have no one to turn too! It’s so amazing! <3

  • Ariana

    I love Duct Tape because I can make awesome items with it! I can also add my own touch to EVERYTHING!

  • Tiffany

    I love duck tape because it is fun and lets you express yourself.

  • alexis

    I love it because you can make awesome things out of it, and i just absalutely love it! It would be great if you could make celebrity duct tape! Like ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • Duck Tape makes me happy!!! I used it for everything, INCLUDING my graphic designed labels for my lip balms. I can’t tell you how many times my customers asked where I got my beautiful labels. Cuck Tape has helped me to make a unique and personalized product. Perfect size, perfect colors! Yay!!

  • Duct tape is possibly the greatest invention known to mankind. There are SO many uses for it! One of my friends said once that “If You were ever on a desert Island all you’d need is duct tape and you could survive!” haha it’s so true! You can make so many things out of duct tape. practical things and extravagant things. With it’s wide variety of colors and patterns you can make anything a fashion statement:) I love being known as “that duct taper girl”. I love to experiment and make new things, and things I’ve made over 100 times:) It makes babysitting so easy because i bring a couple rolls of duct tape and we make wallets and backpacks and purses and then BAM it makes the job easier. I LOVE duct tape! Thanks Duck Brand!!!

  • Brittany

    I like to use duck tape to make arts and crafts with my friends like for my birthday my friend made me a pocket book and a wallet using duck tape and I was so amazed I wanted to try to use duck tape for my self to make my semi dress or even my iPod holder there are many things I could do but I don’t have the time to go get duck tape or the money which makes me sad and I thought hey why not give this a try never a bad thing to help

  • D

    I love duct tape because it fixes everything from cars to homework assignments

  • HC

    Ohmy…i’m dreaming of duck tape. I love duck tape for
    1. it’s pretty colors and design
    2. it’s ease of use for crafting
    3. it’s has many uses (keep it away from the husband)
    4. making me dream happy, fun, sticky, creative dreams
    Love Duck Tape!

  • whitney

    i love duck tape because i use it to decorate my binders tape boxes and for a lot more things
    duck tape has alot of cool designs on it the should make one with names on it. that would be cool.

  • Sammi

    I LOVE duct tape because it is so fun to work with and I can make so many things with it. I LOVE DUCT TAPE!!!

  • Eileen Enguancho

    I love duct tape because I can make so many things out of it, sell it my friends, and be known for making wallets, and bracelets. i hope the winners will enjoy using their free duct tape.

  • Jaida Klaire McLemore

    I think duck tape is one of the greatest inventions created. my reasons why ande it can be used for a wide range from repairs to just being created. Nothing better says i love duct tape than neon pink duck tape holding a pvc pipe toghter. When you see that you know you’ve got decication..

    jaida mclemore
    (im on facebook and i make stuff out of duck tape)

  • Cassi Cotter

    I love Duck Tape becuase it not only help to fix things, It is creative and colorful and there are sooo many possibiliies on diffrent ways to use it rather you’re fixing a broken window to making a dress. Duck Tape is always there!

  • Kaylie Siegner

    I love duck brand duck tape. It lets me show my personality and help me earn money to go to Europe. Its helping me change my life and step out of my shell(:

  • Mary Schneider

    We LOVE duct tape – we came up with our own flower designs and have created a small family business. THere are sooooooo many uses and we love to see all the new designs ! Bring it on DUCT TAPE …….keep the new designs coming !!!!

  • Fareeda

    I love duck tape because You can mix, match, make, create, hide, decorate, store, and do it all again the next day!

  • Shawn P.

    I love it for everything and the kids use it to make rockets! :)

  • Emily

    I love duck tape because you can make so many things out of little sticky sheets of tape and they come out sooo amazing!! It is also amazing because they have so many colors/ designs to choose from! At our house we only have about three roles of duck tape (since we really cannot afford it) and we all love it to make arts and crafts and christmas/ birthday gifts!

    Please have us in mind for the duck tape bag

    -Emily :)

  • Victoria

    I love duck tape because you can use it for a lot of things. For example, I use ducktape for my laptop case, my binder, my projects, etc.. Its very colorful and has nice designs! Clearly, i love duck tape for a reason!!!

  • I LOVE DUCT TAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YA GO DDUUCCTT TTAAPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE SUBCRIBED TO DUCK ON YOUTUBE AND I HAVE AN ACCOUNT ON THEIR WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THE CREATIVITY ALL OF THE WORKERS HAVE FROM THE NAMES OF THE DUCT TAPES TO THE COLORS AND DESIGN ON THE ROLLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DDDDDDDDDDUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCTTTTTTTTTT TTTTTTTTTTAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEE FFFFFFFFFFOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ashley

    I LOVE duck brand duck tape because i can tape everything!! My notebooks, my binders…my sister(: Also i just love all the designs and if i got 15 rolls of Duck Tape i would totally make purses for my friends bdays..random but true!!! PLEASE!!! Thanks(: Please again. xD

  • Kyra Lenore Ringler

    I love Duck Tape!!!!!!!!! They are so creative with the prints, names, and colors they make!!! I am subscribed to them on YouTube and have an account on their website!!!!!! DUCT TAPE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love duck tape because I can make things for my community to give back to them. They have done so much for me and they have always been there for me and its just a small way to give back to them. I make wallets, roses, bracelets, necklaces, bows, and lots more for them (:
    Also it is a great fixer upper

  • I love duct tape cause it holds my house together! If something breaks duct tape does the job…I used to keep a tube of krazy glue in the house, now we rely on duct tape alone! Thank you for making such an AWESOME product!

  • Victoria Reed

    I love using duct tape to hold up my soccer socks or make a cute little wallet!

  • María Munoz

    Duck Brand Tape, has sooooo many ways to use and create!

  • Lisa

    The reason why I love duck brand duct tape is because it has so many different colors and prints! So now I can presonalize almost everything! My bookbag,folders,pencil box, ect. I also love it because it made me a business. A business that I sell duct tape items, The Sticky Ducky. Everyone loves my products I make. When I make duct tape thing I’m the happiest ever. At my school I got the nickname The Duct Tape Princess. I have probly spent over $1,000.00 on Duck Brand duct tape. There’s no other tape I like than Duck Brand duct tape.

  • Kaley

    i love duck tape because i never have to buy a wallet, i just make one^^.

  • April M.

    Everyone in my house uses duct tape for all kind of reasons, it is the best stuff to have on hand in a car in an emergency kit, or tornado/hurricane kit – the possibilities are endless – and I just can’t get over the beautiful super cool colors – I will have to fight my 16 year old to keep some of them for myself. I am sure my husband will confiscate the more manly colors as well.

    Please keep us in mine for the give away, we appreciate the consideration.

    Thank you for your time.

    April M.
    Mother of 16 yr old daughter in NC

  • Jodi

    I love duct tape because it has allowed me to make a name for myself in my small town

  • Kelsey

    I luvv duck tape because if I have a ripe in my backpack or notebook I can patch it up and it’s fashionable! And also I cn make manny different things out of it and I can be unique and creative!! That’s why I luv duck tape

  • robert

    i love duck tape because my son loves duck tape and is always asking for it even just for this past Christmas that is about all he wanted was duck tape.

  • Bec

    I love love love the pretty colors, and have used it for along time for “everything”. My grandkids decorated their “Black” luggage with it when we went on vacation together… I decorated my cane..:0) Jus picked up some more at the great Menards sale…

  • sarah

    i love duct tape because there are sooo many cool,awsome things to do with it feels like ove a thousand diffrent kinds of duct tape .I LOVE DUCT TAPE!!!!!!!!!!! i would wear duct tape everything if i could!

  • love duck tape

  • I love Duct Tape because I can let my creativity loose! It let’s me express me and be who I want to be. Duct Tape can turn in to a beautiful creation.

  • Awesome

  • Dylan Beebe

    I love duct tape I sell Duct tape wallets, bags, pictrues frames. (etc.) I love it so much and there are many ways to use and fun with it

    (DB Duct Tape works)

  • Madelyn

    I LOVE duck tape!! You can do almost ANYTHING with it. i started to like it when we went to a beetles game and 3m was handing out duck tape and if you took a rool you could enter a contest n the 7th inning you would makee stuff of the theme “harry Potter” it was so fun so i went to walmart to by a rool and FELL IN LOVE with DUCK TAPE!!! :P

  • Deb

    I think it would be really cool to have printed and color duck tape that no one else has. It’s a great advertisement for the brand. I know everyone will ask where I got it and of course I’ll tell them “From Shoplet courtesy of DuckTape brand.”

  • Amy

    I Love Duck Tape because you can make so many Things of it. It makes Fun to make New stuff Out of it :)

  • i make all kinda of things including bags, wallets,hats, shoes, ties, and much more. i love duct tape but my supply is running low and because of financial issues including the fact that i have to pay for a car and, im 16… i dont have enough money to buy any duct tape… please pick me :)

  • Soo cool, so unique, soo coolorful, and ya

  • I’d lover to win 15 rolls of dick tape! That would be so awesome! I’m a extremely huge fan of duck tape!

  • Duck tape rules. 100s of uses!

  • I love duck tape so much. You can fix like anything with it!

  • Kayra Carrillo

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE DUCT TAPE because it is an amazing craft! It has so many uses… and it helps to get rid of anger by just ripping it… it makes me feel like i can do anything.

  • Riley S

    Where is the announcement? Post a link please! (:

  • Claudia. O

    I love duct tape!!! It is the best thing ever. It is so unique and has many uses.I love the reaction of people when they find out that the pen or wallet or pencil case I made was made out of duct tape. I looooooovvvvvvveeeee duct tape. There are no words in the world to describe how much I love duct tape. So pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty PLEASE pick me :) I would be sooooooooo happy :)

  • Alexa Williams

    I love duck tape because I can bring my creativity to life! The possibilities are endless on what to create, or the most awesomest way to fix something and still make it look gorgeous! I buy at least 3 rolls of duck tape every chance I get money because I want people to look at my stuff and say “Wow! Did you really make that? It’s so awesome!”

  • Subscirbed On yOUTUBE!!HOPE I WIN!! <3

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  • Kaitlin

    going to check out your duck tape on this wed site!! :D

  • Kaitlin

    i did everything on the list!!

  • Kaitlin

    duck tape is the bestt

  • Kaitlin

    i love duck tape!!

  • Reagan

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  • Kaitlin

    I LOVE DUCK TAPE!!!!!!!!! Me and my sister use duck tape to make everything!! My mom just got a new wind shield and the guy that put it on put ugly Black non Duck Brand tape on it and said we can take it off tomorrow and i asked my mom if i can put Duck Tape on it and she said yes! So i put Cup cake duck tape on it!!!!! I have a duck tape account on youtube, Duck Tape.com and soon to be Facebook!! I make really awesome Duck tape flowers!! I LOVEEEEEEEEE Duck Tape SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much that I got my friend into Duck tape too! Duck tape is the ONLY craft I do. I love it soo much!! Love ya DuckTape!!

  • jennifer rusk-medland

    I love Duck Tape because it is so versatile! It can be used in so may ways and it comes in awesome colours too! :)

  • Becky Garrett

    I love Duck Tape. It is my “fix everything” friend. It stays on my shopping list continuously.

  • janice

    Theres a million things you can do with it!!

  • Jon

    I love duck tape because i enjoy making great things no one ever though of making it with. Things from wallets, hand bags, roses, rose pens, duck tape art, and other great things. I gotten into duck tape by a friend in school who showed me how to make wallets out of duct tape. Ever since then I have bought so many rolls. I really hope to have a small business from it. I have had many friends want something made out of duck tape. I even had a waiting list for something.

  • Kami Stevenson

    My reason: A friend of mine had a daughter shot at point blank range on Dec. 22, 2011. She is a walking talking miracle today with the bullet still lodged in her brain. We have always called her duck tape cause she has always been able to hold everyone together! She is definetly duck tape!!! On top of all that….she loves the stuff, the colors….she goes wild with it!!

    Pray for her journey please!

    Thank you!

  • Betty

    There are ENDLESS uses for Duck Tape – repairs, crafts, and even today, the little plastic end came off of my shoelace, so I “fashioned” a new one out of Duck Tape. LOVE DUCK TAPE !!!

  • Reid Wiegleb

    I love duck tape because I was in a car wreck that just pulled my front fender down and so instead of spending $300 at the body shop I spent $50 at walmart to buy patterned tape, i now have a zebra and cheetah colored bumper that makes all the ladys come runnin.

  • Duct tape is amazing!! people are always amazed at all that can be created!!! it is my fav stuff to use to make pretty things… :) i LOVE THE ZEBRA :) and the argyle print that just came out ;)

  • Angie Martin

    I love duct tape because my son enjoys making wallets with them. He makes them and sells them to students inhis class.

  • Kathy K

    I love it for so many reasons! My daughter paid for a trip to Europe with her duck tape neckties and wallets. I repair everything with it, and our latest use is brightly colored stripes on our mission team luggage so we can get everything together in Haiti when we arrive over spring break!

  • pieday

    I love duck tape because it’s super sticky.

  • Metal Head 49770

    I love Duct Tape because no matter what I am doing- whether it be scrapbooking, packaging a gift, working in shipping and receiving or working in the shop- there is always a product to help me do exactly what I need done! There news tapes have the flare I love with the durability that I need! Awesome product! :)

  • Lenerika W

    I Love Duck Brand Duct Tape so much because Its so much fun to create the things you can create with them. And more. I mean I find something at the store that I want but then realize well I could make that with my duct tape at home in all kind of funky colors and styles. So Winning or loosing this wouldn’t make a different I have just ordered 100 rolls of duck brand duct tape in each color, college, and printed. Had to get a lil loan out but lucky with good credit I could get it..LOL but thats how much I use duct tape…So good luck to me in winning just so I can say I won something for the first time. And if not congrats to the one who wins…IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII LLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEE DUCKKKKKKKKKKKKK BRANDDDDDDDDDDDD DUCTTTTTTTTT TAPEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

  • Christina Z

    I subscribed to your YOUTUBE channel

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  • Christina Z

    I Follow Shoplet on Twitter and Duck Tape on Twitter and I tweeted once about the giveaway


  • Christina Z

    I like shoplet on facebook and posted my favorite color Duck tape on your wall

  • Christina Z

    I love Duck Tape because so much you can do it always rescues me from a problem. Kids can be entertained with crafts for hours love it!

  • Jamie Dorum

    It keeps the kids busy for hours~~They can build all kinds of projects with it. Would be great for our Horizons class

  • Kristy

    I love duct tape purses!! <3

  • Brittney

    followed BOTH on twitter and liked on facebook!!

  • Awesome!

  • Sooo unique!
    Go team duck tape! Is epicly awesomely uniquely amazing cool!

  • It has so many uses! It rocks! Duct tape is the best duck tape crafter user it rocks! I’d love to win! I’d rock

  • So many uses

  • luv it! So many uses

  • It rocks!

  • I’d be grateful to win! It rocks! I voted on facebook 2! It rocks sooo much! It’s so cool colorful and many many others!

  • MeKenna Meadows

    I love duck tape because it makes me feel
    proud when I finsh what I make out of it :)
    And also because I LOVE the new patterns
    I love the cupcake kind!

  • Rachel F

    What’s not to love. I love duck tape because I can use it for everything. I recently lost a button and used it to button up.

  • Christine


  • Will

    I love duct tape because it gives me a way to express myself in ways that I can’t do with a pencil and paper. Duct tape is so amazing, The things you can do with it are endless. I love it.

  • Maggie Pratka

    I love the cute and bright duck tape because you can use it for so many different things! it makes a cute line for kiddos to line up on in the classroom, you can cover nearly anything with it to jazz it up! It can be used for so many things!!

  • Julie

    Duck Tape can fix or embellish almost everything! We have lots of fun with our grandkids when we bring colorful Duck Tape for projects!

  • Claudia Osorio

    I love duct tape!!!!! It is my life!!! Without duct tape I don’t know what I would do???? Duct tape is the greatest, most awesomest, BESTEST thing in the world. I have decorated vases, made wallets, headbands, bracelets, pencil cases and even a case for my Amazon Kindle Fire!! Duck Brand has the best duct tape. I visit that site everyday and I have been waiting for an offer like this!!! Pretty, pretty please pick me :) I would be so greatful.

  • kayla

    i love duck tape because you can duck tape your brothers mouth shut

  • LWC

    If you can’t fix it with Duck Tape it’s Really Broke…..

  • Voted on FB ( facebook.)

  • duck tape has so0 many uses. it awesome. id be soooo greatful to win! goooo duck tape wohoha

  • Team duck tape! I love duck tape ir rocks!!!!

  • I love duck tape it rocks its soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool. it comes in different colors and designs!

  • Kaylyn M.

    My girl scouts LOVE duck tape –

  • denise

    every tuseday and thursday we use duck tape on our roller derby skates so we wont tear them up and if we do oh well its ok because we have duck tape

  • Deanna

    Duct tape is a part of my daily routine now. A good friend and I have started making bags, wallets and phone cases for friends of ours. They’re all super detailed and we make sure to make special designs and characters for each thing we make. We bond over it and have so much fun. Duct tape brings out the creativity in me, has so many patterns and uses and is super durable. I love it.

  • I use duck tape for games and decoration all of the time in my first grade room. These designs would be especially wonderful! Thank you for the chance!

  • Vicki W

    Love Duck tape. It fixes so many things and is such a wonderful creative medium too! Endless and marvelous possibilities are part of each roll.!

  • Kelsi W

    I love duct tape because i can express! Its my stress reliever:)

  • Hayley

    I liked your facebook and added a comment ^^

  • katie last

    i love duct tape because of all the things u can make or do stuff with it. i dont know what i would do without it.

  • Will

    I love duck tape. I do a lot of projects around the house and without duck tape most wouldn’t get done or not look as nice. It is a extra pairs of hands to a temporary nail. It’s perfect for some many things it is the most used tool in my toolbox.

  • shadow

    hi i love duck tape and i would be so so so happy if i won a bag of duck tape and i make alot of things with duck tape like wallets purses rings bracelets and more fun stuff and the best part is that the money goes to a good cause so please pick me to win a bag

  • shaena

    i freaking love duck tape it is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joyce

    Love duck tape fixes everything also decorates casts

  • Lisa S

    Duck Tape, Hot Glue and Velcro! No puppeteer should be without them!

  • redpandafargo

    i love duck tape!! <3 its a really strong force, it is dark sometimes or its on the AWESOME side most of the time, i also need it to make the elderly book bags/ bacckpacks for their stuff. so they dont have to carry their stuff. just put it in the bag, then put it on, and WALLA! you have some AWESOMENESS! I REALLY NEED TO WIN
    I <3 DUCKTAPE!

  • redpandafargo

    I LOVE DUCKTAPE!!!! I use it everyday for everything! for storage, backpacks, wallets, shoes, pillows, ect. amd all the colors! its amazing! :)

  • Subscribed on youtube! Hope i win

  • +K on Klout

  • i love duck tape . I Dont know what to do with out it i have about 736 rolls of it!!! Im obsessed! :D

  • txjan

    This email subscriber would love to have all the Duck Tape rolls to play with. I’ve only used the gray before. What a great idea to make so many colors and patterns!

  • Casey Baker

    I love duct tape so much I am decorating my 1978 VW Bus! Gus the Bus is going to look great!!! I am in the process of making seat covers and doing the head liner! I can’t wait to have some pic’s up!

  • Sara!

    Followed you by email!

  • Sara!

    subscribed on YouTube!

  • Sara!

    I love duck tape because it fixes everything and it’s great for crafts

  • mommichelle

    I have a duck tape addiction! I am a high school teacher and the kids come to my room when they need to fix or adorn something because they all know I will have a supply. From fixing flip flops to covering holes in jeans, I know that this once functional tape is now a pop culture icon!

  • lisa

    I love this duck tape because I buy and donate it to ill kids for their camp projects. They love it, so I love it..It makes them happy, so it makes me happy to see them happy. It’s the most requested item that I send them. I buy all the colors, which they love! The camp they go to Hole in the Wall Gang Camp and it gives them a week of nothing to do but have fun. Good luck to all!

  • amanda

    Duck tape has so many uses!vn

  • I love Duck tape sooo Much! I comeented on facebook 2!

  • I commented on facebook 2

  • Duck tape is Awesome! I love iT. I commented on facebook 2!

  • Matt Smith

    I love wallets and people are impressed

  • Duck tape is Awesome! I love it soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. its colorful, flexiable, designable, wearable, and fashionable! I luv DUCK TAPE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!

  • I’d be so joyful to win. I have a small bussiness, and all the money i earn goes toward charitys, and kids, adults, edlery, and others. Duck tape is 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, times perfect, amazing, cool, and awesome!! I LOVE Duck tape soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much, with the colors, and designs, and patterens! they are so cool! Duck tape is awesome!

  • I love duck tape!

  • Sarahtyr

    I L-O-V-E duck tape! Although i live here in Singapore where they don’t sell duck tape i try every means possible to get my hands on them. I use them like everywhere, to fix broken chairs, decorate walls, note pads, book and even making wallets, bags, shoes, belts and dresses! There are countless possibilities of using duck tape! They add such spice into my life i love the different varieties and colors that it brings. Using duck tape really lets my imagination flow as i use them creatively!

    PS, I liked Shoplet on Facebook and posted my favorite color of duck tape your wall, subscribed to your channel on Youtube and followed Shoplet on Twitter and Duck Tape on Twitter and tweeted once about the giveaway!

    I hope i win! :)

  • Dani Flint

    I love Duck Tape because my little sister in law recycles old jars and bottles to make new things with them. She’s made Duck Tape flowers to go in Duck Tape covered jars/vases, she’s made bracelets, wallets, and is even designing her 8th Grade Graduation dress to be entirely Duck Tape!!!

  • Deb Wilson

    I can’t believe how much duck tape has changed. When I was young it was “silver” only silver. All of the different colors and patterns. They are all really great and very useful. It works on everything. Repairs to decorating. My son had a duct tape wallet. Was real cool. Best product on earth. I carry it with me in my van.

  • Jessica

    I love duct tape because it allows me to actually be creative. I’m not the best painter, drawer, or sculptor, but I can make a mean duct tape creation!

  • Jessi Z

    I love duct tape because it is fun and fabulous! It is the solution to everything. Ripped wallet? Duct tape it! Broken coat hanger? Duct tape it! A giant plane crashing into your house after you find out your boyfriend has been cheating on you with your own brother? Well…duct tape will at least fix the hole in the house! But, in all seriousness, I adore duct tape. I was even considering doing the Duct Tape Prom Dress challenge, but I can’t afford it. So, hopefully this contest will enable me to fulfill my dream

  • Julia

    I LOVE duck tape because it is like the force. It has a light side and a dark side and it holds the universe together.

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  • Jeremy

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  • Jeremy

    I really like Duck Tape products because of the versatility!

  • Elise

    it solves all my problems!!!

  • robin

    I can fix and decorate ANYTHING with duck tape!

  • posted favorite Duck tape color on your facebook page

  • i also liked your facebook page,subscribed to your youtube channel

  • I love Duck tape because it has so many different color’s,patterns and now you can get it in sheets which is really cool.You can make all kind’s of Duck tape craft’s with it like wallets,hair bow’s,flower’s,flower pen’s,cell phone holder’s,etc.It’s also good for repairing some house hold item’s or adding a little color to your notebook’s or your binder’s for school.You can do so many different and wonderful thing’s with Duck tape and this is why I love Duck tape.

  • hiram castro

    I love duck tape cause its the crazy glue of its time and there is no waiting for it to dry :)

  • Hannah

    I love duck tape!!

  • Satchel Sammons

    and i also gave you a +k on kloute

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    i subscribe to the Shoplet Blog via RSS

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    i mean i subscribed to your you tube channel

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    i followed you on twitter

  • Satchel Sammons

    I love duct tape because of all the creations or decorations that can be made out of it. And because you can fix any thing that can be fixed with it

  • Veronica

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  • Phillip

    PS: liked on FB, subscribed to blog,

  • Phillip

    So many uses, so little time…..so many different patterns, so many creative idea’s…..

  • Riley S.

    I LOVE “Duck” tape because I can be SO creative with it! I made a rose for my aunt when she was in the hospital and all the nurses said it was lovely! I also make wallets and my binder is awesomely decorated! I carry it around in my backpack just so I can add a touch of “Riley” to EVERYTHING! (: That is why I would LOVE to have a bag full of “Duck” duct tape (: (: (:

    This is my YouTube Channel and as you can see I have subscribed and I have “Liked” You on Facebook!

  • Veronica

    Duck Tape fixes anything! Love the new prints!

  • Hannah

    I <3 duck tape b/c i love the colors and how i can use them for diffrent things like for my binder and other cool things!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robin

    I love Duck Tape because my daughter loves to make fun things with it. It has inspired her creativity & who wouldn’t love that!!

  • I love duck tape because you are never too old to take a quack at having fun in life!

  • Nelly G

    Facebook comment is up!

  • Ashley c

    Did every thing

  • Brianna

    I love duct tape because i use it to make things amd to fix. Without duct tape my life would be really different.

  • Gabriela Cedillo

    I love the variety of colors and patterns the duck offers! Gotta spice up life at every corner and chance possible. I’ve even used it in soccer when i gotta tape up my cleats or socks. Sure grabs some attention :)

  • Tracy Cook

    I love Duck Tape because it keeps my kids quiet for hours!!!

  • Lea?? O.o

    I have almost 30 rolls of different duck tapes!! I wear them as bangle bracelets, make folders, decorate music stands, etc. :D

  • Nelly G

    Subscribed to the You tube channel…

  • Joe Ramos

    I use duct tape to make accessories for all my friends! I have a massive supply and am constantly running out!

  • Ashley W

    I love duct tape because it can make or fix ANYTHING

  • Nelly G

    I love taping hula hoops with the tie-die duck tape! Awesome variety of other colors too!

  • Blanca

    I love duct tape cause theres so much you can do with it, the creativity and plossibilities to where duct tape can take you are endless, from decorating a bookbags straps, to makin a dress or even a rainbow sail boat.

  • Abi

    I love duck tape! I have the skully duck tape and I made earrings, bracelets, bookmarks and I’m gonna put in on one of my binders. I love all the colored duck tape, and DUCK TAPE IS THE AWESOMEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brooke Leech

    I can make many crafts with duck tape and it can be used to make anything!!

  • Addison

    Anyway ducktape rules!

  • Addison

    Not floors colors.

  • Autumn

    Duck tape is amazing and my mom buy me it do that’s why I want to enter the contest

  • Addison

    I meant to say it comes in many floors and makes people smile sorry for the typeing errors

  • Addison

    Duck tape is amazing you can use it for almost anything and everything its pretty comes in many floors and melakes people smile!

  • Shannon

    Duct tape is the most useful and versatile product ever made. I use it as an art form making
    wallets, posters, you name it! Winning this would be great!

  • Jennett

    I’m a teacher and I use duct tape in my classroom all the time!

  • Tjthebluelantern

    I love duck tape because it makes the best last minute costumes. Like one Halloween I make a gears of war costume in less than a day. And at the last mid-Ohio con, I made a blue lantern costume in about 2 days. Best costume material ever

  • I LOVE ducktape because it is really fun to use and i enjoy using it. My friends and I LOVE to make ducktape bracelets and other things. I would LOVE to win and get the ducktape so that I will have more ducktape to enjoy. I like ALL the different types, brands, and colors of ducktape. If I win and get the ducktape, my friends and I will enjoy it. Even if i don’t win and get to have the ducktape I’m sure that whoever wins the bag with ducktape will be very happy and enjoy it so very much. Thank you for letting me and everyone else have the opportunity to win the ducktape.

    ~Britney~ :)

  • Alicia farmer

    I love zebra duck tape!

  • Julia N.

    I LOVE Duck Tape because it has so many uses!! I’ve made wallets with, covered binders in it, and have used it to fix countless things (including one of my snow boots). Cheers for Duck Tape!

  • Izzie

    I love duck tape because there are endless hings to do with it from constructing something of your own to covering something else in it to give everything you own a personal touch everything i own is duck taped out and id love even more!!!

  • Leanna

    I love how versatile Duck Tape has become! Love the college logos!

  • Jenna T.


  • Miriam foley

    My son likes to make shirts, belts, hats out of duct tape. He taught his friends

  • Wendy Kish

    I’ve always have loved Duck, it’s what held my car together , almost every car I ever owned was help together or repaired with duck tape. ;) Thanks

  • RoRoShell
  • Amy Betham-Letuli

    I have a household with 9 children, three adults, pets, and many projects. We have used duck tape to make homemade wallets for my preschool aged children to learn how to use money. We have also used duck take on many of our favorite glass containers that get a chip in the lids. I found that when doing small fix-it job like replacing the rubber cover on the top of my brooms that somehow get “lost” after chore time, I reach for the duck tape. Aside from the obvious conventional uses of duck tape such as helping reduce the size of warts for a child who prefers to have it covered with a colorful tape rather than get teased, there are many fun craft projects. We used duck tape and oatment containers to make hair accessory holders. I cannot imagine what I would do without the invention of duck tape, and expessially the beautiful colors of duck tape.

  • I like Duck Tape because it fills my life with completeness. (And I make many crafts with the bright colors.)

  • Kendra Wooton

    I love to make duck tape stuff! i had a whole prom dress planned.

  • Liked and commented on the facebook page :)

  • ann gocke

    i LOVE duct tape! i make birthday presents for my friends with it and they always look great!

  • Leigh DePaolis

    Followed Duck Tape and Shoplet on twitter & tweeted about them!

  • adam harrenstein

    I am a fan on FB.

  • adam harrenstein


  • Erica G

    My daughter and her friends love to make stuff o ut of it

  • Leigh DePaolis

    subscribed via email!

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    Liked/Commented on the facebook page!

  • Francesca P

    I love duck tape because it fixes practically everything and makes it look cute while! If it’s not fixed with duck tape you haven’t used enoug!!

  • Heather Zeh
  • Heather Zeh

    fan on facebook!

  • Heather Zeh

    subscribe via email

  • Heather Zeh

    I love the new cute duct tape. They say duct tape can fix anything and it’s even better when it’s pretty duct tape!

  • woohoo tweet tweet 3. Follow Shoplet on Twitter and Duck Tape on Twitter and tweet once about the giveaway.

  • Jessica

    I love duck tape because of all the crazy awesome things you can make with it !!!!!!!!!

  • Lauren

    Duck tape is very useful to me whether around the house or with making art. I think what I really love about it is all the roses I have made. I give my boyfriend one for every month we are together and it reminds me of how happy we are together. Duck tape is really more than just a piece of tape. My roses are wrapped with wonderful memories!<3

  • Rebecca H.

    I love duck tape because it can fix just about anythingand used for about anything. And the new prints make it so much better.

  • Dana

    My daughter is the one who loves duct tape. She puts it on everything. She is getting University of Washington duct tape for her birthday in April so I would love to win a bag of duct tape to give to her as a surprise. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • wooohoo im subscribed 5. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel

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  • 2. Like Shoplet on Facebook and post your favorite color of duck tape on our wall! – my facebook name is blue crayons.

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  • Jane

    I love Duck Tape because I can make roses with it!

  • i love using duct tape in my crafts, fixing things around my house, using it on the neighbors broken things so i dont have to look at it broke no more. use it to fix all the holes in a boat i sold. duct tape is better then super glue.

  • Derek

    duck tape fixes all

  • Amanda Robinson

    I love duck tape because it helps make my old folders beautiful for school instead of ragedy looking, it also is the perfect thing to keep things up or down. <3

  • Casey

    I like using duck tape to shut my brother up and putting it on scrapbooks and my planner for my own personal taste =)

  • Alexa

    I <3 duck tape sooo much because I am amazing with it and it matches any of my outfits!

  • i love duct tape because i create art with it:

  • stephanie

    i want this because mt parents wont let me get duct tape but i love it so much plz pick me!

  • stephanie

    i want this because mt parents wont let me get duct tape but i love it so much plz pic me

  • Lauren

    Me and my sister love makinG stuff out of duck tape we just finished making a zebra wallet!!

  • Max W

    I did number 2: liked on facebook and posted my fav duck tape

  • Patricia

    I did #2. I Love Duct Tape because it allows you to be crafty with all the colors and patterns! Also, it is sooo sturdy! I am always looking for new things to do with it!!!

  • Sheridan

    I love duct tape because i love crafts and i think when its done your masterpeice will look beautiful! Also they are so many different options you cand make out of it! it can be for boys or girls! And they have soooo many different types of colors and patterns of duct tape! i love them all! duct tape is my life long love! haha i just loooove crafts especially making thinngs out of duct tape i use about a roll a day, thats how much i use duct tape!

  • samantha

    I love ducktape because it is virtualy amazing. Duck tape is my life and the world would be nothing without it

  • Max W

    I love duck tape because it can be used to fix absolutely anything! Also you can make anything with it I made a full duck tape suit with a bowtie and shoes and socks and a monacle and everything its so easy to use

  • I followed shoplet and ducktape on twitter and tweeted about the giveaway!!

  • I liked shoplet on facebook and posted my favorite color!!

  • maude womack

    i use ir for many many things its just the greatest i use it mostly for crafts and taping my pictures on frames for photos it has endless uses i just love it.

  • Jen robichaud

    ive loved duck tape since i was a teen and ive passed that love down to my 8yr old son! great for sooo many things!

  • Karlee Wheeler

    i love duct tape because all the colors and the things you can do with duct tape is almost endless, i love duck tape i have 50 rolls!! :)

  • Vanya Brown

    I love duck tape because it is made from such a durable material. I can use it for almost everything even for water proof things, like covering a hole on my kids’ floatable boat. Now with all different colors it would be even more fun.

  • My faaaaavorite thing about ducktape, (besides EVERYTHING) is the awesome stuff you can make, and do with it!! I recently made bracelets, a top hat, and a phone case :D

  • Sage

    I love duck tape because you can make anything with it. You can also fix anything with duck tape.

  • Why do i love duct tape? The question should be why wouldn’t i love duct tape. Duct tape has gotten me threw Break ups, hard times etc. I know i can just sit down and keep my mind on measurements and placement instead of my problem at that time. It has also broken me out of my shell, I have gone from a shy girl around strangers to a outgoing crowd pleaser at craft shows,telling the story of how i founded my Company Ductopia. Duct tape has made it possiable for the real me to shine threw the mask i try and hide behind….THATS why i love duct tape :D

  • Julie

    My 14 yo daughter has been making and selling pens decorated with duck tape flowers for the past year to pay for her medical expenses. We LOVE duck tape!!!

  • Rachel

    I love love love Duck Tape! It’s super strong, and it absolutely does fix everything! I’m totally hooked on all the fashionable patterns. Duck Tape is a fun and extremely useful quality product!

  • I love duck tape because it adds a nice pop of color to any creation i make out of duck tape.
    I completed Extras 1,2,4, and 5.

  • Abby R

    I like duck tape for making things sturdier- if I ever need a folder for school, i cover it in duck tape first. It makes them look cooler and last longer! And with all the colors, I can make alomst anything I want.

  • Faye B

    I love duct tape because you can use it for EVERYTHING and it never fails you!

  • ME

    I love duck tape because it can fix anything!( I’m covering my chair in it) And it adds a cute splash of color to everything!

  • staci

    I love duck tape you can do just about anything with it and now that there are so many diffrent colors and designs your possibilities really are endless

  • Logan Durnil

    I enjoy making Duck Tape Crafts like wallets, bracelets, bows, flowers, etc.

  • Abbie Kate

    I love duck tape because it’s Duck tape!!!!

  • Isabella Shrestha

    I love ducktape because it can do anything you need it too; even the new colors make it styilish. Ducktape is AWESOME !!!!!

  • Chris

    I love it and have more than 101 uses for it!! We always keep a roll or 3 in the house!!!

  • Evie

    I looove duck tape cuz it fixes EVERYTHING!!!! And I can make totally awesome things out of it like wallets, hair accessories, cell phone and iPod cases, gifts for my friends and family…you name it!
    Ya gotta love duck tape! <3

  • Meghan Gwilliam

    I love love love duct tape! I have used it to make wallets, purses, clothes, and countless other things. Duct tape can be used for pretty much everything!! I love it.

  • Makayla Jaramillo

    I love the purple!

  • Subscribed to your youtube channel. Thanks again for the giveaways you do!!

  • Added to Klout : ))

  • I have also liked on Facebook and shared with my friends to. This is a lot of fun!!

  • Christy Heidrick

    Followed all the steps on the blog! :)

  • I am now following Shoplet and Duck Tape on Twitter.

  • I did the first one and now I will receive your emails : ))

  • Lisa

    I love duck tape because you can fix virtually anything with it ! I always have a roll in my car and it has come in handy many times. many times when I don’t have the time to sew something ,I have been known to use duck tape in a matching color of the cloth and seal the seam inside and out and it lasts even through the washer.

  • Andrea Oberheim

    My favorite Duck Tape is the Houndstooth! It looks great when you make a Duck Tape wallet

  • kari

    i love it bc u can use it for anything

  • Autumn Michaud

    I love duck tape because it helps me express my self in a different way. I love making different kinds of art with what I have.

  • Leigh DePaolis

    I love Duck Tape because it fixes anything….and even cures boredom! Also the variety of colors and patterns available make it easy to personalize things and make them more fun!

  • hannah stewart

    What’s not to love about ducktape! Best tape ever made! With duck get stuck! :)

  • Debbie Watson


  • Jenn

    I love duck tape for all the ways I can use it around the house. But I especially love the amazing colors and patterns available now. Makes crafting easy and fun. My son made a duck tape flower in school for me in his art class. And my 13 year old daughter is hoping to get lots of rolls in her Easter Basket!

  • cindy harris

    I love Duck tape because it fixes everyting! It has soooooooo many uses.

  • I use ducktape for Everything in a everyday use =3 who needs painter tape Phft, and gorilla tape damges walls Who needs that junk!!! Ducktape also comes in so many colors and desgins that u can even paint your car if u wanted to!!! You can also make a cheap wallet or bag from it ^_^ so usefull,

    Extra Entries

    Completed All Entries,


  • Catherine

    I love ducttape soo much it has inspired me to make wallets and roses for my family, and i am going to start selling the things i mak eat craft shows and flea markets. I hope i win because it would help me start making money. Thanks!

  • Lindsey

    subscribed on you tube

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    subscribed with email

  • Lauren

    I love duct tape so much! i love it for so many reasons. For one, you can fix ANYTHING with it. also it allows me to be creative! the colors are so pretty.
    i did # 3! thanks shoplet

  • Lindsey

    i love duck tape because i like to make useful things out of it like wallets a pencil cases

  • Carly

    I love Duck Tape because it fixes everything!! And its a blast to play with :)

  • Shaylun Caster

    I also completed all of the extra entries :)

  • kara johnson

    I love duck tape because its a very good thing to have wether something need repairs ar you just need somthing fun and creative to do it is also a way to add a personal touch to anything:)

  • Jennifer W

    I LOVE Duck tape because I just learned how to make duct tape flower pens! I’m addicted to all the colors and designs, I never knew there were so many out there! YAY Duck Tape!

  • Alison

    I love it because you can do or make anything with it!! and it makes an awesome sound when you unroll or rip it :)

  • nicole

    I love duck tape because it is the perfect product for everything.!! Ive made everything from wallets to book bags to bows for my hair I absolutely love this stuff.!!!

  • KC

    I love duct tape because you can make almost anything in any color. Just got done making a purple & checkered wallet completely out of duct tape.

  • Kyri McClaine

    sorry spelt my name wrong in my comment also commented on face book.

  • jordan deleon

    I lllllllloooooovvvvvvvvveeeeee duct tape because it makes perfect gift,craft,tool,time waster,and its the most epic,awsome,fabolus,genius thing in the whole world :):):):):):):):):):)

  • Brittney B

    I LOVE Duck Tape because it is so versatile! I’ve used it to fix leaky tents, broken horse tack and even make a wallet. I never have to worry when I have Duck Tape With me!

  • carrie Gulledge

    I love duck tape! I use it all over the house for crafts, for decorations, as well as at my school in the classroom.

  • Samantha Barnhardt

    I love it because there isn’t anything that can’t be fixed with it.

  • Sharon Raber

    There are so many creative uses for it as well as basic ones!!! Love the prints…keep ’em coming!!!

  • Shaylun Caster

    Duck tape has been the cheap way to fix up binders, make the cutest custom hair accessories, and decorate just about any surface. Printed Duck Brand duct tape is a lifesaver for anyone in college and on a budget!

  • Kellie Johnson

    I love duck tape because I am a teacher and it has inspired children in my school to be creative and very artistic!! I even hosted a duck club at my school and taught them how to make some of the items like the purse, wallet and ring. I absolutely love duck tape!!!!

  • Kyri McMlaine

    I love duck tape..have since i was a little kid…I finally found a sturdy tape to do crafts with…and i love how it fits my personality ….im the ducktapeteer at my house..every craft i make i with duck tape…havent made anything in awhile cuz of money…but i would really love to be a kid again and make more crafts…LOVE YOU GUYS… thanks for the chance.

  • Tyann

    I oncehad a car when I was 19 me and my friends decided the interior was super boring. Well we just so happened to have a ton or really bright colors of duct tape from purple to tie dye. this all brings back memories. havent been able find any crazy colors since.

  • Kim Ponciano

    I love Duck Tape because it has my daughter creating fabulous items, can’t wait for this giveaway… fill that awesome bag with some Duck TAPE… Can I also get that cute little Duck? ;-)

  • Joy Thackston


  • Sarah

    P.s I subscribed to ur YouTube channel and liked shop let on fb :)

  • Jerri

    I like to use colored Duck tape to cover toes at Nascar races. Duck tape is great for decorating pens. Created a shirt collar for a “collared shirt only” restaurant with duck tape. No short shorts allowed so just add duck tape! Sooooo many uses.

  • samantha hardy

    Im 16 and i love duct tape it allows me to create whatever i want! it comes in so many fun colors to make anything you dream of making! i make duct tape shoes, bags, pens, wallets, bows, bracelets and im learning how to make even more! i sell the things i make and right now for everything i sell the money im going to donate to the childrens hospital. :)

  • Sarah

    I love duct tape bcus u can practically do anything and everything with it! Fix anything, makes anything, ect., ect. I love this stuff!

  • Nikki

    I love duck tape because of all the colors and all the different patterns they make. it can make and do practically anything<3

  • Julia

    love me some duck tape. It fixes everything!!!!

  • Samantha Cancino

    I love duct tape because I make bows and wallets and use them where every I go.It makes things fashionable.

  • Bethany

    Completed #3!

  • Bethany

    Completed #2!

  • Christina M Pease

    I love duck tape cause I can use it to fix ANYTHING!!!!! even my husband! lol

  • Karen Smith

    I like Duck Tape because it comes in so many colors, is great for making decorations, and it really sticks!

  • Bethany

    It fixes everything, and you can even make flowes out of it! There’s nothing you can’t do with it!

  • Betsy Brodersen

    Also liked and posted on your wall and the email thing

  • Hannah Johnson

    I <3 DUCT TAPE!!! I plan to use it in my 4-H projects this year! So excited;-)

  • Marilyn Walsh

    Ha ha ha…I lived on a farm and I drove old cars also…I found that almost anything could be fixed with duct tape and/or baling wire…!!!

  • Betsy Brodersen

    I love duct tape so much cause i can spice up thing like pitcure frames or wood work that needs alittle work and also all the wonderful colors they have .

  • I love duck tape, because it fixes everything… EVERYTHING… Plus it can’t hurt making a cool wallet every now and then… ;)

  • Shannon Costa

    Whats not to love about something that so versatile?! I thought fixing the car or the heel on a shoe was amazing but w/all the new fun designs we now have duct tape bags, pocket books & change purses! You just can’t live w/ out duct tape!!!

  • John B Weiss

    I Love Duck Tape because not only is it like the Force, but now it comes in cool colors to match my mood !!!!!!!

  • Andrew Egbert

    I just +K Shoplet on klout!

  • Jan Phillips

    Duck tape is a must have on campi.g and backpacking trips. I hope I win some!

  • Andrew Egbert

    Followed and tweeted about the giveaway on Duck Tape

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    Followed and tweeted about the giveaway on shoplet

  • DeWayne

    I just used Duck tape on the backside of my house. The vinyl siding had a hole in it and YES Duck Tape to the rescue and colored to Match.

  • jennifer

    Duck Tape is so great for so many different things! The creative uses really are endless:)

  • alyssa

    Duct tape can be used as an insulator, water proofer, or wind proofer. so im basicly saying that it can help people in need if they get cold and dontv have a warm blanket or long clothing.and duc tape is awesome you can make yourself a dress ,purse, wallet,and even a broken car part
    (probly not a car though) haha

  • alyssa frey

    I am hopeing to win the giveaway for my younger brother who fixes everything with ducktape. He is so craft with it… My xmas present was wrapped with green and red tape…

  • karyn thrush

    i am a art major at adrian college and if i dont have a roll of duct tape on me or in my room…no that never happens! i always have duct tape around and i use it for everything from art projects to taping things on the wall to using it on plays im working on, and well almost everything! my roommate and friends think im crazy but they dont know the power of duct tape!

  • Andrew Egbert

    Subscribed to the Youtube channel!

  • Andrew Egbert

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  • Andrew Egbert

    I love Duck tape because of its versatility and all the different colors. There is always just the right Duck tape for any project.

  • emily blycker

    Duct tape became my favorite art project. I’ve made hats and rings and pens. love it!!!!

  • Julianna

    I am in love with duck tape, i use it for anything and everything my family says if it cant be fixed with duck tape it cant be fixed at all! lol i love to put it on my school folders and everyone compliments me, and i put quotes on it and stick it on my wall LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH!

  • Kelsi

    I love duck tape because it fixes everything.

  • Amy W

    I love duck tape because you can fix and/or decorate anything with it! It always comes in handy, and I always keep a roll with me.

  • Lorrin Mierzwa

    Subscribed to the email

  • Aly Orr

    I love duck tape because of all the different things you can use it for making bows, crowns, ties and wallets and id love more patterns and more duck tape to make more of these creative things.

  • Lorrin Mierzwa

    I use duct tape to make crafts. Such as bags, wallets, flowers, purses, and hair bows.

  • Will Scott

    i can do anything

  • Bonnie

    I heart duck tape because it is fun and festive! It even puts smiles on the grouchiest of people.

  • Luann

    I love duck tape because it’s durable, adhesive, colorful, and fun.

  • Melissa

    I love duck tape because it can be used for just about anything!

  • lauree

    I love duck tape because it can fix almost anything and with the amazing colors and patterns, fixing something with duck tape with make it creative and fun.

  • Vanessa

    Love it because there’s so many different things you can make out of them! The variety of patterns and colors make it all the better :D

  • Trista Whited

    I love duct tape because it helps me fix thingss. It also helps me decorate stuff that my mom picks out ughh. Well i love duct tape because it changed my life from being all drab to fashionable.

  • Joey

    I love duck tape because when I was 11 I started making wallets out of it and now I’m 22 and am still making great things like wallets, clutches, purses, and other random things out of it! I <3 animal prints so I love how far duck tape brand has come over the years!

  • Skye

    u can make a bunch of stuff

  • Starr

    u can make a bunch of stuff

  • Bryce Baudoin

    SUscribed to YouTube channel

  • Keri

    What’s not to love!

    Sticks to everything.

    Even gets rid of warts.

  • Bryce Baudoin

    Followed Shoplet and Duck Tape on twitter and tweeted

  • Heather

    Duck tape by far is the one thing my family cannot live without! We bug a couple if rolls a month. It is one of the most versatile products out there! We love love love ducktape products! !!

  • Joselyn F

    I completed number 5, i subscribed to shoplet on youtube!!!!

  • Dena

    I am in a non-profit organization that re-enacts the middle ages including sword fighting with full armor. I have learned if it moves and it is not supposed to duct tape it and if it is supposed to move and it does not WD-40. We use a lot of duct tape and a bag of duct tape would be very beneficial for our group.

  • Bryce Baudoin

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  • Joselyn F

    I completed number 4, i gave shoplet a +K on Klout!

  • Melissa

    B/c duct tape is just AWESOME!

  • Rachel

    I love duct tape because u can make so many amazing things with it like flowers pens wallets etc
    I love the variety of colors there are

  • Joselyn F

    I completed number 3, i followed shoplet and Duck tape on twitter and tweeted :)

  • Bryce Baudoin

    Subscribed The shoplet blog through email

  • Keeps the kids entertained, (and me)… Have you ever made a duck tape rose? Awesome!!

  • Amanda Edwards

    I absolutely love duct tape. I have 24 different colored rolls and I make roses and braided bracelets and sell them. I’m known as the duct tape queen to my family and I “drool” whenever I see it in stores. Working with duct tape is relaxing to me and I started a trend with many people I know and got them interested in this awesome tape. I even wear patches of it on my clothrs sometimes just for the heck of it. I would love to receive duct tape! =D

  • Joselyn F

    I completed number 2, I followed shoplet and posted my favorite colored duck tape on your wall!

  • jessica

    I love duck tape cuz when you need to fix anything duck is on the job and you can make cute things out of it as well!!!!

  • Kyle Steelsmith

    I want to win this duck tape because i make a lot of stuff out out duck tape like wallets, if you want to check out my youtube channel it is http://www.youtube.com/KylesDuctapeStuff247! Thankyou guys!!!

  • Ruth DeGroff

    Duck tape fixes everything. My brother even used it to mend a fellow worker’s injury. It worked and the injury healed without stitching. Its good!

  • oliver nowell

    I LOVE DUCT TAPE because i can use to make decorations and its so grat! plz give me a bag of duct dape

  • wolfpup

    I love duct tape cuz you could be creative and have fun with it. From wallets to dresses, maybe even a dresser you can create a colorful idea in your life. I love creating new exciting things everyday.

  • Cristina

    I love duck tape bc it is so sturdy and the different colors/patterns allow you to be creative with how you use it. :)

  • Malorie poppy

    I use duct tape everyday from covering closet doors, dressers and even my crutches canes and walkers. I have had lots of hip surgeries and getting ready for a total hip replacement in may.., I’m only twenty so the sterile look of the crutches etc are not cute..

    I also love duct tape for making nd covering wallets purses clothing and furniture..

    I covered my sisters door in duct tape that maches her room

  • laurem bean

    Duct tape is the most useful tool ever invented by man, and now it looks good when you use it!

  • Did #2

  • Michele

    Omg love duck tape.

  • kaiti

    I love ducktape because it works great to make purses wallets and a bunch of other thingd

  • Ryan O.

    I love duck tape, I use it at least 5 times a day at work and at home, my favorite colors are the red, and the digitcam ones. God Bless!

  • Julius B.

    I love duck tape because it fixes everything x)

  • Amanda

    Why do I love duck tape? Cuase it’s awesome, that’s why! It’s so versatile and can be used for just about everything! You can use it to temporarily patch a hole, you can use it to enhance an art project, you can wrap Christmas presents with it to annoy people (guilty :), you can put it on a part of your boyfriends face when he’s asleep and rip it off, along with half of his beard, to wake him up (though I don’t recommend that, did it once, he was none too happy… oops!). You can make WALLETS out of it!!!!! Haha! Oh, and you can make a *suit of armor* for your little brother with the silver duck tape :). It’s just great stuff. It’s useful and fun all at the same time, and it’s not too expensive either. I love the stuff, plain and simply :]

  • Joselyn F


  • I LOVE DUCK TAPE because I make all my hair accessories with it. And a lot of wallets with it!!!! DUCK TAPE ROCKS!!!! <3

  • Joselyn F

    I COMPLETED NUMBER 2!!!!!!!!!!

  • ashley marie

    Every birthday I ask for duck tape!

  • Joselyn F

    I completed number 1!!!

  • Taryn R

    It makes my brother shut up! And it’s a plus I can use a color like pink that he doesn’t like! It also is great to help someone like me fix things. I can be rather Clumsy and I’m not good at fixing things myself. Duct tape come in handy for someone like me. It’s a plus that all the cool designs make decorating things fun. It really spices things up!

  • Andrew Schwab

    Five years ago next month my brother was hit in the chest by an arrow shot by a rogue icelandic elf. I watched as he fell to the ground, dramatic music playing in my head. I ran to his side only to discover the arrow went completely through him. I quickly made a saw out of the white duck brand duct tape I had in my duck murse (man purse made of duck brand duct tape) and I cut the ends of the arrow off and placed a square of the white duck brand duct tape on the point of entry/exit to prevent him from bleeding out. On that day I saved my brothers life. He was however paralyzed. The arrow had gone right through his spine rendering him paraplegic. I would not rest until I avenged my brother. I gathered all my duck brand duct tape and set off for Iceland, where he had a cabin at the end of the Hvítá river according to my sources at FBI intel. I hitched a ride on a c-130 and made a full camouflage suit (great insulation) and parachute. Twenty minutes after midnight I dropped a mile from the end of the river and made a canoe and paddle out of black duck brand duct tape. I approached his cabin to see him eating alone. I snuck in through the kitchen where I found a healing potion to give to my brother. I placed it in my duck murse and continued on. As I peaked around the corner of the dining room he was laying down. He had choked on his midnight snack. I could do nothing except claim the cabin as my own. I wrapped the angry/sad looking elf in duct tape with cinderblocks and threw him in the river. Afterwards I noticed there was a leaky pipe and I had 6 inches of duck brand duct tape left. I used the last of my duct tape on the pipe. I have no more duct tape.
    Why do I love duct tape? IT DOES EVERYTHING!

  • Brianda

    I LOVE Duct Tape!!!!!!!! I’ve used it to make wallerts, ties, other crafts.
    The next biggest thing I want to do it to make a dress out of Duct Tape!!!!!!!!!
    I really want to and I can’t wait to start on it!!!!!!!!

  • Bryce Baudoin

    Duck tape is a great way to show who you really are by what you use it for. I personally use it when I need to patch up something but, I duck tape the whole object so that it doesnt look out Of the blue, for my mom if it was up to me I would wear it with a random piece of duck tape. It shows how wide your imagination is, and that is why I would liketo won a bag of ducktape

  • Therese

    Sometimes Duck Tape is just the only thing that works, and there are so many colors to choose from!

  • Maggie

    I love Duck Tape because it holds my car bumper together.

  • Nicole P

    Ya know what they say, duck tape is like the force, it has a light side and a dark side and it holds the world together.

  • bailey

    I subscribed on youtube!!!!

  • Taryn

    It makes my brother shut up! And it’s a plus I can use a color like pink that he doesn’t like! It also is great to help someone like me fix things. I can be rather Clumsy and

  • bailey

    I subscriced to the blog!!!!

  • Darian

    I love duck tape it I something to keep me busy if I am sad or down.(:

  • James Gray

    I Love Duck Tape because you can almost do anything with it! It’s also very stylish! I love all the Different designs and colors! I have almost 10 wallets made out of duct tape. My favorite design is the splatter paint. I play tennis so, i even use it to make the grip last longer on my raquet. I have so much fun using duck tape!! :)

  • Emily Mckelvy

    Duck tape fixes everything! and makes amazing dresses!!!!!! :D

  • Emily

    I used to love duck tape because of the great variety of patterns, but now I have a much nerdier reason. It’s called triboluminescence. If you stick two pieces of duck tape (its the only brand that I’ve ever seen work) together, go into a dark room, and pull the pieces apart as fast as you can, it will glow. This has amused me for long periods of time, especially when I’m using hello kitty tape.

  • bailey

    I +k on klout!!

  • Jenna

    I FRICKIN LOVE DUCK TAPE!!!! When I was in 9th grade I started my own mini business by making and selling ducktape wallets. I made a duck tape purse to take to my prom. I gave my boyfriend a bouquet of ducktape roses a week or so after he asked me to marry him. I currently use duck all the time for house hold jobs that need some extra sticky tape. I also use duck tape to lable notebooks, shelfs, cords, and drawers. Duck tape has been a great companion to me my whole life. I LOVE DUCK TAPE!!!

  • Liked shoplet on facebook. :)

  • SniffanyB

    I love fixing everything with duck tape…..my favorite are the animal prints and the black and white checkered. I’d you can’t fix it with duck tape then its not worth keeping!!

  • Followed duck brand on twitter

  • My daughter loves duck tape and my friends are always requesting her to make them stuff pretty flowers that look like real roses and shes entering the Duck Tape Prom dress contest again this year! Would love the extra duct tape to have around!!

  • Rachel

    You can use duck tape for anything!

  • Followed shoplet on twitter

  • Bree

    I use duct tape for everything! To cover my boring mirror border, to have an awesome wallet, and more importantly fix anything that’s broken. I’ve been a duck tape fanatic for years and I always will be.

  • Sophie

    I love duct tape because it is fun to do and all the different styles they have in stores. I have been using duck tape for many year to make gifts, and covering my textbooks and notebooks. My favorite duct tape is the peace duct tape. Thanks

  • April

    I am following shoplet on facebook

  • bailey

    I tweeted once!!!

  • April

    My son and his cousin LOVE making shoes, wallets and what ever else they can think up with duct tape. It is really cool to keep their little minds motivated to make art!!! :) I love it!!!

  • Ciera

    I liked shoplet on facebook

  • Subscribed to your YouTube channel

  • Zoe

    I love duct tape because I can use it for everything!!! I LOVE making crafts with duct tape like purses, wallets, flowers, pens, bracelets, shoes, etc. I use duct tape almost everyday! I love all the different patterns and colors that you can buy. I love how you can design almost anything with it. From unstylish clothes to pencil pouches, duct tape is there. I even use duct tape to decorate my room! I have to say… my favorite duct tape is the splatter paint, but I love all of them.(:

  • Patti

    My girl scouts use duck tape for all sorts of projects. I love the variety of colors!

  • Ciera

    I followed duct tape on twitter

  • Paula

    I love it cause it fixes everything :)

  • Ciera

    I followed shoplet on twitter

  • Ciera

    I use black chrome and purple to make me and my friends wallets

  • bailey

    I just followed on twitter

  • leanne kopitzke

    i give my 85 yr old dad the funkiest colors of duck tape that i can find..it keeps him busy and adds color to his shop

  • Tiffany

    I love duck tape for making wallets!

  • nik overton

    i love ducktape because i love to make things with it

  • Tabitha Belcher

    liked on facebook. followed on twitter. tweet done!

  • Love duct tape!!! Every time I create something with it, it becomes better and amazes people. Made duct tape roses for three years and every year they got better. Made wallets, and more. And taking my second chance at the duct tape prom contest. Love every roll and I make use out every bit, even the cardboard part.

  • bailey

    I liked it on facebook and posted my favorite color

  • Chris lines

    Duct tape is my God and friend, it is used for everything by me, home, school, work, first aid. It is anything and everything I could ever want and need. It the greatest invention since air

  • Amanda H. M.

    I love duck tape because, not only does it fix anything, but it also can be used in so many different ways! As decoration, accessory, or even getting an annoying sibling to keep quiet!

  • Robin

    I have 2 teenage girls that would love to do cool things with this tape. Neat giveaway, thanks!

  • Brianna


  • baylee

    I love duct tape because it is an awesome hobby! Whenever I am bored I just make things out of duct tape! My friends and family all love the cool things i make out of duct tape

  • Brianna

    liked of Face Book!

  • James Hare

    I’m a man, ’nuff said!!

  • Heather

    I like duck tape because it comes in a wide range of colors and patterns. I use it with picture frame mat boards to make a pretty collage with various stickers and decals.

  • Brianna

    I love duct tape because you can make anything out of it and fits things with it!

  • Tabitha Belcher

    I love Duck Tape because when you have a problem or even a wardrobe malfunction duck tape will solve the crisis and help you pull through to the end.

  • mickie

    I like to make duct tape purses. I like the new cupcake roll

  • Miah

    I love Duck Tape because you can fix anything with it, you can decorate anything with it, and make anything you want out of it. Its the best thing ever made. And Im currently running out of all the colors I own. Duck Tape is amazing. <3

  • Cora Gilbreath

    I love duck tape because I use it for wallets, bracelets, name tags, repairs and most of all, band-aids! Lots and lots of band-aids!(o:

  • bailey

    OMIGOSH:) duct tape is so amazing! I love it because I can make anything! It is so versatile! I make braided bracelets, wallets, pens, change purses and soooo much more!

  • Brittney

    i love duct tape because you can turn something boring and plain into something colorful with cool designs! (<—- like turning a plain gift bag into a bag with some zebra print!) duct tape makes everything look so much better! i use duct tape all the time…all my school supplies are covered in duct tape i even have a duct tape backpack!!

  • I love that duck tape is so versitile. You can use it for everything from sealing boxes to making a purse. It fixes things and looks great while doing it. :)

  • Noa Ron

    i looooove duct tape because there is so much things to do with not just one purpose. I could spend hours doing it. I love duct tape

  • Amy

    I love ducktape you can make anything out of it

  • Alisha Devore

    I love duct tape. I started using it just to seal boxes. Then it bought colors for
    decorating school book covers, taping to luggage when I travel for.easy identification,
    doing class projects (human cells, Great Wall of China and Japanese Pillow Book).
    I always check for newest colors and designs when I shop the craft store. It’s great
    for framing photos in albums and unique gifts for birthday parties. Love it !!!!.

  • Michele

    I love all the great colors available in rolls of Duck Tape, but I love the sheets for crafting.

  • Clara

    I love ducktape because i use it to make bracelets and hairbands!:D

  • Carmi Smith

    This stuff is the shiz! I have tons of wallets made completely of duct tape! Belts, bags, bracelets, suspenders..It was my entire campaign when I ran for StuCo president. I once made a tie, but someone stole it (probably because it is made from the greatest thing EVER!). We used it for props (two legs, lab coats, axe, clothes, etc) on my former improv team. I even tried to get my prom date to wear a tux made out of it for the duck tape dress I was designing to wear (sadly, I couldn’t convince him). My next project is a guitar strap :) I used it to fix everything around the house, in the studio, and on the farm. From mending broken fences, hoses, drumsticks, and straps, to fixing mic stands, chords, and sleeping bags; my house has obvious duck tape fans! Plus, it makes wrapping and opening Christmas presents much more entertaining!

  • Jessi

    I love duct tape! We use it for EVERYTHING we color code things with it! We have decorated family’s crutches with it.. And also my boyfriend is obsessed with playing with it.. He loves sticky things and this would be the best present for him!!

  • kacey Lynn Thompson

    Now gimmie gimmie gimmie gimmie gimmie sum ductape!!:D

  • Kenai Kloeppel

    Ducktape is not only a great tool but it is also great for crafting. It can, by itself, make almost anything and everything. I have put this to the test and I have yet to find something that’s conventional that cannot be made from ducktape…if you have enough of it :) I Love ducktape simply because it isn’t just tape; its everything you need it to be.

  • Debbie

    I’m an art teacher and love to use duck tape every chance I get!

  • hailey Gould

    I Liked Shoplet on Facebook

  • victoria

    and subscribed to your YouTube channel!!! Yay for duck tape!!

  • hailey Gould

    I love duct tape because you can do anything with it

  • Maddy coppens

    I love duck tape because it is so coooool<3 it is stick and the patteners are so cooooooool (: i just love duct tape soooooo mucccch(:
    <3 <3 <3 i really really want to have the 15same roollls<3
    <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Lindsey

    I like duct tape because it’s duct tape and who doesn’t want duct tape because duct tape is almost as cool as bowties or stetsons.

  • Marie H.

    Until recently I only used duck tape for repairs. I have started crafting with Duck tape and it is so versitile. The amazing color selection and the durabiliity is awesome. I just love Duck Tape.

  • Hayley

    I LOOOOVE duck tape! I use it for everything! It helps fix so much! Last year in art we had to make things out of duck tape, and I made slippers and a matching belt! I think yes! :D

  • karisue

    Duck tape fixes everything, and can be used to decorate things and make them look cool or new,

  • TL

    I made a duck tape fedora for my husband! I use duck tape to help
    Cover up my counters- along with plastic tablecloths- cause they have
    Burn marks and I rent. I want to make more crafts with duck tape.

  • Duck tape is awesome. It will fix most anything and has so many uses. The different colors and designs are really cool.

  • Christine

    It’s great for occupying small hands so I can get something done….lol

  • angela

    I love using duck tape because its so versatile.

  • victoria

    Followed Shoplet on twitter and tweeted about the giveaway!

  • christina

    i love all the varieties of uses and all the different colours and patterns…i love the animal prints and the old standard grey………it can hold things together, it can seal for air and water tightness, it can make grafts and upcycled and recycled products….repair a rubbersuit…

  • kacey Lynn Thompson

    P.s. I did the extra entries #1, 2, 4, & 5!!

  • Annie

    duct tape fixes everything!!!:)

  • George

    Because its totally awesome!!

  • Talia

    Duct tape is magical and can be used for soooo many decorative purposes. Including pens and agendas, which is what me and my friends do lol. Duct tape is also fun to juggle XD

  • Tiana

    I use zebra, hot pink, and lime green duct tape to cover all my school notebooks! It transforms my boring books into stylish ones! Plus i get compliments form everyone on how cute the look!

  • ana

    I use and love duct tape because it can fix anything. Literally anything from my sisters wrist braces to my headphones. I also use it to make things from flowers to wallets, they’re the easiest presents to give!

  • Diedra Amaya

    I love the craftiness of Duct Tape! My 10 year old daughter has spent countless hours creating gifts for her friends and teachers. It brings back the importance of personalization and genuine gift giving.

  • Kirstin

    I use duct tape in place of sticky notes. I don’t lose them that way!

  • kacey Lynn Thompson

    I absolutely Love Love Love ductape because it is pretty and appealing to the eyes of everyone!! Its the best fixer-upper you can have around the house!! My best friend is 7 months pregnant and we just Redid a plain Jane bedroom in zebra and purple for her upcoming baby girl…. But you will never guess what the top of the wall border is… And the light cover switches and plug ins are covered with amongst other things like picture frames and the doors!!?? Zebra ductape!!! Is that not awesome?? This is one of the many reasons i love ductape!!

  • victoria

    I gave a +k on klout

  • Sammy

    I love duct tape because there’s so many things you can do with it. (:

  • victoria

    I liked and posted on the Shoplet Facebook page

  • Annie

    I LOVE DUCT TAPE!!!! I make bracelets and headbands, and all my friends say, “will you make me one?” I get a lot of attention wearing my homemade duct tape bracelets, bows, and headbands!! For prom, i’m going to make a dress out of duct tape!!!

  • Marissa

    I love duck tape because I can make suuuuuper awesome stuff with it and it’s unique how people can make things such as, flowers, prom dresses, and soooo much more. i love it so much and I would love to win the bag!

  • macy

    Duck tape gives me the chance to be very creative!!

  • Miranda

    And I never get duck tape because I can’t afford it ;(

  • Amanda

    My mum and step dad always used to stay, duck Tape fixes everything. And Ive used duck tape ever since. Its been About 10 years now since they said that, and all the new colours and designs that are out now just make duck tape a million times more exciting to use. I LOVE DUCK TAPE.

  • Mariah

    I LOVE Duck Tape because me and my cousin used to make things out of duck tape and now he has passed away from cancer and ever sence then I havn’t made anything out of duck tape wish i had though

  • victoria

    I subscribed to your blog!

  • tomi cummings

    i love this tape because i can use it for everything. and the local kids love it because they can and do tie me up when playing cowboys and indians.

  • Eve

    I love duct tape because it’s useful for anything, AND it can be used creatively.

  • Miranda

    I use duck tape for everything like making crafts, fixing my binder, decoration and lots more(: I would love to win this !

  • Tessa

    I should win because I use duct tape for EVERYTHING! And with this no job I don’t have money for it :(. And I use it to make dresses, make cool pants, bags and shoes, and anything else that comes to mind


    And 5 with the subscription! Now give me duck tape! Lol :D

  • Deborah Carter

    Why do I love Duct Tape??? Simple, I have a 17 year old daughter who is the apple of my eye.
    Last year I bought a roll of duct tape (Blue) to fix my ice tea container, because as you know it fixes anything… my daughter asked if she could have the rest of the roll, and I said yes, and then it all began.
    I love duck brand duct tape because…. it gives my daughter the opportunity to be creative.
    I love duck brand duct tape because … it has given her confidence, since she started her business, she has a new self about her, she is more confident about herself, she is learning how to talk to other people (Craft shows) she is learning how to Budget ( for more Duck Brand Tape) she is learning what goes into owning and running a business, all these things are going to make her a better person, better adult!!
    I love duck brand duct tape because …. she has so many new friends online, who appreciate Duck Brand Tape as much as she does. If one of them do not get a shipment of new colors in their area…. they mail each other a roll or 2.
    I love duck brand duct tape because ….. she comes into my room late at night , sometimes waking me up to show me a new design of handbag, or a new flower she has made or just to ask for ideas….. Great Quality time!!
    I love duck brand duct tape because … it seems no matter how bad her day has been (Boy tears) the sight of a duck through a white plastic bag, completely changes her mood.
    I love duck brand duct tape because ……I just love to see her smile!!!
    I love duck brand duct tape because ….. all of these thing make Duck Brand Duck Tape Priceless.

  • Aime Karam

    Duck Tape is the focus of my fix it abilities….and my fasihon abilities. Any time Im on an intramural team, we do duck tape designs. Our latest was a black light voleyball team! We created designs with white and neon duck tape! We stormed the court! I make picture frames for my dorm out of duck tape, and I love all of the new designs!


    Completed 3 and tweeted :D


    Completed number 2 with my favorite duck tape being purple.

  • Amber Henriksen

    I love duck tape because you can use it to fix anything, give anything some style, make tons of cool projects including my favorite the prom dresses and it just puts you in a good mood using it. Knowing that I can use a better looking tape than the original color and a stronger tape than masking tape of packing tape makes me want to use it for everything. It seems to hold well and give the in style look on anything even if it doesn’t need fixing.

  • Irene Gottwalt

    I love duck tape because it has so many uses!

  • Grace Ann Burr

    Duck tape is amazing because it can be used for anything and fix everything. I use my duck tape to make things like roses that I give to my friends. I have a little top hat made out of black tape and checkered tape and it’s my favorite thing. I also have a rose made out of the checkered tape that I love. The checkered is the best.

  • Kaylee Nichols

    I love duck tape because it is so fun and easy to make crafts with

  • this would be for my niece… she loves duck tape. that was one of her bigger Christmas presents was a big box of duck tape. i am now on my second wallet she has made me as well as flower pens (for many people), a purse for herself and her mom, and some other stuff from a book she got for Christmas. this would be a great addition to her duck tape supply


    Completed number 1 by email! :D

  • jessc

    Duck Tape has multiple uses! You can use it to fix things, make things, keep things quiet or for a more obvious use of taping things! Plus it comes in so many fun colors and designs!

  • Nicole

    Hey I have always loved to play around with Duck Tape, but since I got to college, I learned that there are so many more things that you can do with it. My favorite is taping up my co-ed fraternity’s letters all over campus. Great PR accessory.

  • Holly Mitkowski

    I love duct tape!! I have been using it for years on anything and everything! I love the new colors and prints that you have come out with and I’d love to win them and use them for everything!

  • jordan hill

    i love duct tape. i use it for everything. you can do anything with it. its really amazing. i have so much stuff that is made of duct tape.

  • Pheobe

    Because when I have nothing else to wear, duct tape is there <3

  • Samantha Hendrix

    Ducktape is amazing because it can literally fix everything!!!

  • Cassandra Colynn

    I love duck tape, and I use the designed rolls to make wallets and purses. Duck tape is fun, eyecatching, and durable, and when I give people the wallets I make, they always come back telling me how it is a great conversation piece, and they last and last without tearing or wearing out! I LOVE DUCK TAPE!!

  • Danisha

    We like duck tape because there are so many uses for it. for taping up boxes to send some where to packing up old things to store or even just ha e fun with it. Also when you need a helping ha d with a job you may have.

  • Maria Soto (@chuyita27)

    the last subscription was to your blog, now I just subscribed to your youtube channel!!!

  • kristin nichols

    I love ductape because it can fix anything. And you can make wallets and roses and other fun or useful things with it, in any color you could hope for.

  • Holly Mitkowski

    Gave a +K on Klout!

  • cindy

    we use it for everything, love the new colors and desisgns, my niece can even make wallets out of it

  • victoria

    Duck tape is amazing because you can make or do ANYTHING with it!! backpacks, wallets, purses, etc. And you can also use it for what you NEED to use it for, like taping boxes. It has so many functions. I love ducktape!!!

  • Brian

    I love Duck tape because it actually sticks to stuff I want to fix, decorate or just waste time taping up simply because I don’t want to do the dishes!

  • Maria Soto (@chuyita27)

    just subscribed!

  • Not only is Duck Tape my #1 trusted fixing tool, it is also my favorite decorating item! You can spice up and decorate anything with the many colors of Duck Tape! Also, for the holidays and birthdays, I ALWAYS buy some Duck Tape to make gifts! From wallets and purses, to headbands and hair bows, there is NOTHING Duck Tape can’t do! I should win this so I can bring smiles to my friends’ and family’s faces by using Duck Tape to make their gifts this Christmas!

    Twitter: @BaaBaaBekah
    I tweeted “#giveaway” and followed the accounts.

    YouTube: zeekismine
    I subscribed to the YouTube Channel

    Email: zeekismine@gmail.com
    I subscribed via Email

  • Maria Soto (@chuyita27)

    just posted this contest on my blog

  • Gina D

    Duck tape is amazing for tons of reasons. My new favorite is that it’s not only functional but pretty! You can use it to fix a thousand things, or if you’re bored there’s always a craft project worth trying!

  • ami

    I love duck tape bc with all the many different colors & design there are not only I it a quick fix fo a lot of things but it also allows me to create many different fun & cool projects with my kiddos

  • jennifer shull

    I love duct tape because of how it can be used for anything! It can be used to fix things or decorate an item or it can be used to make an item all Its own like wallets or flowers. My favorite duct tape is the pink zebra. I think I’ve gone through atleast three rolls of it.

  • Brenda

    I use Duct Tape with the children’s crafts for our church. Everyone always loves the great and unique ideas. Duct tape projects are always a big hit!

  • Jillian Kendzierski

    Duck Tape <3. gosh how I love duck tape. I use it to make wallets, fix EVERYTHING lol I mean everything. :) I wanna make my prom dress outta duck tape. that'd be pretty cool. I have made a pair of pants before that was pretty cool. lol

  • sherry

    I use Duck Tape for many uses, especially to store stuff or pack stuff away. For mending, and for creative posters.

  • Gabrielle

    DucK tape just adds fun and excitement to everything! It can be a good add on to absolutely anything, and makes everyone’s mood a little bit brighter by seeing all the color and pattern varieties it comes in! Who doesn’t like duck tape?!

  • Sue Gladden

    duck tape is the best…it can be used for just about everything mentionable. told my kids never leave home without a roll of duck tape

  • Beth

    There are unless uses for it.

  • Elizabeth Edwards

    It’s simple. It fixes everything and if it doesn’t fix it the item wasn’t broken to begin with.

  • Theresa

    Duck tape is amazing it holds the wold together!!!!
    <3 <3 <3

  • Taylor Bourland

    I love duck tape because I can be creative with somewhat of unconventional materials! I love having a little something unique and fun in my daily life! I love using the different patterns and colors of duck tape to spice things up and make adorable and fun crafts! I would be so grateful if I won this contest! Thank you!

  • Maria Soto (@chuyita27)

    and I like you FB page

  • Maria Soto (@chuyita27)

    I shared this on FB

  • Not only is Duck Tape my #1 trusted fixing tool, it is also my favorite decorating item! You can spice up and decorate anything with the many colors of Duck Tape! Also, for the holidays and birthdays, I ALWAYS buy some Duck Tape to make gifts! From wallets and purses, to headbands and hair bows, there is NOTHING Duck Tape can’t do! I should win this so I can bring smiles to my friends’ and family’s faces by using Duck Tape to make their gifts this Christmas!

    Twitter: @BaaBaaBekah

  • azucena

    i love duck tape becuse i can make cretive things with it such as a flower pen,bows,and a lot of ohter realy cool things.

  • Joselyn F

    DUCK TAPE IS AMAZING! I can do anything I want with it. Make cool crafts with people to inspire them to use duck tape not only as something that can help you fix things but let’s your imagination fly with ideas of what you can do with duck tape! It strong and sticky so it won’t break or fall off. It’s not plain, theyres tapes with cool designs! I personally love the cheetah print!!! I can use it to decorate plain old boxes and make them into cute stylish jewelry boxes! You can decorate things with duck tape! Literally anything! You can decorate your room by making borders, your door knob, you window, your frames, seriously anything! You can make accessories! Decorate an old plain head band, or bow even a bracelet! I’ve said this before to people and I’ll say it again, “Duck tape was the best thing ever made, it fixes anything and makes anything look great.” I love using duck tape, it makes me so happy when I’m gonna do something new with duck tape! It brings out the little kid inside of me when I’m gonna use it for a new craft! My next project is… I’m gonna decorate my moms cane using duck tape to make it look stylish. And I don’t have to waste hundreds of dollars to buy things to make the cane look nice, when I can use a roll of duck tape and make it look amazing!!!!

  • Maria Soto (@chuyita27)

    so I just sent out a message on twitter

  • Christina Rivera

    subscribed to your youtube channel! I really want to win this duck tape!

  • Avery Vann

    I should win, because Duck Tape is the best thing in the world, and I LOVE making bags and stuff out of it! I literally make random Duck Tape things, and give them to random people at my school! lol! You can do anything with Duck Tape!!

  • Holly Mitkowski

    Subscribed to Youtube!

  • Alx N.S.

    Duck tape is great for craft projects. My friends and I have craft nights at least once a month and bring our many rolls of duck tape to make a variety of things.

  • Sierra Combs

    I love it so much I covered my pants with the silver, hot pick, and black and wear them to school!

  • Meadow

    sorry about my last comment its not cuct its duct

  • Holly Mitkowski

    I followed shoplet and duck tape on twitter and tweeted about the giveaway!

  • Synthia

    I LOVE duct tape because it has so many uses. When I was in high school, I use to put duct tape on my binders to decorate it. On Day of Silence, my group and I use to write Respect my SIlence on Duct Tape and put it over our mouths, plus write Day of Silence on Duct Tape and put it on our shirts. Now, I use to for Labels for my sons toy bins, fixing things, and lots of random every day, being a mom, type things.

  • Sarah

    I subscribed to your YOUTUBE channel! I really want this DUCK TAPE :>

  • Anndee

    I love duck tape because you can do absolutely anything and everything with it! I love making duck tape flowers and my friend made a duck tape vest :)

  • Christina Rivera

    posted my favorite duck tape color on your facebook wall! pink zebra!! (:

  • I love duck tape because it come in such vibrant colors and makes me smile :) Also, my kids love to use it on EVERYTHING!

  • Stacy Novack

    My daughter and I LVOE to find creative fun ways to use duck tape – she actually made a purse!

  • Sabrina

    I love duct tape for many, many reasons! For Valentine’s Day, I made my husband a bouquet orf duct tape roses, and he loved them! They ended up being a big hit with everybody!! I was known as the duct tape flower girl! I even took orders from people for flowers this year, and they were so much fun to make, and everyone loved them! Also, with having so much duct tape around the house, I’ve found out that it can be used for ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!!!

  • Tiffany Madsen

    I love all the pretty colors of duck tape and had fun using it to move. It helped me to color code my boxes! It was the prettiest packing job ever seen on a uhual! :)

  • Meadow

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE DUCT TAPE i mean can’t you tell?? I <3 cuct tape!

  • mandi salzman

    i love duck tape because you can decorate with it, make wallets, use it to fix things , oh the things you can do with duck tape it is the most awesome thing i would love to win the bag of free duck tape!!!!


    Duck tape is useful for everything! I use it on shoes, presents, even as a bandaid! I LOVE DUCTAPE!!

  • Holly Mitkowski

    Liked shoplet on fb and posted my favorite!

  • Rachel

    I love duck tape because of all the cute things you can use it for such as making hairbows, wallets, bags and bookmarks as well as decorating things such as shoes, headbands and school supplies (:

  • Rebekah Owens

    I absolutely love duck tape! I bought some bright orange in the fall, to wear for a football game. I keep the roll in my purse, so that every time I see it, I’m reminded of fun, friends, and good friends. Plus, you never know something needs fixing, so it’s always good to have it nearby!

  • Jessica Tharp

    I love love love duck tape. I use it for everything to spend packages to my friend, I’ve made plenty of things out of duck tape, I use it for school projects I use it to decorate, I use it all the time. I use it to fix things, I use it to make things look better I just love duck tape!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

  • ashlyn

    i use duck tape on everything!! i use duck tape to remove lint from my jacket, i use it to hand pictures, i use it to decorate my room!!! EVERYTHING in m room i covered in duck tape!! duck tape is the best invention ever!!!

  • Meadow

    DUCT TAPE <3

  • Karina Whitten

    I love duck tape because you can use it for anything!! It’s heavy duty and actually sticks and stays for a long time unlike other tape! And the decorative duck tape is pretty cool because it lets us girls and even guys add a little spice to something that is boring ! I LOVE ducktape!

  • Kristen Duree

    I love duck tape because….
    1. It comes in soooo many different colors it’s the best variety ever!!!!!!!
    2. You can make EVERYTHING out of duck
    tape ( wallets,roses,rose pens,rose rings,clothes !,purses,belts,and much much more !)
    3.the duck brand duck tape has all of those cool how to videos on YouTube on how to make all of the cool stuff mention in #2.
    4. You can sell it at craft shows school anywhere and make a profit.
    5. It super strong , my grandpa used some to patch a hole in his boat and it worked ! We always have duck tape at my house and we use it to fix everything!
    6. And I like the sound it makes when you tear it:)
    So basically I LOVE DUCK TAPE!!!<3

  • Lizz

    Oh, also, I subscribed to the blog via email

  • Maria Soto (@chuyita27)

    WHY? Because you can use it to make anything you can imagine – I’m a crafter and I love using it not only to make flowers, purses, key chains, I use it in my paper and fabric jewelry – with some projects all you need is duct tape and westcott’s cutting tools , your imagination and nothing else – now who would love that?

  • wally

    Everybody leaves multiple comment but they don’t know that it doesn’t improve their chances of winning…oh well

  • megen

    I did extra entry 1.

  • Meadow

    I LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOVE DUCT TAPE! I mean who wouldn’t? its probbaly one of the best things eeeeeeeeever made am i right? yes, yes I am!

  • travis

    It makes a great emergency belt for my car when the rubber one.failed took a bit to get it the right size but it allowed me to make it to a service station without my car overheating yeah to duct tape

  • Lizz

    I love to use Duck Tape for everything, because it’s both practical and decorative, making it pretty much perfect for absolutely anything. I make roses to give to people instead of spending money on flowers that will die, because duct tape never dies. And it’s way more unique. I also made a duct tape chain to hang all around my room, and it is by far my favorite decoration. I use it to label my folders, to hang things on the wall that just refuse to stay up with anything else, to hold down power cords, to hold my hangers together when I pack them up… Like I said, I use it for *everything*!

  • Caraline LaForest

    Its duck tape brand duct tape what don’t I use it for? Now that’s the question? Hmm I’m stumped..

  • Holly Mitkowski

    Subscribed to emails!

  • Ashleigh H.

    I am in LOVE with duck tape because number 1: I’m an art major in college, 2: I’m addicted to crafts, 3: my wallet I made out of duck tape has lasted me for almost 2 years! And finally: because they have Sooo many colors and patterns to choose from! I would LOVE to win this sweet prosaic because someone STOLE all my duck tape :C

  • Liz

    I email-subscribed to the blog!

  • Sarah

    I subscribed via EMAIL!

  • Christina Rivera

    I followed Shoplet and Duck tape on twitter (:

  • Mandi Kerstetter

    Momma always told me duct tape is like the force. It has a light side, a dark side, and it keeps the universe together. And it’s true. i use Duct tape from everything from making purses, to keeping my roller derby gear on my body.

  • wally

    Where to start, I work installing cable and I use duck tape on a DAILY basis there are many jobs that perhaps couldn’t have been finished without it, leaving a whole neighborhood without their cable television. I have also mad many creative things such as belts, wallets, and I have fixed too many things too count with it…I could go on and on and on about how useful its been to me and every penny I’ve spent on it has been a we’ll worthwhile bargain thank u so much for making and selling the best tape there is

  • Ctaci

    I love Duck Tape because I can’t sew! And it’s awesome prints and colors are a big reason!

  • Rebecca Stevens

    Duck tape fixes most everything!!! Plus it can make a boring day pretty interesting. :)

  • Brandy Atcheson

    Duck tape is AWESOME! It works for EVERYTHING!! I never run out!

  • Mae

    Without duck tape don’t know what I would do!
    Our class used it just last week or our hats we made. We only had 2 rolls but we used it sparingly.

  • Mathew McGrath

    I love ducktape because i make tons of things out of it. I have 15 wallets, two flip flops, one bag, and one coat I made out of this stuff. It’s the BEST! I would ove to have some more to make other cool creations.

  • Sarah Kate

    Oh and this will be my third comment here and I signed up for the emails! I <3 DUCKTAPE!!!!

  • Sandi

    went down the line and did them all. Hoping for a great win.

  • Liz

    as a FIRST robotics team once said: duct tape is like the force. it has a dark side and a light side, and it holds the universe together!
    I”ve made shoes, accessories, my prom dress, book covers, secret compartments…I love duct tape!

  • Sarah

    I liked Shoplet on FB!

  • Carl M.

    I love Duck Tape, because it works for everything and anything!

  • Emily Morrison

    you can use duct tape for just about anything. practical uses (as boring as they may be) and just to jazz something up a bit to make it a bit more personalized. i use duct tape for just about everything and am a great fan of all the funky colors. duct tape is pretty much the holy grail of all things awesome!

  • Rose

    Duck Tape is a magical thing that is universally helpful and even better in colors and prints! :D

  • It fixes everything, and it fixes it pretty!

  • Ana Hernandez

    i use duck tape for softball. i fractured my ankle 2 years ago i still hurt a little so i use duck tape to protect my ankle. DUCK TAPE IS AMAZING! I LOVE IT. <3

  • Sabri

    I love duck tape because it can bring out the creativity in me. And it’s tape so it is helpful while making accessories really pop and stand out. I have new inventions everyday and they are really fun. Duck tape is so much fun to work with! (:

  • Rhonda Tidwell

    We love duck tape here. My daughter loves to make purses and wallets and we fix EVERYTHING with duck tape…. from jump ropes to knifes to books. All colors and designs.

  • Em

    I love Duck Tape because it can fix pretty much anything!!! And I’ve used to fix a variety of things! Also, drunk + Duck Tape = pretty awesome times!!!! ;)

  • Christina Rivera

    I subscribed via email to the blog! I really want to win the duck tape!

  • Sarah Kate

    I liked u on facebook and posted my fave duct tape color on ur wall. Then I followed shoplet and duck tape on twitter and posted about the contest! =D

  • LeighAnn

    I love duct tape because there are so many colors and designs. You can make tons of stuff out of it. Also for us rednecks, it can fix anything :)

  • kandi

    duct tape is freakin awesome! love it :)

  • Ana Hernandez

    i use duck tape for softball. i fractured my ankle 2 years ago i still birth a little so i use duck tape to protect my ankle. DUCK TAPE IS AMAZING! I LOVE IT. <3

  • Jessica

    I LOVE duck tape! I use it to make wallets, bags, and a bunch of other crafts. It’s also great for quick fixes. I also love all the colors it comes in now, so many choices! <3

  • Kimberly

    I Looooove Duck Tape! The Awesome Designs And Colors Let Me Express Myself(:

  • Robin

    I love duck tape, aside from being fashionable, the digital camo tape helps patch up rips and broken bits on army equipment. And it blends in so it looks like new again!

  • Charity

    I love making duck tape bows for my daughters to wear in their hair!

  • signed up for email :)

  • Steph Kelly

    I love duct tape cuz how many colors and patterns there are and you can pretty much fix anything with it also I haven’t been able to find a cute purse lately so I just made 3 of them out of duct tape!!

  • liked on facebook

  • Sarah

    I LOVE the leopard print Duck Tape! I put it on EVERYTHING! <3

  • AnNow Hoerth

    I love duck tape because I use it to make roses for people and then they can add any smell to it they want. I also make bags that you can use during the summer to take to the beach with your stuff inside. I lOve it because it makes me feel good the make things for other people

  • Tamara

    I love making duck tape flowers

  • Kelly A

    I’m entering for my daughter. She has over 350 rubber ducks and every color duck tape you make. She’s simply duck crazy. Winning this prize for her would supply ever needed duck tape to her and her dormmates as she heads off to her first year of college in the fall. I hope her school is ready for everything duck! Lots of duck tape would be icing on the cake. Now, if you made duck tape with ducks on it…..she’d be in double duck heaven.

  • Candi H.

    My kids love duct tape. We have so many colors and patterns. It works better than paint and they even make jewelry out of it. Love it!

  • Cassie

    Duct tape is the bomb!!! BEST TAPE IN THE WORLD!!! The reason i would like to win this contest is because I use alot of Duct Tape!! The one i use the most is White Zebra,I use it to make my binders Ductapeioulios!!! and i also duct tape my Nook Color!!! Thanks Cassie!!

  • Christina Rivera

    I love using duck tape in my dorm room! We aren’t allowed to drastically change the room so my roommate and I put duck tape on our desk and closet to give it some color! I would love to win some duck tape so I can use it again next year!

  • Carley

    Hi! I love duck tape because you can use it for everything! I have a duck tape wallet,binder, shoes, pencils and I’ve even tried to make duck tape clothes! Duck tape is SOOO helpful during every situation you can fix everything with duck tape! I even carry it around in my bag!

  • Nicole O’Hara

    Why i LOVE ducktape?!?!?!?!
    Well It is so perfect for almost everything!! and my daughter really wants this she is always bugging me to get her ducktape!!!! and i own a dance studio and all my dancers use it on their tap shoes so they do slip!!! I would really appriciate winning this i liked u both on FaceBook and followed you on Twitter, Tweeted About giveaway and gave a K+ on Klout Suscribed to her youtube channal!!!!! I LOVE DUCKTAPE!!!!!!!!

  • Kari

    Duck tape is amazing! The possibilities are endless. It’s practical and fun!

  • Anna

    Its the new friendship bracelet. My niece and i made a whole bunch for her and her friends out of the different patterns…..=) I love it!

  • Raeann J

    I LOVE Duct Tape for sooo many reasons…I even do paper crafts and use duct tape to make them look even cooler!!

  • Tara S

    I <3 duck tape. For making wallets, purses, messenger bags, flowers, hair bows… oh yeah, and for fixing things.

  • page king

    I liked shoplet on FB, liked duct, liked both on Twitter. And signed up on email feed. Love Duct tape but my daughter LOVES IT MORE :)

  • Chase Halstead

    Duct tape is the best invention ever! I use duct to fix everything i break :) i fixed my chair, i use it to hold up my pants when i forget my belt, i use it to patch holes in my backpack and shoes, duct tape honestly is my favorite invention ^_^

  • MeorI

    Because it helps with everything. Whether it be patching a hole, fixing my dagorhir weapons, attaching items, or making an object more colorful it is there.

  • Duck tape is da bomb!

  • Maddy

    Me and my friends love duct-tape(:! We always like to try and make different things out of it and use are imagination. I been low on duct tape and could really use some. If I win the duct-tape I’m going to try and make a tote with a bird on it! I love duct tape and I really hope you choose me so I can continue my creations.

  • Traci

    I love Duct tape!! I make roses for grave sites of my loved ones. The duct tape roses last for ever! The colors do fade but they last so much longer then the traditional fake flowers.

  • I liked you on facebook!

  • Benny davis

    I use duck tape at my day care center, I let the kids cut out different shapes and letters, then I teach,them what they made

  • Jordan Hall

    The answer to any broken object is more duck tape! DUCK TAPE RULES!

  • Em Robin

    Everyone in my house has a personal favorite and they use it for the stuff that needs tape. That way we all know to whom an item belongs easily.

  • megen

    I love Duck Tape for it’s versatility and color and pattern choices! There’s no tape like duck tape.

  • Becca

    I love Duck Tape because you can use it for ANYTHING! And all the colors and designs make any project that you need Duck Tape for, that much more fun :0)

  • jeanette

    I love duct tape cuz you can fix or make practically anything with it.


    I love duck tape because it has so many uses.

  • scarrick74

    I LOVE duck tape! The possibilities are endless of what it can be used for! Not to mention the awesome colors it comes in! I love duck tape because it keeps me dry! My car was totalled and now I am driving an old 83 Buick that belonged to my grandma and the driver side window won’t roll up. So what do I do? I save money by not fixing it and I instead slap some hot pink duck tape on it and viola! My car is pimpin and I am staying dry in the rain!

  • Caitlin

    i did extra entry five


  • Tamera

    I LOVE duck tape because it has so many uses, A couple of years ago I wrecked my van (backed into a pole) and my bumper was half off and dragging. So I grabbed a roll of duck tape and went to town. It held my bumper on for 6 months through rain and shine till I finally got it into the shop and got it all fixed. The body man laughed and asked me how long I had had the duck tape fix, he was amazed it held up so well and still was holding. It’s amazing stuff!! I now love it even more with all the great colors…my kids and I have fun making duck tape items. Our current favorite project is make frames for their posters that go on their bedroom walls. The duck tape frame keeps the posters from getting ripped and jazz up their rooms when they pick unique patterns and colors. I love the way it looks and the fact it is budget friendly and easy to do. Thanks makers of Duck Tape…you all rock!!!

  • We love duck tape in our house! My kids think it can fix anything that is broken so we use it to fix lots of toys! Works great!

  • Shannon

    I love duct tape because it helps me with my daily needs!(:

  • Caitlin

    i did extra entry four

  • Barbara Edwards

    I liked you on facebook!

  • shelby craft

    I LOVE duck tape I use it for everything I probably go through a roll a week. I use it to keep the back on my remote controls ive used it to fix my phone and believe it or not I have to bring it with me because everyone I know always needs it for something. I also make wallets out of duck tape which is not only extremely cool but also functional it never breaks its awesome I’m currently working on making bags out of it tooo :)

  • Caryn


  • Jeanine

    I love Duck tape because it is so multipurpose! I can make a wallet out of it, fix a broken shelf, or even just decorate w it.

  • Joshua McDonald

    I love duck tape because it holds my TV stand together!!!!

  • Caitlin

    i did extra entry three

  • Amberly Colon

    Duct tape is awesome! And Duck Tape brand is really good quality and it has all those cool, funky colors in addition to the original silver. I love duct tape because it’s the most useful thing to have around. It fits every niche, from creative things to actual work. Though, I must say, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it actually used on a duct.

  • I love to use duct tape to make covers for my books, and to fix up things around the house! I also like to tie my friends up with it when they act dumb ;)

  • olivia

    i love duct tape because it can fix ANYTHING!

  • My favorite color of duck tape is lime! I love making clothes and bags with my duck tape!

  • Madi everidge

    Why do I love duck tape ??? I love duck tape cause you can do every thing with duck tape make eccessories ,fix broken things every thing

  • Michele Garner

    I <3 duct tape! I have used it to make wallets, small purses, fix doors, windows (yes I am redneck!) LOL and just about anything else I want to keep together! Thanks for the entry!

  • Caitlin

    i did extra entry two

  • Derek

    I LOVE YOU DUCT TAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rachel Pierce

    You just can’t live without ducktape. And now its fashionable moving colored forward. I woould love free duck tape, especially since I am getting ready to move. I liked you on facebook and posted this comment. Good luck to everyone!

  • Cindy Holz

    We love Duck Tape here! We use it to make accessories, wallets and purses, as well as fixing the car! Duck Tape Rocks!

  • Yadira Valdez

    I LOVE DUCKTAPE it’s amazing! It works really good,and always puts a smile on my face when I use it :)
    Its very statisfying because you can use it for MANY things!
    Ex:HairBows,Braclets,Book marks and for decorating.
    Duck tape is very usefull and it’s the only tape I use because I know I can always rely on it to get the job done right each and every time! :D
    Sincerely DUCKTAPE lover<3

  • Caitlin

    i did extra entry one

  • katie

    i am an art major in college, and i use duct tape on a lot of my art projects…i was even known as the duct tape queen in one of my classes!

  • Jenni

    I love duck tape! My hubby has a ducktape wallet. I used to use it as a book cover for high school. Now I’m using it to make my daughter pm-poms. The colors and patterns are perfect for anything! I also help my mom with her bakery and cannot wait to get the cupcake printed tape!

  • Madison

    Me and my friends love and always use all our teachers duck tape. My friend has even been making duck tape toms, headbands, and other wacky things!

  • Barbara Edwards

    I love duck tape bc it is the BEST! Love all the fun and funky colors and patterns!

  • Lori Sarchet

    Duck Tape is my friend!!

  • Judy Downs Gray

    Believe it or not, I used the wonderful pink duck tape to mat a picture! It turned out great!

  • Wendy Kemp

    Duct tape is fantastic, and a daily essential for me! I’ve made Christmas ornaments, messenger bags, corsets, koozies, wall art, hair bows, and so much more useful things with it. Making things with tape was something that my younger, autistic brother and I would do as a bonding thing. I never go anywhere without a roll or 3. ;)

  • Duck Tape is maybe the greatest technological advancement since the discovery of oxygen (which is, surprisingly, very important). It is lightweight, durable, and can be accessorized with many items of clothing. Heck, some people even wear it as clothing!
    In short, it is awesome.

  • Caitlin

    woooo duck tape :D.

  • Jes tetrault

    Duck, duck, goose! Duck duct tape rules!

  • Jen Montoya

    DUCT TAPE: Live it. Love it. Embrace it. USE IT! Anything is made better by, prettier by, and can be fixed by DUCT TAPE!! That’s why I love it!

  • Dylan

    I love duck tape because it has the potential to hold my whole world together. Whether I’m using it to put pictures up on my wall,cover my texts books, fix a holey hose, cover a shovel handle to prevent splinters, hold together a busted show stick or even cover an unfortunate split in my show pants during fair. It always does it’s job. It never disappoints and it’s a product that every country girl needs. Heck every girl, every person for that matter needs DUCk TAPE..I love it!

  • Martha Hendren

    I have been using duck tape for years-approx 40-and it is one of the best inventions ever! I used it at one time to hold the bumper of my old Honda together and never got a new one. LOVE IT!!!

  • I liked you on facebook!

  • Alexandria White

    Duck tape rules!

  • BronyOregonian

    When I was in school, I always used Duck Tape to make wallets for my friends!

  • Desiree Charlton

    I love duck tape because you can use it for anything, whether you’re fixing something or making something!! And whatever you do with it, you can personalize it to your style because there are so many different colors/designs!! I’ve subscribed to the blog and liked shoplet on facebook! LOVE DUCK TAPE!!

  • Denise

    subscribed to YouTube channel

  • I love duck tape. Last month we had a semi formal and i made a duck tape dress for my friend, i started making duck tape bows, wallets, hats, pens and in our Tech class we had to build a contraption with at least 2 simple machines i made mine out of ducktape as well. On facebook I liked your page (of coarse) I think you guys are amazing.

  • Nathan

    Because it is duck tape, thus pure awesome.


  • Taylor

    I love duck tape Bcuz i use it 4 everything i used to have a lot but i used it all!!

  • broccoli rat

    I subscribed on your Youtube!

  • my kids love to create things with duct tape and i love that duct tape fixed my stroller basket lol!! :)

  • Erika

    It’s so versitile. I know lots of teachers who use it to mark where the kids should stand or line up in their rooms. Also saw it used to demonstrate area on the hall walls in the upper grade levels.
    I am an aspiring teacher and this would be so handy. I also like to give my daughter’s teachers things they can use through out the year, so either way these will be used in the classroom!!!

  • David Patton

    I tweeted at both your twitter pages!

  • Cheryl

    I love duck tape! use it all the time! @ home, in office, in Jeep & have the brightest colors on my hoola hoop! Don’t ever go anywhere without it! :D

  • Barrett

    I subscribed to your youtube channel

  • Yentruok Renpek

    Sisrcibed to YouTube
    and I love Duck Tape because when I am having a hard time with my disease I can pull out my duck tape a create <3

  • Natasha

    I love duck tape, mainly because it can make ANYTHING!

  • Tyler

    i like it because you can fix stuff with it and you can use it to camo geocaches

  • broccoli rat

    I gave a +K on Klout!

  • I love using duck tape to make my Handmade HOOPS by Tammy! You can find them here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Handmade-Hoops-by-Tammy/214120551971486

  • Who doesn’t like Duct Tape? I use it for everything and now that there are more colors to choose from my options for use are unlimited! My daughters even make bracelets out of Duct Tape! We around our house think it’s the best thing since sliced bread :)

  • Barrett

    I followed you via RSS

  • Marlene

    I liked you on Facebook. I’d like to win the duct tape for my friend, so she can have a prom dress made out of duct tape. :)

  • Liked Shoplet on Facebook and posted my favorite color of duck tape on your wall

  • Katie

    I love it for many reasons, we are getting ready to move so all the different colors would be perfect to organize the boxes to which room they belong! Also great for crafting especially since you make all different colors now!! :)

  • Adria

    I like duck tape for everything….my friends and I made toga like costumes and instead of hemming up the edges we put duck tape all around the edges…..each one of us had a different patteren….it was a hit. I also have kids that love it for their crafts!

  • Jennifer O

    I love this tape because I use it to cover shoes, make bracelets, bags, and wallets that are all super stylish from the cute prints! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

  • Jessica

    I use duck brand tape almost everyday, I help run a ranch and anything that needs a quick fix, duct tape is there to help. Its also great for when a horse tears a hoof, its packed with gause then wraped with duct tape, it holds perfectly and works great. Not only do I use it at the ranch but also at my own barn and house. We moved barns and had to box almost everything, Duck brand tape kept everything together. The Neon Orange and Camo tape is our favorite, it also helps when a rip occurs in our hunting blinds, a long lasting fix when you dont have much time until that big buck comes along. My family loves Duck brand duck tape.

  • broccoli rat

    I followed Duct Tape and Shoplet on Twitter!

  • Barrett

    I followed you and duct tape on twitter and tweeted about the giveaway

  • Lori Sarchet

    I love the diverse things I can do with Duct Tape! I have used it for medical purposes to covering a dent in the car. Not to mention taping boxes together, Halloween costumes, and hemmed up a skirt in a flash. I can’t live without it.

  • Maximilian Paul

    I should mention, too, that much of what makes my dorm room different from everyone else’s (posters, stings of lights, etc) is made possible by Duck tape, though not necessarily of the silver variety. Duck tape is easy to use, and never ceases to amaze! Surely, a bag of Duck tape would be a lovely treat for a rainy day…!

  • Morgan


  • David Patton

    I sub to your youtube account! 8brandnewday8

  • broccoli rat

    I liked shoplet on Facebook!

  • Gerri Stempa

    I am a youth leader at our church for middle schoolers. We love Duck tape. We recently made Duck tape art for our room. We taped Duck tape to canvases and hung them up to add color to the dull walls.

  • Sam Etchison

    What’s NOT to love about duck tape?! I’ve made wallets, book covers, flowers, hats, shoes, and more! It’s fun to be creative with duck tape!!!

  • Patrice

    I love making duct tape roses and giving them to my family.

  • Darian

    I liked you on facebook and I subscribed to the emails!

  • Maissa

    I love duck tape, because as a active student I constantly am in need of supplies such as duck tape. Only now its fun and stylish to use! I use it even not for academic purposes, like who would have known duck tape would make a stylish wallet? Or a super cute quick fix on jeans! A trend has started and i want to be first to join it it:)

  • Libby Joy

    Duct tape is so fun to make stuff with! You can do almost ANYTHING with it from crafts to saving lives! (it can happen!)

  • broccoli rat

    I subscribed with email!

  • Hannah Ruprecht

    I love duck tape because you can do every thing with it!! To fix anything around the house to hanging up pictures in my locker!!! It is just a GREAT. Thing tO have around the house!!

  • Cassie Harrison

    I love duck tape because it can fix everything! I can remember when I was little my cousin and I bought the pink duck tape and made wallets with it!! I also made a robot for school out of duck tape! Duck tape CAN do ANYTHING!!!

  • Denise

    liked on Face book

  • Ty Blevins

    i love to do different stuff with it like make braclets bow ties hair bows, etc.

  • Kristen Kovatch

    I work at a horse hospital, and we use Duck Tape all the time! We wrap horses’ feet with it to protect bandages and hold medications. It also has hundreds of uses all around the hospital and in the barn.

  • Suzanne

    Wow, can never have too much duct tape. Especially when it comes in so many great colors and patterns.

  • Camey Miller

    I liked Shoplet on Facebook and also told them my favorite color was the pink zebra print. I LOVE DUCK TAPE!

  • Barrett

    I liked your facebook and commented that my favourite colour duct tape is the cupcake print!

  • Juliana

    I am wanting to enter the contest. Please!

  • debbie

    We love Duct Tape for all uses: the kids make random stuff; the Mom uses it for mending, patching and mailing; the Dad: in the shop & around the house!

  • Jesse

    I love duck tape, eversince i used it for my junior prom last year, me and my date went throught ten rolls and her dress was a beautiful yellow. I hope to win so that this years prom will be like last years!

  • Denise

    I love Duck Tape!!! I use it for everything, I’d be lost without it! And it comes in such cool colors now, love it!!!!

  • Melissa

    I love Duck Tape and use it on everything!! There is nothing you can’t use it for. There is even Duck Tape on the inside of my truck for the shear awesome of it.

  • Darian

    I love using ducktape for three reasons!
    1. You can use it for anything.
    2. It is easy to tear! You don’t need any scissors!
    3. It is in a lot of colors.

    I use my duck tape in a lot of different ways. I use it for getting lint off my pants, making my notebook and binders look cooler, and taping up anything that’s broken :P.

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  • broccoli rat

    I love duct tape because it is so versatile!

  • The reason i love duct tape is because i get to use my imagination to create things such as bows, flowers, purses, wallets, hats, and more! I use duct tape almost everyday and i would be so glad if I won this gift:) I have been making duct tape crafts for 4 years now and i still love it!

  • Bret Roman

    I’m subscribed to you on YouTube, liked you on Facebook, Followed you on twitter! Just for Duck Tape :D i love it!

    10. CROWNS

  • katielovestaping

    And I subscribed to your YouTube channel:)

  • Jill Watson

    I love duct tape! It is the fix anything make anything of the household! What did we do before duct tape?????

  • Guillermo cardenas

    I love decorating and wrapping loose wires with colored duck tape. Duck tape rulez!

  • Sarah Kate

    I loooooooovvvvve duck tape because u can do anything with it! From doing handyman jobs, to making bags, to creating a colorful bouquet of roses!!!!!! I also love all the colors and patterns of duck tape! U can really let ur imagination run free and creat magnificent things!!!!I am an duck tape addict!!!!! <3

  • deana hansen

    how can you not love duck tape. it has way to many uses. it is the tool of the gods…….

  • Anna

    I liked duct tape on facebook. I love all the pretty colors of duct tape and how you can use it anywhere on anything!!!! :)

  • I love it becuase it fixes everything!!! ‘Cept for a broken heart… XD

  • Rachael

    Followed Shoplet and Duck Tape on Twitter, plus tweeted

  • Kasandra Bryant

    Different colors and designs. Different uses and awesome projects. There is no denying it: I love duct tape because it is duct tape.

  • Maximilian Paul

    I was recently tasked with creating a robot/futuristic costume for my 12-year-old brother. Naturally, I turned to silver Duck tape, tin foil, poster board, several cardboard boxes, plastic wrap, and some rather unique articles of secondhand shop clothing. It took a little while, but the end product was one I’m pretty proud of! My brother’s classmates appreciated my work, and ultimately it was a pretty enjoyable experience, made in part by silver Duck tape!

  • Eva Portillo


  • Jessica C

    Being able to use this amazing tape for Crafts!!!

  • Peggy Clifton

    I love duct tape because I can look stylish while driving in heavy traffic with tape on my mouth. It helps my potty mouth.

  • Denise

    My family has used duct tape my whole life. I use the colored duct tape for bindings on books. I am a teacher and we make books every year with duct tape. Love it!!

  • Kat

    liked on facebook/ posted on wall

  • Nicole

    Duct tape is such a creative substance, it can be used for anything by anyone with any level of experience!

  • Laura Leager

    Duck Tape is the best invention ever! I have actually seen it used to hold a motorcycle together…..

  • katielovestaping

    I also liked your facebook page:)

  • Christina Nazarin

    I love duck tape because i’ve been able to make soo many things with it! The awesome colors are great for a DYI interested person. I’ve made wallets, totes, clutches, and flowers!

  • Karen V

    Love all the wonderful colors of Duck Tape!

  • Shyanne

    I LOVE DUCT TAPE because it can fix anything and I love decorating my phone and my whole room with the cool designs that you guys had made!!:) thanks!

  • one cannot live without duct tape::::::::::: well i cant anyway.

  • Frankie Griffin

    Love Duck tape for everything. My daughter and I made a dress for her for a party and we’ve made hats wallets and all sorts of fun stuff!!!

  • We love duct tape because of all the interesting things that can be done with it – like covering model airplanes!

  • Denise

    subscribed to shoplet by ernail

  • Harley

    i love duct tape it is my favorite thing to use ever!!! i love to make flowers shoes purses and bracelets with it!!!!

  • Jennifer Young

    Duck tape makes decorating fun!

  • Liz

    I want to win this so bad!!! Does it come with the cute duck too? I posted on twitter and facebook as well. I already have a ton of duck tape that my mom gets me from her work, but I love it so much I always want more. I LOVE IT!!!

  • katielovestaping

    I love duct tape because it is a fun new medium to be creative with and there are so many things you can do with it. It also allows you to decorate larger canvas like walls and stuff as well as decorate things that paint and markers can’t be seen on. Dresses, school supplies, bags, and wallets are less than half of the things I’ve done with Duck tape!

  • theresa

    i want to win the bag of duck tape because I don’t have much money to go get the duck tape I would like because I use duck tape all the time to make gifts. I love to make gifts and such for people I love making stuff like cards flowers flower pots and sooooo much more I love it I absolutely do and it would be AHmazing if i could win the bag of duck tape

  • I love Duck Tape! I use it for everything, fixing things, boxing up my stuff (I move a lot) and of course arts and crafts! My favorite is the leopard print! <3

  • Marisa

    I love the utility of the duck tape product

  • Sara

    I love duck tape because the possibilities are endless! The new colors make any project colorful. A bag full of duck tape would be a great birthday present since my birthday is today! Good luck everyone!

  • Grace Preissler

    Duck tape is my life! im in love with it! i use it on just about anything!! the different colors, styles, everything about it i love!

  • El

    I LOVE DUCKTAPE! It’s strong convenient and fashionable!

  • Adam

    The versitilitay of Duct Tape is amazing. One is able to create cute projects, help with tasks, and shut people up! :D

  • Sarah

    You can make and repair anything with duck tape! Who wouldn’t love it?! Both my brother and I gave eachother some for christmas!

  • Erin

    I love duck tape-there are so many things you can do/fix/make with it. And now there are so many options-fixing and making things is now so fun!

  • I always Duck tape my packages before I mail them so they are fancy and colorful for my friends to open. It’s fun to watch them go through all the layers of fanciness too.

  • Paige story

    Duck tape is freaking amazing…. That is all

  • Dana

    Duck tape is awesome!!!! It brings back so many memories for me. My grandma showed me the joys of duck tape and of how you could fix anything with it from a hole in the wall to using it as a band aid. ha ha

  • Abby C

    I just used Duct Tape to make wallets as a project for my Weblos Cub Scouts. It can be used for anything and everything. I <3 all the colors.

  • Shauna

    I love Duck Tape!! It is so useful for a lot of things. I helped my sister make a bridesmaid dress out of Duck tape for her friends wedding we had so much fun with it!!

  • Kristin

    I absolutely love duct tape! I’ve made so many things with it: bi fold wallets, tri fold wallets, shorts, roses, ties, purses of all sizes, and flip flops. I give these to my friends for gift giving occasions and I also sell what I make.

  • sheila davis

    I love duck tape but my daughter has been making wallets— coin purses —– and roses. She is tring to make a purse and she loves all the colors that Duck Tape has.

  • abigail r.

    I luv duck tape cuz its just awesome! I can seriously make anything with itttt and it rlly comes in handy when u 4got 2 get some1 a gift

  • Devon Hatton

    I have loved duck tape since childhood. You ability to fix any problem that I have created has been a great asset throughout my life. Without you my bumper would not have stayed on, easy costume swords could not have been made, and I would have never been the coolest kid at school with my homemade duck tape wallet. Without your Tape/Glue awesomeness, my life would have fallen apart.

  • Aubriana Knell

    I love duct tape because I play soccer and I use it to hold my shin guards in place! I also use it for ANYTHING that needs tot be held together! And I’m running really low on tape. My favorites are zebra and chrome!

  • HI! I love duck tape,I even used it in creating two of my sons Halloween costumes last year! I also liked your fb page :)

  • Aimee Barnes

    What’s NOT to love about duct tape???

  • Carolyn marie cook

    i love duct tape because we get to make braclet and necklace out of it! me and sister love makeing stuff out of duct tape!

  • Jessikah Balentine

    I <3 it and use it everyday…I play roller derby and am constantly running out..it would be awesome to win this…I would be very grateful…thanx.

  • Autumn

    I love duct tape because you can fix anything with it!! It is also great for making things. I would love to win this and give (some of it ;) to my boyfriend for a present! :D

  • Annie

    i love duct tape because you can use it for everything and also you can make really cool shoes out of it!!!:)

  • Cierr

    Why do i LOVE duct tape???? What is there not to love about it! I think that duct tape is the best invention EVER!! I use it on everything! I even used it to build a bottle rocket in my Astronomy class….i used polka dot, Hot pink, Peace sign, and splatter to create the rocket….. i even won the design contest! I think that duct tape is amazing and i love all the different kinds, i own about every color of duct tape there is, i would almost say i collect it (: I would love to win this! It would make me very happy and my duct tape collection would get bigger (=

  • Allison Cruz

    I love duck tape because it fixes everything and comes in cute colors!

  • Robin

    I love duck tape because it can be used for EVERYTHING! And you guys have the best duck tape EVER because of the different colors and designs.

  • Katy

    I love duct tape because is fixes everything! And now with all the different designs you can make your repairs look good! And that’s why I really want to win this!

  • rayanne polm

    just did the email subscription :)

  • Justin

    I love Duct Tape because at my school I make duct tape wallets and sell them to people ( In desperate need of more duct tape)

  • Becca birch

    I love duct tape because it is the best thing every you can do anything with it ,from household fixes to well anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i love duck tape

  • Jessica

    I wrote my favorite color on the Shoplet FB page. It’z zebra at the moment..

  • cindy

    I love duck tape because it’s so fun and no calories!!!! It can be used for so many different things.. and when I am busy doing things, I am not eating… So it is the best diet I know!

  • Maddi KIng

    I LOVE DUCK TAPE! :) <— Yes, thats how I thought it was always spelled! I make everything out of duck tape! So does my sister. Were working on a prom dress along with shoes. We have made hair bows, huge hair bows, purses, hair ties, walets, you name it we make it! :) To get this duck tape would be awesome because It would really help my sister to start her business, which we can really sponsor you! :) Please help us….it would be GREAt!

  • amy

    We want the Easter Bunny to bring us a basket ful of pretty duct tape please!!

  • nicole levy

    I love just love duck tape I use it for everything everyone I or someone has a problem the first solution I suggest is duck tape it lol. It works for almost everything I pretty sure if I could use it cook in or cook with or even diapers I probably would. When my nephew had first learned to undue his diaper I took duck tape and tape it around he thought it was cool but mad cuz he couldn’t take his diaper off lol.

  • rayanne polm

    Just did face book :)

  • Nicole

    subscribed to blog

  • trevor

    Duck tape solves every problem there is and looks good on a lot of stuff I love duck tape and can’t live without it

  • Kate

    I love Duck brand Duct tape because your variety of colors allow me to do all sorts of things with duct tape! I can make bows and ribbons, fix furniture, make wallets, decorate my room, and all sorts of things! All the different designs keep things interesting, and if I ever have something around my house that needs to be patched up, I can fix it with a design that I love!

  • Zack Jordan

    I like u on fb, follow you on twitter, and i like duck tape cause i can make things out of it

  • Dani Mag

    I love duck tape because there are so many colors and designs to do stuff with, it’s gone artistic :) I’m a model and I’m even making a duck tape dress for one of my future photo shoots!

  • Ethan

    I love Duck Tape! It’s what designates me as a Human or Zombie in Humans vs. Zombies at school and makes my Nerf blaster look pretty awesome!

  • Renae

    my nieces put duck tape on everything! and they are so creative with it!!

  • Jason

    I. Love. Duck. Tape.

  • christina staskiewicz

    My daughter makes the most awesome stuff out of your duct tape!!! Hair bows, wallets, bracelets!! They are adorable. I even fixed my screen door and baby gate with duct tape!!!

  • Connor

    I love duck tape because it holds up against water an it won me 1st place at the florida state fair on my goat poster i would love to win duck tape because i live on a farm an we use it all the time with projects an building decorating ect.. so please pick me im 14 i was diagnosed with ewing sarcoma when i was 13 i still go through chemo an i love making duck tape bracelets wallets purses for other teens who have ewing sarcoma an other cancers so please pick me Love – Connor

  • I love duck tape you can use it for anything

  • Codie

    Duck tape is awesome! So much fun to make things out of it! ^_^

  • Kassie

    duck tape is just amazing, simply said it’s ducktastic!

  • Rachael

    I “Liked” Shoplet on Facebook

  • Jessica

    Why do I love duct tape? Well! It’s helping me create beautiful duct tape roses for my daughter’s birthday party. Every centerpiece is made with duct tape, and it looks amazing! :)

  • Jordyn

    I liked Shoplet on Facebook, subscribed on youtube and the Shoplet blog!

  • Doreen Dee Cadd

    Our family loves Duck Tape! My niece made a purse out of it!

  • sue jones

    love it for crafting

  • Madison Farley

    Why do I love duck tape is you can do absolutelt anything and everything sometimes in class me and my friends duck tape someones mouth just for the fun of it…

  • Ant Linda

    Just getting into duct tape !! My niece has her own business . She is 13 and makes all kinds of things wallets,shoes ,skirt ,coin purse ,,,,You name iy she makes it !! Best part she donayes a % to Red Cross. So yes love it and could use it !!!

  • Samantha Johnson

    LOVE Duck Tape!! Being from the South we use it for everything! :) Love all the new colors and patterns that have been added to the collection over the past few years!

  • Heather

    Duct tap help give me a chance to save things I need and with all the new colors it helps to make them look even better making them have an artistic pop!!!

  • Olivia

    I liked shoplett on Facebook

  • sally

    i love duct tape because it solves just about any problem.

  • Alicia

    I love duck tape because you can make so much out of it! My prom dress was duck tape :)

  • ashley hafen

    i love duct tape because…it can fix anything(well almosty everything) it makes really sturdy things such as wallets, shoes, roses, purses and much much more

  • alisha

    duck tape rocks! theres so many cool designs and you can do anything with it i love duck tape

  • Camey Miller

    I would so love it if I could win all this duck tape! I have so many plans and ideas for this duck tape! Hope you all have a wonderful day!

  • Amanda

    I love Duck tape because it fixes EVERYTHING! There are so many colors and designs that you can match it to anything and it looks great!

  • Tess

    I love duck tape because it’s so versatile! I can use the patterned tape to repair my folders and binders in style, decorate my pens and pencils with it, and just look really cool for school! I can make wallets, flowers, hair bows, and even jewelry with the cool colors of duck tape! When I need a quick fix for a rip or tear in a shoe or backpack, duck tape is there to save the day!!

  • Rachael

    I love Duck Tape because of the fabulous colors they offer and all of the awesome ways I can use it around the house!

  • Kat

    subscribed to the blog!

  • Margo

    Duck tape is awesome… I’ve never really used it for anything other than fixing up stuff, but all of my friends make shoes, wallets, etc. I would love to try it out and make a few things myself!

  • Elizabeth Robertson

    I love using Duck tape. I use it to fix my folders and books when they tear and in all my little household projects. You can never go wrong with duck tape. I LOVE DUCK TAPE!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Nicole

    Subscribed on Youtube

  • Julia

    I love it because it is amazing and fixes everything

  • Phil Minton

    i have been making duct tape wallets for the past year and selling them!!….i was planning on making a website for them…with videos and stuff….i am running low on duct tape and need some moree!!!!!!! PLEASSEEE PICCK MEE!!…..duct tape is my LIFE!

  • Amy Thosmpon


  • rayanne polm

    I love Duck Tape because you can use it for everything! With the new color options out there are really no limits!
    I subscribed to your email, liked you on facebook and subscribed to you on youtube. Commented in all places :)

  • Tanya

    I love duct tape because it can truly fix just about anything. I’ve used it for so many things it’s ridiculous. I’ve even used it to act act the cork on my saxophone in marching band so my mouthpiece would stay on! Duct tape is one of the most versatile things out there.

  • Alex

    I need a lot of duck tape(: So I hope I win, and if I do, I would like neon colors, and purple

  • Barrett

    I love duck tape because it’s so pretty and so useful at the same time! That’s how everything and everyone should be. Sadly they’re not, and that’s why duck tape is my one true soulmate.

  • Nicole

    Liked on Facebook

  • Lauren Reyes

    also my b-day is in a couple days :))

  • Victoria Sibbett

    I subscribed to your email

  • Joe

    I love Duck Tape because it is an all around tool for everything in the household. Plus, there was an entire “Home Improvement” episode based on the pronunciation of ‘duct tape.’ All of the cool designs on the tape turn a piece of paper into a work of art.

  • Amanda Rabe

    Whats not to love about ducktape?? love making crafts with it !

  • Duck tape holds the universe together.

  • Sarah

    I love duct tape because it can fix anything and you can make so many cool things with it. It’s absolutely amazing!

  • Michelle Thrasher

    I love Duck Tape because it works on everything!!

  • Allison Ramsey + Danielle Van Patten

    Dude I love duct tape bc it fixes EVERYTHING ……… And……We make wallets and I HAVE DUCT TAPE SHOES!

  • Lauren Reyes

    I LOVE making flowers with duck tape and bows and i wanted to try to make a wallet. But duck tape is the BEST!

  • kamryn bryant

    I LOVE YALL!!! I make alot of things with duct-tape like bracelets and necklaces and roses and flowers!!!!!! Please give me a bag of free duct-tape!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!

  • Elizabeth Wing

    I love duck tape because you can use it to fix anything it also looks cool and has a great feeling. I also love it because it’s fun

  • Kelly

    I love Duck Tape! Best stuff to tape or decorate just about anything!

  • Kat

    I love duck tape because they make hello kitty duck tape!!

  • Jacquelyn Yoder


  • nic

    Duck tape is the best because you can do anything with it. Got a roll of duck tape? That can keep you busy for hours. It’s the best thing since sliced bread!

  • Karen

    Duck tape is amazing because it helps me think outside the lines!

  • Keith

    I make can huggers and coasters from Duck Tape.

    I have pictures at http://www.flickr.com/keithorigami

  • MAc

    I love duck tape because it literally fixes everything!! (Zombie apocalypse essential)

  • CJ Childs

    I love duck tape because it can fix ANYTHING :)

  • layla

    I love duct tape! i would love to win this! and the reason i love duct tape is because you can make so many different things with it! i subbed to your email, liked you on facebook, and subbed to your youtube channel! and i comment on both you tube and facebook! please im dying to win this!!! =D

  • tabatha heavner

    subscribed to blog using email tabatha.heavner@ymail.com

  • I love using duct tape to make really cool things like folders note pads wallets pencil holders roses bookmarks and alot more thing! :) I LOVE DUCT TAPE!!!

  • Hi. I liked Shoplet on Facebook and posted my fave duct tape color.

  • Hi! I subscribed to the Shoplet Blog via email.

    Nichole Baker

  • I am a new fan of DUCT TAPE. I recently started making duct tape rose pens to sell to try and help support my family. Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Lindsay James

    Why do I love Duck Tape? There is NOTHING you can’t do with a roll of Duck Tape! From fixing things to making accessories (hair bows, wallets & even clothes!), the uses are limited only by your imagination. The new colors and patterns that are available make Duck Tape that much better!

  • Debbie Welchert

    I subscribed to your YouTube/flipper1ize

  • Debbie Welchert

    I follow you and Duck Tape on Twitter and tweeted giveaway. https://twitter.com/#!/flipper211/status/180626536762834944

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    I like you on Facebook and commented on your wall/Debbie Welchert

  • Debbie Welchert

    I subscribe via email.

  • Debbie Welchert

    I love duck tape because it can fix anything. We use it to fix about everything at our house.

  • kevin

    it super awesome in some many ways it unbeliveable

  • Tanya Conley

    I work at a Plasma center which requires us to use shields. To personalize our shields and give some variety to them, some of the employees have been using the different patterned duck tape to decorate with. I love butterflies and wondered if you had a butterfly pattern.
    Thanks for helping us bring out our fun personalities at work!

  • Silfire Aling

    With duck tape, I can create a googolplex amount of things!!! If there is something old, I can always make it something totally new with duck tape! The best part is that there are soooo many types of duck tape- ones for allll occasions. :))))))

  • tabatha heavner

    subscribed to the shoplet youtube channel as tabatha heavner

  • julia

    oh and it is awesome because it has soooooo many uses like making stuff and fixing things and it has other uses too =) <3

  • tabatha heavner

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  • tabatha heavner

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  • tabatha heavner

    I love duct tape, for one, it fixes anything literally! Plus I love to make purses, wallets, pens, anything you can think of out of it!

  • julia

    duct tape is just awesome and thats that

  • I like the ducktape! It works good for shutting kids up. They never suspect a thing.

  • Nigel Pearson

    Duck tape – so I can gaffer with style!

  • Derek

    Well… It’s just that freaking amazing… Nuff said :)

  • Lindsay

    I LOVE DUCK TAPE!!!!!!!!!! as a matter of fact i have my own facebook page…. its called DuckTape=] i have a ton of tape and “ductape” everyday in any emotion…. winning this would mean ALOT to me! I love it its half of the 2 activities i do with all the love in my heart…. the two things are: “ductapin'” and Hunger Games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe…. but ya…. no words can express how much i love duck tape:D <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • I love Duck Tape so much for so many reasons. The major reason is that you can make so many different things with Duck Tape from wallet to bags to ties. I make and sell Duck Tape creations ( mainly wallets) and it is so, so much fun. I mean the wallets are easy to make and easy to sell most of the time and with MANY amzing color and prints, and MANY color and print combos it makes it even better. Making thinks with duck Tape in my eyes and to many are like making a piece of art. Don’t forget the durabliaty too, because it is wicked strong and that makes all my project better for the customer! In my oppion Duck Tape shoud be part of the ten things to bring on a hike and I always bring it. There is nothing bad you can say about Duck Tape! At all! These 15 rolls of Duck Tape would really help me out and make my fans happier. Duck Tape is exspencive and hard to get sometimes too. Please help this small town Business with picking me!
    Joseph Mitchell
    CEO of Duck The Tape Designs

  • Eunice Alberson

    Love the different colors. We have wallets in all styles. Fun for projects and crafts for all ages.

  • Heather

    I like duck tape because it fixes anything! My daughter is in love with the designer tapes now (and I find it EVERYWHERE!). The colored duck tape really is fun and colorful.

  • Theresa J

    I follow on you tube janke5

  • Theresa J

    I gave Shoplet Klout

    I gave Shoplet.com +K about Office Supplies on Klout
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  • Theresa J

    I love the durability of Duck tape and the many uses. I also love all the different projects you can use it for. I am so happy that there are now so many color and design options

  • Kelly

    I love duct tape because you can make so many different things with it! I style up my locker with all the designs. Everyone is always standing around my locker admiring the work I put into my duct tape. I love duct tape!

  • Carrie Stoneburner

    I love all of the crafts and stuff you can make with duck tape!!!

  • Deanna Williams

    No matter how many ways you think of using duct tape, there are still thousands more!

  • Nett Woodard

    I love finding all kind of uses for duck tape. My favorite one so far is the Butterfly one. I made my neice a clutch and change purse out of it. She loves it and takes it everywhere.

  • Roe Leone

    I create hand-made note cards and donate them to non-profits to sell at their fundraisers.
    I would love to incorporate fancy Duck Tape in my designs.

  • Wendy Normand

    I love duck tape b/c there are SO many uses for it! Very creative product!

  • Megancita

    Duck Tape makes my heart happy. And I am terrifically poor, so I would truly appreciate some stock of Duct tape to use while making crafts with the children I work with. <3

  • Denise

    Who doesn’t love DUCK TAPE?!! It’s the most amazing invention with innumerable uses and now with so many colors and designs, it’s so mucn fun to repair things– why buy new?

  • denise pressnall

    I love Duck tape ..use it to decorate packages. Plus with all the new patterns I can be creative in many more ways!



  • Joanne

    I would love to win these so I can try the different colors! They look awesome!!!!

  • Paula

    I love ducktape for everything! Especially Lime green and orange!

  • I love duck tape because it sticks where you put it. Also, I have several things around the house that my grandchildren have made from duck tape that I will cherish as long as I live. Keep duck tape coming.

  • Theresa

    I love duck tape because you can do so many things with it including decorating (borders on walls) Yeah, I might be a redneck!! :)

  • Roberta Manna

    Love this stuff. Think the colors are great. I have used it for painting and making edges on things while painting.

  • Christine

    Duck Tape has saved my life! Since there are endless uses for Duck Tape (of which I used many)…my favorite to get out of sticky situations are: 1) color coding items for storage 2) weather stripping windows 3) patch a leak 4) broken shoes 5) kid’s backpack patching 6) costumes 7) unexpected car repairs – yes, true! I always grab the duck tape first before a tool! Now that there are so many neat designs I can be stylish too!

  • Whitney Schneider

    I love duct tape, I have used it for so many uses and made many creative this with it.

  • I LOVE DUCT TAPE because it helped me raise the money to purchase a Memorial Bench by the beach in honor of my mother who passed away from a very rare Breast Cancer. Ive since started a Non-Profit Foundation, Present from Patty, which is aimed to help lower income cancer patients. This bag of duct tape could continue to help me help so many others :-)

  • We have used colored duct tape to decorate for our VBS programs the last few summers. Used yellow to make ‘streets’ through the hallways last year. Also have used red and black to make railroad tracks. So many colors, so many uses!!

  • Jasmine A

    My 13 year old daughter makes sculptures with the duct tape. I can’t keep her stocked up fast enough! . SHe WOULD LOVE to win DUCT TAPE. It would be like christmas and Halloween and Thanksgiving all at the same time. I get yelled at if I use her stock for the regular uses of duct tape. Like sealing stuff etc.

  • Karla

    I love that Duct Tape has sooooo many colors and patterns to choose from. You can create ANYTHING!!!

  • Beth

    Love Duck Tape as it comes in so many cool colors and patterns to create many different usuable items! wallets, purses, bows, etc. Love it, my daugter is always asking me to buy her more when she sees a new cool color or pattern!

  • Kymba W

    You can use it for so much!

  • Karen

    We have been using colored duck tape in our home for years. With 3 girls we were excited when they came out with new colors and designs. We have used for so many crafts and their father gets a kick out of it when he needs it to repair something and its pink…..

  • Angie Bailey

    I love Duck Tape because it’s been around a long time and is a name I can trust and depend on to get the job done. I especially loved printed Duck Tape because I, as a woman, can find so many more things to do with it other than fix things! : )

  • Chryssy

    I love duck tape brand is because my family loves it because it’s durable and every one in my house uses it. I make bows, hair bands, wallets, cases for electronics etc. My dad uses it to repare stuff my mom uses it to paint. Also it is fun to work on stuff with the whole family. Because of duck tape brand there is more family time

  • I love the beautiful things out of Duck Tape. I am not artistic and can’t play an instrument to save my life so it makes me feel creative. Also I love that duck tape gives me a way to make one of a kind gifts as well!

  • i love duck tape!!!
    i especially like the pink and zebra and the hot pink!

  • You do know that there are 5 new designs out in stores now. Penguins, neon zigzag, blue with white Hawaiian type flowers and Pink and Grey argyle, like they wore in the 80’s. There is a pic right here. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=387686897927778&set=a.264656893564113.76500.264135113616291&type=1&theater

  • Wow, I am sharing this on my FB page https://www.facebook.com/DucKTapED00HickieS

    Lots of people watch my page for news.

  • My daughter loves to make all sorts of crafts with duck tape! She would LOVE to win one of these bags filled with it!

  • Derek D.

    Duck tape is my favorite thing ever. I only use Duck Brand and I love it! The quality is good, the designs are awesome, and it works perfectly! I’ve tried a lot of duct tapes but Duck Brand is the best! I have almost every pattern and color. I’ve been doing it for two years. It’s great to make crafts and fix things with style! Duck Brand is really awesome and it will be my favorite forever!

  • email subscriber: blondie_31971(at)yahoo(dot)com

  • I like Shoplet on Facebook (Carole Spring) and posted my favorite color of duck tape (hot pink) on your wall.

  • angela collins

    I love duck tape to make really cool things for my daughter and all of her friends. Wallets, belts, roses.

  • Cindy Fisher

    I love duck tape because it keeps my granddaughter busy doing her fabulous design projects. i am so happy that she is using duck tape and her creative mind for her design project.

  • Kathryn

    It is so unbelievable how duct tape can be used for so many things !!! I never have any duct tape and there’s a few things i want to try and make with duct tape but I don’t have any!! :(

  • I love duck tape because it can be used to repair so many different things and the new bright colors are awesome for craft projects.

  • Whiney

    I love duct tape! it is super great for making wallets, accessories and other things! i use it for decorating all of the time! alos for science class we make rockets that we must decorate with tape and it would be so fun to get to make it with my favorite duct tape!!! <3 <3 <3

  • jeanna

    I love duck tape because you have so many choices when it comes to color and pattern. I’ve made wallets, purses, roses, jewelry, and even a dress with it. Its a great creative outlet!

  • Marisa

    I love ducktape you can use it for so many things and it’s a great tool for anywhere I use ducktape all the time!!!:)

  • Ashley

    Duck tape…… What can i say besides its the greatest thing ever invented!!! <3 I cant wait to bug my mom to take me to the store to buy me the new cupcake duck tape that just came out!! ;D Duck tape brings out the creative side in not just me but everyone who uses it because all the possibilities and things that you can make out of ducktape are endless. I love duck tape sooo much i even did a report on it and i got an A+!!! I am completly STUCK on duck tape!!

  • Melissa Howarth

    I love duct tape because it gives me something to do in my free time! I make rose rings, heart rings, braided rings, braided bracelets, bow ties, neck ties, folders, bows, bags, notebook covers… I can make basically anything with it! I even my my prom dress from the stuff. Duck brand is definitely the best brand out there, too. It has a lot better quality than any other brand of duct tape that I’ve tried. I duct taped my shoes with black for a concert once. We needed close-toed black shoes, which I didn’t have at the time… but I did have duct tape!

    By the way, I subscribed via email, liked shoplet on facebook, follow shoplet and duck brand on twitter, gave you a +K, and subscribed to the youtube channel.

  • Aubrey

    I want to win because i love duct tape! i make wallets, hair bows, flower pens, coin pouches and other stuff. duct tape is super fun and i love making stuff with it. and you can just cover stuff with it like folders and make them look cool.

  • Bernadette

    I love the new colors of duct tape, I make bubble wrap suits as gag girts for my clutzy friends.

  • Valerie

    I liked you on facebook and i subscribed on youtube

  • Valerie

    I love duck tape because of all the colors and because it fixes anything! I love wearing bows made of duck tape and using a wallet made of duck tape! :)

  • Ashley

    I’m so in love with duck tape! I decorate everything with it, and I like to make stuff like hair bows (I wear them everyday)

  • Eren M.

    duct tape fixes everything! and comes in handy to make cool gifts out of and you can use it to tape boxes. I plan on moving soon with a job so duct tape would come in very handy to help pack all my stuff!

    Extra entries:
    Liked Shoplet on Facebook
    Followed Shoplet (@shoplet) on Twitter
    Followed Duck Brand (@theduckbrand) on Twitter

  • belynda

    gave you a +k

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  • belynda

    I love duct tape because its fun!

  • I love love love Duck Brand duct tape! I’m a college student and one of my semester projects is using Duck Brand duct tape to make fashion accessories. Basically it’s to show how useful it is when you want to be original and unique.

    I also follow you on Facebook and Youtube!


    I love duck tape for marking all kinds of things, both at home and at the office.

  • elizabeth l

    duck tape is so totally awesome because its colorful and we make a whole bunch of cool stuff with it!!!!

  • Carly D.

    I love duct tape because I can make purses, flowers, bows, flipflops… etc. It is amazing how much you can make with duct tape. I love it!!! Just some skill and love, and you will have some nice home made gifts for the family!!

  • Kristen

    I love ductape!! It helps me get through everything!! I would be so lost without duck tape! I had to use duck tape to close up the top of y fishtank because i have a fish that would swim right out of there lol. I would love a bag of your beautiful duck tape!!! <3

  • jamie

    I have always loved duct tape,,, now both my daughters love all the new colors and patterns tgey come out with … Our all time favorite is the OU and OSU since we are truly a house divided… In fact my oldest daughter has made an OSU wallet and an OSU cell phone case for my husband!!! Thank you for all the neat ideas it keeps them busy!!!

  • yamara

    Easiest,cheapest fix to my daily mistakes.

  • andrea

    i love duck tape because you can use it any where and is colorful

  • Tonya Shelton

    Love Duck Tape FOR EVERYTHING!!! My daughter just used it to jazz up her crutches (she has to be on them 6 weeks and wanted them to be fun!) and it worked great! We use it SOOO MUCH for marching band, kids crafts, and gifts!! LOVE DUCK TAPE!!!

  • Aaron H.

    i use duct tape for every thing i wear duct tape shoes i made my wallet that and many more

  • I really LOVE DUCTAPE because I make random crafts with ductape and i sell them to friends. So plz send me a bag i could send a craft to you guys!!

  • Emily Garland

    I love duct tape because it completes me. It is the wind beneath my wings! The ketchup to my fries. Duct tape is the food to my soul! When I figured out that duct tape was my talent I am not committed to it! When I run out I feel like I have died and when i get a new roll, I come back to life. Please choose me for a duct tape winner!

  • Evelyne

    no tape makes hold stuff together as well as Duck Tape!

  • lauren marie

    I LOOVE duct tape. When I was in high school I got all the colors they had out then and used to make duct tape wallets and purses and backpacks for people. I would love to get into that again, especially with all the new awesome prints they have!”

  • Cyndy Campbell

    I love duck tape because my kids at school can pull anything off the table that will move.

  • Victoria Phillips

    I love Duck Tape because it fixes everything!!! We have Duck Tape on the roof, and holding our Christmas tree together, and on the back of my phone, and the list goes on and on!!

  • Amy Markiewicz

    Duck Tape Is awesome! Its also how i past the time while my soldier is overseas! Duck You complete me!!!!

  • Abigail

    I love duct tape because you can use it for literally anything you can make a craft project out of it. Fix a hole in your shoe while also making it more stylish and flashy. Or even use it to jazz up your house, an outfit or even the way your hair looks.

  • Jess

    Why do I love Duck Brand Duct Tape? The appropriate question is “why don’t you love duct tape as much as I do?” That’s a real question, but you can’t answer it, because there’s no reason not to love duct tape as much as I do. It’s not an obsession, it’s love.

  • dakota

    i love duct tape and i follow u on fb..

  • Reagan

    liked and posted on facebook!

  • Reagan

    just subscribed to your youtube channel! (StrawberrieSmoothie12)

  • Reagan

    I love duck tape because its fun and fixes everything! Me and my bff have a bussiness so it would be awesome to win! 15 rolls? WOW

  • Ashley Steiner

    I absolutly LOVE duck tape because it fixes everything! it always solves my problems and with the cool designs you can make it stylish!

  • Aubrey Smith

    OMG!! I absolutley LOVE Duct Tape!!Especially DUCK BRAND DUCT TAPE!! Duct tape is awesome you can make lots of stuff with it! I LOVE DUCK BRAND DUCT TAPE!<3

  • Bethany

    I love duck tape! If I need something to stay put, I use duck tape! If I want to make something stay put but I want to add a little flair to, I can use one of the many choices of colored tape!

  • Tina Burnopp

    I would love to win that AWESOME bag of DUCT TAPE to give to my Daughter(14) and Son(13) for Easter!!!!!!!!!

  • Jennifer Clark

    I liked you on facebook!!! <3

  • Jennifer Clark

    I subscribed to you via email!!! <3

  • Miya Russell

    i love duct tape! my bider is covered in purple, hot pink and cheetah. i love it!

  • I love DuckTape because I haven’t found a job that it can’t do! Heck, my close cousin’s car has a fender that is made of ducktape! It looked good until they decided to paint over it, should have just gone with a red Ducktape to match.

  • Jenn Summers

    I like to craft with ducttape. I have made flowers, wallets, and a laptop bag!


  • Katelyn

    i lvoe duct tape because you can use it fo everything! posters, tapeing things together and for keeping things in their place!

  • Genesis B

    I posted my favorite color/pattern on Facebook (Genesis Marie).

  • Mackenzie

    I love duct tape because it makes eveything colorful and better in life plus theres so many varity in color wise!

  • Barry Vaaler

    Because it holds things together comes in different colors and fixes almost everything

  • Victoria T

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Duct Tape! It allows me to be Creative and Expressive by creating all different types of art! I Hope I win this… it will allow me to create some AMAZING works of art… I Promise :)

  • I love duct tape because it’s so versatile! And so easy to use with tons of colors!

  • Jenn Summers

    I love making things out of ducttape! I have made flowers, wallets. and a laptop bag!

  • Mylinda

    I love duck tape so much i use it for so many things and I love it soo much and its so useful for so many things i ecspecially love it in different colors it makes it more unique

  • tina lehman

    My daughter loves Duck Tape because she loves to make flower pens, purses and wallets that she give to all her friends.

  • Genesis B

    I love duct tape because it lets me express myself. I love the patterns they have and the durability of the projects I make with them.

  • Julianna

    the colors are AMAZING AND IT WORKS SO WELL<333

  • Jason M

    First of all let me just say what is the reason not to like it!

    I love duck tape for so many reasons! There designs are crazy and great and they fix EVERYTHING. Some ways i use duck tape is….

    2.fixing things
    3. bragging rights :)

    And plus a wise old man once told me if the answer is not duct tape the question is WRONG

  • Traci

    I love Duct Tape and use it for many crafts in our non profit organization.

  • Why do I love duck tape? One big reason I love duct tape is because IT STICKS. When I need something that holds I know I can count on Duct Tape to deliver in strength and holding power.

    There are many times I’ve run over our sprinkler system pipes with our riding mower (shhhhhh) and I used Duct Tape to fix them and no one is the wiser lol. Summer is coming and I need to restock on my Duct Tape stash ha.

    Also… FYI… I know someone who makes wallets and other imaginative items from Duct Tape, he sells them and I’ve never bought anything that didn’t last from him.

    Rock and roll Duct Tape!

  • I’m subscribed to Shoplet.com on youtube (terrishaven)

  • I’m following both on Twitter (terrishutterbug)

  • I “love” Shoplet.com on facebook and I shared some pretty pink Duct Tape :)

  • What a neat giveaway, thank you. I can think of several people who would love to have this. Myself included :).
    I’m subscribed via email (terrishavenATgmailDOTcom)

  • Tiffany

    I love duct tape. I also boxed up baby clothes with it recently. My sister just moved from Dallas to Chicago and we used duct tape on all of the boxes in the uhaul!

  • Teresa Moore

    follow Shoplet via rss via google reader

  • Teresa Moore

    I like Shoplet on fb and stated Hello Kitty is my favorite.

  • Teresa Moore

    Duck tape is really neat, especially now it comes in colors and designs. It is great for craft projects.



  • Danielle Searles

    I love to use the patterned Duck Tape on things that will be out in the open for all to see. I have younger children and we do not want to replace our furniture for a bit until they are a little older and it is still very comfortable but one of the seams came out of the bottom, I used one of the retired patterns on it and everyone that sees it says “wow what a great use for the patterned Duck Tape!” I am sold on the fun Duck Tapes I like making the wallets and bracelets too.!

  • I tweeted,and followed and did all the steps! i hope im one of the lucky 5!

  • Just subscribed to your YTube page.

  • I just fanned you on FB Hope I win.

  • I am a huge fan of DT on FB have been for a while. Come check out my page too. https://www.facebook.com/DucKTapED00HickieS

  • circulating

    I love Duck tape… my daughter, when she was little, used to call it goose tape… ;)

  • Annmarie W.

    I subscribe to your YouTube channel! (amweeks00)

  • Annmarie W.

    I follow you both on twitter & tweeted! https://twitter.com/#!/amweeks/status/179952814678740993

  • Annmarie W.

    I’m one of your facebook fans & left a message on your wall! http://www.facebook.com/Shoplet/posts/10150859747068275

  • Lauren

    I love duck tape because you can do whatever you want with it

  • Annmarie W.

    The real Duck Tape lover in this house is my daughter. She uses it for all kinds of crafts…she even made a purse out of it!

  • meredith

    I love Duck Tape because it is very handy. I really want to make Duck Tape crafts and the free tape would be great to start with!

  • meredith

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  • LeAnne

    My 12 year old daughter LOVES duct tape, we have about 11 different rolls. She makes rose pens, flip flop decorations, wallets and she is always trying to figure out more. She would be so excited to win some as we go through it like crazy…

  • Susan

    duct tape is awesome, use it on everything

  • Rachel

    I subscribe to the Shoplet Blog via Email and would love these to use at work!

  • Rachel

    I use duck tape a lot as I am the one who ships out packages at work. Would love these!

  • Janet

    It stays where you put it, in all kinds of weather. There’s a color for every purpose. Never leave home without it. Handy for fixing everything!


    i LOVE duck tape

  • alexis

    i subscribed to your email and liked it on facebook !!

  • alexis

    for many many reasons !!!

  • alexis

    i love duct tape !!!! the reason is because duct tape is my life i always a roll with me :) duct tape is my buisness and my hobby !!!! please choose me !:)

  • Melisa Turner

    Just subscribed to ur YouTube Chanel :)

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  • I followed and tweeted both twitter accounts!

  • I subscribed to your youtube channel!

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  • Melisa Turner

    Just liked Facebook page and left a comment.

  • Melisa Turner

    I love duct tape because with it I am making some neat crafts and making some money to buy my two baby girls (1year, and 3 months) what they need :)

  • stacey copenhaver

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    Zebra stripe

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  • Dina

    i love duct tape for so many reasons. 1, you can do ANYTHING with it. so far, I’ve covered by locker and text books with it!
    2. the wallets you can make with it are almost indestructible and a great thing to sell and learn about business.
    3. you can even draw with it! by cutting little strips of the color u want and putting them in the right place can make a beautiful picture.
    4. you can make clothing! I’ve made a few shirts and a skirt and I’m in the middle of a dress right now!
    5.if you ever break your arm/leg or get a cast, instead of getting an expensive cast cover, you can just cover it with duct tape and change it as any themes as you want!
    6. you can fix things (thats boring though lol)
    7. its a great way to have fun!
    8. you can re-cover wood furniture if the paint gets messed up (my entire desk is now DT and soon to be my bed)

    right now i only have a few roles left but i have turned half of my room int a duct tape studio with places for all different prints and a draw for the sharper pieces.


  • I love duct tape because it gives me something to do! And when i’m in a bad mood it makes all the bad things just go away.i know that you probably won’t see this but i just wanted to say that duct tape is awesome and I mean it Truely! <3 ~Josh Arevalo

  • Dana M.

    I subscribed to your Youtube channel. http://www.youtube.com/user/Ladybug21708

  • Melissa

    I love Duck Tape. Use it all the time. My favorite is the pink zebra print. Used it today on my bow case. I haven’t been able to find the color I wanted so I used the pink zebra. It turned out great. I love it.

  • Dana M.

    I’m following Shoplet and Duck Tape on Twitter (@LaDyBuqGiveaway) and tweeted about the giveaway.

  • I love Duct Tape because it allows me to help otu so many people. With duct Tape I have been able to donate to the Relay of Lfie in Canada and in the US and to the North East Pyr Rescue! Duct tape also makes so many people smile and be amazed when they see what I can do with it. It also gives me and my mom lots of fun bonding time! It helps fix so many things as well!

  • Dana M.

    I like Shoplet on Facebook (Dana McWilliams) and posted my favorite color of duck tape on your wall.

  • Dana M.

    I subscribed to the Shoplet Blog via email.

  • Dana M.

    I love duck tape because there are so many uses. Duck tape isn’t only used for boxes and storage anymore, but also in creating unique crafts!

  • Derek Patton

    Nothing Can Get Any Better Than “Duck Tape”

  • Cooper

    I love duct tape because i use ALL the colors on both of my computer and my door AND my 2 foot long duck tape ball made of 100% duck tape
    love you guys and could use more duck tape

  • Derek Patton

    I love “Duck Tape” because I can make many amazing things or items with all of the colors of “Duck Tape.” Every time I make something it never tares easily and I comes in handy.

  • I love duct tape because i can’t sew >w<

  • Carolyn Goodwin

    We use duct tape to raise money to help others. We have helped the Relay for Life, North Eat Pyr Rescue group and a fund raiser in my town. Free tape will let us help so many others. Plus it’s a great mother daughter time.

  • Kerry Hastings

    I absoltultly love duct tape. I love it because you can do what ever and fix anything. Also, Arts & Activities, Kitchen & Bath, Moving & Storage, Sports & Recreation, Home Maintenance, Mailing & Shipping, Painting, Weatherization. I made 2 duct tape skirts, 3 phone cases, 3 paintings using duct tape, 10 bows, 5 headbands, 5 keychains, 4 purses, 1 braided braclet, 1 computer bag, 2 wallets,3 pillows, 7 flowers, 10 bookmarks, AND MORE!!!! I love all the colors and patterns. I am going to teach my friend alot about duct tape. Also, the duct tape is waterproof. i got 30 rolls for Christmas. Now I only have 7 rolls left!! I need more. I am part of the Duct Tape Club. When I am older i want to be part of the Duct Tape Stuck At The Prom Contest. I want to make my own duct tape design. I think it would be AMAZING!!!! I am the only 1 of my friends who LOVE duct tape. All of them find it wierd. So I tell them it might be wierd but, I am wierd so we fit together like the song Perfect Two by:Auburn. So I would love to win the contest. I am a duct tape freak. I wish I had enough duct tape to fit my dresser. I am a fan on Facebook.com and Youtube.com.

  • Sarah

    Hi I’m Sarah and I’m 11 I LOVE your duct tape!!!!!!!! Your brand is the best I’ve ever used, its really “stuck” with me. The reason why I tried Duck Brand Duct Tape is because i was just searching for fun crafts to do on Youtube and the first thing that popped up was how to make a duct tape purse published by ductbrandducttape and I looked at it and told my dad to buy me some duct tape for Valintines day. I must say that the stuff he got me was not very good. It had no adhesion compared to yours. It only came in one boring color… black. Just to sum it up I love your duct tape because it is way better than other brands I’ve tried. Please never stop making duct tape!!!
    Your Fellow Ducker,

  • Peyton Houk

    I <3 duck tape because kids love it and its awesome to make fun things with . I decorate everything in duck tape because it awesome..I go to stores once a week to see if they have any new duck tape and to buy more rolls of what I already have because I go through it so fast because you can make so many things with it like ipod touch case..bows..wallets..folders..flowers etc. I love duck tape I really wanna win this contest please pick me

  • Miranda New

    why i love duck tape is i make stuff out of it like pruse, roses, wallet, phone case, tie, and a lot more stuff . So if i win the bag of duck tape it will be well love… I love crafting it fun you can use duck tape of all holidays

  • Coiurtney

    I love duck tape beacasue i make pens with a flower on top made out of duct tape!!! I sell the pens for 2.50 and donate it to St. Judes! I love to help the kids! So that is why i love duck tape and want to win all of the duck tape!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Shari

    The kiddos and I are loving making wallets and purses and inventing new designs, like an oversized cell phone pouch that is easy to find in my purse and protects my cell phone screen. I put a pocket on the back for pens and it’s large enough to hold my headset (always used to misplace it) and a small notebook. Excited to make more stuff. I think I’ll mis in some oilcloth next!

  • Danette Marshall

    I liked Shoplet on Facebook

  • Danette Marshall

    I love duck tape because there are sooooo many uses for it.

  • Lauren

    I love duct tape because you can do whatever you want with it. It’s your imagination!! I love it!!!!! :)

  • Emily L. Moore

    O. M. G. I lov duct tape!!!!!!!!!! I had 17 rolls of duct tape I used it in a month!!!! I made a shirt out of duct tape (taped a shirt) I love duct tape sooooo much I duct taped my tree house!!!!!! I duct taped my backpack, all my spirals, and my expandable folder!!!!!! I really want to duct tape my locker. I also duct taped my closet. (I am obsessed with duct tape) oh and I like taking the glass out of 3d glasses and duct taping them. I love duct tape!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kaitlynn lux

    Duct tape oh duck tape
    Please please don’t ever leave me
    Duck brand I love you

  • Emily


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  • Keisha Kent

    ducktape is the most genius invention ever, not only does it fix everything but the Duck company made it stylish!

  • Duck Tape is awesome! I use it for soo much stuff. Its so cool! I donate all the money i make worth making stuff out of duct tape, then selling it to charitys, and people who need it the most. I’d be over-joyed to win this. They have soo many cool and funky colors, and designs. Its breath taking with so many uses. I’d thank you if I won! Thank You soo much for your time reading this!

  • I love Duck Tape, It’s truely amazing!! I love the colors, designs, and crazy / funky patterens! Duck Tape has 100’s of use’s, and the main 1’s i use it for are crafts, projects, fixing, and reparing. I’m 10 years old, and i have a duck tape bussiness, and all the money i raise goes to charitys, the red cross, familes who need, and many others. If I won this I’d be so happy, and I’d be very thankful! Thank you!

  • tried to give +klout, but the site was being buggy- added you to my influencers though, and will try again!

  • I follow both of you on twitter- tweeted about it with my @tracyfisher account :)

  • I subscribed to youtube! I’m ubergeek0 over there!

  • I follow you on facebook! love this giveaway

  • Nancy T.

    Liked on Facebook and posted a color- Zebra print!

  • Nancy T.

    I am subscribed to the Shoplet Blog via Email!

  • Nancy T.

    I love Duck Tape because it actually sticks!! The strength is amazing!

  • I subscribe to email

  • I love duct tape because it has brought so many people in my life together. Since I started duct taping, I have met many new friends and fellow duct tapers online, and I have heard some amazing stories from my customers. I raise money for breast care at the Upstate Cancer Center as well as the American Cancer Society. I have heard stories from survivors, family members, people going through cancer, and from people who have lost loved ones. The support I have experienced is amazing. I never knew duct tape could have such an impact!!!

  • I love Duck Tape because I can fix anything with it, as my husband has so proudly showed me

  • I love Duck Tape because it has SO many uses, it not only fixes things, but identifies them and just generally always works for whatever you want to use it for. Very smart making it in all of the colors and prints. Love it!

  • RC

    Finally… I follow you guys on Youtube. Love your videos!

  • RC

    and I like Shoplet on Facebook :)

  • RC

    I am an RSS subscriber

  • RC

    Duck tape is so pretty! and I absolutely LOVE the pun in the name.

  • kathy

    hi i really love duck tape it is the best i do not know what i would do without duck tape it is my favorite thing in the world i make a lot of stuff with it and i would really love to win the bag of duck tape i hope you pick me and by the way i love shoplet.com i use it all the time to buy stuff

  • CR Williams

    I love Duck Tape because if you have that, some wire, and maybe a bit of bubble gum, it will be possible to completely reconstruct Western Civilization once the Mayan Apocalypse is over with at the end of this year.

  • katie

    hi i would love to win a bag of duck tape it is the best thing ever i make bracelets purses wallets key chains and a lot more i really want to win this duck tape is the best thing ever i always use duck tape please pick me to win the bag of duck tape pretty please!!!

  • Julie Peterson

    I liked the thing on facebook,and wrote my favorite color too!

  • Julie Peterson

    I like to use duct tape because I like making bags, wallets, and roses with them. I also love to collect duct tape!

  • Kellie Stulz

    I love Duck Tape because it keeps my son busy for hours. He watched a video online about how to make wallets out of Duck Tape and made a special one for each member of our family last Christmas. He gave me one with a zebra pattern, his sister received a pink one, and his dad got a cool camo wallet. I love to see him using his imagination and having fun.

  • Marma

    I luv duc tape….. I have taped from taping my niece’s shoe in a bar to my grandkids taping their plastic balls and bats to make them last longer. It has held up my window in my 71 bug…. I use it for a 1,000 different things. My grandsonseven made some wallets.

  • Debbi Tinch

    I have always loved the “fixability” and versatility of Duck Tape, but hated how it looked when it was only available in silver. Now, with all the fun designs, I try to find excuses to use it! My favorite use is sealing our totes when we take vacations at the lake. Our clothes and food always stay dry in totes sealed with Duck Tape.

  • Joni Bundas

    I love duck tape. There are so many different ways of using it. You can tape your shoes together if they are falling apart. Use it for labeling. Hold your window up in your vehicle if your window mechanizism isn’t working. Lets see masking tape do that !!!!! Its great stuff.

  • Ashley

    Duct tape! Yay!!

  • Ashley

    i love duct tape!

  • Ashley

    Duct tape – can be used for everything!

  • Damon Campagna

    Nice, Duck Tape in different patterns. Camo tape is awesome! Very exciting!

  • Hyrum

    I love Duck Tape and use it all the time. I would love to have some more colors, though.

  • Chandra

    I love duct tape! Use it daily – have about 37 different patterns/colors! Can’t seem to get enough of it…

  • Brittany

    The zebra stripped tape is definitely my favorite!

  • Carol Beatty

    Duck tape has so many uses and these are so pretty!

  • Pamela


  • Patricia Henderson

    We used Duck Tape just this morning to remove a rose thorn! it has so, sooo Many USES! I collect Ducks also, so I would Love to win!

  • DUCK TAPE !!! Use it for EVERYTHING. Very versatile.. especially in the Barn..

  • randy

    Duck tape rocks!

  • Pen

    Duck tape…the ultimate McGyver tool!

  • shelby

    I love duck tape because its just so cool u can fix and make almost anything with it and when its colorful and fancy its just a hundred times better. All my friends think I’m wiedd because I’m absessed with tape and collect different patterns and colors. But I. Don’t have any of the. Ones ur giving away yet. Also I think the little duck stuffed animal is really cute. U should send me a bag of duck tape because tape is amazing and I love duck tape…p.s. I liked ur facebook page :)

  • shelby

    I love duck tape <3

  • Misty

    I used animal print duct tpae to mend my cat carrier. It looks pretty too and very easy to spot mine.

  • Karen

    I use duct tape to keep the soles on my lawn mowing shoes last a little longer. When they start flapping, I just wind it around a couple of times and Hey “like new” shoes. I used hot pink the last time. Bought 2 rolls of Gator duct tape for my nieces in college.Thanks duct tape

  • Patty

    Duck tape is the do all when our production is in a jam.

  • Jaclyn

    Duck tape colors are great for work, home and school! I am packing up for a move and could really use some DUCK TAPE to get me motivated to box up everything for my family.

  • Beth Hilleke

    Duck tape is addictive. One can never have too much.

  • Michael

    My daughters create the most wonderful things from duck tape – bags, wallets, purses, pencil boxes, sandels, sculptures. We took one daughter to her Cotillion last week and she gave my wife a clutch and me a wallet for the special occasion, and they were both made of duct tape. And to think, I uses to just use it to fix the handle on the rake.

  • Subscribed on youtube!

  • I wants it!

  • pauline miller

    I have never seen anything like this until now! I’m already thinking of all the cool things I can do with these!
    Decorate! Make the holes in my husbands van look stylish!

  • Catherine Wayne

    What is there not to love about duck tape??? I use it most every day for something.

  • christine

    My daughter uses duct tape to decorate everything.

  • brenda

    We love duct tape. We made a dress form to fit using a couple or rolls of duct tape. This would have been impossible without duct tape!!!

  • Anne

    Everyone in my house uses ducktape. its our go to to fasten, fix or repair.

  • Jordan

    I love duck tape because I’ve made wallets,pens,penical case,bracelets.

    So I would love to get the tape so I can continue makeing my crafts. :)

  • bea

    D Tape is the answer to everything.

  • M Felton

    I follow you on youtube and facebook. I use my lime green duck tape on everything…my hubby uses his camo duck tape for mounting scopes onto his rifles lol and making hunting gear :)

  • Sarah

    I love how you can fix or create anything out of duck tape. I made my daughter a backpack, and its been through EVERYTHING. Still looks great.

  • Y. Lee

    Liked Shoplet on Facebook and posted my favorite color as well! Facebook posted as Tea Lee btw

  • Yik-Ting Lee

    I’m also subscribed to the blog via email.

  • Yik-Ting Lee

    Because they are strong and come in so many different colors, designs and patterns!

  • Ali

    Because Duck Tape is the only tool I’ll ever need!

  • Why i love duct tape

    1 – endless possibilities
    2 – it’s not very messy (unlike painting, and most other crafts)
    3 – it’s fun to make stuff with it
    4 – allll the colors and patterns are awesome!
    5 – it can fix anything
    6 – through making duct tape crafts, i’ve gotten to meet awesome new people, and gain more friends!
    7 – it’s opened me up to a whole new world of ideas
    8 – it’s waterproof and durable
    9 – you can decorate something plain and boring and end up with a whole new item
    10 – how can i not love duct tape?

  • subscribed on youtube!

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  • S Chen

    I posted something on your facebook wall.

  • S Chen

    I subscribed to your youtube channel (uhsband11)

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  • S Chen

    I absolutely LOVE duck tape because it comes in a variety of colors and designs!

  • followed duck brand on twitter

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  • Alice Jackson

    I use duct tape for a variety of things but my favorite use of duct tape is to make arts & crafts with my grandchildren, they have such creative imaginations!

  • I’ve started duct taping in October after seeing a commercial. I’ve been surprised how many people like my work. I recently got accepted to sell my Duct tape Bags/Clutches/linyards/wallets/flower pens/flower arrangements at a local store in Norfolk,Virginia called Kitsch. I will be a vendor at my first craft show on April 21st. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on Duct tape as a hobby and its well worth it! Thanks for supporting is Duct tapers!!! Check out my Work!

    Thank you!

  • Joanna Pettitt

    I love duct tape for fixing gig gear as well as crafting. My old band used to even have DuctTape in our name :P. It is awesome the new designer colors, especially for crafting and such.

  • Kelsey Buvala

    I’m following Duck Tape on Twitter!

  • Kelsey Buvala

    I liked your Facebook!

  • Kelsey Buvala

    I subed to your Youtube

  • Kelsey Buvala

    I use duck tape to make bags and wallets and I’m going to make some jewelry with it!
    I would love to win!

  • MelodyJ

    Google Reader subscribe.


  • MelodyJ

    It’s one of the most creative ways to craft.


  • Rebecca Winters

    I love duct tape because it is honestly the best thing ever made! You can use it for anything and everything! And I DO!!!

  • Jennifer

    I subscribed to your youtube channel as Glitterberry2013.

  • Jennifer
  • Jennifer

    I liked shoplet on Facebook and posted something on your wall.

  • Jennifer

    I am a duck tape junkie! I have made countless hairbows, wallets, various cases for my phone, ipod, etc, plus I used it to decorate all of my school supplies. Also, my messenger bag I’ve been using for the past year is completely made of duct tape.. I’m seriously obsessed with it.

  • Hilary Patton

    I love being able to fix things around my classroom with some pizazz! Im a first year, Special Ed teacher and just starting to get used to how often things break (and with ZERO funds to replace them). My students love that they get to add some personal detail to those items and make it unique, just like them!

  • KAMoore

    I like Duck Tape cuz it’s so versatile! It’s utilitarian yet fun; inexpensive, but not ‘cheap’; it can be found in a tool box or a craft tote; it can be used to repair an existing item or create an entirely new thing. What’s NOT to like about Duck Tape?!

  • Banana

    I love crafty projects with Duck Tape — Purses, clutches, wallets, cell phone covers, pencil holders and so much more. Plus it will fix anything :)

  • Jennifer S.

    I love duct tape because it comes in amazing and beautiful colors and patterns and you can use it for like everying, even clothes lol.

  • ducktape_deacon

    I think my favorite color is the gray, however I have been known to make everything from hair bows to roses and wallets with the camoflauge and pink zebra stripe. This would be right up my alley.

  • lisa horn

    i love duck tape because there are countless amounts of thing you can do and make with it, the patterns are beautiful and the quality is amazing :) i will always use duck brand!!!

  • Schmidty

    I’m subscribed to your youtube (rusthawk)

  • Schmidty

    I follow you and duck tape on twitter and tweeted https://twitter.com/#!/rusthawk/status/179403141589118976

  • How could I not LOVE duct tape! It’s the ultimate multitasking tool that everyone should always have at hand, where you’re temporarily fixing a leaking radiator hose or making a wallet it can be used in thousands of applications!

  • Schmidty

    I follow you on facebook and left a comment as Rust Hawk.

  • Schmidty

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  • Schmidty

    Perfect for camping, mending, emergency repairs and now it comes in colors and designs!

  • LeAnne Osuna

    Two days before my wedding we had set up a tent we bought for the reception, unfortunately, the wind decided it looked better wrapped around a tree. We were able to straighten the polls but the joints were weak. Thanks to Duck Tape, I was able to get all three colors from my wedding in Duck Tape and use it to secure the joints of the tent.

    The tent was later on used for my husbands college graduation party, I just changed the color of Duck Tape to match his graduation colors.

    Duck Tape ROCKS!!!

  • Joe Horrell

    I like Duck Tape because you can make so many things out of it. I make a lot of Duck Tape crafts and I use it for everyday needs. It’s truly the universal material.

  • Carolyn Barnett

    I Like Shoplet on Facebook as Carolyn Barnett and i posted my favorite color of duck tape on your wall and i also shared this giveaway.

  • Carolyn Barnett

    I Subscribe to the Shoplet Blog Email as crb370981954@ at yahoo

  • Carolyn Barnett

    I love duck tape because it will fix anything that i need it for. I love the Hot Pink!!!

  • Kelsey Sisson

    I LOVE DUCK TAPE!!! IT IS THE BOMB.COM! I LOVE TO USE IT FOR EVERYTHING, to cover books, bags, bracelets, head bands, rings and much more! I would love this!

  • Theresa

    Duck tape holds the world together :)

  • Matthew Riley

    Duck tape (unlike the commonly mistaked boring gray “Duct” tape) is the most useful household tool imaginable. Not only will it litteraly fix any household problem that could potentially appear in daily life, but it also adds color and liveliness to your house and life.

    You can do virtually anything with it as well. Make a sweet wallet, a beauitul flower, or even crazy clothing! The possibilties are endless.

    And this is why I love Duck Tape.

  • They would be a big help for any future home organization projects, with different colors and designs!

  • Utawna Leap

    My daughter and I use Duck tape for all sorts of repairs and creations on her wheelchair and other equipment. It is SO cool to have fun designs now. :)

  • Linda

    I love duck tape. It has become a very relaxing hobby for me. I just make stuff for the fun of it.

  • Larkin

    I love duck tape because it makes everything so colorful!

  • Kenny Sechrist

    I love ducktape beacause it is able to fix every thing from cars to houses to shoes and many other things

  • Alicia Smith

    I love duct tape. Especially the Zebra print. I covered my shoes with it.

  • joseph guerena

    duck tape is a great item for arts and crafts

  • I love duck tape sooo much that i sell duck tape things and sell to people for money and all the money goes to hospital for cancer!!!!

  • Diane lafrance

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    I +k’d you as @ drybick on twitter

  • Meghan M.

    Yeesh. I use Duck Tape for waaaay too many things, so have 15 more rolls would be pretty nice. Taping folders, making wallets, fixing hair straighteners, making bags, making gifts, mending Uggs (and numerous other pairs of shoes) and many more. Duck Tape is awesome! That was how I started my first business a few years ago, which earned me about $100, a lot in an 11-year-old’s book. I love Duck Tape because it lets you be as creative as you want. You can do anything with it, so your possibilities are endless. In a nutshell, Duck Tape is great because you can take your imagination as far as you want- there are no limitations to what you can do!
    -Meg :)


    i use duck tape for every thing. from repairing toys,furniture and yes even clothes. that is why i use so much of the color tape. i love it.

  • Sarah

    I love Duck Tape because it’s like a best friend. It can take the broken pieces of my belongings and make it beautiful again. It lends spunk to my notebooks and is SO great to use to make nifty crafts like wallets and roses. It’s a great home rememdy for warts and helps heal cuts faster. It has helped many times with last-minute marching band uniform issues, like when people have forgotten black socks or grabbed the wrong hat, we just slapped on some black duct tape and the problem’s solved. But most importantly, Duck Tape is the best lint remover EVER! I’m in jazz band at my school, and we wear black pants and black button-up shirts. I live with two cats, and they love to get their hairy selves all over my jazz stuff. Duck Tape has rescued me from furry demise so many times that it’s crazy!

  • Monica Vaughan

    Our family loves Duck tape to decorate school supplys to make each kids stand out from the crowd… lots of fun!

  • Marty Sanders

    I like duct tape because it reminds me of crome!

  • Victoria Garcia

    I love duck tape because it works so well. People always say how they use duck tape to fix everything, but I use it for more than that…I use duck tape to make wallets, purses and mini hats. Duck tape is so useful, I love it for every reason.

  • Sara Phillips

    I +k’d you as @SensiblySara

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    I follow Shoplet on Twitter and Duck Tape on Twitter and tweeted! https://twitter.com/#!/SensiblySara/status/179380884888240128

  • Sara Phillips
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    I get your emails!

  • Sara Phillips

    I love duck tape because my nephew makes AWESOME wallets out of the stuff!!

  • Kaitlynn lux

    Here’s an Italian sonnet for duct tape

    Best kind o tape that I see on this land
    Of neon and pastel colors from this
    Incredible amazing Duct tape bliss
    Duck happens to be my favorite brand
    You make a watch band from one single stand
    Cool hat to impress the guy that you kiss
    With a simple wallet you just can’t miss
    A guitar strap for you and your cool band.
    Other things you could do with this stuff?
    Maybe a sail and a simple kids boat
    How much for Me? I just can’t get enough
    use it to seal up a tear on your coat
    Meet cool people that share the same passion
    As you with your awesome duct tape fashion

  • Cindy K.

    Love all the colors and patterns. Have made some bags with duck tape ane would like to learn to make more things.

  • I like all the new patterns and colors.

  • Anthony Kase

    I WOULD BE NOOOOOTHING WITHOUT DUCK TAPE!! If anyone ever needs helping fixing things, they come to me cause I always got the Duck Tape™!! I recently made a tuxedo and ran all out of duck tape so i uhh….. need some more…

  • Monica Horn

    I liked your facebook page and posted my favorite color there. Thanks :)

  • Monica Horn

    I love the paint splashes duct tape in the picture. I haven’t seen this one before. My son and I used duck tape to make a piggy bank rocket for my son’s school project.

  • I like shoplet on facebook :)

  • Im only new to this crazy duck tape addiction… PLEASE send some my way!! Ive never seen so many beautiful things to make!!!

  • I Can’t Put In Words How Much I Love Duck Tape! I Use It Soo Much Even My Mom And I Do Projects Together. I’D Love To Win The Shoplet Because I Feel It Brings Me And My Mom Closer. I Find Duck Tape A Great Bonding Tool. 15 Rolls Of Duck Tape Is A Lot Of Money So I Hope Anyone Who Wins Uses It Responsibly. Duck Tape First Started For Me From Youtube But Now Im Hooked(: Please Pick Me Because Duck Tape Is My Life. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!
    # Duck Tape; Its Not A Talent Its A Gift

  • Audrey

    Love, love, love duck tape!!! Love the neon green color…it is wonderfully bright and can be sued for everything!!!!

  • Holly

    Gave yah a k+ on klout

  • Lucy Arnold

    I have every color or flavor, as my English Language Learners call “Duck Tape” by color and flavor in my classrooms. My students range from ages 5 – 10. They love taking their words home to study in their colorful “Duck Tape” pouches of their design and choice. Lots of our learning might be surrounded around a “Duck Tape” activity. A student covered a foam circle in lime green and added a bright red “Duck Tape” ribbon and called it a “wreath”. Not only did the student create a wreath; but used her word study skills to demonstrate the silent “w” in the word “wreath” and totally out of “Duck Tape.” Who knew “Duck Tape” could stimulate so much creativity in classrooms. Student mailboxes also make a beautiful display of “Duck Tape” from which students can select, create, and provide their own evaluation of learning. We should now write a song entitled, “DUCK TAPE,” much like the song written for our friend the “red solo cup!”
    “Duck Tape,” You are also my friend!

  • Holly

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  • Holly

    I love duct tape because you can use it for everything, and it’s not whimpy!

  • Anthony Green

    I love duck tape for many reasons. First of all it gives the aspect of paint but without the hassle. Also the styles and designs are endless. Duck tape is used for wallets, bookmarks, flowers…ect. Now don’t forget why duck tape was made. Duck tape was made original to keep the moisture out of ammo cases during WW 2. Then as duck tape became known for it’s versatile use it became used for daily household work. This is why for the people out there who haven’t used duck tape get out there and buy a roll.

  • Randy Taylor

    I use duct tape every day at my job. Duct tape is awesome.

  • Shawn Davenport

    I love duck tap because it does it ALL. I don’t think there is anything that can’t use duck tape. Love all the colors to color code my boxes and everything else in our home.

  • Kristin W.

    I love the look of excitement on the faces of my neices and nephews when I make them a wallet, purse or bows out of ducktape. It allows for SO much creativity in all the different things you can make with it :)

  • Ivan Ladd

    I use it for every thing including fixing a mic, playstation, to fixing my iPod touch cases and iPod touch so it would mean alot to me if I get this bag of ducktape but if I don’t which I will probably not get I could just buy some but they are expensive. Everyone that read this thankyou.

  • I subscribe to the youtube channel.

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    I subscribed via email!

  • Gail Wiltshire

    I LOVE Duck Tape!! My daughter and I use it for everything. She has been very creative and has made a few Duck Tape wallets. She even made a Duck Tape book jacket to keep her school text book clean.

    Would love to win this much Duck Tape!!! It would be just ducky!!

  • I like Shoplet on facebook and wrote my favorite Duct tape color on your wall.

  • Danica

    I subscribed to your Youtube channel!

  • Danica

    I liked and posted on your Facebook wall: bright, toxic orange is my favorite duct tape colour!

  • Danica

    I love duct tape because it saves the spines of my books when they start to fall apart! I’m kind of rough on my books–duct tape keeps me from loving them completely to death!

  • I’m an email subscriber.

  • I love Duct Tape because it is so versatile. Plus with the new colors it really can be used for everything! Even girlie stuff!

  • Cammie C

    Also i duct tape everything from my water bottle, calculater, pencil box even my locker

    also a prievous commet up there

  • Cammie C

    I abosulty love duct tape because its so colorful and i get to express my self. I got to a private school were i have u wear uniforms and duct tape really helps me stand out. I make and wear duct tape braclets, hair bows, purses, anclets and of course wallets. :D

  • Jessalyn Thom

    I just looove duct tape. I’ve made over 150 bracelets for my friends! I’ve also sold a lot of duct tape stuff I made, I made a lot! I made a duct tape case for my phone once it turned out AMAZING(: Right know I have like 35 rolls of tape. My favorite kind of duct tape would probably be the hello kitty one or the splatter paint one!

  • Ashley c

    I love duck tape because I like to decorate my binders and planners that I use for school and I love it soooooo much I<3 duck tape

  • I love it because you can do just about anything with it! Plus I have turquoise blue duct tape that my husband gave me. It’s my favorite!

  • Rachel

    I love duct tape because it’s useful! Plus, all the colors and patterns are so fun!

  • leilani

    i love duck tape cause it is pretty and it helps me put up stuff and fix stuff and i jusssss lovvvvvvvvvvv duck tape plzzzz i hope u pick me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i wish uwould send me sme duck tape

  • Paige Kay

    I love duct tape, because I think it looks cool!!! And I have a small business where I sell duct tape stuff. It would be cool if I had a bunch of different colors!

  • emma

    I LOVE DUCK TAPE BECAUSE I CAN DO ANYTHING WITH IT!!!!! im going to create an entire nation made out of duck tape and be the queen of it all!!!! Ill use it to the 15 rolls to create a small village but i buy tons of duck tape to make the cities!! I LOVE DUCK TAPE!!!! <3

  • doreen riopel

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  • doreen riopel

    Wow. I love duct tape because you can use it almost anyway. Awesome that it comes in all sorts of colours and designs. Seriously, people have to hold me back from using duct tape. It is essential in my home.

  • Cassie

    I also followed y’all on Twitter and tweeted! :)

  • Allison Crabtree

    Hey my name is allison . I L.O.V.E Duck Tape. I can do so many creative things with duck tape. Expecially with the pattern duck tape. I have made wallets, book marks, air exceseries, i made a labtop carrier, phone case, and bags. I am 14 and in love with duck tape:)

  • Cassie

    I LOVE Duck Tape because it’s ahh-mazing!! It comes in any color or pattern you could imagine, it’s super durable, and you can fix or make anything with it! :)

  • Christine

    I absolutely love duck tape because it can fix anything be it my car, furniture, reinforcing the inside of purses. And it comes in so many different colors now! Wrapping gag-gifts in duck tape with a duck tape bow on top is seriously the best.

  • silumet

    I love duck tape because it can be used for anything, any time. It won’t fail you, but if it does, it will have one of the best excuses.

  • Lauren

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  • Carolyn C

    I tweeted about the giveaway (@CakeyPotter)

  • Deede

    We’ve used Duck tape at our house for years but it was the boring gray kind. I love the rainbow tape. It’s great to jazz up our black and white copies of stories.

  • Lauren

    I liked Shoplet on Facebook & posted my favorite color on my wall. (Lauren Patterson)

  • Carolyn C

    I liked Shoplet and posted that my favorite color is purple :)

  • Carolyn C

    I love duct tape because It’s got so many uses! I’ve sold quite a few advanced wallets that I make to friends for $8 each and I have made so much money because of this durable material! My friend and I have a little duct tape shop of our creations (wallets, hair bows, and 3 types of flowers, plus others) and all the money we’re earning is going toward the money we’ll need for our Stuck At Prom dresses :) It’s great practice!

  • Lauren

    I subscribed to your YouTube channel as MrsLayla85.

  • Chris

    Duct tape is one of my favorite things ever. There are sooooooooooooo many colors!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Karissa Roden

    I love duck tape because it’s SOOOOO cool! There’s almost nothing you CAN’T do or make with it! For instance, I love making wallets out of your tape. Freshman year of high school, a friend of mine and I made wallets and sold them and donated the money to a local battered women’s shelter. It felt so great! My favorite kinds of duck tape would have to be the tie dye ones or the purple plaid:)

  • Caylee

    I love ducttape because it is great for makeing cosplay accessories! I love to sit with it for hours just makeing weird and wacky things and having all sorts of it would be great!

  • tilly

    it’s so awesome to make stuff out of and fix stuff with! I have 45 rolls of duck tape- more than half are out though. :)

  • Lauren

    My favorite color of Ducktape is… well I can’t decide. They are all awesome colors! I just have to go with the retired, baroque pattern.

  • Katt

    Duck tape fixes everything and looks good with its many different styles!

  • Matt

    You can fix the world with duck tape

  • Carissa Stanfield

    I love Duck Tape because of all the fun colors! There is never really anything that it can’t fix! LOL when I was younger I had this old bike and I put Duck Tape all over it to make it shiny. If only there was colored Duck Tape back then!

  • logan

    I love duck tape because I can make thingbout of it and not have to use a sewing machine!

  • Morgan

    I love Duct tape becasue all of the patterns and colors are so cool and you can do anything with it!!

  • Neely Taylor

    I love duck tape because I’m paying for college by selling the things I make out of it!

  • chay

    Duck tape is colorful fun and can fix anything! It can also make friends mad when you wrap there present completely In it!

  • Liz G

    I am an art lover. I love doing any type of activity that involves art and anything creative.
    I learned about making stuff out of duck tape in 6th grade. I was curious to try a new media and ended up making a purse. It’s been 6 years since I learned about doing art projects with duck tape and I haven’t stopped. I usually can’t buy it as much as I want to, but when I do I go all out with it. I make gifts for friends and more creative purses. I just love duck tape.

    And as for my favorite color, I’m not sure since there are so many to like, but I loved the limited edition hello kitty one and the electric blue.

  • Emily

    I love duck tape because, it’s super strong, really cool, water resatant, really cool and brightly colored!

  • Kayla s.

    Wow why do I love duct tape oh wow so many reasons I love to create things and I Always love knowing that I created something awesome.

  • Tori allison

    I use Ducktape for bows and headbands and everything I just love duck tape my friends always ask for some

  • Followed on twitter (trio3works)

  • I liked you already, and posted my favorite on your wall – animal print

  • Jennifer

    I love Duck Tape because there’s so many things you can do with it! I’ve made my friends some gifts out of it like wallets, roses, and bags and they love them. I’ve recently made a zebra pattern bag and wallet for a friend’s birthday. Duck Tape is so cool and helpful!

  • I love duck tape for arts and crafts.

  • Madison beal

    ohhh…. what can i say about DuckTape. DuckTape can really fix anything, I buy DuckTape all the time when something is broken. I love all the colors of the DuckTape. If there was no DuckTape i would go CRAZY. (No Joke!!) I love DuckTape soo much I made 3 DuckTape jakets for my pets. And its soo strong that I made a chain for my dad out of duck for his bag of tools and its still there (He has soo much tools ) thats way i LOVE DuckTape!!

  • Pink Neice

    I love PINK Duct Tape because you can make wallets, hand bags, book covers, flowers, and so many other things with it. It’s multifunctional and easy to tear. It holds up to the elements AND you can use it for tail light covers on a vehicle until you can replace it for the real ones. I LOVE DUCT TAPE!!

  • Lindsey

    I love duck tape because you can make all types of jewelry out of it.

  • Katie

    I love duck tape because it’s so useful! I can do almost anything with it! I can make so many things with it, like belts, wallets, and even binders! I try to buy it whenever I get money. I havent just used it for crafts though. I had some pink duck tape and I got to fix our toilet seat once. My brother even used it for his T.V. Cables. It is well liked in my household. It seems weird but I have all of my rolls stacked in my room because the colors are bright and it makes me happy when I see it. :) I absolutely LOVE duck tape:)

  • Sherry

    Loving the opportunity to win a bag of duck tape!! Need some for my Cub Scouts to make wallets!! I’m sure camo color will be popular!!

  • David Patton

    email subscriber!

    + 1 Entry!

  • Anna

    Like/posted on facebook, subscribed on youtube and email. I also use duck tape for bracelets rings and ive made 2 pairs of gloves

  • Corinne Yanis

    I love it because my mom decorates the packages she sends me at college with it! I get excited every time i see the colorful gifts in the mail!

  • Anna

    I love duck tape because you can make anything with it and it’s all different colors and patterns!

  • i love duct tape because it is a tool, a construction material, and an art medium. i’ve used it for everything from making wallets i sold at school when i was a youngun, attaching an air cushion to a steel chair, temporary body repairs when i got into an accident on my road trip to move down here (FL), getting valve shims out of spring retainers, temporarily closing vacuum leaks to make my car run at least to get home, so on and so forth. duck tape has saved jobs for me, it has saved time for me, and it has not only saved, but even made me money. i love duck tape.

  • Kaitlyn VanBeekum

    Duct tape literally does fix everything . I carry I roll with me in my purse in my car and pretty much everywhere else I go! I make wallets phone covers , purses, mend shoes, fix holes in the wa and fix broken doors with it too! I went on a pioneer trek and was the only one not to get blisters because I literally wrapped both my feet in it every morning before we left. I love duct tape!!!!

  • Mindy Nicholas

    Me and my boyfriend use duct tape for everything u can use it to put in ur 4wheeler before a race so where ur legs rub up against the plastic the plastic don’t get scratched up after the race u peel it off u can tape ur pants to ur boots so u don’t get water in ur boots, when ur in a jam it make a great temporary fix when we are off roading in the jeep or on the 4 wheelers, my boyfriends used it to fix up a broken drive shaft enough to get out of the woods so it wasn’t dragging also I was out one night dancing and broke my heel thank god the bartender had duct tape it saved the night all of these are very true, so duct tape can be used for millions of things so always keep a roll on u wear ever u go it could always be used to save the day ;)

  • Mary

    I love duck tape because it fixes my boyfriend’s car :P

    and all the different colors. I have quite a few different colored rolls, but I need moar! :D
    (especially the pink!)

  • Janet

    As an artist, I love the contests to make things with duck tape. The new colors are great.

  • David Patton

    I love duck tape! It comes in lots of great colors, it’s great to fix almost anything in a pinch and it smells good too!

  • Kristen Finch

    I love duck tape because i make beautiful flower pens with so many different colrs of the amazing tape. I use the tape in my locker to hold up my locker shelf and also look pretty. In sprained my ankle and i put zebra duck tape on my krutches to make then look pretty and fun. I love duck tape so much! I always say if u cant fix it with duck tape u didnt use enough!!!

  • Phoebe Cook

    I love duct tape because I can make beautiful crafts for my friends and family. Things that no one has ever seen made out of such an idustrial product.

  • Stephanie L


  • Rachel

    I love duck tape! It comes in so many patterns and colors! You can fix stuff and make it pretty/cool at the same time! It’s so good for art projects too, I’ve made so many things with it. It’s great for making presents with too, wallets, flowers, pictures and even little characters!

  • Laura

    I’m an email subscriber

  • Laura

    I love it to help make patterns for costumes!

  • Michelle

    I absolutely love duct tape, it fixes everything, comes in so many colors, I was a member of the ‘Duct Tape’ club in high school. Used duct tape to temporarily become male for a day (I taped down my breasts) and attend the Duct Tape festival in Avon, Ohio! We made duct tape jewerly boxes last year!

  • Daniel Ocampo

    I use duck tape for almost everything, I have made wallets ,guitar bags, purses,laptop cases, backpacks, etc. if you need it I can probably make it with duck tape

  • Danielle Stewart

    I love how it fixes everything and it cheap to male cute and creative gifts!

  • Laurie Guinn

    Duck tape is great for all kinds of things, is tough and lasts a long time.

  • Ashleigh

    I make my pencil bags and wallets out of duck tape!

  • The reason I love ducttape is because I love to do arts and crafts and I go in the ducttape website to get new ideas…i love all the bright colors…and also giving homemade gifts to my family out of ducttape… I would love it if I won — <3 TeOnna (:

  • Linda

    Ok that is rescue…lol
    Posted on your wall.
    Love all the great colors, so many, so hard to pick just one.

  • Linda

    Duck Tape to the recue!
    Liked you on FB!

  • Casey S.

    I love duck tape because a can make flower pens with great designs thanks to duck tape!

  • I LOVE DUCKTAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love duck tape!! I make wallets with them, they help hold forts together its colorful, its really helpful!!! I have à fort so i usé duck tape to secure/hold things together and its really strong to so that helps also!!!! Duck tape also helps repair things to sometimes!!! :)

  • Debbie C

    I love Duck Tape because it’s strong and it comes in COLORS instead of that boring faux silvery gray. COLORS! Love it!

  • Lynne

    I use duck tape to make roses for birthdays.

  • Elizabeth Oberhofer

    where do i even start, duck tape is my favorite thing on this planet it is so useful and works so well, i keep duck tape in my purse at all times for you never know when you are going to need it, and i have needed it on many ocassions. My favorite place for duck tape is when i am camping or in the woods beacuse it is convient and how else are you going to fix your tent if a bear attacks you in your sleep. ;)

  • Anna

    i love duck tape!!! I use it for everything. I have 3 binders, a bag, and a phone case/cover made from duck tape. And it fixes EVERYTHING. <3 it

  • emmaline

    I’ve been a fan on Facebook for a while, does that still count? c:

  • emmaline

    I love duct tape because itsthe only thing keeping my shoes I’ve had since eighth grade together!

  • Katrina

    I love Duck tape and so does my art class

  • I love to make flowers with duck tape they help accessorize almost anything!

  • I I LOVE duct tape because i can make anything such as purses, wallets, ipod cases, hair bows for girls at school, and my favorite, the thing it take to school every day my DUCT TAPE BACKPACK.I also love it because its great for fixing everything and anything.I also love it because it comes soooooo many colors and designs.Your duct tape it the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I use it for everything PLEASE PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • Dylan

    I love Duck tape because in the words of the star of the show red Green: “Duck tape can and will fix anything!”

  • Grace McIntosh

    I LOVE DUCK TAPE I use it on the bottoms of my clogging shoes, and it would come in handy when I go to college in the fall!! (:

  • Janelle J

    It sticks!!! Fixes everything!! Think Red Green!!! <3

  • cole

    how will u tell us if we won?????????????

  • Diane

    I love duct tape because it’s so useful and can also be use with creativity!!! LOVE

  • Megan The gymnast=]

    I LOVE DUCK TAPE!!!!! I make the coolest duck tape shoes and i could really use some more!=] it is amazing for everything!

  • Kristy

    OMG – this DUCK TAPE is AWESOME!!!! This is perfect for my kids school projects.

  • Sky

    I LOVE ducktape because it’s stylish, fun, and can fix anything! It comes in LOADS of different styles and colors! I love making purses, wallets, pens, bags, there are so much more to list. There are ENDLESS possibilites with ducktape!

  • Natalie J Vandenberghe

    I gave you a +K

  • Love the Zebra print

  • subscribe

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    I like you on FB and posted on your wall

  • Kayla Marandola

    I use duck tape because it comes in the best colors to decorate things and make bracelets for my friends. When something is actually broken, it serves a physical purpose as well as being something good to look at.

  • Mary Snyder

    Love duct tape! fixes so much for me!

  • Courtney Nicole

    I love ducktape because you can fix almost anything with it. You can make all kinds of stuff with it can use it in a ton of diffrent ways and its unique to create some of the things that you can make.

  • Natalie J Vandenberghe

    already a subscriber

  • Natalie J Vandenberghe

    I love Duck Tape because there isn’t anything it can’t fix! The new colors are fun, too!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Emily

    I love duck tape because I can use it for EVERYTHING!!!!! Like wallets, flip flops, ipod cases, and the list can go on and on!

  • lisa

    I want to win because I LOVE DUCK TAPE! It can fix everything even my white car with white duck tape after I got in a accident :) I have a million uses for it and, would love to win!

  • Cheyenne

    Duck tape made me more popular

  • Stephenie

    I love duct tape because it’s versatile. It can fix even issues on cars. And it can help keep leaks in check. It can be used to create things from posters to dresses and boats. And it can keep my boyfriend quiet. Lol

  • Joanna S

    I love duct tape because I am a very crafty person and always looking for new stuff to make and with duct tape I can make multiple things with little stuff!

  • Ashley Loves

    I live duck tape I sell wallets and roses and everyone loves the things I make

  • Libby Schwartz

    I think Duct Tape is AWESOME for crafts and art projects. I’ve also discovered that Duck Tape is the only brand I use. All the other ones are cheap and don’t hold up!

  • emily gross

    I love duct tape! I’ve like you guys on facebook forever now. I use duct tape for everything. My wallet and backpack are made of ductape. Always looking for other ways to use duct tape!

  • Logan Cole

    I liked on Facebook saying my favorite was Camouflage!! :) I used it to decorate my binder for school.

  • Tanya Smith

    I love duck tape because it can be used for everything, it brightens everything up. You can have duck tape wars with people. I’ve made many wallets, bags, and dresses. I always get tons of compliments from random people at stores and school. I have a pole of all my duck tape hanging on my wall. :)

  • Tina Renee

    I Like Shoplet on Facebook and posted my favorite color (blue) of duck tape on your wall:
    Tina Renee Barker

  • Cassie

    I love the zebra one the most

    It’s so fun to design new things or brighten up the older ones.
    I’ve made a purse, a few wallets even a notecard pouch and decorated a mirror, a tv, my closet doors, and created a poster, I love ducktape!

  • Keely

    I love duct tape because its is a great way to be creative and u just get to show off all the time and I personally love when people say ” is that duct tape!?” Hahaha best part of this hobby!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Noma

    Have loved Duct Tape FOREVER. My dad, a pilot, managed to mend his floatplane so he could fly it home. I have used it on keeping cords connected, making roses on ballpoint pens, packing boxes to ship and actually used it to mend a some duct work. LOL Love the many colors and always have muliple rolls around.

  • Tina Renee

    I subscribe to your YouTube channel as tinareneebarker

  • Margie Garrett

    I have made wallets color coded for different purposes and read that farmers use the duct (duck) tape to cover their cow’s ears when they are out on the range in the harsh winter. My grandson has used it to starve his plantar’s warts from oxygen quite successfully. My more practical use for the tape is to tape my toes before a long hike. I step onto a piece of tape and wrap it up and around the edge of my toes. My feet, with socks on, then slide inside my shoes rather than rub….. causing blisters.

  • Katy M

    I like you on FB as Katy M and just posted how much I love neon pink Duck Tape on your wall here: http://www.facebook.com/Shoplet/posts/10150855195773275


  • Tina Renee

    email subscriber

  • Katy M

    I subscribe to your YouTube channel as katygmorris.


  • Tina Renee

    I love Duck Tape because I can fix anything with it and the colors are so pretty!
    I can even decorate packages with it !

  • Katy M

    I’m a new email subscriber.


  • Tao

    I think I’ll comment just for the heck of it.

  • Katy M

    I love Duck Tape because it comes in such great colors and can be used to do almost anything! I especially love all of the creative crafts that have popped up recently using Duck Tape!

    Thanks for the fun giveaway!!!

  • Evy Crumb

    because it can solve any of lives problems

  • Alexis

    I’ve been making a crap load of posters using duct tape for my friends and family, and I want to start making them for kids around my school to buy for 2 or 3 bucks. What I do is cut out patterns and tape it to a big poster board to make a picture, I’ve made 4 Adventure Time ones and 3 Legend of Zelda ones. I’m almost out of tape now and don’t know when I’ll next be able to get some (;A;) I’d have to say either the blue tie die or the splatter one is my favorite!

  • Char

    I like duck tape because my daughter loves trying to make new things with it. It brings out her crafty side, and makes her think in steps, if i do this will this part work right?

  • kayla

    haylie more dosent have a sister and never has i know her from school

  • Amber

    I love duct tape because it can fix everything and can make everything more awesome!

  • kayla

    haylie moor is lying she dosent even have a duck tape role in her house

  • I love duct tape because you can almost do anything with it. It allows me to be creative in what I do. I also love duct tape because my whole business is about it.

  • aliiicat13


  • Lexi B.

    I absolutely LOVE duck tape. <3 all of the bright colors make me feel so happy and warm inside. I don't know if I could live without it!!

  • Carleigh W.

    The reason why I love duct tape is because it can fix anything and everything! It can even fix a broken heart in my opinion (get the duct tape and just duct tape the heartbreaker). My friends all think I’m insane for loving duct tape while others are just as crazy about it as I am.

    Duct tape isn’t just duct tape it is the main reason why our world exist. Well… Maybe Im over exaggerating but duct tape is what I consider my tool kit and a way to make some very interesting memories. This is why I love duct tape though.

  • aliiicat13

    i love duct tape!!!! the possibilitys with it are endless!!

  • Krista

    I like duck tape because it fixes everything:) i have pales i use to feed livestock and when theres a crack i use duck tape! but of course until the crack is too big. :)

  • chris S

    Duct tape is like the force, there is a light side and a dark side and it all holds the universe together. i use duct tape in everyday life when it is available. i have shoes made of duct tape and a wallet, i always cover my lighters in duct tape because duct tape is universally epic.

  • kayla

    i mean clows not claws (:


  • kayla

    i like duck tape because it is cool and it has all cinds of youses like packing clows amarican girl dalls and claws and jewlerey

  • Steven

    duck tape is awesome its what keeps my siblings quiet and locked in their rooms when I watch them jk but really duck tape is my go to when I first try to fix it

  • Cassie S.

    I subscribed by email!

  • Cassie S.

    I +K on Klout!

  • Gracie M.

    Duck Tape rules! I use it for everything! :DD

  • MeaganC

    I love Duct Tape because it can fix anything! Even race cars!

  • dakota .

    i loooooove duck tape because its so stylish and you can make just about anything out of it . and you can use it all around the house . <3

  • Vikki M

    I follow on twitter @mefink and retweeted.

  • Sarah

    Liked it on Facebook and commented what my favorite color was.

  • Nikki

    Duct tape has NEVER failed me. It’s kept things together til I could get it fixed, it’s provided me with something to do with my brothers and sister, I’ve made clothes with it, and this year it might get me a scholarship! I love duct tape! <3

  • Verna Valentine

    My family loves duck tape – my husband and I are fans of using it to fix some of the old tools we keep out in the garage. My children are especially obsessed with it. My daughter recently covered her entire bookbag with leopard duck tape, and my son used the zebra duck tape to make a collar for our dog. Duck Tape is a stylish and unique decoration – and it is always a conversation starter when someone sees our duck tape wallets or tote bags! Plus, it keeps up with our busy,everyday life and the messes our family tends to make.

  • Vikki M

    I love duck tape! You can use it for so so many different things. We always have to hide it at work
    so people don’t take it.

  • Cassie S.

    I like your facebook and posted my favorite color!

  • Sarah

    Suscribed to emails!!

  • Mackenzie M.

    I love Duck Tape! It does everything! :)

  • Cassie S.

    I subscibed on youtube!

  • Macy

    I love duct tape because my 11 year old sister loves it. My sister is amazing and she deserves so much. She is so talented and one of her many talents is making duct tape wallets, purses, folders ect. She has such a kind heart. She decided to sell he wallets and give half of the money to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. I have Cystic Fibrosis. My sister is such a sweet, talented girl and I would love it if she won this duct tape even though she has over 40 rolls. hahah
    Please <3

  • Summer Dawn

    I love Duck Tape soooooooo much because you can make a bunch of neat stuff out of duck tape like wallets, prom dresses, hair bows, bracelets, and many more things!

  • Duck Tape can be used fro anything possible or impossible. At school we use it to decorate our agendas. I use it for agendas,binders,containers,composition books,purses,pens,hats,bags, staplers, usb’s, and and many many more. It’s easy to fall in love with. There are a lot of different colors and designs. I love it! I hope I win. Enjoy your duck tape and good luck to all!

  • Sarah

    I like duct tape cause, I have just stuck with the hobby :P I use as a reward for my piano students. When they finish the lesson book they get a duct tape rose or a set of book marks or something else.

  • Paige

    I love duck tape because I get together and spend quality time with my little cousin making all sorts of crafts and giving them to family members and friends!

  • cassi

    I looooove duck tape! It can be used for everything.

  • Paige

    Subscribed through email!

  • because you can make countless things with it!!!!

  • christian cadwell

    Duct tape works great for repairing plastic on snowmobiles

  • S. Elizabeth

    I love Duck Tape because Duck Tape can be used for anything and everything. I use Duck Tape to raise money. Sometimes I use Duck Tape to make little nick – nacks for everyday purposes like wallets, flower pens and bracelets. Duck Tape is awesome, colorful, and useful. I recently have been trying to raise money to go to Florida and I think that making things out of Duck tape would be a big seller and would raise a lot of money. I love all the colors of Duck Tape including Tye Dye, Zebra, Cheetah, Leopard, Silver, and a whole lot more. I really need that Duck Tape. Duck Tape makes all the boring stuff POP and SHINE. I use Duck Tape for just about anything. i use Duck Tape for most of my projects. I even decorate pencils with Duck Tape. I am not kidding, I NEED that Duck Tape.

  • i dont know what i would due without duck tape its good for everything i effing love duck tape!!

  • Sherri

    I love duct tape because I fixed my kitchen sink pipes with it. {the purple}

  • Cassie S.

    I love ducktape becuase I love making things out of it! It’s so creative! It makes the cutest fashion accessories. I love making roses, rings, braclets, ect.! All my friends love it, they even pay me to make these amazing things! I can go on and on of what I love about this amazing tape! Ducktape brand is amazing. I have never been the creative type, until I got my hands on this stuff! Ducktape changed my life!(:<3

  • tiffany

    I love to take duck tape and make my binders for school colorful. I right now have a math binder that is covered in cheetah print and it looks awesome! :D

  • Lauren

    I love duck tuape because it is fun and there are so many things to do with it!!! If you have a roll of duck tape, you can never be bored! I would love to win this amazing contest!(: Thank You Shoplet!

  • Ellen Rosenzweig

    My daughter is the BiGGEST fan. She recently made a rose with many colors for my mom, her grandmom. It is.proudly displayed inside a toilet paper roll in her hospital rehab facility. She has many wallets, wine bags, notebook decorations. But we especially like shopping for duck tapeand looking at all the colors. I was so excited when I first saw the zebra tape and my daughter likes anything pink. My child had some very difficult and upsetting events occur in her life including the long illness and passing of her dad. She made him many beautiful items with duck tape. You should make some colorful flower tape or animal print tape, with dog pictures and other animals. Thank.you for duck tape!

  • Jenny

    I love to use Duck Brand Duct tape! It’s the best duct tape you can buy. I am on a FIRST robotics team at school and we use duct tape to make quick fixes all the time. Duck brand duct tape is strong, reliable, and comes in the coolest colors. I use it not only fix things around the house, but to make wallets and purses of all sizes in my spare time. I love Duck Brand Duct tape so much, that I decided to take the challenge and make my prom attire out of duct tape and enter it in the Stuck at Prom scholarship for my senior year this year! It’s been a lot of hardwork putting together the outfits, but I know it will pay off on prom night when we are the best dressed people there! Thank you Duck Brand for creating such a useful tool and accessory!

  • h