• ash

    i love duck tape because it gives more color to the thing that is plain

  • Elin

    I love duck tape because I can make lots of things with it like doll dresses, wallets, purses, lunch boxes and book covers.

  • Katelynn

    I love duck tape because it expands my creativity level, it fixs stuff, and i can make tons of stuff wiyh it like bows, roses, wallets, exetra!

  • Amy

    I love duct tape because I can be creative with it and make anything I want.

  • I love duct tape. I use it for everything. Most recently my truck window in the passenger door got busted out and now im having to use whatever duct tape i can find and some plastic for a window.

  • Alexa

    I love duct tape because you can do many things with it from taping things together to making creative artsy crafts. I love all the prints and designs and I love to make wallets out of duct tape. I only use duck brand duct tape because it is the best!

  • Eli

    I love duct tape
    And i cant aford alot for my self and im working on abig project im running out

  • irma g vasquez

    My girls and I decorate the shoe box, we do lots of crafts with duck tape, now with so many colors we just love it !!!!!!!!

  • Linda

    Pick me! I love duck tape!

  • preston k

    you cant fix a truck or anything on wheels without a roll

  • Emily

    I make wallets, bows, flowers, bookmarks, EVERYTHING out of duct tape!! My friend and I sell our creations at my school store and I make stuff for all my friends! The tape would help me make more and more!

  • Lindsey

    Duck tape is the answer to it all! Been using it my whole life! Seriously, what can it NOT do?! :)

  • Kassia

    Works on everything!

  • Denise burton

    I use duck tape for bounty hunting and it’s the best for roller derby my whole team uses it on all our gear! I love the camo

  • April

    Duck tape is so much more fun than it use to be with all the great colors. You can do so much with it even if it’s just to make a package more livelier.

  • Ariana

    Duck tape is super awesome!!! I love all the different colors and I love making things with it too!

  • Tish

    I really love duck tape!!!!!!!!!! Im running really low on itt and I have prom coming ip really soon and I need to start making my boyfriends tux and my 7 layer dress so we can enter in the duck tape prom outfit for a scholarship we hbe been buying lots and lots of tape we r no where close to having the amount of duck tale we have imaging it will take so these 15 rolls would be really helpful

  • Brandi

    My daughter loves duck tape. She makes so many things out of duck tape. She shows her friends and she encourages them to make something too out of duck tape. Love all the different colors.
    Thanks Duck Tape.
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  • Louellen

    My son in law calls me the Duck Tape Queen…keep those crazy designs coming in…I make anything and everything from Duck Tape… love love it…

  • Orien Smith

    im 19 and have been using Duct Tape for crafts and repairs since i was 14. recently i actually got recognition from a local hospital for making a Duct Tape bra for a showcase they were doing for breast cancer awareness. i personally love Duct Tape for its versatility in using it for reairs and crafts. It’s just AMAZING

  • Kathy Spears

    I meant windshield wiper!!! LOL

  • Kathy Spears

    I love Duck Tape. I have two young children and they are rough on all things. I use Duck tape to fix their favorite toys that way we have no crying over lost toys. And my husband says “If you can’t fix it with Duck tape you might as well throw it in the trash” LOL I had a car one time that the brand new windshield broke so I took out my duck tape and put it back on. It stayed until I sold the car. LOVE ME SOME DUCK TAPE!!!!!!!

  • D L Hodgkins

    Like Marty Crane’s tattered old Duct Taped chair, I too have an old chair with rips held in check with Duct Tape. Duct Tape has saved that old thing for many extra years!

  • Hyeku

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  • Hyeku

    We use a lot of duct tape in the classroom. We help children find their line spots with it, designate rug spots with it and this fun patterned tape will make it much more exciting for my students!

  • Sharon A. Hanrahan

    Duck Tape has been my friend for a very long time. I have used it to fix so many things. Even when I had horses, I used pretty colored duck tape to hold the bandages if one of my horses has a cut or heeling from a hoof abscess. Great stuff. Get me some duck tape please!

  • Holly

    On my earlier comment I meant only 9 rolls. My spell check went wacko

  • Holly

    I make tons of pens purses ect… I love it in general too! 4 christmas some of my gifts were made w/ duck tape! My answer for everything is duck tape duck tape duck tape!! So far I have o lying 9 rolls though.

  • NJFenselau

    It was used on the wing of a plane we were flying on–knew we were safe if Duck Tape was holding the plane together.

  • Justine Rossnagle

    I emailed and subscribed!

  • Justine Rossnagle

    I liked you guys on Facebook!

  • Julie

    I love duck tape, I have twelve rolls and I really want to win. My parents said I could do this because I’m obsessed with duck tape, I’m only 11 though but never to early to love duck tape!

  • sam grungo

    I love duct so much i use it for everything no matter how big or small and i think its awsome the new syles they have it is so strong and it holds anything you want it to you know when you put it on you can trust it and you dont have to worry if it will do its job or not i think it was the greatest invention everyone

  • rayray

    OMG I love ducttape sooooooooo much because I always use ducttape to show my creativity and when i need dress modals I ducttape my sister in old close and it looks awsome and its easier to figure out what to wear sooooooooo pleasee pleaseee send me the ducttape

  • Lisa

    Ever seen a duck tape grad dress? I love it!! Most unique girl there…

  • Krystal Himmelberger

    I LOVE Duck Tape!! My family has ALWAYS used Duck Tape for everything!! For as long as I can remember, we’ve had Duck Tape stocked in our house. We use Duck Tape to fix everything. When I say everything, I mean everything!!! Even when my Dad gets a cut, he uses Duck Tape instead of a band-aid!!! He always says “If you can’t Duck It – F**K It, then it’s just not fix-able!!!” We use it for everything in our house!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gail Needles

    I’m using Duck Tape to patch my kitchen floor. I’d like to replace the flooring, just haven’t found anything I like more than the Duck Tape Colors. Thanks for brightening up my all to boring kitchen.

  • john sanders

    I use duck tape on ever thing! My cars my house my garage my bike just about thing you can think of I use duck tape to fix. Like the other day a hose on my truck had a hole so I put duck on it and it stopped the leak. But I only have half a role left so i would really like a bag full

  • Linda Rush

    I have a grandbaby who loves to play with tape. I put the tape on the wall and ask her what color is this or I write the name of the color and she spell it out to me. So duck tape help her with her color and spelling words and she only two year old. I use it all the time when I am doing parties and have to put thing together and duck tape works.

  • deborah

    I use duck tape for all of the incidental repairs till they can be fixed permanetly

  • Zach Westbrooks

    I got a lot of things to fix so send it my way lol



  • nicole nadal

    my whole family uses duck tape for everything we all love duck tape!

  • karen

    i love duck tape because you can use it to fix so many diffrent items and it is good for tapeing boxes shut .also our grand daughter loves to make bracelets out of it for her and her friends

  • Sandy kidwell

    My family uses duck tape on ALOT of things . I have even used it to hold up a curtain.

  • Joy Thackston

    The ONLY thing Duct Tape won’t fix is stupid!!!

  • Karina Arevalo

    I LOVE DUCKTAPE. i love it because I design stuff with it. I use it to make my bag awesomer, to package stuff, and more! With our ducktape in the world, THE WHOLE WORLD WOULD BE BORING!!!! Anyways ducktape is amazing and i couldn’t live with out it. ( because i use it for almost everything) !

  • cali

    Duck-Tape is something I always pull out whenever something breaks in my house.I put duct tape on anything including my shoes and binders.It’s also something I use to make anything you can imagine such as wallets,purses and even my latest creation a dress!!!!!!Anyways Im running kinda low on my supply and would love to recieve 15 rolls!That would be awesome!

  • Karina Arevalo

    I LOVE DUCKTAPE. i love it because I design stuff with it. I use it to make my bag awesomer,

  • Michelle Edens

    I work in an office with two other female and everytime something breaks we get the orange duck
    tape out and fix it. We figue that if that is what a man can do then so can we.

    And it works everytime!

    Thank You,