AblePlanet is Giving Away 5 Headphone Sets!

Our weekly giveaway for this week is sponsored by AblePlanet! They are giving away 5 sets of their NEW EXTREME™ Foldable Active Noise Canceling Headphones! I will admit that I have somewhat of an obsession with plaid, especially red plaid, and I would love a pair of the red or maybe even pink! Here’s a little more about them –


-Featuring Award-Winning Patented LINX AUDIO® a Hear the Difference® technology
-In-Line Volume Control for Easy Adjustment to Safe Listening Levels
-Lightweight and Comfortable fit
-State-of-the-art active noise cancelation (ANC)
-Small and compact foldable design perfect for travel


-Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20,000Hz
-Sensitivity at 1 kHz: 115 dB (Off); 121 dB (On)
-Plug: 3.5mm


-1/4 Home Stereo Adaptor
-AAA Battery (1)
-Soft carrying pouch

Ready to win? Here’s how enter:

Tell us which color you want and why you need some new headphones!

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We’ll pick 5 winners using on Monday, March 26th!

P.S. Here’s a Hear the Difference Challenge they did at CES in January. The video is a little long so I’ll sum it up for you. AblePlanet’s headphones are the best. I also learned that they were originally a hearing aid company that used their technology to design headphones!

  • Samantha

    i would pick the pink headphones because my mom and dad cant afford to buy any for me and because my birthday is coming up in a couple months!

  • Samantha

    i liked it on facebook and i subscribed via email

  • Abby Kraynick Sovko

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    Subscribed to your YouTube Channel.

  • Abby Kraynick Sovko

    I am your FB fan. My FB name is Abby Kraynick Sovko

  • Abby Kraynick Sovko

    I LOVE the red.. I NEED to win these, my husband ran mine over with the car on accident & I don’t have a pair at the moment & these look SO nice

  • Erica Best

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  • Erica Best
  • Erica Best

    i love the black ones and i need some new ones because the sound sucks on my old ones

  • Michelle

    I’d like the pink plaid pair for a student with autism in my classroom who is very sensitive to loud noises. She takes a pair of black beat up headphones to the cafeteria, PE, etc. She is such a girlie girl and always wears the cutest outfits, but the headphones take away from her look. If she had a matching pair, I know she’d love it and it would so help her with fitting in with the other kids. Thank you for considering my request (and her!) :) PS. I liked Shoplet on Facebook!

  • Kelsey

    I would want to have any color but if I had to choose it would be pink.I need new headphones because my ly isn’t able to afford everything and so every time I put on my favorite type of music my mom turns it off because she doesn’t like it and for once I’d luvv to hear my music without anyone telling me I can’t.i express my feelings threw music and my mom telling me I can’t takes the uniqueness out of me.thats why I want new headphones :)

  • funkypeanut

    Ooh, I just moved and lost my good headphones, so these are perfect! I like the pink and the red. The bright colors would probably keep people from “borrowing” them like the blue leopard-print umbrella I bought just for that reason. I subscribe via email.

  • Chad Syner

    Subscribed to your YouTube channel

  • Chad Syner

    Subscribed to your blog by email

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    Subscribed on twitter

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    Subscribed on Facebook

  • Chad Syner

    My wife loves silence, so she would benefit her greatly

  • Rebecca Pasmore

    I want the green plaid ones, they remind me of my ancestors (Irish and Scottish). I need a new pair, because I use them at work, I keep buying them but coworkers keep swiping them. I don’t want to use them afterwards, so I just buy a new cheap pair that I cannot put my name on. Help me save my sanity and headphones, as these are big enough for me label with my name!!!

  • Robyn Charlery

    I already like Shoplet on facebook

  • Jeremy

    I subscribe to your YouTube channel~

  • Jeremy

    Gave you a plus K in Creativity as @bikeohio.

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  • Jeremy

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  • Jeremy

    RED PLAID! RED ALERT! RED PLAID! My current earbuds will not stay in my ear!

  • Lisa S.

    I guess the closest thing to lime green is the teal/aqua ones. I need new headphones because we are having a lot of construction at the church.

  • Pamela

    I would love any color, but as I friend of mine would say “I would totally rock that pink”! I need new headphones so I don’t always have to use earbuds…they kinda hurt after awhile.

  • Subscribed on YouTube..

  • Plus K’d ya on Klout.

  • Following Shoplet and AblePlanet on Twitter AAAND I tweeted:!/mommasreviews/status/183069365854408704

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  • Subscribed via email.

  • Pink pink and pink!! Why? Because I just got my first iPad last week after wanting one since they were released back a couple of years ago. (I was surprised to find out a headset was not included, and this would get me closer to completing my accessory wishlist) I got the white one and a pink cover and i’d love to girl-ify things up just a little more with some Pink-a-licious headphones from AblePlanet :D. Cooler color coordination!

  • Robyn Charlery

    I would love the pink headphones! They are very fashionable. I would love to win because I currently don’t have any!

  • willow_kidd

    I have been needing some new headphones. I don’t even know where my last ones went. As to what color I’d want, that’s the hard question. I think I like the green the best. But I’m so partial to plaid, I like them all!

  • willow_kidd

    And I just subscribed to your you-tube page a few weeks ago.

  • willow_kidd

    And I’ve off and tweeted about your giveaway.!/willow_kidd/status/182977311677751296

  • willow_kidd

    I’m following shoplet on Twitter, aswell. I’d follow you guys anywhere!

  • willow_kidd

    I like shoplet on facebook, too!

  • willow_kidd

    I’ve been subscribed to the RSS feed for shoplet for what seems forever now!



  • kara johnson

    I liked shoplet on Facebook and followed on Twitter

  • kara johnson

    I would like the pink ones because the headphones I have now are falling apart the wire is becoming exposed .

  • I am subscribed to the youtube channel

  • I would like the red ones. I am a drummer in a band and we could really use a pair of higher quality headphones than the crummy ear buds we have now!

  • laura olivares

    The red ones are awesome! I would love to win one pair of those….
    I would love to use when my son is playing his Metal music full blast!! aghhhh.
    I don’t own any : ( so it would be my first pair :)

  • Sandra Bilo

    I would love the black or white ones! I need new headphones because I commute to college, and sometimes the people on the train are just unbearable. Also, at school it can be VERY hard to find a quiet place to study, so noise cancelling headphones would be great for that!

    I am also subscribed through email, facebook, and youtube!

  • Christine

    Love all the colors but would chose the black plaid . I need new headphones because I love music and my boyfriend and I don’t always agree on what “music” is , also my children have confiscated my old set.

  • Marcie Michael

    They are all extremely attactive, I think I am leaning toward the blue green plaid. I would love to have my own pair as my daughter is a bass guitarist and her boyfriend is a drummer..their music is awesome but not during my down time..

  • Melinda

    The headphones that we use in the office are just for digital voice mail. It sure would be nice to have some to listen to music. I like the teal ones myself. Any color would be fine. I haven’t won anything in a long time, so to get these awesome looking headphones would be a brightener for 2012!!!

  • Faith

    i liked shoplet on facebook

  • Michelle

    I love the greenish blue ones! they would also make a great present for my boyfriend since he needs new headphones. I am subscribed on facebook and through email!

  • Em Robin

    I’d love the red plaid ones! They will match my lawnmower and snowblower. I’m really careful with my hearing and use ear protection when I mow, snowblow, use the yard blower, go to the gun range, etc. I even use them in the house when I vacuum or use power tools.

  • Morgan Nonis

    Red please! The earbuds I use always hurt my ears. I’ve tried all sizes and brands, but they kill. I’d love to have a pair of nice headphones so I can enjoy my Netflix on my phone on the hour-long bus ride home every day. Plus, as crazy as it sounds, this kind of headphone keeps your ears warm when you’re outside! I know i’d get a lot of compliments on them because the plaid is so cool. I would definitely share the band with peopel and tell them how I got them



  • Beth

    I am still subscribed to the e-mail and follow Shoplet on Facebook.

  • And I am subscribed to your YouTube Channel

  • lace

    I’d love the red pair. I need a new pair because I have a cheap pair. The last nice pair of headphones I had a dog ate.

  • Follow Shoplet on Twitter :)

  • I subscribe to the Shoplet Blog via RSS

  • I already like Shoplet on facebook :)

  • I would love the pink ones! I need a new pair because I always am breaking my headphones by using them so much.

  • Tess Jensen

    the white ones would be awesome!
    I need a new pair because my cousin’s cat stole my last pair

  • JEN


  • Richard T. Ritenbaugh

    I’m pretty much a buttoned-down kind of person, so black would work for me. I do a fair amount of traveling for work, and sometimes the noise on a plane can be almost deafening. They would also be great for longer international flights (especially if a baby is on board!). Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Marissa Huntley

    I would love any color but am leaning towards the black pair. I would love to wear these while I’m mowing the lawn; to protect my ears from the loud mower noise.

    Already a subsribe to shoplet! :)

    Please pick me to win a pair!

  • grams

    I would like the pink ones or the teal/aqua ones. My headphones are broke, because my granddaughters are always getting them.

  • Susan

    I would love to have a pair of the black plaid earphones. husband had my own earphones until they were “appropriated” by my husband of over 38 years. Since he still treats me like a queen, I really can’t complain!

  • Kara

    I love the black or white plaid ones they are so
    cool I need pair mine broke just the other day
    I really need new headphones liked on facebook

  • Rachel

    I subscribe to the Shoplet Blog via Email and would love the red ones!

  • Rachel

    I would love the red ones! I do not currently have any headphones and would love these!

  • Stacey

    I would love these in the black for my daughter. She loves her music, but sometimes the rest of us don’t! Love the plaid!

  • I would love the white plaid.
    I need new head phones because my computer speakers broke a few days ago and i cant afford headphones that will last.

    I Completed these:
    1. Subscribe to the Shoplet Blog via RSS or Email
    2. Like Shoplet on Facebook
    4. Give us a +K on Klout
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  • Imuana

    I subscribe to the Shoplet Blog via Email, I like Shoplet on Facebook, I follow Shoplet on Twitter and AblePlanet on Twitter and I subscribe to our YouTube Channel :)
    And I wrote e-mail why I’d like to new headphones :)

  • Lena

    These look like the perfect piece to complete the ‘off to college’ package for my son. He’s going to school for music and is constantly listening, playing and writing something musical (even if it’s on a napkin). The mascot at his college of choice is the ‘Scots’ so the green plaid would be a perfect match :)

  • Theresa

    I would choose green. I would like to have them for home because the apartment I live in has a lot of noisy kids

  • Ellen

    Green PLEASE!

  • Ellen

    Why would a music therapist beg for music supplies???? A music therapist is dedicated to, and loves music, they work hard, play hard, and just happen to be the best candidate for any free music supplies. Whether it be for studying the latest trends of pop, or for a simple relaxation exercise while commuting into the city, if a music therapist had these headphones, they would be used and appreciated more than you can imagine. Not to mention the FREE PUBLICITY!, because they would be seen EVERYWHERE!!! When the music therapist starts their day with a commute into the city, all of their fellow commuters would be jealous. It doesn’t stop there…they continue on their journey through the busy streets, with guitars and instruments in hand, while sporting their sweet stylish head gear. They move on with their day going in and out of schools, hospitals, psychiatric facilities, and just about anywhere they have been able to get their program moving. When they walk out, they are still sporting the coolest gear. They work hard, they play hard, and who else would you want to represent your product?

  • Daniel

    I want the red ones.

  • The white headphones look great! And why do I need a pair do you ask, beacause the last pair I had disappeared at the gym and I don’t want to hear that person next to me grunting while they pick things up and put them down.

  • Denise

    I need new headphones for the next plane trip I’ll be taking. I like the red & black plaid ones. Thanks!!

  • Alyson

    Oh, these are wonderful! All I really have are those really cheap, $1-5 earbuds you can find in any dollar store, and they practically fall to pieces within a month. I don’t really have the money to buy a nice set of headphones. I would LOVE these <3 I'd really be fine with any of the colors, but I think the White Plaid is the one I'd like the most. :3c

  • Theresa

    I would love the green ones! I am really in need of new noise-cancellation headphones because my old ones broke. I am a student and therefore I have to spend frugally, so I have not had a chance to buy new ones. Whatever I am doing, I am always listening to music. During study hall periods or any other free time I have in school I am wearing my headphones. Unfortunately, it gets very distracting when you are listening to music and can hear everything going on around you. Which is why I need these headphones!

  • Leanne

    Pink, i’ve broken my last pair of headphones and i live in my parents lounge so i can’t watch or listen to anything on my laptop, i’m forced to watch boring tv shows and when my dad snores it’s really loud :’-( it’s 2am and i just really need these headphones.

  • I like all of them especially the black and red. I need them because my other two headphones broke and I can’t find a new pair. :( I really like the designs and I could use them for a keyboard I wanted to rent.

    I am a facebook subscriber.

  • Lateef

    I’d like the black and white plaid ones! They would be perfect for when I check out of reality And it’s only my music and I. They would definitely help for when I’m doing my homework and I’m trying to not be distracted by my brothers and other things around me.

    I like shoplet on Facebook and Im a e-mail subscriber :)

  • Melisa Graber

    youtube channel subscriber

  • Melisa Graber
  • Melisa Graber

    I like Shoplet on Facebook

  • Melisa Graber

    email subscriber

  • Elisha

    I would choose the white plaid and need them when trying to double check my office supply order in peace and quiet! I like you on Facebook and subscribe to the emails!

  • Michelle Hudak

    Gave you Klout on Entrepreneurship : auntiethesis

  • Michelle Hudak

    I subscribe to your YouTube channel: shel704

  • Michelle Hudak

    I follow Shoplet & Able Planet on Twitter and I tweeted!/auntiethesis/status/182158362300006401

  • Michelle Hudak

    I like Shoplet on Facebook

  • Michelle Hudak

    I’m an email subscriber

  • Michelle Hudak

    I’d love the Red Plaid headphones; I’d love a new set of headphones. My living room is right next to the computer room where I frequently watch movies and listen to music and sometimes the t.v. overpowers my current headphones. Those are so stylish and they look incredibly comfortable.

  • Emma Price

    I don’t have one, but would like the black one.

  • Therese

    Love the red ones daughter wouldn’t take them not her color. I follow by e-mail

  • These are so cool, love all the colors especially the green! I listen to a lot of audio books and new headphones would be so nice :) I follow Shoplet on email.

  • Would enjoy winning a pair of these! My choice is black!

  • I follow your blog by e-mail. Please send me the black ones!

  • pauline miller

    I need new headphones since my kids “borrowed” mine…lol
    love the green!!

  • Beth Hilleke

    Plaid – a fashion statement

  • Sheryl H

    I absolutely love the black ones with the white plaid. I need these desperately for my daughter. She just had her first child and was in all sorts of peace until she had to go back to work and then it was OMG why are these people speaking – please oh please make them stop. You know that feeling. The one you get just before you set your wastebasket on fire and run screaming from the building screaming something about giant gold fish in the toilet bowl in the first stall. That is why i would LOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE a pair.

  • Sarah S.

    I subscribed to your YouTube channel. (sarahjd766 )

  • Sarah S.

    I gave you a K+ on Klout. ( miss_moneymaker )

  • Sarah S.

    I’m following Shoplet & AblePlanet on twitter and tweeted this giveaway.!/miss_moneymaker/status/182082536359464961

  • Sarah S.

    I Like Shoplet on Facebook. (Sarah Scott )

  • Sarah S.

    I’m a email subscriber.
    Sarahjd766 at yahoo dot com

  • Sarah S.

    I’d like to win these in black. I want them for my grandson. He’s at the age where he’s starting to like music and he plays it a little loud and it’s sometimes hard to hear the tv when he’s playing music so it would be great for him.

  • MeLisa G

    The little ear piece headphones break entirely too quickly.. which is why i would enjoy a new pair of Able Planet headphones! :) Not to mention I love how loud these headphones get! The white plaid ones are my favorite :)

  • Natalie J Vandenberghe

    @Lexiquin gave you a +K

  • Natalie J Vandenberghe

    I like you on Facebook

  • Natalie J Vandenberghe

    already a subscriber

  • Natalie J Vandenberghe

    As much as I love the Pink…I’d have to choose the green ;)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I subscribe to the Youtube channel.

  • I gave you a +K on Klout.

  • Sage

    I would love a new pair of headphones so my boyfriend doesn’t steal them and leave them at work

  • Bonnie Kraus

    im still subscribed and I like sjoplet on Facebook

  • Marsha webb

    YouTube channel subscriber

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    Follow both pages on twitter and tweeted

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    Like Shoplet on facebook

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    Email subscriber

  • Marsha webb

    I would like to win the black plaid ones because I don’t have any headphones.

  • Claudia

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  • Claudia

    gave you a +K on Klout – @cdmtx65

  • Claudia
  • Claudia

    i Like Shoplet on Facebook

  • Claudia

    e-mail subscriber

  • These all look nice. Any color would be nice, but I would say the black plaid would be nice. I certainly can use a new pair of headphones.

    Best, and keep on blogging.

  • Lilly N.

    subscribed on youtube

  • Lilly N.

    Liked on facebook

  • Lilly N.

    I would want the pink plaid.I want them really bad beacause the ones right now aren’t working really well and i love the design!

  • Margaret Porter

    I would love the red ones because college boy took mine when he moved to campus.

  • I like shoplet on facebook.

  • I am an email subscriber.

  • I would love to win the pink. I need some new headphones so I can look like a cool mom while rocking out.

  • Kirsten

    I would love a blue pair to use in my classroom. It would be awesome to have a decent pair of headphones!

  • My first graders need some great headphones for their listening center. Our always break! They would love any color! I am a fan on facebook under Thecolorfulclassroom.


  • Alexa

    I would love the pink ones!! I need some headphones for my new iPod!! These woul be perfect!! Love to win(:

  • Linda Stephens

    Liked on Facebook…. :)

  • Deb

    I like the pink ones best!
    I like you on facebook…subscribed through email and on youtube. :)

  • Linda Stephens

    I would love a pink pair. I would have my very own pair of headphones and I wouldn’t have to share with my grandchild.

  • Jeanne

    and i have liked shoplet on facebook!

  • Hayley

    I like the blue ones the best :) but I’m not picky on any of the colors. I would love to have them because all my other headphones are sucky,

  • Jeanne

    plus i am still subscribed to shoplet via email

  • Jeanne

    i want the red! red is the color coding for my 4th-grade class, and i do want a pair of headphones for myself, since all of mine are lost or broken, but I might donate a pair (if i won) to my classroom so that kids could use them while on the computer, doing rosetta stone (we are a dual-language class) or playing games when they’ve earned free time.

  • email subscriber: blondie_31971 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  • I like Shoplet on FB (Carole Spring)
    blondie_31971 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  • My favorite is the black plaid headset and I would love to win the headphone set because I currently don’t have any.
    blondie_31971 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  • Calya Williams

    I would love to have the red ones! My students are currently using the old “Walkman” headphones, so we are DEFINITELY in need of a new set!!!

    Thank you!!

  • Michelle Grossman

    I would love any color. My roommate is the loudest person on the face of the earth. He works a strange schedule and is up at all weird times. He kicked in my door a couple of weeks ago at 2 am and terrified my dog who proceeded to wee wee all over the bed.

  • Amanda Wright

    I subscribed to the YouTube channel.

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    I gave you a +K on Klout

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    I am a follower of both Shoplet and AblePlanet. I tweeted about the giveaway.

    mshdb2002 (twitter id)!/mshdb2002/status/181877324864696320

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    I am a subscriber to the Shoplet blog via email.

  • Amanda Wright

    I would like a pink pair of headphones. Pink is my favorite color and it would keep my husband from taking this pair with him and leaving them.

    Amanda Wright

  • tabatha heavner

    already subscribe to youtube channel (tabatha heavner)

  • tabatha heavner

    aaf of shoplet on facebook (tabatha heavner)

  • tabatha heavner

    already an email subscriber from

  • tabatha heavner

    I would love to have the pink ones because it’s my favorite color!

  • Darline Aubry

    I am still subscribed and would love the pink ones for my granddaughter

  • Jodi

    I have liked you on FB and love this product–would be so great to have a pair :)

  • Jodi

    All the colors are great– I think I would choose pink so that my hubby and son won’t be tempted to steal them :) I need new headphones to use while caring for my son who is ill. I now sit up nights and keep myself occupied by watching netflix and hulu. I would love to have these great headphones to make my listening experience richer!!

  • Kristen Duree

    I’m still subscribed and like shoplet on fb

  • Kristen Duree

    I want the black ones because my brother stole my headphones and ripped off the earbuds and they broke:(

  • I’d love to win a pair in any color. Surprises are fun and the choice is up to you guys :) I did all the things I was supposed to for the Duck Tape thing and it’s the same here

  • T Alexander

    subscribed to your YouTube channel – MsTalex5

  • T Alexander

    gave you a +K on Klout

  • Lisa Carr

    I’d love the green ones. I need them because my children steal mine all the time!

  • Dana Rodriguez

    I subscribe to your You Tube channel jrstattooedgurl

  • Dana Rodriguez

    I gave you K+

  • T Alexander

    follow Shoplet and AblePlanet on Twitter – Teralex4


  • T Alexander

    I like Shoplet on facebook – Theresa A.

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    I am an email subscriber.

  • T Alexander

    I’d like the red ones. I had some earphones but they’re gone to university with my daughter so I need some of my own.

  • Dana Rodriguez

    I follow on Twitter and RT’d your tweet

  • rossane kasem

    would luv the green plaid…because my daughter always uses mine and would luv a pair of these to hide and keep all to myself
    i sub to facebook….. you tube …blog and klout :)
    hoping i am one of the lucky ones :)

  • Dana Rodriguez

    I subscibe via email tat2gurlzrock(at)hotmail(dot)com

  • Dana Rodriguez

    I am a Facebook fan!

  • I subscribed to your YouTube channel.

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  • Dana Rodriguez

    I LOVE the pink ones!My headphones got stepped on lol

  • I subscribe to your emails.

  • I like the white headphones and need a pair because my son keeps snagging mine and leaving me without. Right now I don’t have any to use with my iPod Touch which makes exercising pretty boring. :(

  • Vera S

    I am an email subscriber. :)

  • Vera S

    I would like the Red Plaid headphones. I don’t have any headphones and need a pair. :)

  • Jessica Peterson

    I need new headphones because I love working out to music but can’t find any headphones comfortable enough to wear while walking. I would love to win the red or green plaid set. I liked you on Facebook!

  • layla

    i liked u on facebook and youtube and subbed to ur eamil..i need new head phones because the ones i have are old and it would be awesome to have new headphones to listen to taylor swift with! and i want the pink ones please!! =D

  • Kristy

    I like you on facebook, subscribe to your blog, gave you a +k on Klout – and LOVE these headphones.

  • Amber Roby

    I loveeeeee Shoplet!!! I want these head phones soooooooo bad. I think I’m addicted.

  • Adam Harrenstein

    I follow you on facebook!

  • Heather S

    I like the red, but would be happy with any color! My third graders are always losing or breaking theirs, and we use headphones daily in our classroom! Because I teach in a high poverty school, not all families are able to provide headphones, The fact that they are noise canceling would really help my ADD and autistic students! Thanks!

  • I would really like the black ones! and I need new headphones because i always either loose my bud ones OR they break in my purse. And Music helps me get done what has to be done and noise canceling headphones eliminate the distractions :)

  • I want the red pair because next orange it’s my favorite color. I need and want new good pair of headphones, because I lost my first pair of headphones then my second pair I got broke,I really need a new,good pair of headphones. That is why i want to be one of the luck winners. liked you on facebook,and subscribed to your youtube account.

  • I want the black ones . I need new headphones because mine wore out the cord broke,so I need a good new pair of headphones. I subscribed to your youtube account,and liked you on facebook.

  • Reagan

    Subscribed via email!

  • Reagan

    Subscribed on youtube

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  • Reagan

    I want white headphones and I need new ones cause mine just broke!

  • Conner M.

    I love the white pair and I deserve some new headphones because today is my birthday and also my brother took and broke my only pair of headphones ): I really hope I get these headphones.They’re Awesome!

  • Joni Lane

    & I signed up for the Shoplet blog!

  • Joni Lane

    Ok, I liked you on facebook!

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  • I want the green ones because next to blue it is my favorite color and they would match my eyes

  • Im following you on twitter!

  • I signed up for the email list!

  • I liked you on facebook!

  • I subscribed to your youtube channel!

  • I want the green pair! I need some new headphones because I drunkenly ripped the plug right off my old pair! Now they dont work too well. Well, at all!

  • subscribed to your youtube channel!

  • gave you a +K on klout!

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  • i want PINK! and i need some new headphones because i don’t have any!

  • Pink Neice

    I would like Pink or White. The reason I would truly appreciate the headphones is because I have ear buds. After a while the ear buds tend to hurt. I LOVE MY MUSIC and lately music is like beauty because both are painful. Also I really hate when I am dusting and an ear bud gets caught on something and it feels like my brain is being ripped out through my ear. This is why I would truly appreciate headphones.

  • Deirdre

    I liked u on FB & subscribed to your email….would love the pink :)

  • Jennifer Lofgren

    I would love the pink ones for my classroom! They would make a great addition to our Ipod and Ipad center!!! :)

  • Kara

    liked on fb

  • Rochel S

    youtube subscriber: rufful

  • Rochel S
  • Rochel S

    I Like Shoplet on Facebook

  • Kara

    I don’t care what colors I love them all
    I need new headphones because I have
    an MP3 player but no headphones my
    little brother broke them by sitting on them

  • Rochel S

    I would love the green ones for my son! My son just asked me the other day for a pair of headphones!

  • Gary Gilfix

    I love the Black Plaid ones. The only set I have now is from a trip last year on Virgin airlines. They are pretty basic and do not look so nice. A new pair would be awesome.

  • meredith

    Subscribed to your YouTube Channel

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    Pink, I need the head phones So i can listen to music and at the same time an occasionally block out 3 teenaged daughters who can be so loud

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  • meredith

    I would love the red or black. That way they are gender neutral and if my husband or step son want to use them they can. Earbuds hurt my ears so these would be great!!

  • stacey copenhaver

    following shoplet on twitter

  • Love the black ones!

  • I like Shoplet on Facebook.

  • I subscribe to Shoplet’s blog via email.

  • I like the red, and the plaid reminds me of favorite old flannel comfy clothes. I need them because trying to listen to on-line music or podcasts with ordinary headphones while MASS EFFECT 3 is being played 10 feet away can be a challenge.

  • LOVE the black ones!! Why do I need them? Who doesn’t need them!! ;)

  • Laura ramey

    I love the white ones, I sooooo need a pair for my long trips. I have lost all of my headphones to my kids :(

  • logan

    I like the facebookpage. I love the pink ones and I need new headphones because I have old small ones that fall out of my ear :(

  • Renita

    I love the bluish ones. I could really use these since I am an avid and use my current headphones to block out noise. They aren’t the greatest at that and these would be phenomenal. Also earbuds hurt my ears and these would be great!

  • mom4everever

    .I Subscribe to your YouTube Channel

  • mom4everever


  • mom4everever

    1. Subscribe to the Shoplet Blog via RSS or Email

  • mom4everever

    pink- time we had some more pink here

  • Jen

    I love red everything in my world is red, but I like the black ones. I would use these on campus, when you are on the go and only got 10 minutes to get across campus, put head phones on and bust a move. When people try talking to you, you can blame the headphones, lol!!! I need some

  • Diane Redcay
  • Diane Redcay

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    3. I now Follow Shoplet on Twitter and AblePlanet on Twitter and tweet once about the giveaway.
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    5.I Subscribe to your YouTube Channel

  • Diane Redcay

    I like the black plaid & my son took my headphones now I dont listen to music when I workout not good

  • Brittany

    I’d definitely love the red ones. I work in an open air office and can’t focus without headphones– the clicking of keyboards is enough to drive anyone insane!

  • Brittany

    These look awesome!

  • I’d like to have the green ones because green is my favorite color and I need these because I work as a medical transcriptionist and sometimes it can get a bit noisy in the office.

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