Avery iPad Winner

Thanks to everyone for your awesome ideas! I’m a huge Avery fan too and it’s fun to hear how everyone uses their products. My favorite idea was submitted by Helen T who is our iPad winner! She says:

I teach school and use AVERY labels all the time but my favorite use is not at school but at home. Okay, you guys are going to love this. My husband and I have guardianship over a cousin, Layne, who has downs syndrome. She is 51 years old and happens to still believe in Santa Claus. She is also a major KISS (the rock band) fan. I know you are wonder what this has to do with AVERY but trust me it does! Avery has come to the rescue several times. You see, each year Layne comes up with a list of things she is just sure that Santa is going to bring her. The only problem is, that many of the things on her list do not exist in the real world but only in her mind. One particular Christmas, the top thing on her list was KISS beer. Another year is was KISS lipstick (chap stick). Last year, she insisted that Santa would be bringing her KISS shampoo and KISS bubble bath. AVERY labels has come to the rescue all three of these years. Santa’s elf simply locates images of KISS, print them on AVERY stickers and make labels for cans of beer, chapstick, shampoo, and bubble bath. We have photos to show her excitement, especially with the KISS beer and KISS bubble bath. So thank you so much, Avery, for keeping the spirit of Christmas and the belief in Santa alive and well for the sweet lady.

  • I am so excited about winning this iPad. Thank you so much for holding this contest and selecting my story. Layne was helping me in my classroom over the weekend and spotted our classroom iPad mini. She asked what it was since she had never seen one. So I showed her. She explored on it most of the afternoon while I was getting my work done. She was so amazed and kept trying to find KISS on it. LOL Thank you again!

  • Lisa Langley

    That is probably the best winning entry I’ve read EVER! Congrats!

  • Willow Kidd