Back 2 School Giveaway 2012!

I’m not ready to say goodbye to summer and hello to a new school year yet but if you’ve already got back to school on your mind, then enter to win a backpack in our back to school giveaway!

For this giveaway, we are giving away 3 Sharpie backpacks full of supplies!

Ready to win? Here’s how to enter:

Leave a comment on this post telling us why you want to win it!

Want extra entries?
Visit the Back to School section and leave another comment telling us your favorite supply! (And the secret to this is, you can do this everyday until August 17th! Just pick a new supply each day and tell us why you like it)

We’ll choose 3 winners using and announce them on August 17th! Good luck!

590 thoughts on “Back 2 School Giveaway 2012!”

  1. Marianne Griffith says:

    I would love to win some stuff for my art class. I really love Crayola Washable Markers.
    Is this contest over on the 17th????? Just wondering how we know if we won something? Thanks! :-)

  2. ANTONIA C. says:


  3. Helen Gibbs says:

    I need a backpack full of supplies.

  4. Leyte Tallent says:

    I would love love to win this 3 sharpie and the backpack…to help my niece and nephew back in the philippines in which they dont have that much finance to buy one because of the economy there…

  5. Marianne Griffith says:

    The Oxford Twin Pocket portfolios are perfect for Middle School students.

  6. Mary Withrow says:

    Paper Mate Arrowhead Eraser Caps !!!

  7. Holly Thorwarth says:

    This could be considered my favorite as I could not find any of the kijillion rolls that I hav ein my classroom today. So I only do what anyone else would do. Go out to my car and get the one that I keep there for emergencies.

    Duck Carton Sealing-
    Tape 1.88″ x 60…
    Item #DUCHP260C

    3″ Core, Clear

  8. Marianne Griffith says:

    Purell Instant Hand Sanitizers are perfect for cold season!

  9. Kira Adam says:

    No classroom is complete without Elmer’s Glue or Gluesticks! We need it and we need a ton of it! :) Love it.

  10. Ashley Cahill says:

    Sharpie Accent Highlighters are great for teaching writing!

  11. Brenda E says:

    How much would I love to have a Purell ADX-7 Dispenser! All those little kiddos sharing colds! Not if I can help it.

  12. SANDY says:

    Oxford Ruled Index Cards

    Item #ESS31

    3 x 5, White, 100 per Pack love these for notes, recipes, contests- any age can benefit- learning cards for letter, words, phrases, speeches- love it and love the ones in color ( I use for labels on packages too

  13. Mary Withrow says:

    Casio Solar! Great Price and always has been a fantastic dependable brand!

  14. katie says:

    Oxford Twin-Pocket Polypropylene Portfolio for homework folders.

  15. Ashley Cahill says:

    Ticonderoga Pencils are truly the best. And I know pencils because my first graders go through them like candy!

  16. Marianne Griffith says:

    Westcroft 12″ Jeweled Colored Rulers would rule the art room!

  17. Rong Zhang says:

    Definitely have to love the Sharpie Accent Highlighters! Aug 16

  18. Kira Adam says:

    Ticonderoga Pencils are the WORLD’S BEST PENCILS! They’re the only pencils I use in my classroom!

  19. Crissy D. says:

    Sharpie accent Accent Gel Highlighter

  20. John Darrow says:

    Today my favorite school supply (from the Teachers section) is the Fellowes Saturn SL-125 Laminating Machine

  21. Marianne Griffith says:

    We love Elmer’s All Purpose Glue! We use a lot in Art!

  22. SANDY says:

    Westcott Soft Touch-
    School Protractor Wi…

    Item #ACM14376

    Assorted Colors for math, science, art- these are always handy

  23. Ashley Cahill says:

    I love using notebooks for journals with my first graders!

  24. Mary Withrow says:

    I love the woodcase color pencils. I think they color so much better than the plastic

  25. Crissy D. says:

    Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer

  26. Terry Cross says:

    I like the Oxford Twin-Pocket Polypropylene Portfolio because they are more durable than regular folders

  27. Brenda Rzucidlo says:

    I love Sharpie Markers, I use them for stamp classes I do for Relay for life. I would give the backpack to a needy child at our church as we are collecting supplies for them now.

  28. Brenda E says:

    Sharpie Retractable Highlighters are the best!

  29. katie says:

    Frixion pens by pilot!!

  30. Ashley Cahill says:

    I love water color paints. They calm my first graders in the afternoon when we paint whatever we want!

  31. SANDY says:

    Purell ADX-7 Dispenser

    Item #GOJ872006

    700 mL, White is amazing for classroom or work keep away the germs

  32. Marianne Griffith says:

    Paper Mate Pink Pearl Erasers! Our school is out of them, and my students need them in art!

  33. steve tengood says:

    Sharpie is an excellant name brand

  34. Rong Zhang says:

    My favorite supply of the day would be filler paper – can’t go through class without it!

  35. Emily says:

    I am a crafty person and these would come in handy a lot! I would really love to withis !

  36. Kira Adam says:

    My students each get a Oxford Twin-Pocket Polypropylene Portfolio to use for their Homework Planners. They last all year!

  37. Vikki M says:

    I would love to give this to my nephew for his first full year of school.

  38. Katharine Gauthier says:

    Westcott Jeweled Color ruler makes underlining the date and using a ruler more fun for the students! :)

  39. Brenda E says:

    Want to try the Kensington Virtuoso Tablet Pen, real soon!

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