Best Office Chair Giveaway!

Our weekly giveaway for this week is sponsored by Best! (Now that’s a smart name for a brand!) They are giving away TWO Best Black Fabric Task Chairs with Mesh Backs. Here’s a little more about them-

-Tilt lock with tension adjustment
-Gas lift height adjustment
-Built-in lumbar support
-Greenguard Certified for schools and children

Want to win one? Here’s how to enter:

Leave a comment telling us why you need a new office chair!

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We’ll pick two winners using and announce them on Monday, June 11th! Good luck!

277 thoughts on “Best Office Chair Giveaway!”

  1. Cindy Reyes says:

    I need the chairs because the chairs we have at work are not comfortable at all!

  2. yehuda b says:

    need a new office chair at my desk! my current one is kinda falling apart!

  3. malka r says:

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  4. malka r says:

    i dont have one!!!! and my back totally needs one!

  5. Rachel says:

    I like you on facebook.

  6. Rachel says:

    Oh, how I need a chair, let me count the ways.

    1. My back aches
    2. My legs aches
    3. Everything aches

    I need to do my lessons on the computer, but sitting at the desk is very uncomfortable since I don’t have a chair like this.


  7. ashley b. says:

    Liked on fb! :)

  8. Jim B says:

    I could use a new one, because the hydraulic thing on my current chair is malfunctioning, and my chair has a habit of lowering itself.

  9. Terri Bernhardt says:

    I need a new chair because the one I have at my desk currently is the one I started with when I became a teacher many moons ago :)

  10. Carrie Bartlett says:

    The back of my classroom chair fell off, and I need a new one!

  11. Diane Keller says:

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  12. lillian hemphill says:

    i liked shoplet on facebook

  13. Diane Keller says:

    I repinned on Pinterest –

  14. Diane Keller says:

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  15. monic says:

    Going to a new school next year and when I toured the new room we have 2 rough looking adult chairs at our desk. It would be nice to have new chairs for my desk and my para’s desk.

  16. Li says:

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  17. Li says:

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  20. Li says:

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  21. Li says:

    The screw that holds the chair up broke in half, so now my seat is loose and squeaks. It’s very annoying

  22. Callie says:

    I have a maroon, frayed home office chair that was paired with a 1982, HUGE used desk that I bought from a out-of-business health spa!. When I tried to move the pressboard desk, the legs fell off and it went to office heaven. Now, I have no desk and a frayed chair. I need a beautiful new chair to help me start to rebuild my home office. If I won, the second chair would go to my work office…my chair there is pretty bad and we haven’t been able to buy any furniture for years now.

  23. Lynne says:

    I liked you on facebook. I need this chair because not it is the summer and all school year I have been sitting in student chairs. I need a comfortable adult chair to use at my desk at home.

  24. Dsasko says:

    following on ttr :)

    good luck to everyone!

  25. Dsasko says:

    subbed on yt <3

  26. Dsasko says:

    liked on fb :)

  27. Dsasko says:

    I want it because the one I have right now is broken :/ if i don’t win this chair, i’ll go buy a new one.

  28. Marsha Webb says:

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  33. Marsha Webb says:

    I need a new office chair because mine is worn out.

  34. Kerri says:

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  35. Kerri says:

    I got three new desks but no chairs!

  36. Susann says:

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  37. Susann says:

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  39. Susann says:

    Sitting on an inherited chair with no back support right now – ouch!

  40. Yik-Ting Lee says:

    E-mail subscriber.

  41. Yik-Ting Lee says:

    Liked Shoplet on Facebook.

  42. Yik-Ting Lee says:

    Because I don’t currently have an office chair. It would be nice to have one so I can be at my desk instead of on my bed.

  43. Lydia says:

    I inherited this chair when I started working here, and it’s definitely “long in the tooth!” I would love to be able to try a Best! chair to recommend to others. And maybe I could get our firm to purchase some! Thank you!

  44. Sophia C says:

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  46. nosogirl says:

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  47. Sophia C says:

    My old office chair is tearing apart :(

  48. nosogirl says:

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  51. nosogirl says:

    I really need new office chairs because I’m working more and more from home and am presently using a straight back chair. It’s not the most comfortable thing in the world!

  52. C R Williams says:

    I need one for my home business.

  53. Derek says:

    My current chairs fabric is ripped.
    I’m an email subscriber

  54. amy socha says:

    not exactly sure how many different people have sat in the chair i am currently using through its lifetime. would truly like to have a comfortable chair with good back support that i can call my own.

  55. Justin says:

    Well I just bought a new house and will need desk and chair for my new home office. I am buying the desk at will just need chair to go with it.

  56. Melissa says:

    In need of new chairs for office b/c don’t have room in budget at this time.

  57. Ashley says:

    I subscribe to email.

  58. Ashley says:

    I need a new chair because my old one was covered in junk and broken! Whoops!

  59. Cin P says:

    Need new chairs for our office.

  60. Janet says:

    We are a new company and can use all new office furniture.

  61. Kate says:

    Please, please,please!!!! I desperately need a new chair as the one I inherited when I started at this company two years ago was already 10 years old!!!! Just don’t have room in the budget right now. :(

  62. Debbie Heisey says:

    This chair would be a replacement office chair for my husband. When our children were small, we kept the family computer in his office so that we could keep an eye on what sites they were visiting. They are now 25 and 22 years old and he still has the same chair! Needless to say it is VERY WORN!! The stuffing is falling out and the seat has permanent divets where your legs automatically go!!

    I would LOVE for him to be gifted a new chair -’cause he really is a great Dad!!

  63. Peg S says:

    My office chair is literally falling apart. I tried re-attaching the seat with marine glue, Gorilla glue, hot glue, etc., which have all been unsuccessful. There is packing tape holding the padding in on the chair back. The chair was purchased (used) in 2000 for $150. It is quite comfortable, but I really need a new COMFORTABLE chair.

  64. Jim says:

    My chair no longer goes up and down, I need a new one!

  65. Laura Knotts says:

    Broken plastic pieces and parts keep falling on the floor and you feel like you are going to fall backwards when you lean back!

  66. Erica Phillips says:

    I need a new chair because the one that I have is from the lady that I took over for. Now to some that might not be a big deal, but for me it is. She was barely 5 feet tall. I am 5’10”. So as you can see it’s a HUGE deal!! I have had the most horrible of back pain because my legs are WAY too long for my chair. A new chair would be GREATLY appriceated!!!!

  67. kurt butte says:

    It seems like every week a screw falls out of my chair. Sometimes I can find the place it came from and sometimes the screw has snapped out and can’t be put back in. One day soon I can see myself heels over head as that last screw finally lets go.

  68. Beth Hilleke says:

    I’ve been here 9 years, used about 15 different chairs, and am still waiting for the perfect one. Please, let this be it! One for me, and one to spare! Thanks.

  69. Shopper62 says:

    I need a new chair because mine is old and worn out.

  70. Larry says:

    After 12 years with the same chair, isn’t it time for one?

  71. lindy says:

    i am currently sitting on stacked milk crates with a blankie on top…. no back support whatsoever… this chair will feel like a slice of heaven…

  72. Jennifer E. says:

    My old office chair’s cushion is getting so thin and flat that I can feel the bolts sticking into my bottom every time I sit down. Time for a new chair!

  73. Jennifer E. says:

    I follow on Twitter.

  74. Jennifer E. says:

    I like you on Facebook.

  75. Jennifer E. says:

    I subscribe via Google reader.

  76. Ava Neal says:

    I tried to go everywhere on your site to sign up
    for Giveaways.

    Will you enter me in the Chair & Staple [not a stapler!]
    giveaways & confirm via my email
    that you signed me up?


  77. Margot C says:

    My office chair is such a sad thing, and so uncomfortable! (that’s why I need a new one)

  78. Brn2lisn says:

    Twitter following: @Brn2lisn

  79. Brn2lisn says:

    I definitely need a new chair – my current chair has no cushion and I have to use to pillows for proper support.

  80. Tammy says:

    My office chair is so old I can’t remember when it was purchased. It sags a bit and though it feels comfortable, I know my back is not getting the proper support at the end of a long day. These are really attractive chairs and I could certainly use the extra lumbar support when I work.

  81. Kirsten says:

    Already a YouTube subscriber, too.

  82. Kirsten says:

    Follow on twitter

  83. Kirsten says:

    Like you on FB

  84. Kirsten says:

    Email subscriber

  85. Kirsten says:

    My chair keeps dropping lower and lower and seems to have forgot who the boss is. It is also not as cushioned as it used to be. Definitely time for a new chair.

  86. MelodyJ says:

    Google Reader subscribe.


  87. MelodyJ says:

    I need this because right now I’m sitting the step stool.


  88. Lisa Grassetti says:

    I new office chair is because I am on my 4th one. Every time I buy one expensive or not they don’t seem to hold up or they rip. The one I am sitting on typing this is all ripped in the seat. I really don’t know how that happened as it is not that old and cost me $99 on sale! These look like I wouldn’t have that problem.

  89. Lisa Grassetti says:

    I repinned the giveaway picture on Pinterest

  90. Lisa Grassetti says:

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    Already subscribe :) 1. Subscribe to the Shoplet Blog via RSS or Email

  94. abitnerdy says:

    I repinned the giveaway! :)

  95. abitnerdy says:

    Crud i realize my comment for why I need an office chair didn’t go through, well my current home office chair is a mess, it leaves a trail wherever i roll it, the cushion is obsolete and its torn. it’s an eyesore really and really needs to be replaced X)

  96. abitnerdy says:

    i subscribe to shoplets youtube channel! :)

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  100. NCFM80 says:

    I like Shoplet and Blanking Red Stapler on FB!

  101. NCFM80 says:

    I need a new office chair for my home because the chair I have now, only a few years old, is losing the foam on the armrests! The material is just breaking off in pieces (drying out maybe???) and soon I’ll have tow stubby metal bars to rest on:{.

    Ergonomically unacceptable I say!

    Does anyone know if the Planking Red Stapler is married? She’s H O T!

  102. John A. Brazinski says:

    Mu y office chairr is over 28 years old and I would like to replace it sooner than later.

  103. JudyO says:

    My two ,fifth hand, office chairs are ready for retirement. They have served me well but even the duct tape is wearing out.

  104. Joan says:

    Oh wowww! LUMBAR SUPPORT! After many back surgeries could I really use these! One for the upstairs office and one for use in my husband’s office! Ahhhhh, I could feel my back relaxing right now just thinking about these chairs! And the mesh backing keeps the air flowing to the back, too! Man oh man I hope I win these!

  105. Janet Long says:

    I have arthritis in my spine and need a more ergonomic chair to provide better support and reduce the pain when I have to sit for long periods of time.

  106. Brooke says:

    I also liked your page on Facebook. :)

  107. Brooke says:

    We really need new office chairs. I’m currently using an old dental chair from the 60’s. These look wonderful!

  108. Alice says:

    this type of chair would be really confortable and nice to have to set in most of the day!

  109. Kim says:

    A new desk chair would be great!

  110. Patricia Crowley says:

    I subscribe on youtube as 122tmc

  111. Patricia Crowley says:

    I Like Shoplet on Facebook as Patricia Wojnar Crowley!!

  112. Patricia Crowley says:

    I’m an email subscriber!

  113. Patricia Crowley says:

    I could use a new office chair, because right now I’m just using a diningroom chair that hurts my back after a while! This would be wonderful!

  114. Victor says:

    We’re a poor non-profit which never has money to buy furniture. We could sure use a nice, new chair! (or a bunch of them!)

  115. G says:

    I have recently been diagnosed with osteo arthritis and an office chair with arms and lumbard support is one of the items that will help to relieve the pain and help prevent further damage to my joints. Thanks for offering a chair in the weekly drawing.

  116. Pamela says:

    My desk chair has seen better days – it’s torn and has no padding left in the seat. A new chair would be really appreciated.

  117. Thomas says:

    I also “like” shoplet on Facebook

  118. Thomas says:

    A new chair for my home office would be great. My son spends lots of time at the computer “studying” :)

  119. Jerry Fair says:

    I follow your blog via email as

  120. Cherie says:

    i would like a new chair because the one I have is 15 years old.

  121. Jerry Fair says:

    I so need a new chair!

  122. stacy w says:

    My company is to cheap to buy chairs. They re-use, garage sale them or fix them before buying anything new. ughhh

  123. Mary Mac says:

    I subscribe to e-mail

  124. Mary Mac says:

    My chair is is not even a chair right now but a stool so I can sit high enough to reach my computer.

  125. Susan B. says:

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  126. Susan B. says:

    I subscribee to the Shoplet Blog via RSS.

  127. Susan B. says:

    My current chair came from a dumpster, so I could really use a new one!

  128. Terri K (@tkharmonic) says:

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  131. Terri K (@tkharmonic) says:

    I need a new office chair because my 10 yr old has nearly ruined mine by jumping into it. He doesn’t sit down, he bounces down, and now even though I’m careful when I sit down, it wobbles and clicks and I don’t think it’s got much life left in it.

  132. Natalie J Vandenberghe says:

    Re-Pinned ;)

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    already a subscriber

  136. Natalie J Vandenberghe says:

    I need a new office chair so I will be more comfortable while I spend (too) many hours at the computer. Thanks for the giveaway!

  137. BrendaLea says:

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  141. Donna McMillan says:

    My car is broke and I liked you on facebook.

  142. Erin bruening says:

    I sit and make sock monkeys and other random acts of art to give away to those who look like they need it. It makes me feel good. I bet one of these chairs would make me feel PRETTY good while I am making my special gifts….just a thought!

  143. Brenda E says:

    Why do I need a new office chair? Because I’m tired of spending all my money at the Chiropractor, that’s why!

  144. Brenda E says:

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  148. carol clark says:

    i dont have one

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  153. BrendaLea says:

    I need one of these chairs because the one I have is falling apart. The pneumatic lift malfunctions and when you least expect it, the chair drops down. Not good when writing, drinking a cup of coffee, etc, it really makes a mess of things. The arms are cracked and pieces of vinyl are flaking off, and the seat is ripping in the seams. To win one (or both) of these chairs would be awesome and much needed,

  154. tam childers says:

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  156. tam childers says:

    Need them because we have gotten as far as buying a desk for our computer but no office chair yet

  157. Nancy T. says:

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  160. Jeanne says:

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  161. Nancy T. says:

    I TOTALLY need a new office chair! The one I am using has wooden feet since some of the wheels have fallen off! This would be AWESOME! Thanks for the great give-away!

  162. Jeanne says:

    my husband and i need comfortable chairs for our home office/study!

  163. Ben Anderson says:

    It would be sweet to have a new chair for the next school year!

  164. Carolyn Barnett says:

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  171. Carolyn Barnett says:

    I need this chair because I have spinal stenosis and severe degenerate disk disease and this would make sitting at my desk more enjoyable.

  172. Elizabeth Rodriguez says:

    I “liked” Shoplet on Facebook!

  173. Elizabeth Wilson says:

    My school is opening in the fall and does not currently have any chairs for teachers, so this would be a big deal to win a couple of chairs.

  174. David V says:

    I need a new office chair because the one I am using now is over 35 years old and very tired LOL.
    Thank You
    David V

  175. Kathleen P. says:

    I repinned the giveaway photo for this week on Pinterest!

  176. Angel says:

    A chair? Oh yea I can use a nice, new comfy and sharp looking chair for my workstation at home. Here is to hoping.

    Best, and keep on blogging.

  177. Kathleen P. says:

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  181. Kathleen P. says:

    Oh my goodness! I NEED a new office chair – I work in a public library and there are two chairs that are similar to these behind the desk. They fall apart every do often and when they are together, they no longer adjust, so that I look like a midget when I pick the wrong chair. I brought in a cushion to sit on and it exploded, leaving me to clean up piles of micro-beads all over the floor. Not a good position when 15 people come to the counter tocheck out books and I’m bent over sweeping up pellets…. If I could win these….. Sigh…

  182. Allison says:

    My office chair is starting to fall apart so could always use a new one

  183. Jo Anne says:

    I am moving into an office so I need a new office chair…..

  184. Theresa J says:

    I subscribe via youtube janke5

  185. Michelle Henderson says:

    I am a twitter follower too!

  186. Theresa J says:

    I like Shoplet on facebook

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  188. Theresa J says:

    I need these office chairs because my husband and i currently use folding chairs which are not comfortable

  189. Michelle Henderson says:

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  194. diana W says:
  195. Linda Stephens says:

    I could use a “good” chair. I got the left overs and the chair wasn’t very good. Good luck to everyone.

  196. doreen lamoureux says:

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    doreen lamoureux

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    doreen lamoureux

  199. diana W says:

    I need a new desk chair because my back has been bothering me after sitting in mine for a while. And a new school year deserves the BEST new chair!

  200. doreen lamoureux says:

    I already subscribe by email. :)

  201. doreen lamoureux says:

    You should see the one I have. It is burgandy, peeling, very heavy and about 20 years old. I really need a new and up to date one. Really! Hope I win.

  202. Nicole T says:

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  203. Nicole T says:

    My husband is in the navy and our last chair broke whim we were moving so we could use a new one!

  204. Jessie C. says:

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    I need a new office chair because I currently use our kitchen chair as one.

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    I would love to win I could use an upgrade on my chair :)

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  219. Annmarie W. says:

    We had our guest room re-done, with a murphy bed, under-window cabinets & a beautiful handmade wrap around desk. It’s gorgeous. Only thing is that I forgot I would need a chair for the desk! Help!

  220. Kim T says:

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  222. Kim T says:

    I never had my own chair, I have a students chair to use when there is an extra one available.

  223. Tiffany says:

    I’m thinking about joining twitter just to up my chances to win this chair. I want it that much. Also my chair makes a horrendous squealing noise everytime I turn. I want that new office chair!! :]

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    I subscribed to your blog with I love all of the cute things you put in it. :]

  227. Tiffany says:

    I want I want I want! I love those chairs. I just recently had a baby and my chair offers ZERO back support. So I sit at the computer in the office at least 8 hours a day and go home with a sore back then take care of my little one. It’s painful.

  228. John says:

    I need two office chairs because our one broke. It is the one we moved between two computers Two would be great.

  229. Elizabeth Rodriguez says:

    I subscribed to Shoplet Blog through email. OneMomsMoxie(@)

  230. Colleen S. says:

    I need a new office chair because my children “rode” mine down the stairs. They are okay, but the chair is NOT. :(

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    pinned it

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  234. Monica Horn says:

    I need a new chair as my “teacher” chair is over 15 years old. It does not stay at one level anymore. Sometimes when I sit I feel like I am sinking, and when looking down I am closer to the floor than when I started. The kids laugh when it makes a creaking noise when I sit down in it. It would be wonderful to begin next school year with a new chair. Thanks for the giveaway.

  235. Bobbi Capwell says:

    I also twitted about it.

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    I love your youtube channel :!

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    I also repinned on pinterest and liked you on facebook!!

  238. Bobbi Capwell says:

    Oh My!! This would be great. I need a new chair. I am using an old library search station chair that is horribly uncomfortable.
    I hope I am the lucky one.

  239. Kerri says:

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  240. Kerri says:

    I could really use a comfy chair.

  241. Adam Harrenstein says:

    I love You guys on Facebook!!!

  242. Linda says:

    Wow, I could use a new chair. The one I have at work is not really a desk chair at all. Not that I sit all that much but when entering DATA and grades it would be great.
    I like Shoplet on Facebook.

  243. Sandy says:

    I subscribed to your Youtube channel.

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    I repinned your chair photo.

  245. Sandy says:

    I subscribed by email.

  246. Sandy says:

    I “liked” your facebook page.

  247. Sandy says:

    I need a new chair because the right arm of mine is broken.

  248. MJ says:

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    Subscribed on YouTube – sumrthyme

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    Like you on FB – Mary Jane Coward

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  252. Sandi says:

    I could use a new chair because mine is a hand-me-down from where I work. It was falling apart so I took it home. It is missing screws, a wheel, and duct tape on the seat. I would love to have a comfortable chair for doing school work.

  253. MJ says:

    I teach kindergarten. I do not get to sit often but when I do, this would be so much better than my hard plastic student chair! :)

  254. Heather says:

    I liked Shoplet on facebook and subscribed to email. I could really use the two chairs because I teach with an assistant and a pareducator. We don’t have enough comfortable chairs for the three of us. As hard as they work, they deserve a comfortable chair when there is actually time to sit. Right now, only one of them has a chair. It has a metal base and back. It is incapable of rolling straight, and there is absolutely no back support. Thank you for offering these!

  255. Marylinn Kelly says:

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    I like Shoplet on Facebook.

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    I subscribe to the Shoplet blog via email.

  258. Marylinn Kelly says:

    In our household of two we now have a total of four office chairs, two of which are more than 50 years old. Sturdy, thank goodness, and being held together by luck and vinyl tape. The other two are both hand-me-downs, the less good one lacking its 5th wheel, the other armless, rather lightweight and buried under a pile of books and clothes. I have no chair at all in my studio, rolling one of the half-century old models back and forth to work in there. How I would love to win these Best beauties.

  259. Rochel S says:

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    I need a new chair because the one I have is falling apart at the seams! Literally! Its all torn so this would be perfect!

  263. Grim says:

    I need a new chair, I work at two jobs and often take work home. Job one has a chair with crumbling arms, job two has a chair missing a wheel and at home my chair squeaks and no longer tilts. I need at least one good chair somewhere!

  264. Angie Bailey says:

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  265. Lainey says:

    I deserve these because I’ve liked you on Facebook forever!

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  267. Lainey says:

    I want these! Perfect for college.

  268. Angie Bailey says:

    I need a new chair because I work two jobs as a medical transcriptionist, one at a hospital and one at home, and I don’t have a good chair to use at home.

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