Best Office Chair Giveaway!

Our weekly giveaway for this week is sponsored by Best! (Now that’s a smart name for a brand!) They are giving away TWO Best Black Fabric Task Chairs with Mesh Backs. Here’s a little more about them-

-Tilt lock with tension adjustment
-Gas lift height adjustment
-Built-in lumbar support
-Greenguard Certified for schools and children

Want to win one? Here’s how to enter:

Leave a comment telling us why you need a new office chair!

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(Make sure to leave one separate comment for each extra entry you do!)

We’ll pick two winners using and announce them on Monday, June 11th! Good luck!

277 thoughts on “Best Office Chair Giveaway!”

  1. Marsha Webb says:

    repinned on pinterest

  2. Marsha Webb says:

    youtube channel subscriber

  3. Marsha Webb says:

    Follow shoplet on twitter

  4. Marsha Webb says:

    Like shoplet on facebook

  5. Marsha Webb says:

    email subscriber

  6. Marsha Webb says:

    I need a new office chair because mine is worn out.

  7. Kerri says:

    I like Shoplet!

  8. Kerri says:

    I got three new desks but no chairs!

  9. Susann says:

    Photo repinned on Pinterest.

  10. Susann says:

    I follow Shoplet on twitter

  11. Susann says:

    I like Shoplet on Facebook.

  12. Susann says:

    Sitting on an inherited chair with no back support right now – ouch!

  13. Yik-Ting Lee says:

    E-mail subscriber.

  14. Yik-Ting Lee says:

    Liked Shoplet on Facebook.

  15. Yik-Ting Lee says:

    Because I don’t currently have an office chair. It would be nice to have one so I can be at my desk instead of on my bed.

  16. Lydia says:

    I inherited this chair when I started working here, and it’s definitely “long in the tooth!” I would love to be able to try a Best! chair to recommend to others. And maybe I could get our firm to purchase some! Thank you!

  17. Sophia C says:

    I followed Shoplet on twitter!

  18. Sophia C says:

    I liked Shoplet on Facebook

  19. nosogirl says:

    repinned the giveaway picture:

  20. Sophia C says:

    My old office chair is tearing apart :(

  21. nosogirl says:

    shoplet twitter follower – @nosogirl

  22. nosogirl says:

    liked shoplet on fb – julie.reuter1

  23. nosogirl says:

    email subscriber

  24. nosogirl says:

    I really need new office chairs because I’m working more and more from home and am presently using a straight back chair. It’s not the most comfortable thing in the world!

  25. C R Williams says:

    I need one for my home business.

  26. Derek says:

    My current chairs fabric is ripped.
    I’m an email subscriber

  27. amy socha says:

    not exactly sure how many different people have sat in the chair i am currently using through its lifetime. would truly like to have a comfortable chair with good back support that i can call my own.

  28. Justin says:

    Well I just bought a new house and will need desk and chair for my new home office. I am buying the desk at will just need chair to go with it.

  29. Melissa says:

    In need of new chairs for office b/c don’t have room in budget at this time.

  30. Ashley says:

    I subscribe to email.

  31. Ashley says:

    I need a new chair because my old one was covered in junk and broken! Whoops!

  32. Cin P says:

    Need new chairs for our office.

  33. Janet says:

    We are a new company and can use all new office furniture.

  34. Kate says:

    Please, please,please!!!! I desperately need a new chair as the one I inherited when I started at this company two years ago was already 10 years old!!!! Just don’t have room in the budget right now. :(

  35. Debbie Heisey says:

    This chair would be a replacement office chair for my husband. When our children were small, we kept the family computer in his office so that we could keep an eye on what sites they were visiting. They are now 25 and 22 years old and he still has the same chair! Needless to say it is VERY WORN!! The stuffing is falling out and the seat has permanent divets where your legs automatically go!!

    I would LOVE for him to be gifted a new chair -’cause he really is a great Dad!!

  36. Peg S says:

    My office chair is literally falling apart. I tried re-attaching the seat with marine glue, Gorilla glue, hot glue, etc., which have all been unsuccessful. There is packing tape holding the padding in on the chair back. The chair was purchased (used) in 2000 for $150. It is quite comfortable, but I really need a new COMFORTABLE chair.

  37. Jim says:

    My chair no longer goes up and down, I need a new one!

  38. Laura Knotts says:

    Broken plastic pieces and parts keep falling on the floor and you feel like you are going to fall backwards when you lean back!

  39. Erica Phillips says:

    I need a new chair because the one that I have is from the lady that I took over for. Now to some that might not be a big deal, but for me it is. She was barely 5 feet tall. I am 5’10”. So as you can see it’s a HUGE deal!! I have had the most horrible of back pain because my legs are WAY too long for my chair. A new chair would be GREATLY appriceated!!!!

  40. kurt butte says:

    It seems like every week a screw falls out of my chair. Sometimes I can find the place it came from and sometimes the screw has snapped out and can’t be put back in. One day soon I can see myself heels over head as that last screw finally lets go.

  41. Beth Hilleke says:

    I’ve been here 9 years, used about 15 different chairs, and am still waiting for the perfect one. Please, let this be it! One for me, and one to spare! Thanks.

  42. Shopper62 says:

    I need a new chair because mine is old and worn out.

  43. Larry says:

    After 12 years with the same chair, isn’t it time for one?

  44. lindy says:

    i am currently sitting on stacked milk crates with a blankie on top…. no back support whatsoever… this chair will feel like a slice of heaven…

  45. Jennifer E. says:

    My old office chair’s cushion is getting so thin and flat that I can feel the bolts sticking into my bottom every time I sit down. Time for a new chair!

  46. Jennifer E. says:

    I follow on Twitter.

  47. Jennifer E. says:

    I like you on Facebook.

  48. Jennifer E. says:

    I subscribe via Google reader.

  49. Ava Neal says:

    I tried to go everywhere on your site to sign up
    for Giveaways.

    Will you enter me in the Chair & Staple [not a stapler!]
    giveaways & confirm via my email
    that you signed me up?


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