Boise Giveaway Answers and Winners Revealed

Remember the Boise Guess it Giveaway from last week? Here are the answers! (Combustible Orange, Roman Candle Red, TNT Teal, Smoke Gray, Fountain of Gold, and Flashing Ivory) I was impressed that so many people got a least one right. Below are the winners and the colors that they won:

1 Lisa – Flashing Ivory
2 Danielle S. – Flashing Ivory
3 Anissa G – TNT Teal
4 Jerry – TNT Teal
5 Debra P – Roman Candle Red
6 Michelle – Fountain of Gold
7 Michael – Fountain of Gold
8 Patricia – Roman Candle Red
9 Terry C – TNT Teal
10 Chris – Fountain of Gold
11 Cathy E – Roman Candle Red
12 Sarina – Flashing Ivory
13 Mark V – TNT Teal
14 Johnny M – Flashing Ivory
15 Tina R – Flashing Ivory
16 Sara P – Combustible Orange
17 Donna B – Flashing Ivory
18 Marsha W – Fountain of Gold
19 Mike S – TNT Teal
20 John D – Combustible Orange
21 Kristi T – Combustible Orange
22 Amy W – Combustible Orange
23 Thomas D – Fountain of Gold
24 Angel F – Smoke Gray
25 Jackie T – Fountain of Gold
26 Pauline M – Fountain of Gold
27 Patricia H – Roman Candle Red
28 Ann P – TNT Teal
29 Dacaria – Roman Candle Red
30 BJ – TNT Teal

We will contact you for your mailing address for your free ream of paper!

I also want to let our Slice winners know that my email is struggling right now so it may take a few extra days to get all the addresses gathered and prizes mailed. There is nothing like having your email not work :(

On to our next weekly giveaway sponsored by Avery!

9 thoughts on “Boise Giveaway Answers and Winners Revealed”

  1. Dacaria says:

    Got my Roman Candle Red! Thanks Grace, Shoplet is awesome!

  2. gracej says:

    Hang tight guys! When there’s this many winner it takes a while to process! If you still don’t get in a couple weeks, send an email to!

  3. BJA says:

    No, not yet, but I’m sure it takes a few weeks.

  4. Dacaria says:

    Did anyone get their prize yet?

  5. Dacaria says:

    Awesome! Thank you.

  6. Amy says:

    Yay! Thanks again!

  7. Donna B. says:

    thanks again!! :)

  8. sarina says:

    woohoo!! thank you :)

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