21 Responses to bush-desk-giveaway

  1. Dlori says:

    I really wanted to enter this contest and spent an hour trying to do so. I need a desk more than anything for my business so this contest really excited me. However, I don’t know what everyone else did but when I went to your facebook page as well as Kathy Ireland’s page, there were no posts about this contest to share with my friends. Same thing with pinterest, twitter, YouTube. I spent so much time trying to enter but I have no idea why you would try to make it so difficult for people to fulfill the requirements. As such I removed my self from all your social sites. Merry Christmas.


  2. Lynda Kolbinskie says:

    I have been running a retail small busness office for 5 years in a living room corner with mismatched furniture. Would love to have a large, new corner desk desk! LOL

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