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Celebrate the End of Summer with $100 of School Supplies!

It’s almost the end of summer. Sad! The only good thing about the end of August is buying fun new school supplies, backpacks, and back to school clothes. To celebrate this time of buying new supplies and getting ready for the new school year, we are giving away FIVE Prizes – each worth $100!

What will be in them? An assortment of the goodies below:

You remember the concept of a grab bag right? (I used to sell grab bags to my neighbors and fill them with band-aids.) Well think of these as grab bags, but in a good way. We’ve got lots of awesome stuff from Pentel, Sharpie, Esselte, Westcott, Quality Park, and some of other favorite vendors! We will be filling up boxes and sending them out to 5 lucky winners!

Here’s how to enter:

Leave a comment on this post telling us the BEST thing you did this summer (favorite memory, activity, etc)

Extra Entries:

1. Adding a Shoplet Badge to your blog or website! (this gives you 5 EXTRA entries! wow!)
2. Following @shoplet on twitter and tweeting your summer activity with #schoolsupplies
3. Becoming a Shoplet Facebook Fan
4. Subscribing to our RSS or Blog Email!

FIVE Winners will be announced Monday, August 30th and who knows, maybe this will save you some money on school supplies this year!

173 Responses to Celebrate the End of Summer with $100 of School Supplies!

  1. Carole Spring says:

    The best thing I did this summer was spend quality time with my two grandchildren. We all enjoyed our walks, trips to the park, and playing board games.

  2. Elaine K says:

    We went camping at the beach like we do every summer, but this one was special. My 9 yr old usually won’t go in the ocean without me but this year, I wasn’t all gung-ho about going in the ocean because it was really cold this time. Turns out to be a good thing because my 9 yr old went in herself, under my watchful eye, and met a girl close to her age and together they dodged waves and boogie boarded. Now she is no longer afraid of the waves knocking her down. Makes me sad sometimes because she doesn’t need her mom as much, but at the same time I am proud of her growing up.

  3. Shannon says:

    The best thing I did this Summer was celebrate my grandpa’s 90th birthday before he passed away a few weeks ago…special memories to share all those times with him. This summer has meant a lot to me with my family and friends…it has been rough but because of all of them I’ve realized so many things.

  4. zanvia says:

    The best thing I did this summer was going to my parent’s house on the lake for 1/2 the month of July. It was truly amazing!!

  5. Lisa Carr says:

    The best thing I’ve done this summer – enjoyed a week-long visit with my parents from Florida. I hadn’t seen them in almost 2 years, so it was wonderful.