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Congrats to our Pentel Winners!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I’ve been looking through all the recipes that were submitted and I might be using some of them in the next few weeks :) Congrats to our winners!


If you didn’t win pens from this giveaway, check out our Pilot Pen Giveaway!

3 thoughts on “Congrats to our Pentel Winners!”

  1. Azizah A. (@GourmetPens) says:

    OMG!!!! Shoplet. I think I love you. Thankyouthankyou!!

  2. Azizah A. (@GourmetPens) says:

    Oh wait. Maybe it wasn’t me. Is @gourmentpens a typo? *nervous*

  3. gracej says:

    I don’t see a @gourmentpens. It has to be you, enjoy!

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