9 Responses to duck-tape-halloween-giveaway

  1. Kris says:

    My son was just asking me to buy some ducktape so he could make wallets….this would be great for his new found crafting skills.

  2. Shelby $ says:

    OMG I love duck tape!!!!!! I’ve had over 60 rolls! I’m a ducktape artist! If I could I would post all of the things I made. I’m doing this Christmas thing that you buy a space then you sell things there for three days but recently if been low of duck tape and money. I WOULD LOVE THIS GIFT BAG! It would be a great help!

  3. Dawn says:

    One son is going as a mexican cowboy with fake mustache, sombero, mexican blanket and all. The rest of the family hasn’t decided yet – but we have plenty of time! Maybe if we win this gift bag, we can craft a costume! ;-)

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