Fight the Cold with Purell! 1 Winner (CLOSED)

  • Lily Kwan

    Purell would help me out this winter season by protecting me from germs.

  • Francine Anchondo

    This will help me stay healthy

  • Aaron

    Purell products are a great way to fight all the winter cold germs that seem to aggravate us all, during the cold, stressful months of the year.

  • Malv

    Fighting cold germs is my number one priority, this winter, and this Purell prize package would absolutely help me do this all winter.

  • Paulet

    Gold germs are usually very prevalent, in the winter time, and I need all the defense against germs that I can get, especially with the use of Purell hand sanitizers.

  • Marc

    I have to lookout for cold germs, with something like Purell, during the winter, because they really reduce my work productivity.

  • Milt

    I always get the sniffles this time of year, and it would be nice to have these Purell sanitizers handy to help prevent this problem.

  • Rob

    I’m a bit of a germophobe; so, this Purell bundle would not only ease my mind, but actually kill those nasty winter germs that go around.

  • Donna Kozar

    It would help keep bacteria off our hands.


  • Beth

    I could put this out in my classroom for students to use. so many germs going around.

  • Emily T

    This awesome Purell gift set would help keep my classroom clean in this current flu season. I’ve got lots of little hands and surfaces to keep clean and healthy! :-D

  • Dawn wright

    Purell helps keep my family’s hands clean so no unwanted germs this cold season cause any problems in my house!

  • Melissa yoas

    This Purcell bundle would help immensely cut down the cold and flu germs going through the school I teach at. I travel between classrooms and am constantly sneezed and coughed on.

  • Michelle

    I’ve been sick since Christmas Day. I is time to get rid of all the terms in this house..

  • Victoria Barbour

    I work in the medical field, Purell would help keep those germs from traveling with me and home to my family.

  • Kerri

    As I lay here on the futon away from everyone else, I can tell you that it would go to good use… Started over a week ago. One twin came home from daycare extra “boogery”. She spiked a 103 fever. The other twin got it, it started developing into pneumonia in her. We’ve since got the twin breathing better, but I’m down for the count. Pregnant with 3 girls to take care of and two part time jobs… I just want to stop the spread of germs before anyone else gets it!

  • Stephanie Swanson

    Purell would help me keep my hands and house sanitized, which is hard with 4 kids running around.

  • Cherie

    I would love to win this

  • tammy ward

    It would help us fight off those nasty germs that lurk on carts and doors and everywhere through cold and flu season,and this would definitely come in handy,im always carrying sanitizer for us all.

  • Helps to kill germs that might cause you to catch an illness.

  • Purell will help me greatly this winter to keep the germs away. I work as a paramedic and sometimes am asked to help those in need when I’m off duty. I could keep these handy when I am needed to help protect myself from everyone’s illnesses.

  • Eleah

    This prize pack would help keep the flu and cold away from my family better!

  • This package would be a great help in fighting those germs that come home from the germ factory (school)

  • Lyndsey

    Ever since my 10 month old was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis sanitizer is one of my most frequently used things! I would love to win this and would definitly use all of these! I haven’t tried the wipes yet but I could see those being a new favorite!

  • Leah Walker

    I am a germaphobe and love sanitizer. This would be great this winter to keep the cold and flu away. Anytime anyone in my house gets sick of course mom the caretaker gets it too.

  • Amanda DeNatale

    This will help my family stay germ free and healthy! I have a son in grade school, so kids are always picking up germs at school. Plus my husband is in college, another place with lots of germs!

  • Twilla

    This would help keep my house germ free so my kids don’t get sick.Hope to win & thanks for the chance

  • Brandy burkett

    By keeping me from getting the flu!

  • Yvette

    In my home I have 2 young kids and a husband that works in a high school as a basketball coach. Do you know how many hands touch a basketball? Not to mention it hitting the floor with every bounce. The week the flu entered our home is a week I will never forget. The Purell bundle would help all of use fight off the germs that are bound to end up all over our home.

  • Heidi

    It will help me clean up after my newborn!

  • Regina Carter

    so cool we love purell

  • Regina Carter

    so cool we love purell

  • Purell would help when we are out of the house, and it’s hard to wash up. We need all the help we can get!

  • Dawn

    This would help keep the germs away from my school aged Grandkids.

  • alexis yoakum

    I would really love to win this purrell bundle so we can keep from getting sick this winter. My son hasnt missed a day of school so far and he really would live to keep it that way! One of the most important reasons I would love to win is because moms can’t take sick days!!! I have my fingers crossed I win…I live purrell!

  • Marybeth Stefani

    I live in NY so at this time it is cold! And sickness comes and goes often. This bundle would help a lot since I have to young children in the house. A 4 yr old and a 15 month old so the more percausions we can take, the better!

  • marcia s

    This would help my family fight off germs from all of outings.

  • Kayla

    3 littles 4 and under need lots of Purell and wipes to keep the germs at bay!

  • Tracy Rische

    If my family won the bundle it would help keep us germ free. Especially with having kids in school. They are surrounded with germs.

  • Christina Bresee

    This little bundle of joy would make me feel so much better about all of nasty germs that float around in the winter, plus my fiance would be able to use some in the road while he’s working, and my daughter would be able to use some while she’s at work as she handles a lot of money all day, and works a drive through window at a fast food restaurant, germs all over the place, I just want my loved ones to have as germ free of a winter as possible!!

  • Lorina Padgett

    Purrel can help my family stop the spread of germs. Every time we are out at the grocery store, school or doctor’s office, I insist that we clean our hands regularly.

  • Jessica Thalji

    Purell would help this cold n flu season by keeping the germs out of the way. Being a dialysis patient you tend to get sick super easy! You can never have to much sanitizer and purell is the best!

  • This bundle will help my family so much!! With three children and two in school plus 2 dogs FINGERS CROSSED I’d love to win this. I cannot live without purell sanatary products!!!! Ty for the chance

  • Kay

    With the strange weather and all the gems coming home from school I’m trying to get over being sick so have been wiping things down and using hand sanitizer multiple times a day. I can’t be sick because I work in an office by myself and there is no option of closing.

  • Candi

    My immune system can’t fight infections right now. So, this bundle could really help me stay healthy.

  • Melissa White

    This would help so much for my four children who keep passing their colds around and around and around our home this winter. It doesn’t help that we live in the cold brutal winter of Wisconsin! Thank you for the chance to win such a great prize. We can never have enough!

  • It would help keep the germs down in the car while traveling to visit family.

  • Andrea F

    It would help keep the little ones hands clean, so germs stayed away!!

  • Carrie

    Purell gives me peace of mind knowing that I’m not getting germs or spreading them to my family:)

  • Ashley Suders

    Purell would really help me fight germs this winter!! On December 18th I delivered my son prematurely at 34 weeks gestation so he was kept in the hospital until he put on enough weight to come home. Luckily by the grace of God he was released from the NICU a few days ago!! With him being a preemie he can get sick very easily. I have 3 other kids under the age of 9 so I’m terrified they will catch something at school and pass it to the new baby. I’m just got my son home finally so I’m terrified that he’ll get sick and end up back in the hospital. Winning this would be a huge blessing for me and my family. Thanks for the chance

  • I help take care of three granddaughters. My daughter has epilepsy. So it’s a constant battle to keep everyone healthy….including me with auto immune disease… we fight the germies with Purell!

  • Omgoodness this would help me tremendously. I have 5 grandbabies and 3 kids. And 1 of them always gets sick. And of course. I need my Mommy or Call My Nonni. She’ll make it all better. Then guess who gets sick next. Yep Me. Uh it’s the worst. Because i have such a low immune system. Stinks so bad. But they need me and i really need this for the sanitizing of everything after all the sickness. Lol Thank you.

  • Cara Schade

    This would help my family fight the cold and flu that has made its rounds in our house!

  • Rochelle Rogan

    Started working in a new school this year and have already been sick several times. This would help me keep the new germs at bay.

  • It would help our family stay germ free this season. Thank you!

  • It would help me out by keeping germs down with my toddlers and grandfather

  • Anna Morales

    It would help keep my household germ-free and clean!

  • rhonda pike

    With a 7 year old it helps fight germs and fight off colds and flu


    Since i work in a school, these products would help me fight off the germs that the students try to share!

  • Krystal Larsen

    Winning this amazing prize pack will help me fight all these colds we keep getting and the stomach bug! We’re sick of being and getting sick! This would be a blessing ! Thank you

  • Justine Jones

    Three kids!!! If one gets sick we all get sick. This bundle could control an outbreak. Lol. #mommyproblems

  • Roberta Duenas

    As I sit in my hospital bed, after getting the H1N1 flu, I really need to protect myself from more germs

  • Winning the Purell prize package would help me out this cold and flu season by cutting down on picking up and the spread of germs throughout my family! It will also help get rid of those school germs and help keep all of my kids healthy this winter. Too many germs come home from school.

  • Daphne Edwards

    We could really use some of this at my house we have colds making the rounds!

  • Alissa Larkin

    It would help keep us healthy! With 3 kids we need all the help we can get! Thanks for making great products!

  • Melissa Ashbrook

    I do home health care so this would come in handy year round. Not only winter. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  • Amber

    It helps keep germs from spreading back and forth between my 3 kids. Less germs makesmommy and my kids happy!

  • Cassie F

    Purell would help me and my family this winter season by keeping us germ free and to avoid terrible colds

  • I have a 2 month old baby and 3 school children, so it will help get rid of those school germs and help keep all of my kids healthy this winter. Too many germs come home from school.

  • Michelle M.

    I need this in my life. I get sick easily, as does my son. Having this would help out a lot.

  • Roy

    just what it claims to do–it would help us stay healthy

  • Tracie H

    Purell helps keep all the germs my kid brings home from school out of the house!

  • Kelsi Kubo

    It will keep my OCD boyfriend happy and us healthy :)

  • Loraine

    I love Purell all year long but especially in the wintertime. I work in an older building and so I have to open 4 doors with knobs to finally reach my desk upstairs. It’s not very sanitary if you can imagine. Plus my apartment doors in the morning! It helps me keep down my colds to have hand sanitizer at my desk and car.

  • jennifer aguero

    Keeping germs away with 4 littles of your own is hard to do.

  • Winning the Purell prize package would help me out this cold and flu season by cutting down on picking up and the spread of germs throughout my family!

  • Ada Miller

    A purelle gift pack would help me keep the germs at bay in our house and while the boys are in school.

  • JeAnecia Johnson

    My son always seems to catch a cold and my husband gets Strep Throat every year around this time. Keeps the germs away!

  • Ryan Conklin

    It will help me at home by minimising the germs that my son brings from school

  • Heidi

    It will help me keep my new baby safe from colds!

  • Toni B

    would be great after shopping!

  • Laurie

    It will help in social functions to keep hands sanitized after shaking hands or touching grocery carts. Alot of people don’t wash their hands after using restrooms or coughing/sneezing so I always carry a bottle with me to disinfect my hands. Thanks for the opportunity to win another bottle, my bottle is halfway gone and its only the beginning of the cold/flue season!! Help!! :)

  • Latoya Young

    This would help to disinfect and minimize the germs with less chances of catchn the flu or a cold.

  • Tiffany Becker

    This would help fight off the germs!! My oldest son is in First grade so this would definitely help keep the germs away and help him and his lil brother not get sick!

  • Michell Diana Hymer

    Perfect timing!!! Here in Indiana its 5 degrees and we just got 4 inches of snow dumped on us!!! You know cold/flu season is here. My family would really benefit from this prize package! Thanks!! Michell

  • velvet cook

    Purell would keep my daughter from getting sick at school.

  • Payton Dockery

    I am a teacher…. I can use all of this to help keep my kids and myself healthy!

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  • Keep the germs at bay because we are always forgetting to wash our hands and sometimes we don’t even have access to a bathroom! Keeping purell with me will help keep us healthy!

  • eliminate germs & prevent me from getting sick

  • Amy C.

    It will help keep those nasty germs away from my kiddos!

  • Evelyn

    Your products will help keep our family healthy

  • Gloria

    I don’t want to get sick this winter. thanks for the chance

  • Diane Richards

    Purell will help me minimize the cooties in order to help me, my family, friends and coworkers free of the sickies!

  • KJ Skib

    I am an anti-germ queen. I teach during the day and come home to two kids who go to both day care and kindergarten. Germ central! I spray, clean and disinfect constantly!

  • Jeff

    It would help us fight germs and colds

  • Kimberly Flickinger

    This will help my family and I fight germs and colds this season.

  • Kelly D

    Purell could help me clean my hands after I go shopping or my kids could use it at school so we can keep our hands clean and not get sick as much.

  • sady

    keeping the germs at bay helps everyone ply- seriously- work church home eveywhere

  • Tasha Cooper

    With the kids being in school and constantly bringing home yucky germs, this will help in preventing the spread of germs around the house.

  • Gina M

    It would help me possibly prevent sickness by removing germs from my hands/surfaces.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  • Angela Flowers

    Hopefully this would help to fight the germs and keep me from getting sick.

  • Purell would help keep my daughters & i germ free while we’re out and about and at home

  • Melody Johnson

    Help us from getting sick.

  • Tracy Heyer

    It will help keep down germs and keep down colds!

  • Melissa Porter

    the prize pack will help minimize the spread of germs and eliminate existing ones. I have little nieces and nephew as well as a grand baby that bed the added protective benefits of these products. I’ll do anything tokeep them safe…starting with sanitary habits.

  • Mary Helene

    Keep the grand kids healthy during the winter.

  • Mary Cloud

    Keep the germs away – we’ve already fought pneumonia and head colds

  • Peter W. Horton Jr.

    Germs hate Purell! Yes!

  • Amy Henry

    I am a teacher, so ANY help with stopping germs is much appreciated! I would use these in my classroom every day!

  • Susan Tice

    Purell will help keep the germs away

  • Robin Pescador

    Purell will help keep the Ickies away…lol…fights those germs

  • Nicole Shaffer

    It would help keep the germs away during the cold and flu season.

  • ana

    Oh my goodness,
    Do you know how much we’d like to win these? I saw the coupon in Thursday’s town newspaper send out and already saved it, showing it to family members lo keep an eye out which stores have it and hoping it is affordable. I have a low immune system and also we have senior citizens in house.

    We have Wet Wipes and also well known Clorox which aren’t cheap, but the Clorox smell hs bothered me and even sometimes breaks up my skin on right side fingers. But Purell wipes I have found in public places often to clean shopping carts, seats and now love them. Hope to win! Thanks so much for giving us the chance. :)

  • Susan

    This would help protect me from germs this flu season

  • It would help keep the germs away!! Great product!!

  • alena svetelska

    it will helps me fight germs in my family

  • Cheryl

    Purell can help me stay germ-free this winter season.

  • Ericka Coello

    They need more of them at my son’s school

  • Mary Dailey

    It will definitely fight those germs!

  • Amy Z.

    Purell would help the kids stay healthy during activities and school.

  • Hey, I work in a college. Believe me, I can use this in our library.

  • It’ll keep the germs away from me.

  • I have kids in school and this bundle would help tremendously.

  • Shelton

    Hopefully cut down on the chance of catching someone else’s cold or flu!

  • Naomie

    Purell will help keep the germs away from everyone in the family.