free breakfast from Folgers!

Nothing beats free food. Our weekly giveaway for this week is sponsored by Folgers! They are giving away 1 case of Smuckers Maple Waffles and 1 case Folgers filter pack coffee to 10 Winners. Again that is..

Want to win your free breakfast? Here’s how:

Comment on this post and tell us about what you usually eat for breakfast or what is your favorite breakfast (if time and money and calories were not factors)

Bonus Entries

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10 Winners will be announced and contacted on Monday, February 14th!

UPDATE: Here are our winners – Kathy, @My3Sons33, @purplelover04, Dee, @hminnesota, @won2x, BrendaLea, @simplydab, Mara, Jessica

146 thoughts on “free breakfast from Folgers!”

  1. Ellen Parodi says:

    Blueberry Muffin and Coffee

  2. Linda White says:

    I have yogurt or oatmeal but always my Folgers Coffee!!

  3. Carolyn Barnett says:

    I follow on twitter as @carolynishis and i tweeted here.

  4. Carolyn Barnett says:

    Breakfast would consist of pancakes,eggs,bacon,Folgers coffee.

  5. JudyO says:

    The truth be known breakfast is nothing, or water, or a banana or what ever is fast and filling before I run out the door to work.

  6. rhonda says:

    Just add a quiche and it would be perfect!

  7. rhonda says:

    What a great way to start the day with my two favorite breakfast companies – Folgers & Smuckers! : )

  8. Donna B. says:
  9. Donna B. says:
  10. Donna B. says:
  11. Donna B. says:

    GFC’d (publically)

  12. Donna B. says:

    simplydab is already subscribed to the mailing list of Shoplet Office Supplies Blog

  13. Donna B. says:
  14. Donna B. says:
  15. Donna B. says:
  16. Donna B. says:
  17. Donna B. says:

    I usually have a Boost for breakfast.

  18. Cindy Moore says:

    My favorite breakfast is bacon and eggs with hashbrowns and coffee!

  19. BrendaLea says:

    subscribe via GFC

  20. BrendaLea says:

    email subscriber

  21. BrendaLea says:

    follow shoplet on twitter and tweeted:


  22. BrendaLea says:

    follow shoplet on twitter and tweeted:


  23. BrendaLea says:

    follow shoplet on twitter and tweeted:


  24. BrendaLea says:

    My all time favorite breakfast is good ‘ole biscuits and gravy and my many cups of black Folgers coffee!!! Yum!!!! But I usually have just Folgers. The Snack and Waffles sound good and would go well with my coffee.

  25. Jessica says:

    I usually eat fruit, cereal or oatmeal. But if I could have anything it would be a restaurant breakfast, eggs, bacon, homefries and toast!!!

  26. CHERYL says:

    I usually don’t eat breakfast, but when I do, I love pancakes and syrup. I just love omelets with all kinds of vegetables and lots of cheese!

  27. Charee says:

    I love waffles and coffee :}

  28. won says:

    I always eat yogurt and cereal. I welcome change, though!

  29. heatherzilla says:

    I follow shoplet on twitter and I tweeted:

  30. theladya says:

    Follow via GFC at preciselymine.

  31. addrienne mertens says:

    i follow @shoplet on twitter 3

  32. addrienne mertens says:

    i follow @shoplet on twitter 2

  33. theladya says:

    My dream breakfast would be scrambled eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, and french toast.

  34. addrienne mertens says:

    i follow @shoplet on twitter 1

  35. addrienne mertens says:

    give me the grandslam from Denny’s hehe if calories and fat arent a factor. just bring it all plop it down in front of me!

    seriously though i usually have cereal and my coffee.

  36. Rebecca says:

    My dream breakfast would be fresh baked croissants with my morning coffee followed by fruit & powdered sugar covered waffles and a glass of orange juice.

  37. hminnesota says:

    google friend connect:hetal

  38. hminnesota says:

    I eat toast every morning with coffee at work.

  39. abitnerdy says:

    I follow via Google Friend Connect :)

  40. abitnerdy says:

    Hi hi!!! My dream breakfast is French Toast and an Amazing omlette from mama’s in San Francisco. I wake up EARLY to stand in a line to eat at this little joint… absolutely amazing. fresh bread. and delicious. mmmm!

  41. Barbara Ward says:

    Some times I have bacon or sausage with Eggo waffles or pancakes,orange juice and Folger’s coffee.

  42. Crystal says:

    Lately I’ve been craving french toast, but I love waffles too though I hardly ever eat it during breakfast time, it’s usually for lunch or late dinner.

  43. deb says:

    for the work week I usually have oatmeal, but my favorite breakfast is blueberry blitzes!!

  44. Jerry Fair says:

    Usually, through the week… it’s a breakfast bar and a cup of yogurt with a tremendous amount of coffee!

  45. Jerry Fair says:

    I subscribe to your blog via

  46. linlou77 says:

    I love a good omelet filled with mushrooms and cheese along with my steaming cup of Folgers.

  47. dee says:

    cereal and waffales are my favorite or just cereal and fruit with a cup of coffee.

  48. Lisa S says:

    Except for during Lent, I eat chocolate oatmeal and a cookie for breakfast, along with unsweetened decaf hot tea.

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  51. Nicole Toscano says:

    GFC follower

  52. Nicole Toscano says:

    My favorite breakfast would either be cinnamon raisin french toast or scrambled egg and cheese on a toasted bagel!

  53. Pam Connolly says:

    I always have Folgers coffee and usually a banana with oatmeal or granola bar.

  54. Renee Simmons says:

    I follow you on Twitter!

  55. Renee Simmons says:

    Subscribed to your blog!

  56. Patti K says:

    I usually drink a lot of coffee for breakfast, if I have the time I grab a bowl of cereal. If time and money weren’t an issue my favorite breakfast is a crab and cream cheese omlette with a side of asparagus and some whole wheat toast. It may sound funny, but it is really good.

  57. Renee Simmons says:

    #3 If calories weren’t an option? Eggs, Bacon & Hashbrowns baby!

  58. Renee Simmons says:

    #2 If calories weren’t an option? Eggs, Bacon & Hashbrowns baby!

  59. renee says:

    I have coffee and fresh fruit

  60. jessica anger says:

    i usually have coffee and cereal for breakfast

  61. Renee Simmons says:

    If calories weren’t an option? Eggs, Bacon & Hashbrowns baby!

  62. mara says:

    I follow on twitter and tweeted @mittenmommy

  63. mara says:

    We love having french toast for breakfast. Sometimes I just don’t have enough time to make it though.

  64. Joyce Bogoian says:

    Added @shoplet to @jbfrommi sweepstakes list

  65. Joyce Bogoian says:

    Following on twitter @jbfrommi
    My tweet:

  66. Joyce Bogoian says:

    Coffee & toast. My favorite is bacon & eggs.

  67. Shawna OBrien says:

    I follow via GFC.

  68. Shawna OBrien says:

    #3 I follow you on Twitter and tweeted

  69. Shawna OBrien says:

    #2 I follow you on Twitter and tweeted

  70. Shawna OBrien says:

    #1 I follow you on Twitter and tweeted

  71. Shawna OBrien says:

    I usually have a starbucks cafe latte and a pumpkin scone for breakfast. My kids eat anything that’s fast to prepare like cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, fruit, etc.

  72. Shawna OBrien says:

    I’m an email subscriber.

  73. michelle says:

    Cheesy scrambled eggs!!

  74. Erica Best says:

    gfc name purplelover04

  75. Erica Best says:

    im following yahoo feed

  76. zanvia says:

    Follow you on twitter (@zanvia) and tweeted!

  77. zanvia says:

    I either eat a home-made banana muffin or a greek yogurt with a couple of cups of folgers!

  78. Sue H says:

    Cup of instant cappuccino and granola bar is normal

  79. Erica Best says:
  80. Erica Best says:
  81. Erica Best says:
  82. Erica Best says:
  83. Erica Best says:
  84. Terry C says:

    I follow on GFC- tlcfromtn

  85. Erica Best says:

    i love pancake sometime most of the time just a Breakfast bar.

  86. Terry C says:

    I subscribe via Google reader

  87. Terry C says:

    I follow on twitter and tweeted. #3

  88. Terry C says:

    I follow on twitter and tweeted. #2

  89. Terry C says:

    I follow on twitter and tweeted. #1

  90. Lisa Carr says:

    You are already on my savings-deals twitter list (My3Sons33)

  91. Terry C says:

    My favorite breakfast is eggs over easy, sausage patties and biscuits & gravy.

  92. Lisa Carr says:

    I am subscribed via email & RSS.

  93. Rebecca Jahnke says:

    I follow on twitter and tweeted (@hairgirl1966)

  94. Rebecca Jahnke says:

    I am not good about eating breakfast, if I had the time and someone else to cook I would have a big breakfast like omelets and bacon and toast every day :)

  95. Alicia T says:

    Follow @shoplet & tweeted on twitter about #folgers

  96. Lisa Carr says:

    I love blueberry pancakes & coffee for breakfast.

  97. Jules L says:

    I usually have a nutrisystem muffin, veggie sausage, oj and coffee.

  98. Crystal Spratt says:

    I usually eat eggs and turkey bacon. If I had a wafflemaker, I’d love homemade waffles!

  99. Alicia T says:

    Since I have a long commute in the morning I try to grab something easy. I have my cup of coffee and either Waffle or dry cereal. On the weekends I have eggs with breakfast turkey sausage OR pancakes.

  100. Colleen Jensen says:

    I usually have cereal and folgers coffee, on weekends we have an omlet and bacon.

  101. Michelle Simons says:

    I always have a piece of very well done toast with butter and peanut butter on it.

  102. Kathy says:

    When I have time to cook, I like to make biscuits with sausage gravy, and home fries, or pancakes with bacon. If I’m pressed for time, a bowl of Special K or Fiber One toaster pastries.

  103. jenanine m says:

    I usually have a onion bagel toasted with butter and a cup of coffee

  104. Patricia H says:
  105. Anne M. says:

    Usually just cereal and toast, but love being able to have the time to make a veggie omlet w/ hashbrowns :)

  106. Patricia H says:

    I Follow @shoplet on twitter and tweeted about #folgers @applespice159

  107. Patricia H says:

    I usually eat a bagel with garden vegey cream cheese and 2 cups of coffee.

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