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free breakfast from Folgers!

Nothing beats free food. Our weekly giveaway for this week is sponsored by Folgers! They are giving away 1 case of Smuckers Maple Waffles and 1 case Folgers filter pack coffee to 10 Winners. Again that is..

Want to win your free breakfast? Here’s how:

Comment on this post and tell us about what you usually eat for breakfast or what is your favorite breakfast (if time and money and calories were not factors)

Bonus Entries

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10 Winners will be announced and contacted on Monday, February 14th!

UPDATE: Here are our winners – Kathy, @My3Sons33, @purplelover04, Dee, @hminnesota, @won2x, BrendaLea, @simplydab, Mara, Jessica

146 Responses to free breakfast from Folgers!

  1. CHERYL says:

    I usually don’t eat breakfast, but when I do, I love pancakes and syrup. I just love omelets with all kinds of vegetables and lots of cheese!

  2. Jessica says:

    I usually eat fruit, cereal or oatmeal. But if I could have anything it would be a restaurant breakfast, eggs, bacon, homefries and toast!!!

  3. BrendaLea says:

    My all time favorite breakfast is good ‘ole biscuits and gravy and my many cups of black Folgers coffee!!! Yum!!!! But I usually have just Folgers. The Snack and Waffles sound good and would go well with my coffee.

  4. JudyO says:

    The truth be known breakfast is nothing, or water, or a banana or what ever is fast and filling before I run out the door to work.