Get Festive with Kleer-Fax Folders! 5 Winners (CLOSED)

  • Aaron

    The smells and sounds of the holiday season make me feel so good.

  • Malv

    I like the delicious holiday food, especially the sweet, coconut date rolls.

  • Paulet

    The colorful Christmas decorations and lights are very nice.

  • Marc

    The wonderful holiday movies are always entertaining.

  • Milt

    I love all the great holiday music.

  • Rob

    Festive Holiday Lights

  • Lily Kwan

    My favorite thing about the holiday season is spending time with loved ones.

  • Donna Kozar

    spending time with family

  • The kids being out of school.

  • Ali

    Decorating, love it so much fun,

  • Shelton

    The feeling of peace.

  • Allyson

    Spending time with friends, and family

  • Angela Saver

    My favorite thing about the holiday is getting to spend quality time with my family, & I also love giving & making gifts for others!

  • Toni B

    I love the holiday music—I can’t get enough!

  • Charles Bradshaw

    My favorite thing about the holidays is spending time with my family. We always get together but not really much during the year.

  • Mary Dailey

    Being with family! Also, love to pick out a night to drive around town and look at Christmas lights.

  • Julie

    I love the lights, the music, the food, sometimes the family :)
    But my most favorite is getting gifts for friends and family because I so enjoy seeing their faces light up as they open them!

  • Naomie Bellows

    Getting to spend more time with family.

  • Kay

    My favorite part of the holidays is the twinkling lights on the cold, darkest nights of the year.

  • Jerry Fair

    Being with family and friends during the Holiday season!

  • Betty Melton

    time with loved ones

  • mollyparnis

    My favorite thing is the time spent making all the preparations to celebrate the holiday – and then enjoying them together as a family.

  • Family time, good eats, trying out new decadent recipes!

  • My favorite thing about the holiday season is getting to see our family all together once again. It’s a blessing and so magical especially with all the new little ones added to our family.

  • Strawberry Fields

    All the time spent with loved ones!

  • Natalie

    I love the special food that comes out at the holidays!

  • Peter W. Horton Jr.

    The fact that it will soon be over! Yes!

  • Mary Helene

    Spending time with my family and enjoying my sisters great cooking.

  • Nicole Shaffer

    Spending much needed quality time with my family!

  • Spending so much fun times with family and friends is what I look forward to during the holidays! Happy and Safe Thanksgiving to you and yours.!

  • Samantha loughlin

    Spending time with loved ones

  • My favorite thing about the holiday season is music.

  • Cindy Conner Bowling

    Being with family.

  • kara kudro

    all the lights

  • Chris

    Time with family and especially seeing the kids when they get so excited about presents.

    Being off from work doesn’t hurt, either!