Kensington Notebook Case Giveaway

Our weekly giveaway this week is sponsored by Kensington! It seems like every time I drag my laptop somewhere I never have a good case. I’m always throwing it in a tote or wrapping it in a sweater and putting it in my bag, hoping it will be okay. And that is exactly why they make these awesome notebook cases. They are easy to carry around, they protect your stuff, and they don’t look that bad either!

Here’s what Kensington would say about it:

With the SureCheckTM Associate notebook case your notebook will be stay secure as you fly through airport security. One storage compartment keeps your files. Organizer pocket provides added storage for miscellaneous items. This compact design provides a no fuss solution for the light traveler.

-SureCheck allows for quicker airport security processing
-Reduces the risk of notebook theft by keeping your notebook in your bag
-DropShield® shock-absorbing padding protects notebook
-Padded and adjustable shoulder strap is easy on shoulder – Front pocket organizes small items for fast access
-At 2.24 lbs., light enough for easy travel
-Fits most notebooks up to 15.4″

Here’s how to win it:

Leave a comment on this post telling us about a “technology incident/accident” you’ve experienced. For example, one time I dropped my brand new cell phone in the toilet at school. Or one time I spilled a glass of water all over my desk. Stuff like that.

If you’re feeling extra ambitious…

1. Tweet about it! Include @shoplet & #kensington
2. Share with your friends on facebook
3. Find a Kensington product on our site and comment with it!

Happy winning (and happy protecting!)

UPDATE: Congrats to @lotsocats100, Patricia, and Kirsten! Thank to all who entered!

  • Christine

    I can’t leave my computer on with my 3yr old in the house as she plays with the settings on the monitor and presses all the keys. She managed to change the settings so that it took me 2 days to get it back to normal. I’m thankful that she didn’t change the language as I don’t know what I’d do.

  • My sister son’s has dropped my phone in toilet

  • Trish

    My daughter sat on my laptop and cracked the screen!

  • DJ
  • Sarina

    I had a bit of a freak accident with my laptop. I was brushing my hair and noticed I had a new message. I walked up to the screen to read it and dropped my hairbrush. It somehow managed to attack my screen on its way down. Is that some terrible luck or what? My roommates to this day are all still blown away by the incident.

    the damage:

    For months I used it hooked up to an external monitor. It eventually went flying off my bed and went totally kaput. Yes I now own a new laptop and feel like I need all the protection I can get!

  • Maria

    ^^ Kensington MicroSaver Notebook Lock Steel — Maybe I need one of these to secure my phone to my body? You know… just in case it decides to have a play date with the concrete again :)

  • Maria

    ^^ The Kensington MicroSaver Notebook Lock Steel — Maybe I need one of these to secure my phone to my body next time? You know.. just in case it decides to have a play date with concrete again :)

  • Maria

    This one time, I was late to an appointment. While rushing out the door, my phone dropped out of my bag and decided to have some fun down concrete steps :( I’m usually extremely careful with my valuables & I felt my heart break just a little at that moment.

  • Tammie C

    I like the Kensington Liftoff Portable Notebook Cooling Stand at Shoplet. Sounds like a good solution for a hot notebook!

  • Henry Lum

    Boy , I have a weird and funny incident to tell. Once , while I was walking home from a lecture , I dropped my phone into a sewer. I tried multiple attempts to retrieve the phone but none actually worked successfully. I asked for help but the help didn’t actually help me retrieve the phone back. So , I just continued walking and went home.
    Three weeks later , when I was at the beach , I saw something that looked similar to my phone. I walked over to that object and picked through the garbage and BAM , I found my phone. To verify that it was my phone , I checked for the sim card slot and it was intact and booted it up. For some reason , it booted up but when it was at the home screen , it would immediately shut off. So I took the phone and went to the local Verizon store and asked to repair it. It was repaired and when I booted it up , I was shocked that the phone was indeed mine! Like seriously , how weird is that?
    I told this story to my colleagues but they just didn’t believe it. “Cool Story Bro.”

  • Tammie C

    My 9 year old daughter dropped my phone in the toilet. It survived, but with minor brain damage!

  • Caitlin P.

    My kids spilled a full glass of Mountain Dew on my laptop ~ despite my remarkably fast spill response clean-up efforts to try and revive it the laptop didn’t survive :(

    Good luck to all!!

    Have a wonderful weekend

  • Donna C.
  • Donna C.

    No lie- my dog really did get my cell phone and chew on it!

  • My son kept his laptop under his dorm bed until a group of guys blasted into his room wrestling and collapsed his bed. The screen was cracked and goodbye laptop. Like all college guys say: ” Could have used some protection.”

  • Megan B

    I once broke my camera from leaving it in my purse unprotected. A pen stabbed into the LCD screen!

  • Patricia C

    My daughter dropped my cell phone in a puddle

  • Kirsten

    Shared on FB

  • Kirsten

    I was at the mall, used the public restroom…you know those obnoxious toilets that flush in megaseconds after you stand up? Yeah, you got it. I turned, yelling, NO! and watched it flush far away..I hate those toilets. :<

  • Yik-Ting Lee

    I was running for the bus one time and somehow my cell phone went flying out of my pocket and skidding across the ground thereby giving it its first scratches!

  • JMark

    Sometimes, the case for a case is a chase for space. Not all cases have enough places and finding a good one can be a coup de grace. One that I’d race to embrace.


  • Sweet item…

  • If you’re a Dave Sedaris fan, you’ll get this:

    One time . . .

    I dropped my cellphone into a open mug of coffee in my cupholder on the way to work.

    My son dropped his cellphone into the tub while leaning over to turn the water on – huh?

    My other son had his cellphone drop out of his pocket while on a roller coaster at Great America. We checked lost and found and apparently they collect up quite a pile of phones on a regular basis!

  • My electronics are my babies. They’re always buckled in and strapped down. And I would never drop my baby into a cup of coffee or the toilet. GASP. (Okay, there was that one time but she was quick and my hands were soapy and she saw the cat drinking out of it … kids.) Everything bagels do a number on keyboards. I think it’s the poppy seeds or the sesame seeds. Getting them out of your keyboard is like getting them out of your teeth. Sorry, that’s all I got.

  • FLJoie

    Red wine doesn’t just stain a keyboard………POOF! pfffft!

  • Jerry Fair

    I found that coffee and keyboards don’t mix…well. I spilled a cup of coffee on my keyboard, then discovered that whenever I needed to type an e or a f I was out of luck! Nice notebook case!

  • DJ

    I like the Kensington Memory Foam Seat Rest found here:
    It really hurts to sit on unpadded chairs, and I like lots of cushioning even if there is padding, heehee. Send me one please & I’ll review it for you ;)

  • DJ

    My grandma put cell phone through the washing machine. The sim card survived, but the rest of the phone didn’t. Still looking for a new phone…

  • susitravl

    I finally got a great digital camera so I could photograph food for my blog. Got to our favorite Mexican Restaurant, food came, battery was dead….

    And then there was the time I dropped a full can of Diet Coke on my keyboard at work. The boss loved that one.

  • Kirby

    I work at a pool, and I have dropped 2 cell phones, an Ipod, and a camera in the pool. I am terrified to take my laptop to work haha!


    I almost drowned my wireless mouse in a cup of coffee. Not just a regular cup, but one of those huge pieces of pottery that holds about 4 normal servings of coffee! I yanked it out quickly, took it apart, blew it out with canned air, stuffed the inside with tissue, and left it on the windowsill for a couple of days, basking in the rays of our Mississippi sun. It actually still works….but smells like a cup of joe.

  • Jill H

    One time I dropped my cell phone in a glass of milk! Ugh!

  • I sat on my first mac laptop back in the day. It was open, and I wasn’t paying attention, broke the screen off the body. Never to work again, unless plugged into a monitor! That same week knocked over my tripod on a photo shoot, and broke the lens mount off my digital SLR. And that was before the Canon Rebel existed for $500 BUCKS. YIKES!

  • Lindy

    Keyboard + coffee = not good!

  • Mary E. Pancake

    I dropped my cellphone on concrete and broke the flip hinge. It still works though. I use it carefully until I get a new one.

  • Joshua

    Once, I accidentally washed my new ipod.

  • Kayte CookWatts

    I have spilled Starbucks on my keyboard-yikes.

  • During a snowy winter season in chicago, I was clearing the snow from the walk and unknowing drop my cell phone in the pile. I did not find my phone until Spring when I heard it beeping under the snow.

  • Cindy

    I once spilled a glass of water on my keyboard.

  • Lee

    I got out of my F250 and my new laptop cases zipper just pulled apart crashing my laptop to the ground breaking the corner off – not attractive but it worked with the exception of the CD/DVD player – what an expensive accident!

  • Anthony

    love one

  • I made a custom bag for my grandson’s notebook. Numerous 2-way zippers & book bag add-on; all done w/red & black apple logo (Cordura nylon outer, black velvet/suede lining).

  • Shelly Cox

    I dropped my brand new camera in the ocean at Waikiki beach. Bad idea!

  • Nicole

    I recently dropped my brand new digital camera in the swimming pool

  • Larry N.

    I have gone through three the last three phones by dropping them in the toilet during mid stream! lets pray for #4!