3 thoughts on “giveaway-pentel-love-writing”

  1. Judy Waybright says:

    I’d love to win this prize pack because I love to write and will be staring a class in a few weeks. My hubby is out of work s the extra will be a bonus we don’t have to worry about. I write all the time and use it as a study technique. Write it, read it, write it, read it….and again and again…Writing helps me remember!!! I gotta win…I use a lot of pencil lead and pens — pick me pick me PLEASE!!!

  2. George Sharp says:

    I’d really love to win these for my daughters going back to school. I have 3 daughters, and being a single parent, anything at this time of year is a great help.


    The love of writing comes from within. Like all forms of communication, writing can be an art. Art is a form of expression, and from within comes the love of writing.

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