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#LoveWritingAgain Contest – Win a $250 Pentel Prize Pack!


It’s no secret that the teams at Shoplet & Pentel are huge softies for beautiful handwriting! With so much time spent clicking & clacking away on our keyboards, it’s easy to forget about the unique charm that emanates through each and every one of our personal handwriting styles.

For a chance to win a backpack filled to the brim with $250 worth of amazing Pentel writing utensils, we’re asking you to use your favorite Pentel product[s] to craft something focused on handwriting, typography, or calligraphy. Then, post your hand-made, Pentel-powered creations to Shoplet’s Facebook & Twitter pages with the hashtag #LoveWritingAgain.

Out of Pentel pens? We’ve gottem here!

Winner will be selected by: a Shoplet team member who is absolutely bananas for handwritten everything!

Competition ends: 

This is a great opportunity to spell out your love and/or appreciation to a special someone, organization, or memory that your hold dear to your heart.


-Post your Pentel Pen creations to your Pinterest, Twitter & Instagram accounts & direct your posts to @Shoplet & include the hashtag #LoveWritingAgain, so that we can see what you made!

-Make sure to leave an extra comment on this blog post for each additional entry that you do!

22 Responses to #LoveWritingAgain Contest – Win a $250 Pentel Prize Pack!

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  3. M fLynn says:

    I write A LOT in my profession, but I do miss writing for fun. This is a super way to get back to my love of writing.

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  5. Amy Henry says:

    Shared a photo on Facebook wall and received a very king Shoplet comment back! Thank you! I posted a photo of the letter I wrote to read at my Grandma’s funeral service. I wrote it in her favorite color, purple, and the pen I used was a Pentel EnerGel (my favorite).

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